The Lovers as Feelings in Love and Relationships


If you pull The Lovers, the card is all about love, choice, relationships, and the power of the will to unite. The Lovers tarot card embodies the union of two elements – fire and water, the masculine and feminine, positive and negative, yin and yang. In our own lives, there are lessons to be learned and choices that can lead us deeper into our own soul, or bring us closer to our highest self. What is something that you have been struggling with, and what would you do to resolve the situation, if you had a direct line to the source of that issue?

The Lovers tarot card speaks of the importance of making choices and taking control of your life. Although love is a powerful choice, the Lovers tarot card reminds you that you also need to make decisions as an individual. In essence, we need to make choices about our love lives, and also our daily lives, to be happy. When you think about love, make sure it is the right decision for you, and that you are making the right decision for you.

What the Lovers Card Reveals about How Someone in a Platonic Relationship Feels about You?

If you want to know how someone in a friendly relationship feels about you and you pull the Lovers, the card discloses that this person feels deeply attracted to you. This person thinks highly of your character and values your company. This person understands your emotions and values all your opinions. This person appreciates the way you treat them and your other friends.

The Lovers as how someone feels about you indicates a deep connection and attraction. This card suggests that the person sees you as their ideal partner, highlighting a powerful bond and mutual understanding. It reflects their perception of you as someone integral to their emotional and possibly spiritual well-being. The Lovers as how someone feels about you often points to a choice to be made, suggesting they might be considering a significant decision regarding your relationship. It embodies harmony and the strong alignment of values and desires, signifying that they view you as a perfect complement to their life.

For Those Who are Single: What The Lovers Card Reveals about How Someone Feels about You?

For those who are single and open for a romance, the Lovers as feelings signal love. This doesn’t necessarily mean marriage, but might mean romance of any kind. Being a matchmaker when you see the Lovers tarot card on a reading is a sign that you should make sure this love is meant to be, and not a ‘one-and done’ thing. If you’re still single, don’t be afraid to let someone who might be a good match into your life to take that next leap. At times, this card can also signal that you are having trouble choosing between two lovers. A physical connection can be really tempting to a couple who is separated from family and friends; the problems can be the same if you neglect to consider the social and emotional needs that are often neglected in the search for physical intimacy.

The Lovers as feelings signals a strong likelihood of success in finding love. This love can take many forms and take many forms as it can lead to many different relationships with many different people. This card can also be a reminder that you should be taking every opportunity to seek true love; friends, school, dating, and family may all be great sources of this kind of bliss. In short, embrace every opportunity to find true love, and you can be sure that the good times will last.

For Those Who Are Just Starting A New Relationship: What The Lovers Card Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

If you are just starting a new romance and are interested what your lover feels about you, the Lovers as feelings signals that your lover is in love with you and feels deeply for you. You must be very comfortable and happy with your partner for this to happen. The Lovers as feelings signals that you will be feeling a strong connection if you pull this card in a reading.

The Lovers is a card that represents duality. One side of the card is the relationship, and the other side is the independence. When this card shows up, it means that you need to balance your relationship and your independence to achieve a happy and fruitful future. You have to ensure that, while you are with your partner, you also have a life outside of it. You have to maintain your strength and independence to be a reliable partner to your spouse. The card also means that we are all connected with our partners.

For Those Who Are in a Relationship: What the Lovers Card Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings about You and What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

If you are in a relationship, the Lovers as feelings is all about commitment, belonging, and feeling complete. Your relationship has the potential to make you feel more emotionally stable in every way. The Lovers represent a new opportunity to let go of self-deception or self-doubt and establish a new foundation for yourself. This foundation will give you the power and strength you need to achieve your personal dreams and desires. At the same time, you will have a new chance to establish relationships. Whatever you want from love, relationship, or a specific person, you will have a strong chance of success.

The Lovers as feelings is all about feeling connected, safe, and loved. The relationship is one of deep trust and security which encourages you to pursue your love with passion and commitment.

What the Lovers Reveal for Those Who Want to Know if Their Relationship is Advancing into more Serious Commitment or Marriage?

If you are wondering whether your relationship is progressing into more serious commitment, the Lovers is all about taking a leap. The pairing made here differs though, as the Lovers is about choosing a person that embodies the best version of yourself. This is not a decision that should be made in a rush; take some time to think about what you really want. If you are being considered, this card can also signal that you should trust your instincts. It may be better to take a chance on a potential mate instead of waiting for the perfect one to come along. In the end, you may be surprised.

The Lovers is all about commitment, if you are wondering whether your relationship is progressing into more serious commitment. When you draw the Lovers tarot card in a love reading, it gives a positive answer to your question.

What the Lovers Reveal about How Your Ex Partner’s Feels about You?

If you are asking what your ex-partner feels about you, the Lovers as feelings is all about love. Either way, they will want you. It tells you that you need to work together if you hope to be together forever. Sometimes, what keeps two people together can be the little things, like the routine the two of you make, or some traditions you have as a couple. It also can entail things like your hobbies or career, or traveling together.

When this card shows up, it means that your ex wants you back. You must be doing something right; your relationship is healing and moving forward. If you have recently been through a breakup, this card means your ex will want to reconcile too. Remember these two principles: ‘What you send out is what you get back’ and ‘Forgiveness heals more than punishment.’ If you think you were wrong and hurt your ex, try to let bygones be bygones. If you have been in the wrong, this cannot be undone, but both of you can learn. By focusing on the positive, you can mend lost relationships.

The Lovers as feelings for an ex suggests that your former partner still harbors strong emotional connections and possibly unresolved feelings towards you. This card indicates a significant inner conflict, possibly reflecting their struggle between moving forward and their lingering attachment to what you shared. The Lovers as feelings for an ex reveals a deep affection and a sense of loss over the separation, emphasizing the meaningfulness of the relationship in their life. It suggests that they might view the relationship as a pivotal part of their personal growth and are still processing the emotional impacts of your time together.