Six of Pentacles

card meanings

When the upright Six of Pentacles comes up in your tarot card reading, it brings good financial news and the blessings of sharing, so you can have more time for yourself in every way. This card suggests that you have enough on your account and you want to share at least a small amount with your loved ones. Have you planned something for them and it includes money? Your plans are rolling out perfectly. You want the entire family to share your experience and this card is a signal you want to share your material luck with the people who are closest to you.

Characteristics of Six of Pentacles Upright

Positive: giving, sharing, helping, being supportive, charitable, helpmates, supportive relationship, kind soul, generosity, charity, helping someone in need, giving time, giving of yourself, financial resources, abundance, financially stable

Negative: stinginess, unfairness, abuse of power, poor financial condition, dependence, being a doormat, being overindulgent, manipulation, greed, envy, debt, overspending, materialism, selfishness, imbalance.

Description and Symbolism of Six of Pentacles

In numerology number six is considered to be one of the most powerful and most creative numbers. Six is the number that represents Venus and illustrates the union between partners. Through the perspective of zodiac signs Six of Pentacles represents Taurus, which is a very realistic, grounded and practical sign. A sign that can be obsessed with materialism, but hedonism as well. Taurus people have a great taste for fashion and style and they love to be surrounded with beautiful things. Venus is the planet that rules Five of Pentacles, known as a planet of beauty, love and attraction.

On the Six of Pentacles we can see a wealthy man giving money to two poor beggars, kneeling on the floor. Their kneeling position and the position of the standing man describes their material position in life – he is above them, but he helps the poor, probably without any expectations. He comes out from the comfort of his home, from the castle in the background and he is not crazy to give away everything he has. He holds a golden weighing scale in his left hand, and the scale is in perfect balance – not to the left, not to the right. The wealthy man understands the harmony of giving and receiving and how to give without depleting his own wealth. After all, all wealth is reachable to all – it is there, the six pentacles in the sky, shiny and waiting to be taken, the rich man, but not the beggars, can reach them easily. But wait, what is that red ticket in the pocket of the beggar on the right? Is he hiding something? Is he just pretending to be in need? Don’t worry, the wealthy man can recognize the one who truly needs his help and he has turned to the man who needs his coins.

General Meaning of Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles card describes a situation when money is being lent and the person who is receiving it is in a position to return the favor, even more – this person can help others in need. And this is the main emphasis of this card – you can help others in need. Six of pentacles represent material prosperity, but also refer to your physical body in a broader sense – it states the general health and wellness of the people one is helping or getting help from. Six of pentacles also signals money and generosity and suggests that you will be able to either give or receive financial support from others. This card says you may get financial help from your relatives, friends, and also your bosses. Six of Pentacles serves as a good omen and shows generosity and abundance.

In a general Tarot reading Six of Pentacles card is all about giving and receiving. This card suggests that you are in a position to help others move towards success. This is a great position to be in, especially when you are in debt. Six of Pentacles is the card of giving and receiving, where everyone gets what they need, but no one is left behind. This card represents a time of generosity, charity, collaboration, and overall goodwill.

Six of pentacles is a particularly generous card, one that encourages others to share gifts and good fortune. The image on the card is similar to the one on the Three of Pentacles, except that this card has a more generous, giving, and supportive vibe. Money, resources, and support are available – right now you are not struggling, and you will be receiving in the near future.

Six of Pentacles is the card of charity and assistance, particularly if you are dealing with personal issues, such as poverty, sickness, or even trauma. This card suggests that you can offer help to others with your unique skills, resources, and capabilities.

You should appreciate yourself because this is a card of material as well as spiritual accomplishment, particularly when you’ve pulled Six of Pentacles card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength. If you are feeling prosperous, you can support others financially and spiritually. You also can be very generous with your money, time, energy, and your connections. You are generous and kind, and you have a knack for getting what you want. Because you are the confident, self-assured leader, you are very popular with those around you. Everybody wants to be related with you because of your compassion and care.

The Six of Pentacles is a favorable card in a Tarot reading if you have been struggling. It denotes a strong, capable individual who is highly ambitious, persistent, courageous, and tenacious. Achievers and success seekers should take great pleasure in the opportunity that the Six of Pentacles card represents and should appreciate everything that they have gained or accomplished so far. The Six of Pentacles advises you to believe in your capabilities and to act with grace and dignity.

Six of Pentacles card calls you to stay true to who you are inside and keep your head held high, especially when pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position. In a positive reading, Six of Pentacles stands for financial generosity and abundance – you could be in the giving or receiving end of a transaction. Be grateful and give gratitude and you will be rewarded in ways that can be unexpected and much-needed.

In a money Tarot reading, Six of Pentacles suggests that you are experiencing a significant period of good fortune, both monetarily and spiritually. The Six of Pentacles symbolizes both material and spiritual abundance. You may have come into some of your savings, received a promotion, or had a windfall. Don’t waste this time. Enjoy it! You may be prepared to give or receive charity or assistance, so go ahead and help others.

There is a strong likelihood that the beneficiary will be grateful for your offer of support if you give of your abundance.

Six of Pentacles in the Context of Love and Relationships

When you pull Six of Pentacles card in a love and relationships Tarot reading, you should be honest and sincere with your partner. Because this card indicates giving, you are probably a giving partner in your relationship. You should also be kind to your partner and focus on the things that matter to them. If you are searching for a partner, Six of pentacles card indicates generosity and charity.

Six of Pentacles in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, Six of Pentacles can predict careers as a business owner, financial advisor, or a charity. It can also mean careers in sales or customer service. Sometimes Six of Pentacles denotes the seeker is doing it all and is therefore overcommitted. If you’re wondering if you should take on a third job or go back to school to get a better job, the answer is a clear YES! The cards predict you’ll be successful in these endeavors. Six of Pentacles is a strong indication that you have what it takes to be financially successful. Sometimes the seeker is also able to help others financially through charity work, investment funds, or loans.

Six of Pentacles in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Six of Pentacles after asking your deck about finances, you may see that everyone is pulling together to help you. Your workplace may be generous with you or you may be receiving donations. There is a time to put money into savings, but if you’re looking for a big purchase or vacation, it can help you be generous and enjoy your wealth right now.

Six of Pentacles in the Context of Health

In a health reading Six of Pentacles card is all about finances and the material world. In this reading, you might be receiving support in your time of need, and this could mean material help, but also it could also be spiritual support such as prayers and blessings. Six of pentacles is also very much about helping others around you who cannot help themselves.

Six of Pentacles Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development Tarot reading Six of Pentacles card signals generosity and abundance in all aspects of life. The man is seen in his priestly robes giving a generous donation to beggars on the street. A figure on the left is being assisted by the man in the middle who symbolizes authority and structure in spirituality. Now is the time to give and share, especially if you have what it takes to go beyond your own needs. This card says that with self-love and self-acceptance, anything is possible.

Six of Pentacles illustrates a man’s generosity to beggars on the street. He takes a coin from his pocket and hands it over, providing the recipient with all of his earthly needs. As a person with a deep connection to his spiritual energy, he seems to be in a state of flow. The beggar is thankful and lets out a deep sigh of contentment. The Six of Pentacles, often known as the “man with the golden hands,” is a symbol of the benefits of giving and being charitable.

Is Six of Pentacles Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled Six of Pentacles in a yes or no reading, it means no. As this card is mostly about balancing resources, a decision that involves money or resources will require care and effort. If you’re not ready to make that sacrifice, don’t move forward.

Six of Pentacles as a Person

If you are seeking an answer about Six of Pentacles card as a person, then Six of Pentacles person is someone who is giving and sharing – this person is generous, helpful, and caring. He is very friendly and always ready to help with anything in need. This is how many people see this person. But as I have already mentioned, this is not all there is. Six of Pentacles represents balance. On the other hand, if you are asking about something in regards to money, Six of Pentacles suggests that you be extra careful with your money because the card shows a picture of an overconfident businessman – he is positioned above the beggars, there is a certain imbalance evident on the picture. So you should always think twice when it comes to money as you don’t want to get into any risky decision. Before you are planning to get yourself into any investment, you should be aware of all the pros and cons.

Six of Pentacles card reveals a generous person who gives – this person gives a lot of money and time to his or her friends and family. This person loves to support others, and that is why they usually volunteers in the name of others, and don’t hesitate to give their time, money, and resources for others. It also indicates that this person always wants to have a good relationship with others, which is why they give a lot of money and time to others, and make them feel comfortable. However, in terms of money, Six of pentacles card indicates that this person is not financially stable as they are giving and spending money easily. Regarding a profession, Six of pentacles card denotes helping others and appreciating that you are financially comfortable, which you have earned with your labor. Six of pentacles also illustrates compassion from outside people to the needy.

Six of Pentacles as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading Six of Pentacles as feelings can represent someone being generous and charitable. They are also encouraging you to donate to a charity. Six of Pentacles can also speak of feeling connected with something greater than oneself, often for a spiritual reason. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Six of Pentacles can mean this person feels gratitude and compassion for you. Feelings may be mutual.

What Is Six of Pentacles Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

The Pentacles represent material status and wealth when the card appears as a positive Tarot card and advantage in a reading. The card shows that if you are willing to put in the work, you shall reap the rewards. The Six of Pentacles tells you that you have everything you need to be successful, and all you need to do is reach out your hand and receive. When this card appears in your Tarot reading, it also suggests that you are in a benefactor position, and if you can, pass on some good karma by paying it forward.

Six of Pentacles is the most material Tarot card, which represents everything that is material, economic, or financial. When you draw this card, the financial or material blessings that you’ve been receiving will flow to you freely. This is a really welcome card because it shows that you can have everything you desire if you are willing to work for it. The Six of Pentacles stands for good fortune and material gain, so if you pull this card in a reading, you can be sure that your blessings will continue.

Six of Pentacles as an Obstacle

You need to dig deep within yourself so that you can harness a much-deserved victory, especially when you’ve pulled Six of Pentacles card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position. The powerful will prevail!

Six of Pentacles is the tarot card for community and cooperation. This card suggests that you receive help and support from those who are knowledgeable. This card represents the giving and receiving of help, especially in the money-wise realm. The Six of Pentacles may suggest that you are getting assistance and charity from a church or community group, and the generosity and support you receive will be greatly appreciated. The best way to take advantage of this support is to work hard and make the best use of it. Six of Pentacles as a person indicates a helpful and supportive individual. They are wise guides and helpers who are not afraid to take a chance, especially if it means helping others achieve their dreams. Six of pentacles tarot card denotes someone who is highly educated and makes the most of their skills. They need to feel appreciated and rewarded for all that they do.

Six of Pentacles Card as a Future Outcome

When Six of Pentacles appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it tells of a time when you will have a lot of support and will be able to help those around you. You will have a lot of energy and power, and you will need to be able to share your strength and resources with others. If you are on the receiving end of someone else’s help, this card can be an indication that you will receive this kind of charity. The Six of Pentacles also represents good luck and high income. If this card has been pulled for you, now is a time when you will have plenty to share, so make the most of that. The best thing you can do is to be grateful for everything you have, and to offer your help and support to others.

The Six of Pentacles represents an opportunity, with the main focus on giving others help and assistance. You can also be in the process of giving others something that you had, which you are sharing with them. It is a time where both parties are working together towards a common goal or cause.

When Six of Pentacles means that you are in a position to help someone financially, especially when the card appears in a future outcome position. It means you have the ability to help others financially by being their supporter or lending them the money you need. With this Pentacle, you can take care of another person, support them and love them. You are generous and supportive with people who need your help. The card represents your compassion, understanding, and support for others. If this card has appeared, remember to be generous and supportive with someone you care about who is going through a difficult time.

Six of Pentacles represent a lot of money and material comfort. It represents a successful contribution as it shows you have made your goal or a lot of your aspirations. Six of Pentacles also shows that you have attained much success in your life, and you have now achieved your goals. You feel satisfied with your hard work and struggle, and you are proud of the accomplishments that you have achieved. Your current position is due to your hard work, determination, and will.

Six of Pentacles Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

Six of Pentacles exposes that whatever it is that you’re wanting or hoping for is on the way to you. Six of Pentacles promises that you will soon receive what you desire. In the upright position this card encourages you to help other people. The Six of Pentacles also encourages you to be generous with your material resources. Although it may not be easy, it is a great way to gain peace of mind and to receive great rewards. The Six of Pentacles suggests that if you are feeling charitable, you should consider donating to a charity related to your interests (e.g. children’s hospitals). This is a great way to spend your time while also giving back to others.

Six of Pentacles tarot card represents success in whatever you undertake. There are always opportunities a-waiting for you to make your mark. If you’ve been dreaming of getting involved in politics, start an organization, or start your own business venture, Six of Pentacles will help you get there. The Six of Pentacles comes as a sign that all the hard work you have put in and the support you offer, will soon be paid off.

Six of pentacles signifies a strong foundation of support in the social context. It can mean that you have someone who is lending a hand to you and will provide you with financial assistance when you need them. When Six of pentacles comes up it could mean that you will receive something in return from the people you have supported you in the past. It is important to make sure you are giving and receiving what is being shared among each other. This will help you gain stability and security in your life.