King of Wands Reversed

card meanings

King of Wands reversed is a card of blocked potential. There is a lack of direction and focus on the path the person is supposed to be on. There is often a lack of passion and excitement, instead of seeing the world with wonder and curiosity, the reversed king of wands shows indifference. He has lost his way, and he is not focused on his goals. The reversed king of wands can show a person who is unable to see their own worth; they may be too self-centered, or perhaps even egotistical. This is someone who may need to get back on the path, or risk their career falling backward.

Characteristics of King of Wands Reversed

Positive: self-assured, spontaneity, idealism, naivety, youth, fun, energetic, good luck, charismatic partner, boss, colleague.

Negative: stubborn, controlling, ruthless, selfish, power and arrogance seeking, power hungry, domineering, egotistical, bullying, jealous, volatile, manipulative, lacking empathy and sensitivity, dominance, unfaithful, lacking commitment, no leader, power struggles at work, overbearing boss, demanding, controlling, being taken advantage of, and selfish financial habits.

General Meaning of King of Wands Reversed

In a general Tarot reading King of Wands reversed calls you to take your authority and shine it forward. You may find yourself at the center of attention and may have the opportunity to lead others, but you are not prepared to take on that role. The reversed King of wands can suggest that your role will be a passive one, allowing others to run the show and take the lead. You may feel as though you are just a bystander at this time. You could feel jealous of those who lead, or you may choose to stay silent, waiting to see if your opinions will be valued. It is essential to trust your own voice, especially when you are in the lead. Be brave and have confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Sometimes, this card can also indicate that you are being overly aggressive and trying to take control of others. Do you know what you want? Do you have all the information you need? Are you aware that it is not your place to tell others what they can and can’t do? Make sure you keep your ego and control in check, or you will push away those who need your guidance.

King of Wands reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position calls you to be yourself, express your authentic self, and find your passions in life. You are being called to go on your unique spiritual path, and you will be surrounded by love and support from others. King of wands upright implies a mentor, an influential friend or colleague, and also a father figure. This card can signify an older man in your life, especially a father. King of wands reversed often represents a man in your life who is jealous of you and is out to sabotage your success. This man will come at you with jealous rants. Ignore him, or push him away, and don’t look back.

When you’ve pulled King of Wands reversed card in a negative position that describes weakness or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, The King of Wands reversed depicts a situation where the king is forced to compromise or bend to the will of the people. The King of Wands reversed depicts a situation where the King’s character is less impressive than in the upright position. When faced with challenges, the King is often unable to face everything alone. He needs followers and allies to do what he needs to do. You have to be aware of this and be cautious of who you align with. You cannot do this alone. The King of Wands reversed is a card of poor leadership or management, so you must make sure that the people in your life are able to do what they need to do as it is their job. The King of Wands reversed card in a reading means that someone is controlling you, and you have to break those chains in order to move forward. If this is your energy, you must be aware of those who are working against you to maintain their power and control. You are not doing yourself any favors by trying to control others.

King of Wands Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

In a love and relationships Tarot reading King of Wands reversed card describes a person who cannot commit and/or is emotionally unavailable. In a relationship, the person is often a manipulator who uses charm and seduction to get his or her way, and who is very demanding. In a relationship, King of wands reversed indicates a man who can use charm, looks, and an ego that can lead to possessiveness, and a dominating nature.

King of wands reversed as an obstacle can also mean the couple is experiencing difficulties in becoming close due to their work and other demands. This card also shows up reversed when someone has been married and divorced several times, and there is a fear of commitment with a new partner. There can also be a fear of the opposite sex and being ‘picked off by the birds.’

King of Wands Reversed in the Context of Career

Those who have career questions in a career and business reading King of Wands reversed Tarot card indicates a person who is not fully prepared to take responsibility for their position. King of wands reversed denotes an underachiever. It can mean the Seeker is playing with more than one fire and this is exhausting them. They are finding it hard to concentrate and become easily distracted. It can also speak of someone who has their own agenda and are trying to push it on others, and those who are not prepared to take responsibility for their own actions.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, King of wands reversed denotes this person feels they are not being taken seriously. As a result, they feel they need to prove themselves. They are not ready to work and they have a lot of conflict. At times, this can also be someone who feels they know better than everyone else, and they are always right.

King of Wands Reversed in the Context of Finances

Those who have money questions in a finance reading, King of Wands reversed Tarot card indicates that you are extremely irresponsible with your money. You must pay as per your work and never give your extra money to someone who does not deserve it. Take all the necessary action to maintain a balance in your account. This card indicates that you lack ambition and are unable to fulfil your potential in your work. You lack the drive to achieve your goals.

King of Wands Reversed in the Context of Health

If your question is about what should you focus on regarding health, King of Wands reversed card in a reading exposes that you should always prioritize your health. You might be putting too much in your body and neglecting yourself because you were busy with your other things and projects. Because you might not have the time to rest and relax, you might be missing some physical and mental health-related opportunities. If you are already sick, this is not the time to push yourself to start working out. Start with simple, light workouts that you can do at home. These routines will help you reduce the stress and relax your body. Also, this card tells you to be cautious about the things you consume.

To reduce stress and add some mental equilibrium to your life, try to spend some time with friends and family members. When life is busy and hectic, taking time out alone is not a good thing. Try to take a break and plan something with your partner.

King of Wands Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

If you’ve pulled King of Wands reversed in reading about your spirituality and self-development, it means that you can’t take the reign of power anymore. The card from the suit of Wands can mean that you are giving up on yourself.

The King of Wands reversed meaning is that you are letting go of your ego and letting yourself be guided by your inner voice. It is the time for you to find your inner power and leadership and give it your best. The reversed King of Wands often shows a warning that you must not get carried away by the success you are having and you must not try to be more powerful than what you are. There are many ways to succeed in this world, but it is quite difficult to succeed in all fields.

Is King of Wands Reversed Yes or No Card?

When you’re asking Tarot yes or no question, and you’ve pulled King of Wands reversed, it is probably a yes card. However, the appearance of this card suggests that you have not yet come into a clear position of leadership in your own life. You may be having doubts about your abilities or the message you’ve been sending. King of wands is all about taking action and leadership and when you are not feeling confident about yourself, you’re unlikely to do so.

The upside is that this card is also telling you that you’re on the right path. Even though you are still processing how you intend on taking the next step, you do have a strong foundation to work from. You just need to take the risk and trust in yourself. King of wands in reversed position is a yes, but you’ll need to be willing to take the reigns soon.

King of Wands Reversed as a Person

In a card as a person reading, King of Wands reversed card is all about someone who has a dominating attitude. This card indicates someone who makes others feel small. This card indicates a person who is over-confident and thinks himself/herself to be a god. They feel they deserve everything, and everything else is beneath them. They like to take credit for everything and believe only they can change their life. This card indicates someone who always overshoots their boundaries and wants to possess everything and everyone in the universe. He or she needs to be on top and has the ability to dominate. King of wands reversed can also indicate someone else taking control of your life and dominating you, while making your life miserable and frustrating.

If you are seeking an emotional description of King of Wands reversed card as a person, he is a dictator, a tyrant, and a control freak. King of Wands reversed indicates someone who is controlling, and manipulative at heart. They crave recognition, and they want to be number one all the time. This is someone who can be very charming, but behind the scenes they are a controlling, tyrannical bully. People with King of wands reversed tend to be very egotistical, they are only lovable to the extent that they further their own agenda.

Reversed King of Wands indicates that you might find it difficult to get things done. Because you are in the habit of controlling all areas of your life, you might feel that you are neglecting all aspects of your life. This card could mean that you are constantly being controlled by others or that you are taking on too many projects at once. This card can also indicate that you are not ready to take on more responsibility in your life. It is a sign that you are still growing up and you need time to settle down on your own.

King of Wands Reversed as a Feeling

When drawing King of Wands reversed as a feeling, a card describes a situation that feels frustrated when everything is not going well as you had planned. You might be in a dead end position with no sign of freedom. Alternatively, you might be feeling as if everything is going in the wrong direction. All your plans are not working, and the only way left is frustration. This card is indicating you to reconsider your plans and look at every angle of the project you have planned before you jump in. You might have to make some changes and adapt to changing circumstances.

What Is King of Wands Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When King of Wands reversed appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage, it symbolizes someone with the qualities of a ruler, warrior, or leader. This character’s nature is generous, protective, and friendly. But not everyone will understand their motives, and they may find themselves in situations that make them feel out of touch with their higher purpose. Or they may find themselves surrounded by people who lack their confidence or their strength.

The reversed King of Wands is not a positive omen because it denotes being ruled by ego or having a short attention span. It suggests someone whose personality is out of alignment with his or her spiritual nature, and thus, he or she is becoming a living example of everything he or she despises. This is someone who may be too aggressive or dominating and is unaware of the kind of energy he or she is giving off to others.

If this Minor Arcana cards predicts a period of time in your life, it conveys that your personality is likely to overshadow those around you. You could be a tyrant in the making.

King of Wands Reversed as an Obstacle

When King of Wands reversed appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it symbolizes a breakdown of authority and a loss of power. Don’t let others get you down. You can find that the ones who you should be directing your energies toward are elsewhere. The King of Wands reversal meaning suggests that you need to regain your mental focus and strength, to have authority again.

If you’re in the business world, the King of Wands reversal can mean that your leadership qualities are being rejected. You might have been in charge of an important team project, only to realize that you were no longer capable of guiding the project onward. Without having a good conflict-resolution process in place, which is not the case right now, this project might be a complete loss. The King of Wands reversal meaning can also indicate that you are currently in charge of an important project, but are struggling to make it a success.

King of Wands Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

Drawing King of Wands reversed in the future position also suggests that you must be experiencing a feeling of instability and worry because of the actions and decisions you have taken in the past. You may have faced setbacks because of the decisions you made, which is creating problems in your life. Because these decisions and your actions have made your life complicated, you are feeling nervous and anxious about the situation. You might feel stuck in these situations, which is making you face problems and issues in your life.

The King of Wands reversed meaning indicates that you are feeling that your leadership quality is not working and you are feeling like an outsider as a leader. The reversed condition might make it hard for you to achieve your goals and desires as you are not getting enough support from the people around you. Because of that, you are feeling alone in your life and you have not had the right support and help from others and can’t get the support you were waiting for.

King of Wands Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking Tarot when will something happen, King of Wands reversed card in the reading reveals that the time is right. The appearance of this court card in your spread shows that you will be successful in your endeavors. This card illustrates that you’re prepared for the task at hand, and you are in a strong place of will, conviction, and confidence. You have a strong personality to back up what you say. You have an abundance of fire and can be quite a showman. Despite being charming, you are also a hard-ass. Others will respect you, but you might find yourself in some difficult situations with those around you. Your friends will always be the number one priority in your life. You will need to balance your personal desires with those of others.