Five of Cups

card meanings

The Five of Cups tarot card represents loss and grief. The grief that comes with being left behind, being alone, being isolated, being a reject. This is what comes when there is a breakdown in communication and collaboration. In situations in which there are no clear winners and losers, this card often shows up – it’s a result of the unspoken, but strong, resentment that comes with being left out. This card is mostly about sadness, being a prisoner, and the feeling of being ignored.

The Five of cups as a person indicates someone who is alone in their life. They will very rarely collaborate and they tend to isolate themselves from others, often to the detriment of their mental health. They feel sad a lot and have no idea how to end their sad mood. Five of cups people generally have a lot of trust issues, and they don’t really know what to expect from life. They have a hard time falling in love, and they need to heal from a lot of emotional traumas.

Characteristics of Five of Cups Upright

Positive: overcoming challenges, learning lessons, growth, mental strength, seeing positive aspects of relationships, accepting situations, letting go of rejection, moving on, end of sadness.

Negative: sadness, grief, disappointment, feeling down.

Description and Symbolism of Five of Cups

In Numerology Five of Cups card contains number 5, a number of introspection, meaning self-reflection, as well as tragedy, sorrow, and endings. Astrological planet for Five of Cups is Pluto, a symbol of transformation, the underworld, and the hidden. Pluto is the God of power and will. In a reading this planet indicates issues with relationships, breaking down and rebuilding a situation, being a victim, and feeling like the world is against you. Pluto represents change, destruction, and often times the darker side of life. The astrological element for Five of Cups is water and astrological sign for Five of Cups is Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of change and transformation. This card indicates a time of frustration, pain, sadness, and difficulties. Scorpio denotes all kinds of underworld or deep psychic and subconscious matters – it signifies depths, secrets, desires, and the depths of the unconscious. Scorpio is all about transformation (and transformation of water to fire) and the search for secrets.

The figure in dark cloak looks sad and emotional and is hiding his face from the world. The cloudless, but grey sky seems to be an indication of the lack of hope and opportunities in his life. The three cups spilled on the ground are an sign of his loss of trust in life – his emotional disappointment. The black fabric of his cape symbolizes sadness and grief and his mourning for the losses he suffered in the past. The man has his back turned against the cups that are full, against cups that represent positivity and try to remind us that not all is so dark. Instead, he is focused on what has been lost.

General Meaning of Five of Cups

Five of Cups is a card of disappointment, sadness, sorrow and loss. On a more literal level, this card can mean that you are missing out on an important life event, like a wedding or a graduation, because you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Five of cups can also represent the feeling of having nothing to celebrate. It is common for us to think about these joyful events in terms of how good things will feel, instead of what we have right now. When the sadness feels too much, focus on the things you already have instead of what you are missing.

Although painful and upsetting, the card can also represent an awareness that things will not be as good as you thought. You are experiencing difficulties and disappointment as a result of the loss of something that was important to you. The Five of Cups is about loss or the feeling of missing something important. This card invites you to be aware that the things you are grieving are not permanent and will come back when you change your focus. The Five of Cups asks you to see the good things in your life, even if you are hurting right now.

In a general Tarot reading Five of Cups card is all about saying ‘yes’ to what you really want, and ‘no’ to what you don’t want in order to create more opportunities for growth and abundance.

Five of Cups tarot card is more likely a No in a yes/no question.

Five of cups as a person indicates someone who feels let down and downhearted a great deal of the time. Five of cups as a person indicates someone who has let go of the past, has forgiven themselves and others, has grown emotionally and is forgiving to those who have wronged them in the past. They are ready to let go of the past and are finding that life is much sweeter.

When Five of Cups card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, it means that you have overcome obstacles, and the past is now a thing of history. You learned some important lessons from the past and moved on with your life. Five of Cups is the tarot card for acceptance, letting go, and looking to the bright side of things. This card shows that you have achieved inner peace after being pushed to your limits. You are now ready to move on with grace, confidence, and gratitude for what you have overcome.

The Five of Cups tarot card suggests that if your question is about the past, now is a great time to forgive and let bygones be bygones. You have learned some lessons in the past, and it is now time for you to move forward. You need to stop dwelling on the negativity and look at the bright side of the situation because Five of Cups stands for change, and it is time for a fresh start.

When you’ve pulled Five of Cups card in a negative position that describes weakness or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, it indicates regretful experiences. This Minor Arcana card in the tarot deck reflects an event that you are grieving over as well as the feeling of losing control that arises when a painful circumstance takes place. You can think that the recent past brought you a lot of disappointment, sorrow, and loss. When you look forward at the future, you can find optimism and a better life. You must think that only you are in the position to influence what happens to you and your life. The Five of Cups depicts a painful moment that had happened in the past.

The appearance of Five of Cups in a reading is a sign that you need to examine your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about a specific situation in your life. These thoughts and judgments are hindering your true potential and ability to see the good side of a particular challenge. As you are experiencing a difficulty you must consider the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing to enable you to have a better perspective.

Five of Cups in the Context of Love and Relationships

In a love and relationships Tarot reading Five of Cups card describes heartbreak, loss, grief, and separation in your life. It may be a sign that there are difficulties in maintaining a healthy and constructive romantic relationship, that has become increasingly disappointing. The Five of Cups can indicate that you are grieving a relationship or a love that has ended, or that your love has died and you have lost your love.

You may be so bitter about the pain that you are having. This pain may even make you feel as if you are in hell or in a cage with no way out. This card occasionally also shows up when you are blaming yourself too much for why your relationship ended. It serves as a warning that you must look for positive things even in a difficult situation, especially since having a fresh start is always possible. Make sure you are not dwelling on the past and only thinking of the negative. Make sure that you keep trying to find positive things, because it is difficult to find happiness when you are focusing on the negative.

Five of Cups in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Five of Cups in reading about your career or business, you may be facing defeat or loss. When it comes to your work, things may not be going as well as you’d hoped. It is likely that you weren’t successful in pushing your boundaries or taking on more responsibility, and you’re experiencing the consequences right now. This may be the result of a lack of preparation or an unwillingness to take risks. You may have been so worried about failure that you never reached for your full potential. Sometimes, this card can also represent feeling the effects of past career loss. You may be feeling as though you have little room for growth, or perhaps you are resentful of those at your position that got away. Consider what is keeping you from achieving the career and financial success you deserve, and identify where you can improve.

Five of Cups in the Context of Finances

Those who have money questions in a finance reading, Five of Cups Tarot card indicates losses and financial loss. You may be upset about money and the meaning is a sense of disappointment, and lack of purpose. It can also signal that you are being too hard on yourself, and if so, the card advises you to get a better perspective.

Five of Cups in the Context of Health

In a health reading Five of Cups card reveals that you might be dealing with a mental health issue that has been affecting you mentally for a long time such as depression. When you are having mental health problems, you need to look for help and support. In the worst case scenario, if you try to hide your mental health issues, other people will ignore them. If you think you could be the sole person going through this problem and it’s not affecting anyone else, you may be wrong.

Five of Cups Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Those who have questions in a spirituality and self-development reading, Five of Cups Tarot card indicates your soul group is in a difficult situation. You are currently in a state of emotional upheaval. When the Five of Cups shows up, it is often because of a traumatic loss or the end of a relationship. This card is a warning sign to take a look at your own emotional reactions, so you can learn a lesson and heal from the loss. This card signals that you are experiencing a period of low energy, which can make it difficult to see and comprehend your circumstance. You need to spend some time with yourself to understand what you are feeling, then create a strategy to improve your situation.

Getting the Five of Cups denotes that you have suffered a recent loss or separation. It usually shows up when you have lost a lot emotionally, and it may be a sign that your self-worth and confidence have taken a hit. The anguish you feel will only get worse. The reason behind this is that your self-esteem has taken a hit.

Is Five of Cups Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled Five of Cups in a yes or no reading, it means a no. This card generally represents feeling let down and having a loss of faith in a certain situation.

Five of Cups as a Person

When you draw Five of Cups as a person, a card describes a person who is prone to melancholy. It can signal a breakup, the loss of a job or the loss of a relationship. The Five of Cups can represent a difficult situation for you or your community. It can mean that you are going through a time of great disappointment or sadness as a result of a recent loss, whether it be a relationship, job, or financial setback. It is crucial to think about that you have a lot of positivity to contribute. Try to look at the brighter side.

The Five of Cups is connected to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio people are very focused on revenge and retaliation, sometimes to the point of obsession. They love to get revenge on those who have wronged him/her. When this sign appears, it’s time to take care of those things that are bothering you. The upright Five of Cups indicates that you need to pay attention to a situation that has been bothering you for a long time. Because of all the troubles you have been going through, you have forgotten the importance of your personal health.

When you draw Five of Cups as a person, a emotional description of a card as a person indicates that you are facing the emotions you are experiencing by yourself – you may be alone and feel rejected and abandoned. It can be difficult to tell who can help you, who can guide you and support you, and who is just using you.

The Five of Cups meaning may also indicate a personal setback or loss, such as job loss, divorce, or a family member’s death. In this situation, this card may mean that you are also feeling a lot of pain and sadness. As grief turns to anger, you may want to confront this situation rather than deal with it. You may also be trying to forget about this event and hide from it. The grief you feel is normal, but it is normal to feel anger and resentment as well. These feelings may be strong right now, but you can find ways to deal with these emotions.

Five of Cups as a Feeling

When it comes to feelings Five of Cups reveals feeling rejected, abandoned, and alone. Many of us are connected to this experience through some kind of negative energy. Five of cups represents the pain of loss and the hurt of abandonment.

Five of cups as a person indicates someone who is highly sensitive and easily hurt. Five of cups people have issues with abandonment and are often re-creating their lives to avoid pain. They are often on the move in search of something else. When they are at home they are often dissatisfied unless they are in community with others of like-minded people. They have a strong tendency toward addiction and mental illness. They have trouble trusting. They have problems with letting go.

What Is Five of Cups Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When Five of Cups card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, it means that you are regaining your equilibrium after a difficult situation that caused you setbacks and pain. It is a sign that you are recovering from a loss or betrayal. You are learning from your mistakes and letting go of the past as you move forward in your life. Let this Minor Arcana card serve as the reminder that you should never give up on what you desire. Keep believing in yourself and following your dreams.

Ahead, the Five of Cups indicates that you are regaining your composure after a difficult event that caused you setbacks and pain. It’s a sign that you are recovering from the loss of a loved one or another sorrowful event. You are learning from your mistakes and letting go of the past as you move forward in your life. Just try not to give up on what you want. The upright Five of Cups is a sign that you are regaining your composure after a difficult event that has caused you setbacks and pain. It can be a sign that you are recovering from a loss or the grief that was caused by a betrayal.

Five of Cups as an Obstacle

When Five of Cups appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it symbolizes a great loss. There is much pain associated with the loss, and it could be difficult to move on from it. It might be challenging getting over the grief, which can feel as if it will never end. When this minor arcana card appears, it means that you are still harboring feelings of guilt and regret from a significant loss that you experienced in your life. This card may represent a significant loss such as a divorce, the death of a family member, a breakup, the loss of your job, or the loss of a relationship. You are experiencing a great deal of grief and trauma as a result of this. On the five cups card three cups are spilled on the ground and represent the loss of a significant amount of the value that was put into the venture – you might have put a lot of effort and energy into this, but your hopes were dashed as a result of this.

Five of Cups Card as a Future Outcome

When Five of Cups appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it is a sign that you might be allowing your past sorrows to control your present and future. You may feel sad about the past, and you are holding on to the pain to prevent yourself from moving forward. Although this may have the affect of allowing negative emotions to affect your relationships, it is not helpful for you or anyone around you. When you are focusing on the past, you are missing out on the possibilities that are available to you. Instead of dwelling on the past, start brainstorming how you will change your future by facing your past.

Drawing Five of Cups in the future position also suggests that something has gone terribly wrong in your life but you do not seem to be able to put your hands up to take responsibility for your actions. You are blaming everything on your external circumstances and are letting negativity affect your life. This is a bad habit which can cause unnecessary pain and suffering to yourself.

When you draw Five of Cups in the upright position, it indicates that you are going through a tough time in your life. You may have suffered a failure in business or maybe a partnership is crumbling and is going in the wrong direction, or even your family is suffering because of your mistakes. Whatever the reason is, this card is serving up a lot of disappointment and frustration. You feel that you are responsible for the situation and that you were not able to put into your best efforts to stop the negative repercussions. You are feeling that you are a failure and the negativity around you is suffocating you.

Drawing the Five of Cups indicates that you are not ready to accept the mistakes that you made in your life and that you are letting them bring a lot of negativity in your life.

Five of Cups Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

Drawing Five of Cups when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that the event or occurrence that you are anticipating is on its way, but it will take time before this turns into reality. If you get this card regarding your question, the time indicates that the change will happen during the summer season or next month. The five of Cups indicate that it is time to end the sorrows and be free from the emotional pain that is hurting you. But if your question is regarding how long it will take for a wish to come true, the time indicates that it will take time as we all have a lot of misunderstandings to clear before the happiness we are seeking for can come true.