Four of Swords

card meanings

You need to take a break and have a breather. The Four of Swords shows that you are struggling with exhaustion and stress. As a result, your creativity and efficiency have gone down the drain. You have been doing extensive work and are overburdened. For now, take a break and enjoy a little privacy. The card also shows that you need to take some time off to recharge your energy. As you take this break, keep your mind blank and do nothing but relax. In the meantime, you can also meditate, do yoga, and spend some time with your friends. This will help you clear your mind and get rid of stress and tension.

The Four of Swords also says that you need to be silent and observe the world closely. It suggests you take time out and try to get away from the constant disturbance around you. Switch off your phone and turn off all other interruptions so that you can focus on your goals and your objectives. Take advantage of a quiet place or a place where nobody is around you so you can really concentrate on your goals.

Characteristics of Four of Swords Upright

Positive: recovering, recuperation, rejuvenation, contemplation, relief, reprieve, tranquility and calm, meditation, taking a break, taking a vacation, recuperation from a relationship, mental health care, getting treatment, healing after loss, peace after battle, finding relief, taking time off work.

Negative: exhaustion, burnout, stupefaction, mental breakdown, mental health issues, being overwhelmed, being blocked from seeing path ahead, having to stop to rest, burn-out, getting so stressed out, feeling depressed.

Description and Symbolism of Four of Swords

Number 4 is a number of stability – it doubles the balance and duality of number 2. Qabala means ‘stability’ and is a presentation of four worlds. Therefore, 4 is a number of authority, stability, order, power, discipline, rules, and determination. Four has a special place in numerology because it is said that everything is made of four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) and especially in Tarot where we deal with four suits belonging to these elements.

The astrological planet for Four of Swords is Venus, a planet of beauty, good taste, and aesthetics. Venus rules love affairs and all kinds of values, including finances and material possessions. The Four of Swords belongs to the Air element and zodiac sign Libra, one of the most artistic signs with a great inclination towards aesthetics and beauty. Libra is all about good relationships, they are kind and sociable, but most of all thriving toward balance, harmony, and fairness.

In the past, the Four of Swords signaled funerals, but today this card is all about retreat, solitude, and exile. The man is engraved on a tomb – he is in a state of deep rest or meditation with hands placed in a prayer gesture. This image represents a man that needed to lie down to calm his mind. Everything is quiet in calm in this sacred place, if we were to be there right next to the man, we would probably start to whisper. You can notice a mosaic on the wall – Jesus with a halo above his head blesses the follower who is praying on his knees. If you look very closely you will notice PAX written on his halo, which is a sign for a “kiss of peace”. The sword on the tomb and the three positioned above the man remind us of the air and the mind, with the biggest potential when it is focused and at peace.

General Meaning of Four of Swords

Four of Swords is a card of rest, recovery, and mental renewal. It indicates you have been knocked out of action for a period of time due to stress or exhaustion. The swords appear to cross (standing for obstruction) and therefore there is no real way to go anymore. You have exhausted all energy reserves and are out of fuel. There is a time to fight and a time to just relax. The Four of Swords suggests that you will recover from such a challenging time because it is the card of rest and renewal.

Four of swords tarot card in the upright position indicates that you have recently been very stressed and overwhelmed. It could also mean that you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma and that you are unable to get out of these mental states with the help of traditional methods. The Four of Swords tells you that there is no need to fight this battle alone. Allow yourself time to rest, recover, and renew because you cannot carry on.

The Four of Swords symbolizes that you are trying to come to terms with a situation and you are overwhelmed and stressed from the thoughts and emotions you are attempting to hold in.

In a general Tarot reading Four of Swords calls you to take a break. Rest, reflect, and connect to your inner voice. The question is not ‘How do I get through?’ but rather ‘How can I serve? How can I be of service?’ Because the Suit of Swords is associated with the intellect, Four of Swords suggests listening to your internal guidance system. Trust what you know and listen to your intuition. This may be in a way that is completely novel to you. The only thought you must give is this: the answer is not in the way that you think it is.

In four of swords, you shall focus your thoughts on meditating for a while. The Four of Swords says to you that you have suffered a lot in your life. You have thought you are doing everything on your own, but in reality, you were being watched by your inner self all the time. You shall be able to listen to your inner voice which shall guide you through your path, and it shall take even more importance than ever now. You have tried everything on your side and nothing is working.

Four of Swords calls you to take a much-deserved time out, especially when pulled in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position. You’ve probably been working so hard or stressing so much recently that you are about to crash. Your body and mind require rejuvenation. This can mean taking just a day off, getting away for a trip, or even taking a nap. If you have an injury or illness in your life, rest and relaxation will help you recover.

A calm and careful tarot card, Four of Swords calls attention to the importance of taking care of your wellbeing. Like the Three of Swords card, this card suggests that you take a moment to catch your breath, but this time, you will use that downtime wisely. Four of Swords is a reminder that the mind, body, and soul require your care if you hope to maintain a good mental and physical state. A holiday or trip is also coming and you will be able to spend some quality time with loved ones.

When Four of Swords card appears in a negative position that is about weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, the message the card sends is that this is a sign of an injury or illness. You will be recuperating right now. You can recover from all this if you take the proper measures.

The Four of swords in the upright position signifies wisdom, rest, and concentration. While it may seem that you have little energy, it is merely a necessary healing period in a time of recovery or rejuvenation. The card can also suggest that you need to re-evaluate your life because there are some issues that may need your attention.

This card in the tarot card reading reveals that you require some rest and relaxation. The card indicates that you have been fighting a lot of issues and your strength may have faded away quite a lot. It is needed for you to start planning a relaxing holiday.

If you are not recovering from a traumatic incident, the message the Four of Swords is trying to convey to you is that you must face this incident with honesty and courage. The Four of Swords indicates healing.

Four of Swords in the Context of Love and Relationships

You may be going through a time of healing following a tumultuous relationship, if you’ve pulled Four of Swords card in a love and relationships Tarot reading. The card suggests that if you have been dealing with conflicts lately, now is the time to find a peaceful, balanced space to heal. If you haven’t been dealing with problems in the relationship, the card is a reminder that your time in the relationship has been peaceful and tranquil, allowing you to re-engage.

Remember that the only way past problems is to come up with fresh solutions. When you stop talking and think for a while, you can find another approach to the conflicts. There will always be problems that will be difficult to solve. However, as long as you remain active and do more things to make your relationship more joyful, you will get out of the tough time too. But if you wish to keep the peace, you must understand that all problems need to be resolved with the help of another person’s support.

Four of Swords in the Context of Career

You may be dealing with a lot of stress right now, if you’ve pulled Four of Swords in a reading about your career or business. You might be feeling overworked and burnt out, or perhaps overwhelmed by the responsibility that is coming your way. These feelings are not unique to you, however. Your team might be feeling the same. The Four of Swords in a career environment denotes that you need to allow yourself a bit of time to rest. Do you feel exhausted? You shouldn’t be working yourself to the point of collapse. If you need to take a day off, it is okay to do so. Everyone is different, but taking a few hours every week to just relax, unwind, and get away from work can be essential. Sometimes, the best way to get something done is to take a break, but if this isn’t an option, consider delegating as much as you can. The rest will be done, and you will have a much clearer outlook when you return.

Four of Swords in the Context of Finances

Four of Swords Tarot card shows the solution to your financial issues. If you have questions about money and finances, you will find relief. Financial relief will come from the other cards in your reading such as Justice, Three of Swords, or Six of wands can shed light on your finances.

Four of Swords in the Context of Health

In a health reading Four of Swords card is all about rest and healing. If you are currently struggling with any illness, this card indicates that you have the ability to heal from it. However, you must take the time to rest and rejuvenate yourself. This card indicates that you are dealing with ongoing health issues that need to be taken care of by a professional in order to fully recover. In a tarot card reading, Four of Swords gives us a sign to take a step back from our daily routine and focus on our health and well-being.

Four of Swords Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Those who have questions in a spirituality and self-development reading, Four of Swords Tarot card indicates you are thinking of doing a lot of introspection. There is a period of time that you may need to take a break from your busy routine to spend time alone, think and concentrate on the issues that are eating you up inside.

In a reading, the Four of Swords shows that you are finding it hard to relax. It seems like things are spinning out of control and you are feeling overwhelmed with lots on your plate. Despite the difficulties of the situation, Four of Swords tarot card indicates that you have to try and take a break and be still. You may need to retreat into seclusion for a short while to gather your energy for the battle ahead. If you are not able to spend a day or a weekend alone, seek the help of a support person, a buddy who is positive and has the ability to assist you.

Four of Swords tarot card might also indicate that you are struggling with mental health issues. If you need help, you need to find where you can get it.

Is Four of Swords Yes or No Card?

If you have a yes or no question, Four of Swords card in a reading exposes you to being an honest person. You can be a little timid at first when it comes to embracing new ideas or opportunities, but trust your gut. No one can tell you that your thoughts are unrealistic or will end up with you in the wrong path. The answer that you are looking for is yes.

In a yes or no Tarot reading Four of Swords calls you to take time to connect with your intuition. Are you feeling overwhelmed in any way? Are you feeling blocked? In the past, you may have had a tendency to try to control every situation. You may have experienced regret for having done so, and now you recognize you need to take a break. Allow yourself the time to sit and observe.

When you are able to open yourself up in a calm and mindful manner, you may discover the answer you seek.

Remind yourself that your Higher Self is always working for you, even when you may not be able to ‘see’ it. You may be feeling stuck, and it is likely that your Higher Self is trying to gently coax you to the path you need to take in order to move forward.

In a yes or no reading, Four of Swords encourages you to trust your intuition when it comes to making decisions.

Four of Swords as a Person

If you are seeking an answer about Four of Swords card as a person, Four of swords as a person indicates someone who is peaceful. They need a lot of time alone. The seeker might have fought many battles in their lives. They know how to take care of themselves and need not depend on anyone. If the seeker is in a relationship, they might have been single for some time and need a lot of time to reflect on their past.

For those who have questions about a emotional characteristics of a person, Four of Swords Tarot card reveals a person with emotional immaturity. This person might be very demanding of others and perhaps even aggressive due to not being able to deal with their emotions. It is important that any demands they might have be met by others are handled with tact and compassion. Four of swords can also mean the seeker is very fragile emotionally and tends to overreact, sometimes to the point of giving up and becoming depressed. Four of swords can also represent someone who needs to rest, either physically or mentally. Because Four of Swords card indicates a person with an over-active mind, the Seeker is advised to take a mental break, especially if they believe they are lacking in energy. Four of swords signifies restlessness, so it is advisable to take regular rest breaks.

Four of swords as a person indicates a very sensitive and introverted person. They are a person who needs to withdraw into the comforting peace of their own mind.

Four of Swords as a Feeling

When you draw Four of Swords as a feeling, a card reveals your personal energy. The Four of Swords in a Tarot reading represents your level of awareness and restlessness. You might feel mentally and physically drained, but you also know that your body and mind are too exhausted to carry out your plans. Therefore, you must give your body and mind time to rest and recuperate.

The Four of Swords embodies restlessness and anxiety. Although there may be a lot to do—and you may occasionally feel as if you are being pulled in different directions—you are feeling a strong sense of overwhelm and cannot cope. Four of Swords represents anxiety, worry, irritation, annoyance, and frustration.

You also might feel as if everyone is against you. In fact, you may doubt your ability to complete the necessary tasks. You feel as if people have conspired against you and hope that you’ll be able to escape this dilemma. You can see that Four of Swords has a bad effect on your spiritual life, and maybe you can even feel as though a spiritual path is blocked completely.

What Is Four of Swords Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

Four of Swords can also appear as a positive Tarot card and advantage in a Tarot reading when one is seeking tranquility or retreat, seclusion, and solitude, as well as healing and relief from stress and anxiety. It can be a sign of mental health and indicates one is finding it easy to relax and unwind. Four of Swords might be an indication of either a quiet moment where one is seeking privacy or a lack of privacy, and this card may mean that you are attempting to retreat from the outside world and immerge in your own thoughts.

Four of swords can mean bad news or difficult decisions. It can suggest that an event will come at a time when you will be very busy. Four of swords denotes someone who needs to retreat from the world and focus on their wellbeing. This person has too many things on their plate and is probably overwhelmed by their problems. If so, do not attempt to help this person as they need to learn to handle their own issues first.

Four of swords tarot card denotes a time when one has more time to complete tasks, and everything seems to be falling into place.

Four of Swords as an Obstacle

When Four of Swords card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you may feel powerless over your situation because you are unable to escape it. Be cautious because it’s also a sign of stress-related illness, such as high blood pressure or ulcers. It can also signify a lack of vitality and vitality fatigue. It may also indicate that you are unable to let go of your emotions or that you are unable to face a challenging situation. It may also indicate that you should consider placing your head on the pillow for just a minute so that you can recharge.

The Four of Swords represents a period of rest, recuperation, and contemplation. You feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities and your inability to complete the tasks. This card indicates that you should take a break because you probably have been working too hard. You should prioritize other work to enable yourself to breathe for a while. You must have a rest even if it is just for a couple of hours. Your current state of exhaustion might discourage you from doing anything or meeting new people or taking part in social occasions.

Four of Swords Card as a Future Outcome

When Four of Swords appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it tells you that you are healing from a significant stress. There might be relief from a sickness in your family, work, friendships, or other aspects of life. You will recover from this difficult time soon, and you will be able to move forward on a new course. Try to spend as much time as you can in seclusion, contemplation, and reflection.

The Four of Swords signifies healing and the need for rest, particularly in the later evening or night. You will certainly require time to allow yourself to recover from the ongoing upheaval or stress that you are feeling. Rest will help you to regain your composure and make it through the upcoming troubles without losing your head. You cannot continue to put yourself under significant pressure. You have been through a severe ordeal, and it has taken a toll on you.

Four of Swords tarot card denotes a time of seclusion, reflection, and rest in a situation, especially after a significant challenge or emotional upheaval. The Seeker is feeling very fragile and could need to concentrate on themselves for a while.

Drawing Four of Swords in the future position also suggests that you are feeling drained, mentally and physically. You may have fought a long battle and are now taking a much-needed break. If the battle you fought was with an illness or health-related issue, you may need to address this issue. Other times, you may just want a break from your hectic life to rest and relax for a while. The Four of Swords calls us to have a more productive, peaceful, and mindful existence. All we have is now, so take time to recharge and reemerge with more mental strength and clarity.

The Four of Swords represents rest after a period of great stress and pressure. You may have been trying to push through a very difficult time, and you may now be feeling overwhelmed. You must take a moment to relax and think things through. You will make much more progress and be more successful if you take some time to recharge your batteries. The Four of Swords represents mental fortitude. You will need to be mentally strong in the days, weeks, and months ahead in order to confront the issues you are facing.

Four of Swords Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you are wondering when will a certain event take place, Four of Swords Tarot card reveals that your wishes and desires will come true. Four of Swords is the card for patience and letting go of the outcome and letting the universe bring what it intends. This card suggests that there is help at hand and that you will receive support and relief. You can rest and relax knowing that all your problems are going to be solved.

If you are wondering about the origin of your life purpose and what to do about it, the Four of Swords suggests you take some time to connect with your inner self and get to know your deeper nature. Four of Swords indicates that you only need to know what you already do know (what’s already going on).

The Four of Swords foretells that if you are facing a problem, try to take a break, relax, and focus on something else. Four of Swords advises taking a break and trying to switch off in favor of concentrating on something else.

The Four of Swords Tarot card represents taking some time out to focus on healing and receiving the help you need.