Five of Swords Reversed

card meanings

Five of Swords reversed card indicates that you have realized that it is better to communicate than to fight, and you have learnt to forgive those who have wronged you. You have also realized that conflict makes things worse and that you should avoid it at all costs. When it comes to work and studies, Five of Swords reversed implies that you are working hard to achieve your goals and are not being distracted by external factors that are holding you back.

Characteristics of Five of Swords Reversed

Positive: forgiveness, healing, releasing tension, putting past behind you, getting your life together, letting go of conflict, forgiving and/or accepting partner, releasing tension, letting go of conflict, focusing on practical solutions, moving past conflict, forgiving and/or accepting colleagues, forgiving and/or accepting family.

Negative: fear of conflict, self-harm, sabotage, being over-protective, aggression, argument, competition, paranoia, abuse, selfish, jealous, cheating, lies, financial conflict, conflict between love and money, insecurity, staying in a bad relationship, holding grudges, toxic relationships, toxic workplace, self-defeat.

General Meaning of Five of Swords Reversed

Five of Swords reversed indicates that you are learning how to let go of grudges and animosity and are putting them behind you. You are learning to accept the lesson of the card, i.e. lessons you have learned to your benefit. You are also working on communication because Five of Swords reversed indicates that you are too harsh on others and that because you speak your mind without much tact, you end up hurting others. You need to learn how to communicate better and with more tact. You need to learn to better listen to other people.

The Five of Swords reversed card in a spread indicates that an individual who has been struggling with conflict is about to be confronted with a solution.

In a general Tarot reading Five of Swords reversed card describes ongoing conflicts. Even though everyone is going to be fighting, it is up to you to determine whether the conflict will end in peace or not. Reversed Five of Swords symbolize a time of closure, making amends, and reconciliation. Are you dealing with issues with someone close to you? Have you ever been wronged or hurt? With reversed Five of Swords you might find that the situation gets resolved, or you might need to make your own amends.

The Five of Swords reversed is encouraging you to look at the negative aspects of the situation and determine why it happened in the first place. You need to examine whether the actual cause of the conflict is resolved. If the problems are still there, are you prepared to face them again? Or if you do face them again, are you ready to resolve them differently next time? This will give you the opportunity to have a better and much-needed result than before.

When Five of Swords reversed card appears in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a general Tarot reading, you are finding inner peace with the way you have faced problems and conflicts, no matter how difficult. You have overcome a lot and got all the things you wanted. The obstacles you have encountered today are not a big deal anymore. You are very strong and capable to overcome them with sheer power and determination. This card is a sign of victory and success. Five of Swords reversed is a sign that you are not ready to move on from defeat and sufferings.

You have learned a lesson in a hard way and now you are finally ready to get back to your life. You do not want to make the same mistake again and try to use more intelligence and awareness to overcome future obstacles. Five of Swords reversed is most likely a No in a ‘yes or no’ question.

Five of Swords reversed as a person is someone who refuses to admit their mistakes and is always blaming others for their failures, no matter how wrong they are. This person is very insecure and needs to be better in front of others.

When Five of Swords reversed card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you might be on the verge of having a complete mental or physical breakdown. This card shows up when you are being too hard on yourself and your body and mind are telling you that enough is enough. Your inner and outer world are not working together, which is why you are not able to achieve anything.

Five of Swords reversed is not the best omen as it is a sign of failure, stagnation, and laziness. It may also mean that you are trying to keep it all in so as not to upset anyone and letting off steam. If you are not ready to face the consequences of your actions, then you should think twice before making that next move. Avoid making snap judgments about others and always evaluate the evidence before making a judgment. When it comes to Five of Swords tarot card reversed, it can also signify that people are becoming too angry as a result of a conflict.

Five of Swords Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

Five of Swords reversed card in a love and relationships reading describes a relationship that is coming to an end. You and your partner feel backed into a corner, and the stress is too much for either to handle. You two will have to find a better balance. If you are single, it might be time to re-evaluate some of your previous choices, or that one guy that you weren’t expecting to settle down with. It likely wasn’t the right person for you.

Five of Swords Reversed in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Five of Swords reversed after asking your deck about career and work questions, get ready to go back to work. You may learn that you are actually at fault for your job loss or the end of a contract. You can discover that your transgressions have been exposed, and you will be required to take responsibility for what has happened, or you may decide that resignation is your only option. Additionally, it can be a sign that you will need to backtrack on your current approach or approach again if it has not been effective. The Five of Swords reversed can be interpreted in a number of ways. Regardless, it is a great sign that you are emerging from a job battle with your self-esteem in tact.

You may be learning that you are actually at fault for your job loss or the end of a contract. Even if that is the case, know that this does not make you a bad person. Reversing this card can mean that you will need to backtrack on your current approach or take a different strategy if it has not been effective.

Five of Swords Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Five of Swords reversed in reading about your finances, you may be learning the lessons required for you to take care of your money better, and to make it so that you never find yourself in such a desperate position again. If you made poor financial decisions in the past, you may be ready to take action now.

Five of Swords Reversed in the Context of Health

If your question is about what should you focus on regarding health, Five of Swords reversed card in a reading exposes you to the fact that you should focus on being more positive and accepting help from others instead of being a loner. Reversed Five of Swords indicates that you could make small improvements to your health, but you need to be kind with yourself. Look for ways to make yourself feel happy, relieved, and less stressed out. The card indicates that you should see a doctor about getting a checkup, but you should understand that getting advice from a doctor wouldn’t fix everything.

Five of Swords Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled Five of Swords reversed, you might be discovering what makes you happy and what satisfies you on a deeper level. You can find contentment by pursuing a line of work that gives you a sense of accomplishment, or doing something you enjoy. The Five of Swords reversed might be directing you to focus on how you could accomplish your goals more effectively, or how you could better manage the way you deal with conflicts.

The Five of Swords reversed indicates that whatever circumstance is preventing you from experiencing real peace will soon be resolved. You will be able to deal with your problems with greater self-control and understanding if you draw this card. It’s possible that things have improved or that your worst fears have not come true. You could be starting to understand what a mistake you made in the earlier position, which might be preventing you from going astray.

The Five of Swords reversed indicates a time of reconciliation when the perpetrator is remorseful and the victim has had enough. While conflict continues to fester, everyone will remain unhappy.

Is Five of Swords Reversed Yes or No Card?

When you’re asking Tarot yes or no question, and you’ve pulled Five of Swords reversed in a spread, the answer is no. This card is often linked to conflict and a feeling that you’ve been wronged. So therefore, the answer to your question is a resounding, no. It is a “no” card that indicates the need for self-forgiveness and understanding. Have you been holding yourself or blaming someone for what has happened? It’s time to take responsibility for your actions and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation before things get out of hand.

Five of Swords Reversed as a Person

Those who have questions about card as a person, Five of Swords reversed Tarot card indicates someone who has been involved in some conflicts, and they are now ready to move on. If the Five of Swords card showed up reversed in your reading, it means you are finally ready to forgive others and make amends for any mistakes you have made in the past. Don’t stay in the past. The past is done, and it’s time to forgive yourself and move forward. The struggle that Five of Swords typically represent are now resolved and the person has learned a lot of valuable lessons. There are always repercussions to every decision though, and Five of Swords reversed can indicate that there might be a hidden battle that you are now struggling to fight or hide, that you do not want others to know about. You must remember that it is time to put on your big-girl/big-boy pants and fight your battle. It’s not easy, but that is why they call them battles.

Regarding emotional description of a person Five of Swords reversed card reveals that you are recovering from a stressful emotional situation following which the time has come for you to go beyond the boundary of your comfort zone to reach success. You are rebuilding your mental strength after getting released from emotional trauma. Soon you are going to start recovering from the trauma, and you are getting back what was lost.

Five of Swords reversed means that you have started believing that you are responsible for your own actions. You are learning to take responsibility for your actions, even if they are wrong, and you are accepting the negative consequences of your deeds. You have learned your lesson and are giving up on the past. Because you understand that, you have started feeling less guilty. You are not so sensitive toward people’s comments and actions. You have got more emotional strength to tackle difficult situations.

Five of Swords Reversed as a Feeling

When drawing Five of Swords reversed as a feeling, a card describes a time of peace, calm, and balance after being battered by life. This usually follows a long period of tension. If the Five of Swords are reversed and you find yourself in a mental battle, consider reaching out for help. You don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of professionals that are happy to help you. For example, you could seek professional therapy, attend a support group, or seek out those that are in a similar situation. The Five of Swords reversed suggests that there is finally a release of tension. The mental battle, argument, or conflict is nearing its end.

What Is Five of Swords Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

If you’ve pulled Five of Swords reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage position in a Tarot reading, it means that you or someone around you has been in the wrong. This could be you in a position of aggression, or someone who wants to do you harm by being rude, or being a bully. The Five of Swords reversal meaning may also suggest that because you are not currently experiencing any trauma or adversity, you may be avoiding taking responsibility for your actions. Maybe you think you are not guilty, or maybe you are afraid to engage in the process of self-reflection.

You will need to accept the guilt and move forward as best you can. In a more general sense, the reversed Five of Swords serves as a warning that it may be better for everybody involved — victim or perpetrator — if this particular disagreement can be resolved without a formal accusation or trial. If you are still at an impasse, it may be for the best if you take a step back for a moment and consider your options from a more impartial stance.

Five of Swords Reversed as an Obstacle

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Five of Swords reversed card calls you to move toward the positive in your life. You need to be more forgiving, grateful and optimistic. The Five of Swords reversed can suggest that you are at your lowest point and feel defeated at the loss of conflict or competition, but if you can look at what you have gained and find a place of gratitude, you can start to recover. The same goes for work, friends, and family. It is hard to remain positive in the face of heartbreak, but doing so will help you get to the bottom of any troubles or conflicts you’re facing.

Five of Swords reversed can also represent letting go of the belief that you are right and the other person is wrong. You are learning the value of sharing and understanding each other’s points of view.

The reversed Five of Swords is a good omen for those who are preparing for tests or examinations since it means that you will succeed. You will approach your studies with aplomb, and you will give it your all.

Five of Swords Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

Drawing Five of Swords reversed in the future position also suggests that you may not have recognized the truth of your situation. You may be clinging to a past argument or an old grudge and waiting for a revenge. You are doing so without realizing that you are not actually giving the other party a chance to be a part of the solution; you believe the battle to be one-sided. You need to open communication with the other person, take their perspective, and make the attempt to understand them. If you are currently in a circumstance where everyone is trying to blame the other person, you may have to take the stage and take responsibility for your actions. But you must do so with grace and compassion, not hostility.

Five of Swords reversed is someone who does not like to keep score and is motivated by a positive outcome. In contrast to the usual Five of Swords, the reversed meaning suggests that there may be a need to put up your arms, resist, and hold your position. However, after further investigation, you may find that doing so will only make things worse.

Five of Swords reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to look within and ask yourself the tough questions. The answer you seek will only result from the deep introspection. It should be noted that this card has two sides, just like all the other court cards. One side represents the ‘what ifs’ that keep us imprisoned in our heads and our victimhood. The other, however, is a more optimistic card with a message of hope, and a chance for better. If you’re ready to face your fears, get rid of the self-criticism, and find a happier and healthier you, prepare for what is on the horizon.

Five of Swords Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you are wondering when will a certain event take place, Five of Swords reversed Tarot card reveals that current efforts will be successful and the desired result will grow with time. But to get those results, you must focus all your energy on what’s destined for you right now. If you are struggling to keep your balance because of the ongoing struggle, worry less about things and focus more on your task. By doing that, you will be able to restore peace in your life faster and resolve all your issues.

Drawing Five of Swords reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals a gradual transformation and an increased likelihood that it will be soon. The reversal also signifies that the conflict is now more apparent than hidden, and will lead to a resolution.