The Hermit Reversed: What It Means For Career


Through a perspective of career The Hermit reversed is a card of being uninspired and lazy. It seems like you aren’t even taking any real action to move your career in the right direction and you are just staying where you are. This could just be something that is making you feel lazy, but if you do decide to take any real action, then you need to put your whole heart into it. If this doesn’t resonate for you, perhaps you are taking on too many responsibilities at work, and as a result, you are finding it difficult to prioritize your own tasks and spend time on self-care. If you have been under too much pressure or have been overwhelmed by responsibilities, the reversed Hermit can be a way of calling you to take a breather and reevaluate your situation.

What The Hermit Reversed Reveals About Your Dream Job: What Is The Most Fulfilling Career For You?

When you draw the The Hermit reversed in your tarot career reading while asking what is your dream job, the card signals that you have not been putting the effort that is required to develop yourself. You might be in your profession for a while already, but you are not learning much more about yourself or what you want to do with your life. You might have lost interest in your profession. Alternatively, you might not be learning anything that is helping you grow. The time you spend in your workplace must be spent wisely, to be of any use to you.

The time you spend in your workplace must be spent wisely, to be of any use to you. The reversed Hermit (tarot) suggests that you may have lost your desire to do what you have been doing in your profession. It suggests that you are not discovering what you are truly interested in, and thus, you are not learning what you need to learn. It could mean that you are not learning about new techniques, which are helpful for you. It could mean that you are not paying attention to the things you need to learn.

What The Hermit Reversed Discloses About Starting A New Job

If you pull the The Hermit reversed in a career tarot reading and you’re just starting a new job, the card is all about making new connections. In a business setting, it can be somewhat confusing. The other cards in the spread will give you more of a clear picture. Instead of just making new friends, it is more important for you to take time to get to know your new coworkers. You may find that there are still miscommunications. You won’t be the only one with the same problem, but it can be easier to solve problems when you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to engage in conversation, ask questions, or offer your opinions as you need to.

What The Hermit Reversed Says About Improving Your Current Job Position

If you need advice on how to improve your current job position, The Hermit reversed reveals a lack of communication. It can also mean that you are working too long and have neglected other aspects of your life. Sometimes, this card can also signal that you are isolating yourself due to a fear of embarrassment or the opinion of others. In this case, you must learn to be yourself and let your authentic self shine.

What The Hermit Reversed Reveals About Your Career Strengths

If you need advice on your career strengths, The Hermit reversed reveals that you might be letting other people dictate the kind of work you do. You might believe that you have to change your career because they are not being satisfied with the profession they currently are in. It’s time to be a business owner.

The Hermit reversed indicates that you may be letting other people’s feelings determine your career direction. You could believe that you must alter your line of work since they do not like it. It’s now your turn to be in charge of your own destiny. It indicates a lack of self-understanding. It can also imply that you have lost the benefits of solitude and are now not spending enough time alone to develop.

What The Hermit Reversed Discloses About Your Career Weaknesses

If you would like to know what The Hermit reversed reveals about your career weaknesses, then it illustrates that there are lots of expectations and anxieties arising at work as of now. You feel as if you are being judged and evaluated. Even if you are currently in a position that encourages self-improvement, you may be overly protective and defensive at this moment. As a result, your character and nature may come under question, and you will either be forced to leave your job or be made to perform poorly.

In the reversed form, it shows that the individual wants to talk about their creative works but doesn’t find the right time. There are chances that you will feel stuck at your work and lose interest very quickly. This card also indicates that it is high time to go out from your shell and meet people so that you can expand your horizon. Additionally, you might not be feeling enthusiastic about your profession right now. It is vital that you evaluate the positive and negative aspects of your profession. Doing this will give you a clearer idea of the kind of future you want to achieve.

What The Hermit Reversed Suggests About Improving Communication At Your Workplace

When you are asking Tarot how to improve communication at your workplace, The Hermit reversed reveals that your line of work might be stressful for you. You can be so caught up in the daily demands that you neglect to build relationships with colleagues. Perhaps you are so focused on meeting your objectives that you ignore all the social concerns of your office mates; they can feel left out of your life and even alienated from you because of this. The good news here is that you can take matters into your own hands; you do not need corporate approval to spend time with those that matter most to you. Take a step back and look for commonalities between yourself and your coworkers; the two of you have probably had similar life situations that have made your perspectives align.

The Hermit reversed might indicate that you are the victim of a hostile workplace in which you are constrained to labor alone. The people who might be making it difficult for you to collaborate are not the only perpetrators; you are also not doing enough to advance the group’s goals. Perhaps you are so consumed with your own concerns that you are ignoring the needs of others.

What The Hermit Reversed Suggests Regarding Career Change

When you are asking Tarot if you should change your career, The Hermit reversed reveals that you need to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes, the best path for you isn’t one that leads you to the next promotion or paycheck. Sometimes you need to retreat to a quiet place, take a breath, and reflect on what you could do to take your career in a new direction. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to find a way to express your unique talents, passions, and ideas. If you’ve been isolating yourself at work, you may start to feel more lonely as well. Sometimes we need to let our emotions and intuition guide us; avoid making decisions based on ego when The Hermit is reversed.

What The Hermit Reversed Reveals About Balancing Your Career With Your Personal Life

If you want to know how to balance your career and personal life, The Hermit reversed signals you to find the middle ground. You might be missing out on something which is essential for you to grow in your profession. You might be avoiding working towards your personal goals or making them a priority. The reversal of this card indicates that your time for self-development or meditation is done and is now the right time for you to reenter your professional life. You can use this time to work on your professional goals and improve your skills.