Seven of Swords

card meanings

You have the ability to hide your true intentions, but sometimes the Seven of Swords is used as a warning that you need to be more transparent – your intentions might be obvious. Other times, a lack of trust might be the problem.

The Seven of Swords suggests that you are being dishonest and are making excuses for your actions or behaviors. You are trying to avoid the consequences of your actions because you don’t really want to face the consequences. You are choosing to act like nothing is wrong when in fact you are being dishonest. The Seven of Swords can also suggest that you are being reckless or putting yourself at risk when you are trying to get out of trouble without having to accept responsibility. At times, this card shows that you are choosing to avoid taking responsibility for your actions, no matter the consequences. You are putting off your guilt and shame by blaming someone else or trying to blame someone else.

The Seven of Swords is mostly about deceit, dishonesty, and lies.

Characteristics of Seven of Swords Upright

Positive: truthfulness, self-respect, independence, success, self-satisfaction.

Negative: lies, theft and deception, trickery, deceit, dishonesty, trickery and treachery in love, dishonest behavior, extortion, cheating, dishonor, and scams, theft and cheating in healthcare, deceiving others.

Description and Symbolism of Seven of Swords

Seven is a magic number, a highly spiritual number, and a prime number, often broken into 3, which stands for creativity, and into 4, a number of stability and practicality. Number seven is often described as a number of scholars and intellectuals, those who analyze decisions from every aspect before they make a decision. In Numerology Seven of Swords belongs to number Seven that represents logic, intellect, and wisdom, but with this card it also represents cunning, cleverness and being sneaky. It represents the ability to manipulate and control people and situations. Number Seven is also the number for the subconscious mind. Seven of Swords is the card for communication, thought, and meaning.

A zodiac sign ruling the Seven of Swords is Aquarius, the last of the Air signs, and one of the most optimistic, intellectual, and self-reliant signs there are. Seven of Swords card is ruled by Uranus, which is a planet of science, experiments, and innovations – in short, a planet of new learnings and imagination.

In the distance, we see a campsite full of tents, a place of rest, especially for passengers and refugees. Tents normally don’t have locks on their doors, which means that people who live there trust each other, they don’t need to protect themselves with closed doors. People are sitting around a fire, not suspecting anything unusual to happen. And yet, on the card we see a man sneaking away not wanting to be seen or heard – it seems like he is stealing swords or at least doing something he shouldn’t be doing without any remorse – he has a cunning smile on his face like he knows he is going to get away with it. This man cannot be trusted – he carries five swords in his arms, a sign of aggression, and two swords that he left behind, a sign of balance but also indecision.

General Meaning of Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords is a card of deception and deceit, and when it appears in a reading, it is a warning sign to you that you need to be on alert. The other cards may indicate the kind of deception you are about to fall into. Seven of Swords can signify that you are about to get conned by someone in your inner circle. Perhaps a friend has some bad intentions that you do not understand. You are getting conned out of your hard-earned money, and the emotions associated with this deception are strong.

If this is the case, you need to hold to your morals and your integrity and make sure you do not let this person take advantage of you. In a reading, Seven of Swords suggests that you are being dishonest in order to accomplish your goals, sometimes to avoid accountability. You may be trying to make others believe that things are not the way they really are. You are holding back information that would help others to understand the situation. This may even be at the expense of your relationships. This can either be seen as selfish or you need a course to get back on the right track.

If you’ve pulled Seven of Swords card in a general Tarot reading, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? The Seven of Swords generally represents the inability to come to a conclusion or a decision, a lack of communication, being kept in the dark, and deception. If this doesn’t describe your situation in life, did the meaning make sense to your mind? Seven of Swords is associated with secrets and keeping hidden information. A question is meant to open the door for the reader to receive the answer themselves.

Seven of Swords is associated with secrets and keeping hidden information. According to the tarot cards, if you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Seven of Swords might mean this person has feelings for you but doesn’t want you to know about it. If you are in a relationship, this card indicates an imbalance of power between the partners. Seven of Swords can also mean that you need to take an honest look at your motives and not let pride or fear stand in the way of your happiness.

Seven of Swords card calls you to focus on self-improvement and development, if pulled in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position. The Seven of Swords is all about honesty and getting things done. The secret lies in the fact that everything is happening for a reason. You are meant to accomplish your goals. As you move forward, keep in mind to remain vigilant because you may be exposed to people attempting to take advantage of you. Are there people who seem sleazy or who might hurt you? They will do what they can to take advantage of you. Your intuition will tell you if this is the case, so pay attention to the messages it sends.

The Seven of Swords tells you to be honest and upfront about a situation. If you feel someone might attempt to take advantage of you or the situation, you must be up front about it. You must be cautious of other people’s manipulative behavior and keep your guard up; don’t let your guard down. Your intuition will warn you if there is anyone trying to take advantage of you, and you should pay attention to the messages it sends.

Seven of Swords card signals betrayal, theft, fraud, or dishonesty when pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position. It is the card of double-dealing, untrustworthy people, or people who try to use you. This card indicates that you are being used or conned; you might be taken advantage of in an attempt to gain more wealth or power. The Seven of Swords might represent an ongoing affair that was discovered and the partner was betrayed, but the victim didn’t leave. This card might also indicate that you got conned in business or in personal investment matters. You need to put the cards in context because Seven of Swords usually denotes that the perpetrator is acting in secret or deceit, which is the basis for the deception.

The Seven of Swords card can also mean that you or someone else is trying to hide the truth from others. For example, you might try to keep a secret and not tell anyone about the fact that you are experiencing financial troubles. If the Seven of Swords appears in your readings, it is time for you to face the truth and deal with your situation.

Seven of Swords in the Context of Love and Relationships

Seven of Swords card indicates a relationship with mixed feelings in a love reading. If the Seeker is single the reading can indicate a sneaky person who might try to get the Seeker into a bad relationship.

Seven of Swords as feelings denotes the Seeker is feeling very uncomfortable and has a problem with communication. The issue is most likely with the Seeker themselves and they need to sort out their own insecurities before trying to be the perfect partner. If you are asking how someone feels about you, Seven of swords has two meanings. If Seven of swords is how the question has been phrased the Seeker is feeling very uncomfortable with you and you need to figure out if you can be honest with each other. Seven of swords can also mean the person you are feeling attracted to is hiding something.

Seven of Swords in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, Seven of Swords can predict that you may end up in a job you feel is a dead-end. There are likely lies coming out in your present work situation, and if you choose to stand firm, others may attempt to attack you on behalf of the corporate bad guys. It warns you that no matter how hard you try to run away, there will be no escaping the truth. If you can, you will eventually realize that there were a lot of lies going on in your current line of work. Don’t be surprised if you are confronted with your colleagues’ failure to tell the truth and can find yourself on the receiving end of rumors and gossip. Despite how it may feel, you shouldn’t play into the games of those who have wronged you. Your position offers you some leverage, so take advantage of that. You may be using it in a different way, but this card’s meaning applies. Even if you are experiencing a lull at work, you can benefit from the experience that you are accumulating.

Seven of Swords in the Context of Finances

Seven of Swords can predict theft, dishonesty, or con artists, especially if it pops up in a Tarot reading about finances. If you get the opportunity, use your common sense to defend your property. It may also be a sign of poverty or material insecurity. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal. If you’ve been spending more than usual on items that aren’t of high quality, you may want to cut back.

Be aware that there are some who will try to take advantage of you. Although it can be tempting to let things go, make sure you are not falling prey to dishonest financial dealings. If it isn’t someone in your inner circle, be aware of shady business deals. In a worst-case scenario, a person might get greedy and use others for personal gain, deceiving them and stealing from them.

Seven of Swords in the Context of Health

Seven of Swords card is all about mind and body connection. In a health reading, the card represents having too many thoughts and worries on health related matters, which is affecting your health negatively. You might be getting stressed out about health related issues and not taking good care of your body, which is also leading to increased stress. The problems are also too much for you to take care of. You need to evaluate your health concerns and your mental health. If you know anybody at the place where you are facing health issues, then it’s time to raise your voice.

Seven of Swords Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Seven of Swords card reveals that you are the master of a situation that surrounds you at the present moment. In spirituality and self-development reading this Minor Arcana tarot card from the Swords Suit tells you that you must think on your feet and make quick and intelligent decisions. You have been through a lot lately and are very resourceful. This is an indication that you will come out of the situation with all your intelligence intact.

In situations where Seven of Swords has come up in reading, you will be putting your plans and actions into action soon. This card foretells that you are on the verge of taking back control of a situation and will soon be able to implement your plans. A battle between you and your opponent is about to end, and you have the upper hand. If someone else tried to take credit for your work, you will have to confront them and put an end to their deceit. If someone has been trying to undermine you, they will soon be done so out of their element of power.

Getting Seven of Swords in reading depicts a situation when you have to be careful about a specific situation.

Is Seven of Swords Yes or No Card?

In a yes or no reading, Seven of Swords card indicates a No answer to your question. It is better to move on. Stay away. There is an unexpected turn coming your way.

You should seriously consider your well-being and what is best for you. Seven of Swords represents a high risk. Therefore you should be cautious when dealing with people you don’t know. The Seven of Swords shows that some people will manipulate you for their own selfish gain. Use your intuition as his best guide.

Seven of Swords as a Person

If you are seeking an answer about Seven of Swords card as a person, this person might be someone who is self-centered, manipulative, and a liar. This might be someone who is making lies in an attempt to advance in their life. It might be someone who is taking advantage of others. This card indicates a person, who might be bad-mouthing you and hurting you in an attempt to get to you. This person can be someone who is jealous of you. They might even be jealous of your success. This person might also go to any length to destroy you. They might tell lies about you to your detriment. This person might also spread evil rumors about you.

Seven of Swords as a person indicates someone who is very unpredictable. They only want to keep things hidden. There might be lies to keep up. Seven of Swords people are very deceitful people who can be manipulative. They can be selfish, sneaky, dangerous, and vindictive. Seven of Swords people enjoy hurting others.

Seven of Swords Tarot card indicates that people’s behavior, character traits, and emotions change. Those who have questions about a emotional traits of a person, Seven of Swords shows lies, trickery, bullying, and dishonesty. A few lies and deceit in people’s words make it to your mind. Seven of Swords indicates that you are likely dealing with someone who uses dishonesty to get what they want. You might be struggling to get out of this situation. Try to analyze the situation carefully for more clues and information. Ask your questions in a positive manner. Analyze the situation and get out of this situation. On the other hand, Seven of swords shows that if you are the one who is being dishonest, you might end up hurting others.

Seven of Swords as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading Seven of Swords as feelings can represent jealousy, envy, and being trapped in the past, and being controlled by forces and unable to do anything about it. Seven of Swords can also mean you are putting your trust in the wrong people. Seven of swords speaks of betrayal, lies and dishonesty in a reading. It can also mean the Seeker is paranoid and suspicious of everyone and everything.

Seven of Swords tarot card is most likely a representation of someone who is both intelligent and a manipulator. They know other characters are out for their blood, and they are very wary of getting caught in the crossfire. Seven of Swords indicates someone who is smart and sharp but also vindictive and paranoid. They see everyone out to get them as they believe everyone wants to take their job away from them. Seven of swords indicates someone who is manipulative and vengeful, and they have an unhealthy dependence on money. This is someone with financial problems in life, but they are so paranoid and suspicious, they don’t trust anyone. They are liars and cheaters.

What Is Seven of Swords Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

You are wise enough to know when to stop and then when to go. This is the main message of this card when Seven of Swords card appears in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a Tarot reading. You have a keen understanding of others and are able to use your intellect when needed. You are perceptive and insightful, and you rarely fall victim to what the media refers to as “fake news.” You have the ability to separate yourself from the chaos of the outside world to see the situation clearly. This gives you the power to make sound decisions as well as avoid the traps that others have laid. With this maturity, you act with logic and foresight rather than instinct.

The Seven of Swords upright is an indication that a significant decision is looming. You are being advised to stop for a moment and take a close look at your options. You have choices before you that will determine whether you are able to effectively make the decision that you will be faced with in the future. The Seven of Swords is advising you to weigh all of your options fairly.

Seven of Swords as an Obstacle

You have the power to alter this outcome, if you’ve pulled Seven of Swords card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position in a reading. This card may occasionally indicate that you are playing politics rather than cooperating or that someone is attempting to take advantage of you. Seven of Swords is a card of deception and dishonesty. It may refer to a liar, a cheat, or someone who uses trickery to get ahead. You will not be able to avoid their manipulative nature. They may try to steal your money, undermine you, or damage your reputation. They will use others to take advantage of you.

Although Seven of Swords card represents obstacles and blocks, it can also refer to trickery and cheating. The Seven of Swords foretells that if you have done something wrong or are dishonest, you can no longer remain in the dark. You will not be able to avoid the consequences of your actions. If you are being scammed or taken advantage of, Seven of Swords suggests that you need to take precautions to protect yourself, no matter how reluctant you are to do so.

Seven of Swords Card as a Future Outcome

Seven of Swords card in the reading signals your plans to escape from something you are feeling trapped in. If your question is about your general future and challenges ahead, the card indicates that you have plans in mind to go to another country to start your life. This Minor Arcana card suggests that you be careful while you are trying to make plans and escape from your troubles. You should consider everything before you make any decisions. You have to take help from your friend and family members. This will help you to escape your troubles more easily.

The card indicates that you might face some unfair decisions and get in trouble when Seven of Swords appear in a future outcome position.
If this happens to you, you must make a responsible decision rather than getting into the habit of making bad decisions. Try not to make any mistakes or try to get away from any trap of your own making. You will get results if you try your best. This card also means that you might be hiding your mistakes and not facing the consequences of your actions. Even if you are hiding your actions, your actions are being observed. Try to deal with your mistakes, and don’t run from them.

Seven of Swords Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

Drawing Seven of Swords when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that anything we want or wonder about will manifest, it’s just a matter of accepting where you are presently and letting things flow. This card suggests that things will move quickly and smoothly when the Seven of Swords appears in a reading. It also reminds you that the only thing you can control is what you do. When the Seven of Swords appears in a reading, the outcome is positive. However, there will be challenges along the way that you will need to overcome in order to reach your desired destination.

The Seven of Swords has two main meanings when it shows up in your cards. The first is that you are planning to move forward with a plan or idea. The second meaning is related to a possible action that appears in the future. Even though the plan to move forward is a good one, you can anticipate difficult obstacles that will get in the way of your progress. You’ll need to be strategic to overcome these obstacles.