Nine of Swords as Feelings in Love and Relationships


The Nine of Swords illustrates the feelings of despair that may plague you. The Nine of Swords represents heartbreak and the inability to move past painful situations. At times, life throws us curve balls. We can’t always control our environment nor what other people do, and the universe has a way of throwing curve balls that we simply can’t avoid. But these challenges don’t have to bring us down like a house of cards. Have faith – there are happy endings. If your reading is one where you’re looking for a spiritual meaning behind the cards, this card can represent the struggle of the mind versus the heart. We all face difficult times in our lives, but the Nine of Swords can represent this in terms of belief or in the belief that your thoughts have the power to change your reality. The Nine of Swords can signify the inability or unsuitability to cope with situations in life. Some situations overwhelm you with guilt from the past, or you might be suffering from depression or mental health problems.

What Nine of Swords Card Reveals About How Someone In a Platonic Relationship Feels About You?

If you’re asking how your friend feels about you, Nine of Swords card reveals that your friend is not happy with you. Maybe your friend is facing stress, anxiety, and despair right now. You might feel that your connection with this person is hanging in a kind of limbo, with neither one of you knowing what to do to help it along to the next stage. Sometimes, this person with whom you have invested so much time and emotion may end up pulling away, instead of being a helpful guide for you. The Nine of Swords in a love reading or a platonic relationship can also indicate a general loss of hope and a feeling of despair – one that has been caused by your friend or partner. Have you fought a lot lately? Have you said things that were later found to be hurtful or harmful? You will need to be proactive in addressing your fears, thoughts, and insecurities as well as working through past issues to be able to move ahead in your friendship.

For Those Who Are Single: What Nine of Swords Card Reveals About Your Future Love Life?

The Nine of Swords as feelings is all about having anxiety and possibly even panic attacks, maybe even because you’re single. Are you struggling with anxiety? Maybe you are being taken advantage of? When the card appears in a tarot reading, think about the circumstances you are feeling. You may be feeling anxious because of all the feelings of pain and sorrow that come to your mind because of your single state. You don’t even have a chance to deal with all the problems. If you’re single, you or a past lover may be haunted by doubt and remorse. If you need to speak to someone, reach out to a friend or family member who can offer some support. Don’t go it alone-you have enough on your plate.

It’s time to think about the state of your mental health, and it’s time to seek help if you feel that you cannot cope up with your mental health. It’s time to go and get a proper treatment to free yourself from the anxiety and worries.

For Those Who Are Just Starting a New Relationship: What Nine of Swords Card Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

The Nine of Swords through the perspective of feelings reveals your partner might be suffering from anxiety or depression and they are overwhelmed with lots of stress. Sometimes, your partner is depressed because of their emotional health, and they have a block in their mind. If you are only starting a new relationships and you want to know what your lover feels about you, this card can be interpreted as that your partner is facing a mental health problem or is dealing with an emotional problem.

The Nine of Swords through the perspective of feelings reveals that this relationship will be a nightmare for you both. The Nine of Swords, even if it is about sadness, foretells that you might be thinking only of yourself, and this feeling might affect the way you handle your current relationship. In your relationship, you and your partner share an emotional connection, and that connection can be the source of happiness or sadness. You both know how hard it is to accept each other’s flaws, but for you both to feel that you are whole human beings, you have to feel the importance of each other. You have to understand that no one can be perfect and complete.

For Those Who Are In a Relationship: What Nine of Swords Card Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings About You And What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

The Nine of Swords as feelings illustrates that you feel overwhelmed by your partner’s illness or worries. The feeling of panic is worsened by the news that your partner is sick, especially when you are in a relationship. It is also possible that you and your partner are taking on too much, which is making things worse. Communication is necessary if you hope to find a solution. It’s possible your partner is dealing with feelings of abandonment and isolation as much as you are. Regardless, make a plan for the two of you to collaborate. When you have too much on your plate, it’s easy to make mistakes. This is an opportunity for you to take on self-care while giving some attention to your partner.

A lot of the time, Nine of Swords has to do with a sense of worry about the relationship. You may feel as if you are in something much more serious than you anticipated and it’s causing the feelings of panic.

What Nine of Swords Reveals For Those Who Want to Know If Their Relationship Is Advancing Into More Serious Commitment Or Marriage?

The Nine of Swords reveals that both your single and your committed life are unstable, especially if you’re asking if your relationship is advancing into marriage or engagement. The card signifies that you or your partner may be going through a bad breakup or divorce. Thus, you should avoid taking steps on your relationship that will put your partnership in jeopardy. Go back to your original plan and think about why you two are so incompatible. It might be your fault. You must learn this lesson from the past and avoid the same mistakes if you want to build a happy relationship.

The tarot card also states that you or your partner keep getting into arguments that upset your relation and make a lot of things difficult. You and your partner might be going through a lot of emotional instability. This instability might come in the shape of your jealousy, possessiveness, or any other mental health issue that is bothering you. Thus, try to fix the issue or the reason behind it. Always remember, no matter how bad the relationship is, it’s always better than being alone. Or is it? Do not allow mental or physical abuse.

What Nine of Swords Reveals About Your Ex’s Feelings About You?

The Nine of Swords as feelings signals that your ex partner might be having a lot of hurtful thoughts about you. You might be the cause of their pain and this person is hurting because of you. You might have acted in a selfish way that hurt them and the ex partner feels forgotten and unloved. The Nine of Swords indicates a person who is always in a bad mood and always overreacts to every problem to the best of their ability. This person feels defeated, helpless, and hopeless in every situation. If you were in a relationship with this person or if you are this person, you might want to think again. This person is not a good partner at all.