The World

card meanings

With the World tarot card, you are experiencing fulfilment after a long journey. You have reached your full potential and are now in a place of calm and serenity. The World represents both completion and new beginnings. You have overcome previous obstacles and have found a new way to express yourself and your life. Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and success. You have arrived after a long journey and have found inner peace and calmness.

With the World, you have achieved a sense of inner peace. You have reached your full potential and are now ready for a new beginning after a path of self-realization, self-understanding, and spiritual enlightenment. In a general sense, you are looking for a way to express yourself and your unique qualities amongst others, and the World tarot card suggests this might come in the form of organizing yourself in a way that suits you and finding a new way to express yourself. You have overcome previous obstacles and have found a new way to express yourself.

Characteristics of The World Upright

Positive: achievements, success, completion, ending a cycle, fulfillment, happiness, breakthrough, good news, new career, recognition, accomplishment, triumph, financial security and growth, good health.

Negative: closing chapter, lack of fulfillment, unfinished business, self-doubt, feeling incomplete, failure.

Description and Symbolism of The World

In Numerology The World card contains number 21, a number of completion, achievement and fulfilment. It is also a number of expansion and of universal connection and therefore a good omen.

Astrological planet for The World is Saturn, a symbol of endings and cycles. Saturn is also ruler of Capricorn, the sign of material success and a symbol of what we achieve through hard-earned effort and perseverance. Saturn also represents time, structure, and substance. Earth is the astrological element for The World and astrological sign for The World is Leo (fire sign), Taurus (earth), the Man on the card is Aquarius—an (air sign), and the Eagle on the card is Scorpio—a water sign.

On The World card we see the four beasts, including a human, – a lion, an ox, and an eagle – representing the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. Here, the beasts are chained and bound together, symbolizing their connectedness and dependence on each other for their existence, but also their independence. The lion stands for the fiery passion and desire. The ox represents the hardworking and faithful. The eagle symbolizes intelligence and the power to see the big picture. The human, standing against the three beasts, is representing the conscious mind and the intellect. All three beasts are chained, but none of them is chained to the physical world. Through their chains, they recognize the impossibility of being confined physically. The World card shows a globe in the background, symbolizing the world we are to conquer.

Some interpret the dancing figure inside a wreath in the center of a The World card, wrapped in a purple cloth, covering her pelvis, as both male and female, which symbolizes all aspects of life. This is the universal connection and oneness that all humanity shares. This isn’t to say there aren’t differences between individuals or genders, but it is more about finding that which unites all peoples and experiences.

The dancing figure in the center, holds two batons or wands, indicating her connection to the element of fire. The two crowns, one in each hand, show that hers is a creative nature. The World is a big and amazing cycle, representing her life and universe. The four figures that are on the top of the mountain symbolize the four suit of the tarot in all the world, which is the cups, pentacles, wands, and swords, that represent the world of materialism, love, work, and pleasure. She is surrounded by the green and fertile ground, symbolizing a sense of plenty and abundance. The four ships on the sea are a symbol of the four realms, and the four elements. In the background, there are clouds of a storm, representing the changes that might come out of this world.

The dancing figure in the center, holds two batons or wands, indicating the balancing act of maintaining equilibrium and having some rhythm. It is also a sign of the joining of two elements – the physical world and the spiritual world – on which the world itself is based.

General Meaning of The World

The World card describes completion, accomplishment, and achievement. You have finished a particularly important project, phase of a cycle, or journey. You are moving on to the next phase of your life. You have made it. Your work is finished, or an important negotiation has been successful. You are ready to move on to the next chapter in your life – one where you will have access to your deepest desires and passions. Take this time to rest and relax so that you are ready to move ahead and fulfill your greatest aspirations.

The World is often considered a very spiritual card. It describes a significant moment in time, when you will be joined with your Highest Self, or a Divine Being, to complete the journey and reach your final destination. For many, this means coming full circle, following a karmic path to spiritual enlightenment. It can also mean that you will be joining with your spiritual group or people of a like-mind, and joining your individual energies to achieve a collective goal. You will find yourself in alignment with your greater path, and with the Universal Energy. You will be one with the Universe.

In a general Tarot reading The World calls you to live in the present with no regard for the past or the future and to embrace life’s experiences for the gifts they are and to be happy with what you have achieved. This is a ‘yes’ to life and ‘no’ to death. It is time to stop focusing on what you did not have versus all that you have now and to feel truly happy in your life.

The World tarot card is ruled by Leo, the ruler of the zodiac. Leo is ruled by the sun, symbolizing the desire to seek meaning in life and achieve perfection. In a reading, The World tarot card is all about achieving your deepest goals and ambitions and experiencing fulfillment. It represents a state of balance, harmony, and well-being. When this card appears in a reading, you have reached your goal and you can be proud of what you have achieved. You could have made it to the finish line, or you might be contemplating leaving, but you will come home to your place and be comfortable and happy.

The World card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position tells you you are in the midst of progress in your current life, you are overcoming obstacles, making your dreams come true, and experiencing total fulfilment. If you have set goals, you are on the verge of achieving them. You have worked so hard to make them come true and have no idea how rewarding that will be. The card’s message is that even though you may still have a bit of stuff to accomplish, you are getting the job done.

When The World appears in a Tarot spread, it is a representation of the human experience and what it means to be fully alive.

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, The World card calls you to embrace the beauty of your own unique journey in life. After a long period of journeying with the other cards in the deck, you are being called to come full circle, to your own personal completion. You may have recently experienced a heartbreak, and now you are rising to a new level of love and compassion. You will come out on top and celebrate your personal triumphs with your loved ones. This is the ultimate outcome of the entire journey – your own personal version of paradise – and you are ready to live it.

To pull The World in a positive position is a sign that you are making great progress and have completed a milestone. You may have completed a significant project, such as a home or a business, or just hit a personal achievement. Now, you can relax and celebrate your ‘world’ and the journey you’ve just completed. You can say you did it!

The World in the Context of Love and Relationships

If you’ve pulled The World after consulting Tarot about love and relationships, the World tarot love meaning signals a fulfillment, stability, and wholeness. You’ve completed many cycles of intimacy, love, and self-growth, and your partnership reflects that. If you’re in a partnership, you can share in the responsibilities of each role of togetherness. For those still single, a romantic relationship can be a sign that you’re on the right track to falling in love and seeing the world through your partner. Your love life is reaching its peak now, just so you can enjoy it while it lasts.

The World through feelings in a love Tarot reading indicates that you will find a complete and perfect balance between your romantic and emotional life. If you are in a relationship, you two might already enjoy what the World tarot card represents. One of you might have already made this connection or your relationship is beginning to reach its fullest potential.

Now, with the World tarot love meaning, you get to explore the possibilities of a deeper, more meaningful relationship. This card may still be new for you. You may find yourself on the other side and feeling like you have not found something to give your relationship that special spark. In this case, it is best to take some time for yourself and go back to what brought you and your partner into each other in the first place. Listen to your instincts.

If you have love questions and relationship road bumps, The World Tarot card exposes a universal truth – every relationship goes through ups and downs, and at the end of the day, the only constant is change. It is not the love or the lover that stays, but you and your connection together. The relationship can be full of challenges, but don’t let these challenges get you down. Embrace the relationship and love you both. The relationship may have its problems, but don’t let these problems make you distant and unhappy. Even though the relationship may have its challenges, this relationship will bring you two worlds where you will find joy and happiness even if the relationship ends.

The World in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled The World in reading about your career or business, you’ll need to make significant changes. This doesn’t have to be for a negative reason; you may simply need to step outside your box, as it were. Think about what you’ve built thus far and what you’d like to see yourself doing next. Now’s the time to make plans and achieve everything that you ever wanted. If you’re still at work, now is the right time to start looking for a new position or business venture. Once you make the changes you desire, you’ll be able to focus on your career full-time. While this card can also signify retirement, it’s not time to stop working as your career continues. You should always be working on expanding and advancing your business, as doing so will help you to grow as a person and as a business owner. It is also important to look out for your close friends and family as this may be the right time for you to help them as well.

In a career Tarot reading The World calls you to take the next big step in your career. Have you always wanted to go for it, but there was always something holding you back? This is your moment to grab the bull by the horns. The World gives us the freedom to dream. We can change careers, start our own business, or begin a new relationship. All we need is the will to do so and this card tells us it’s time to let go of any fear. It’s time to embrace the opportunities that are on their way your way. Are you ready to do so? Go for it!

The World in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled The World after asking your deck about finances, you have several options in front of you. The card can represent both the accumulation of wealth and prosperity as well as your journey of self-improvement and liberation. If you’ve been diligent with your finances, you should think about doing some sort of business venture. If you’re looking to make a leap, look at overseas travel. This might also mean making some kind of investment. If you’ve been a while since you’ve drawn this card, you might be looking to start saving more.

In a finance reading The World card indicates that the native will realize their dreams and aspirations in the course of time. You have been working hard for a long time and now the time has come when you have made it big in your career and with financial stability. This is the time when you can relax and enjoy your finances. Now is the right time to treat yourself with a vacation or business trip.

The World in the Context of Health

In a health reading The World card reveals one big message: You are taking the time to care for yourself that you need. The World advises you to make wellness a priority in your life as this will help you reach all that you desire. You can start by being kind to yourself. It is not uncommon to push yourself to the limit with so many demands on your time and energy. Make self-care a top priority. This means, eat well, practice self-love, engage in positive activities that you truly enjoy, and surround yourself with supportive people. By improving your mental and physical health, you will be in the perfect position to deal with whatever life throws at you.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, The World card in a reading exposes two options- either focus on spirituality either materialism. If your question is regarding how to improve your health and vitality, The World advises you to combine both methods to make something better for yourself. The card urges you to follow a healthy diet plan and add some spiritual practices to the same to get the maximum benefits.

The World Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Those who have questions in a spirituality and self-development reading, The World Tarot card indicates a positive outcome. It also means spiritual recognition. In addition to being recognized for your work, you will be receiving recognition of your achievements and milestones. Make sure to spend time celebrating these. You may receive word that you have won an award or that you have been promoted. It could also be something more personal than a material one.

Others might say that you are the best or that you have finally achieved something that you have believed in for a long time. It could be a feeling of joy or happiness. It is now time to truly embrace all that you have accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back!

Ahead, The World card in the upright position also depicts new opportunities and possibilities. You have created many chances that will come true for you. The World card in the upright position represents your goals and dreams and how far you’ve come. You have already conquered many obstacles and have come a long way with your plans.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The World upright, you will have a sense of fulfillment and completion. You have gone through the trials of all the other cards in this Suit, and you’re able to experience a high amount of self-acceptance and self-understanding. You realize that you’ve learned all you can from this situation, and you’re ready to move on to something new.

This card might represent a trip to a faraway land, or a spiritual quest. Perhaps you’ve just graduated from school or a certain phase in your life? Perhaps you’re hoping for a job promotion that would take you to a new city? And you are considering the entire process and are making an informed decision. On the other hand, this card might also represent the thrill of travelling around the world. You are taking the first steps toward making this journey into a reality. And for many, this card is the finish line, hinting that you have arrived where you have set out to be as you journey closer to completion.

Is The World Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled The World in a yes or no reading, it means a clear yes. As long as your goal is to create the best life you can, you will be successful. All your dreams and desires will become true. In a yes or no reading, The World card is all about confidence and feeling empowered. When you are experiencing obstacles in your life, don’t allow yourself to feel defeated. Yes, you will need to work hard, but you have the power to succeed. If you desire something but are scared to make the move, now is an opportunity to take a leap of faith. Take a risk. Are you scared of something such as a career change? If so, now is the time to embrace these fears and let the universe take care of the rest.

The World as a Person

In card as a person reading The World card indicates that you have achieved so many things in your life and are on the verge of a new, life-changing phase. You have finished the final part of a chapter in your life and have moved on to a new one and believe that you have been able to give your fullest to complete the tasks assigned to you. Now you are prepared to accept that your hard work has started bearing results and you will soon be rewarded with the highest of honours. Chances are that you are waiting for a sign or a confirmation from the outside world and you are eager to show the world what you have accomplished and that you are ready to receive the best acknowledgement when it comes.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, The World card indicates that the person is proud of you, a close friend or family member. They believe in you and are proud of all the achievements you have made throughout your life. You both trust each other and believe in each other’s capabilities and that’s why they value each other’s presence.

Physical description of The World card as a person is joy and happiness, contentment, success, achievement, and fulfillment. The World represents the completion of a cycle and signifies the fulfillment of an individual’s life purpose. The World may also represent an overseas journey. A path has ended and can be followed no more. One is no longer constrained and can travel to anywhere they please. Also, one can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The number of The World cards in a reading is a sign of good fortune. When this card appears, there will be a favorable outcome to all of your struggles.

The World card tells you that you need to take things at a much different level. There is something that you want to create or accomplish, and it only seems to be a dream. You will think that everything still seems like a far way off. This is not the situation. The World illustrates that you need to work hard to reach your goal. You are halfway there, but you still need to push yourself.

The World as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading The World as feelings can represent the feeling that you have achieved a big goal or milestone, it can also indicate that you are close to feeling complete. When you have achieved a major goal, you can let yourself relax or even take a well-deserved break. In your inner world, there are now no parts of you that are unfinished, so rest and recouping are in order. This card also shows that you have fulfilled your deepest desires. While it can signify closure after a period of accomplishment, it can also simply represent the culmination of a personal journey.

In a feeling reading, The World card is all about fulfillment and completion. It indicates that you have reached your highest potential and accomplished your goals. You have successfully completed your life path and have found peace and happiness. You are living the life you always dreamed of. You have worked hard to get here, but it is only now beginning to dawn on you that you have achieved so much. This card also serves as a reminder that success comes from every aspect of your existence. You cannot expect to achieve so much if you neglect any part of yourself. Take some time to celebrate this accomplishment.

A few days ago you closed a chapter of your life and celebrated the successful completion of a particular project or goal. The World card is an indication that these previous challenges are now past and you are able to see the whole picture of your life and your aspirations. You can see where you were and how far you have come and you are finally able to relax and enjoy yourself. The World card indicates that everything you have ever dreamed of or wished for has come true.

What Is The World Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

If you’ve pulled The World card in a positive, strength, or advantage position in a Tarot reading, The World means that you’ve overcome a significant personal challenge or obstacle, and you are entering the next ‘era’ of your life. This may be a spiritual quest, a marriage, a job, or another significant transition. It could be the result of a lot of effort and struggle, or a moment in your life that seems to have come out of nowhere, and the hard work that you put in to make this moment possible have finally paid off. You have achieved the goal of completing your mission to understand life from the core.

The World represents a very significant achievement. When The World card comes in a Tarot reading, it can mean that a certain goal has been reached, or something is complete. This could be the achievement of a significant project, goal, or objective, or it could mean the fulfillment of a significant life aspiration. You have achieved what you set out to achieve, and you have worked hard to do so.

The World card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position calls you to focus on what you have already accomplished rather than getting enraptured by what you still have left to achieve. Your current state provides a good indication of where you are supposed to be. Achieving this goal may take your focus off of everything else.

The upright World stands for achievement and success. The World is a celebration of everything you have accomplished and a sign that you have worked hard and can pat yourself on the back and appreciate what you have gained. Consider where you are in your journey of self-development and self-understanding and determine if you have achieved everything you set out to. You may be surprised at how much you have already learned and accomplished.

The World as an Obstacle

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, The World card calls you to rise to a new level of achievement and mastery. With new opportunities and prospects before you, do not hesitate to embrace these because you do not want to miss a chance to move forward. The World is all about going for what you want—and not stopping until you get it. You should feel like the work you put into your project will bear fruit. There should be a sense of pride in seeing your work come to fruition.

When it comes to challenges, The World can represent a long wait that won’t last forever. You will soon be rewarded with the long-awaited achievement you’ve been working so hard toward. Perhaps you won’t be able to take your hands off the wheel and relax completely, but you’ll be so close. The most important action of this card is to ‘settle in for the long haul!’ You’ll be able to accomplish so much more if you can stay the course.

To receive The World in reading, your understanding of the cosmos and all the realms to which you are connected is advanced. You have developed a powerful connection to the universe, and now you understand that you are in charge of your own destiny. You are feeling empowered and ready to manifest your dreams, no matter how far fetched they may be. If you have specific goals, now is the time to pursue them with total alignment and dedication.

This Major Arcana card represents the achievement of a goal as well as the fulfillment of a specific wish. It could also represent a celebration or a big event like a wedding or a family vacation.

The World card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position calls you to connect with Spirit and your subconscious mind to reclaim your life purpose. This will be done by connecting with your higher self with a new technique. It will be easy and natural if you take the time to meditate daily. This will allow you to let go of any past trauma and fears in order to fully experience the joy that is ahead.

If you seek a better understanding of a particular issue, you will come to the realization that you must use your imagination to create a reality you desire. The more you focus on the end goal, the sooner you will get there. A positive interpretation of the World card is that you will be able to accomplish your goals by connecting your conscious and subconscious minds to bring about a positive change.

You may feel as if you need to be more connected to your purpose, as well as to the Universe in general, to pursue your goals. You may experience a spiritual awakening or new spiritual journey that will move you to pursue a career in a spiritual setting. You may also be inspired to travel and experience new cultures.

The World Card as a Future Outcome

If your question is about your general future and challenges ahead, The World card in the reading signals your quest for spiritual enlightenment. The World card shows that you have completed a cycle, a journey, and an experience that has helped you see the world with new eyes. You might be a few steps away from enlightenment, but as you continue to delve deeper into your spiritual search, your understanding of the Universe will continue to grow.

The World tarot card serves as a great indicator of triumph. Though you may still be in the process of achieving your goal, you may not be far away from your ultimate goal. The card shows that you are about to cross the finish line to celebrate your triumph. This does not always have to be limited to physical triumphs. Spiritual victories are just as meaningful. You have overcome an obstacle or learned some kind of valuable knowledge. You have gained strength throughout the journey and know how to look for the good in any experience.

The World tarot card may also indicate that your efforts may be nearing completion and success. This is the time to celebrate your triumphs and look forward to the future ahead.

When The World appear in a future outcome position, it is the sign of accomplishment and being satisfied with your achievements. Your hard work is about to pay off, and you will be in high spirits and feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the experiences and lessons you gained along the way. This is an important card to get after completing a long journey with a great experience. You need to feel proud of the steps you took, and it will give you a clear perspective of where you are now that will motivate you to move forward. This Major Arcana card is also a great sign to appreciate your efforts to achieve a long-term goal because it represents the achievement of the highest pinnacle of your life.

Although you have worked hard towards your goal, when you receive the card of completion, you do not stop to celebrate your victory but keep moving. Just like The World card, you will be doing what you have been dreaming about, and it will be the culmination of everything that you put into to achieve that goal.

The World card in a future outcome Tarot spread position signals a significant achievement, particularly in the area of life ambition and a spiritual awakening. This might take the shape of a job promotion, marriage, birth, or any significant moment in your spiritual or personal development. In some rare situations, it can also signify a completion. The World is a card that suggests that, even though you may be experiencing a sense of satisfaction, contentment, or fulfilment because of what you have accomplished, you are not completely satisfied with the experience. It represents completion and leaving behind all self-doubt to fully embrace the knowledge and wisdom you have gained through your efforts, according to The World Interpretation.

When the time comes, you have come to the end of your path and are prepared to make the transition into the next phase of life. However, because you have not resolved all of your issues, you are unable to enter a new cycle with a sense of wholeness and closure. All you can know is that it is time to stop searching.

The World Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will something happen, The World card in the reading signals that everything you want or wonder about will come true very soon. If your query is concerning the timing of an event, The World tarot card denotes either very soon or soon. It can be taken as a sign that now is the time to let go of any negativity that might be holding you back and take that next important step. The World suggests that new opportunities are available to you now.

Your questioner’s wisdom is getting tested as they prepare to take their next steps. You already have the knowledge that you need, now is the time to put it into action. The World card denotes that the time has come to cross the finish line and celebrate. There is a sense of completion that is suggested by this card. This feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment is one that will last long after the celebration is finished. The real reason to celebrate is being able to do what you set out to do and reach your goals.

If you’re asking about possible time frame of an event, The World card signals that the time is near. It indicates that events will materialize soon. This does not indicate that anything dramatic will happen to you immediately. Instead, it indicates that things will become more intense and a lot will happen to you all at once. Try not to get overwhelmed because good things will come to you. You’ll feel as if you’ve achieved everything you’ve dreamed of. Additionally, The World card suggests that the events coming to you are a great sign of completion for everything you have been working on. Also, it suggests that you will be feeling satisfied with your current life now as you have achieved what you wanted.

This card shows that you have successfully completed your journey and have come out of your shell, which makes you feel like a conqueror. You can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have everything that you have always wanted. This card suggests that you’re close to completing your life’s mission, and you’re now ready for your next journey in your life.