What The Tower Reversed Means In A Health Tarot Reading?


When you draw the Tower reversed in your health reading, the card signals that a significant event might be approaching. It won’t be anything dramatic, but it will act like a reminder that change and upheaval are inescapable parts of life, and you should prepare accordingly. Ahead, this card signals anything in your life that might be unsettling you or making you sick. It is possible that your health is suffering or getting worse as a result of stress. If so, then making the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle is essential.

Keeping a healthy balance between work and play, including getting enough rest, is key. Even if the news surrounding your health turns out to be negative, make the most of your time while you are on the mend. The Tower reversed card indicates that you have been attempting to be on the right side of the law lately. If you are guilty of such activities, you must consider confessing as it can help the situation. The Tower health card indicates that you must exercise caution and put effort into ensuring the safety of your health.

What The Tower Reversed Reveals About Your Physical Health

If you’re wondering what’s the state of your physical health, the the Tower reversed reveals that you may be going through a difficult time mentally or spiritually, and this may be affecting your health negatively. Consider seeking the help of a therapist or a support group should you be having trouble putting your feelings into words, as that can be a very powerful way to release them. The Tower reversed is not a good omen in a spiritual sense either. Because of its association with destruction and chaos, the Tower reversed warns that any spiritual practices you’ve been undertaking may lead to a mental breakdown, such as depression, paranoia and delusions.

Moreover, the Tower in its reversed form could indicate a miscarriage. However, understand that the incident is not your fault. You are currently struggling to put your own troubles out of your mind in favour of focusing on your health and well-being. If you have been putting too much pressure on yourself, you should give yourself a break. The Tower reversed advises you to practice good habits of healthy living if you want to restore your health to its natural levels.

What The Tower Reversed Reveals About Your Mental Health

When you’re asking about your mental health, the Tower reversed symbolizes a potential for massive mental collapse. If you have been struggling with depression or anxiety, it is reasonable to believe things may be getting worse rather than better. This card might represent a breakdown from a long-term illness or trauma that was left unaddressed. In another reading, it means that your coping mechanisms may be on the verge of breaking down and that you could need assistance in accepting the reality of your health condition.

Also, you might be pushing yourself too far or putting too much strain on yourself. This is unhealthy behavior that will lead to a breakdown of some sort. For those who are attempting to get pregnant, it means that the Tower reversed advises you to expect a miscarriage or an unexpected birth. The Tower reversed in a pregnancy Tarot spread also suggests that you should reconsider your pregnancy strategy since it may not be the appropriate choice for you. It may be a sign that you need to adjust your expectations or make some modifications.

What The Tower Reversed Reveals About Improving Your Health

If you want to improve your health, the Tower reversed is a signal that you need to reconsider your lifestyle. You must have been dealing with bad lifestyle habits for a long time, which are now getting the way to your health badly. You need to learn to change your habits and think in a different way than how you plan for everything. Make a plan for everything and don’t get distracted by anything. Because all you have to do is just focus on the fundamentals that will allow you to change your habits soon.

What The Tower Reversed Reveals About Moving Past Your Health Issues

If you would like to know what the Tower reversed reveals about moving past your health issues or challenges, look below. Despite the efforts of the Universe to destroy this Tower, its structure stands strong. One side of the building still stands for those who work hard and maintain a positive attitude. You may have suffered a loss of a loved one, struggled through a painful divorce, or had a health setback. Despite all this, you may keep going. The Tower (reversed) asks you to examine whether you can stand on the foundation of faith and be a good parent, spouse, and friend despite a setback.

When the Tower is reversed, it advises you to focus on the fundamentals of physical and mental health. Your body and mind are working well. However, you have neglected them. Consider your spiritual beliefs and how they affect you. You must have a connection with your Higher Self to fully experience the benefits of meditation, gratitude, and spiritual practices.

When You’re Wondering If There’s Anything About Your Health That You’re Ignoring, What Does The Tower Reversed Say?

The Tower reversed suggests that what you are ignoring about your health is rising to the surface and causing problems. You should therefore find a method to deal with your health problems and find relief from the stress caused by them. It might be that you are unable to face your problem because of your fear of failure. So make sure that you learn from your mistakes. The Tower (reversed) health is an indication that you need to start treating yourself before anything else, in order to receive the proper care.

Reversed the Tower, if you have been under a lot of mental stress, you are advised to take a break from work or school and focus on self-care. Otherwise, you can fall into a situation where mental health issues start bothering you and you can even come off as reckless. Your worries will be too much for you and you could get into depression or another mental illness, which would be too much for you to bear.

When You’re Wondering If There’s Anything That’s Holding Your Health Back, What Does The Tower Reversed Say?

If you would like to know what the Tower reversed reveals about what’s holding your health back, look no further! The Tower (reversed) represents a tumultuous time when health problems and obstacles will seem to rear their heads. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. By letting these issues come to the forefront, you can learn more about what is ailing you and figure out what to do about it. Do you have a gut feeling that you’ve been exposed to a harmful substance? Do you feel off-balance with an illness? The Tower (reversed) suggests that the secret is about to come out.

Be cautious, but be brave. These issues are only temporary, and you’ll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.