Ten of Pentacles Reversed: What It Means For Career


When the Ten of Pentacles reversed appears in your career reading, the card is all about a shaky relationship. This means that someone at your office may feel as though they don’t have much in common with you right now. This could be as a result of conflict, tension, or even competition between members of your department, team, or office. At this time, it might be best to distance yourself from the people that are creating these feelings at work. Everyone has their own way to spend their time, and it might be better for you and your coworkers if you work on your own, and away from the negativity. Alternatively, you may have left a job that didn’t work out for you. If you recently separated or abandoned a business, this can be causing feelings of loss or instability; you may be forced to re-evaluate what you consider important.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Reveals About Your Dream Job: What Is The Most Fulfilling Career For You?

When you draw the Ten of Pentacles reversed in your tarot career reading while asking what is your dream job, the card signals that you may not have all the right expectations about your job. Your job may be boring, unfulfilling, and uninteresting. You may not want to put too much effort into it and may decide to change your career path. If you own a business, the reversed Ten of Pentacles suggests that work/business partnerships may not go as planned. This may be due to a lack of communication, or simple disagreement over the direction of the company. All the cards in the Ten of Pentacles reversed also signal financial insecurity. You may not have the financial resources or stability to move forward with your plans. Consider the cards’ other readings to see if your financial stressor is money or another issue.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Discloses About Starting A New Job

Ten of Pentacles reversed reveals that when starting a new job, you feel that your current job is not the right fit for you. Ten of pentacles reversed advises you to search and see if you can get a better job that suits you more. It also represents that your current job situation is not going well, and your stress levels at workplace are increasing.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Says About Improving Your Current Job Position

When you are asking Tarot how to improve your current job position, Ten of Pentacles reversed reveals that you can be suffering from an unhealthy competition at the workplace. The reversed ten pentacles may suggest that you might be suffering from constant stress at your workplace and being unable to relax. This situation might be causing you to lose your focus at work and your performance. You may be unable to get along with your coworkers and may experience conflicts with them.

You might be under some criticism due to your performance, and not getting the praise and appreciation you had deserved. Ten of pentacles indicates that sometimes, your stress levels at work can be out of control and you may also feel under immense pressure because of your workplace environment.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Reveals About Your Career Strengths

Ten of Pentacles reversed suggests that your career strengths are undervalued, and your accomplishments are underappreciated. Maybe you’re not seeing the financial rewards you’ve expected to receive, you haven’t made the connections that you might have made, and your achievements aren’t being recognized. Your efforts are going unnoticed. You may even feel as though your reputation isn’t what it used to be, and you are now viewed as lacking in drive and ambition. This card tells you that the line between success and bankruptcy is thin, and only luck is keeping you afloat. You must recognize this and make an effort to make your circumstances more fruitful.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Discloses About Your Career Weaknesses

If you pull the Ten of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading and you’re wondering what are your career weaknesses, the card is all about learning to live your values. The reversed Ten of Pentacles signals that you’ve taken a few professional steps in learning how to align more with your values and your higher purpose. You’re starting to realize that the “thing” that you’ve been searching for may not be a traditional job. You’ll have to take a few chances and try other avenues that are outside the box when it comes to making money. This reversed card can also indicate that you run the risk of losing your job or your livelihood because you may have a lack of integrity or ethics.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Suggests About Improving Communication At Your Workplace

If you would like to know how to improve communication at your workplace, Ten of Pentacles reversed illustrates that the connections you would build are going to be strained. This card advises you to be careful with whom you communicate and to be wary of those who use their connections for personal gain. If they don’t reciprocate, they could be taking advantage of you. The Ten of Pentacles reversed can occasionally represent the end of a business partnership, and, if it does, it may indicate that a business relationship is coming to an end as a result of the dispute.

It may also mean that you are struggling to maintain steady employment. The Ten of Pentacles, in this position, can suggest that your family is interfering with your work. The upright form of this Minor Arcana card represents warmth and security, while the reversed form stands for instability and potential family disputes. Reversed, this Minor Arcana card may suggest that you are having difficulties maintaining your close relationships at work. Although you may have been having a good work-family balance, things are beginning to get a little stressful.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Suggests Regarding Career Change

When you are asking Tarot if you should change your career, Ten of Pentacles reversed reveals that you should reconsider whatever it is that you are doing now. Perhaps you could have set up a long-term career that has not provided what you wanted it to since it was not fulfilling; or you could have reached a plateau, and are now stuck with an uninspired job. It may be time for a change, but doing so may be quite difficult. Alternatively, Ten of Pentacles in reverse denotes that you could have lost your job or business, or simply missed out on a lucrative opportunity. You have lots to feel ashamed about; you can experience regrets.

What Ten of Pentacles Reversed Reveals About Balancing Your Career With Your Personal Life

If you pull the Ten of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading and you’re wondering how to balance your career and personal life, the card is all about putting your family first. This doesn’t mean you can’t work hard, it simply means that it’s in your own interests to put your own needs first. This may come as a shock to some, but if you are married and have a family, it is your responsibility to set aside time each day to spend with your family and your friends. By doing so, you will not only be demonstrating your love and appreciation to them, but you will also be demonstrating that you are committed to building a solid foundation for your future.