7 Card Tarot Spread: Career Reading About Should You Quit Your Job?


Deciding whether to stay in a job or pursue a new path is a crossroads many of us face. It’s a question that tugs at our ambition, security, and passions. Enter the mystical realm of Tarot, where guidance often lurks within the cards. In this article, we delve into the enigmatic world of the 7-card Tarot spread, seeking its wisdom to answer a pressing query: Should I quit my job? Join us as we unravel the symbolic language of the cards, seeking insight, clarity, and direction amidst the uncertainty of career choices.

Explaining Card Positions in the 7 Card Tarot Spread

Certainly! In the context of the 7-card Tarot spread for evaluating whether to quit a job, here’s a breakdown of the positions:

1st card: Current Position on Your Existing Job

This card represents the present situation in your current job. It may reflect your feelings, challenges, or opportunities within your current work environment.

2nd card: What Is Your Dream Job

This position focuses on your aspirations and ideal career path. The card drawn here may provide insights into the kind of work, environment, or role that truly resonates with your passions and desires.

3rd card: The Positive of Quitting Your Current Job

This card signifies the potential benefits or positive aspects of leaving your current job. It might shed light on opportunities that could open up or positive changes that might occur upon quitting.

4th card: The Negative of Quitting Your Current Job

Conversely, this position highlights the drawbacks or potential challenges associated with leaving your current job. It could reveal obstacles or losses that might arise from making this decision.

5th card: What Will Happen if You Quit

This card represents the likely outcomes or consequences of quitting your job. It could offer insights into how your life, career, or circumstances might unfold post-departure.

6th card: What Will Happen if You Don’t Quit

Here, the card reveals what might transpire if you choose to stay in your current job. It may unveil opportunities, challenges, or stagnant areas that could persist if you opt to remain.

7th card: Advice

The final card serves as guidance or advice based on the collective insights from the spread. It could offer a course of action, a perspective to consider, or suggestions on how to approach the decision-making process regarding your job.

These positions in the Tarot spread create a comprehensive narrative that will help you gain a nuanced understanding of your current situation, aspirations, and potential outcomes, aiding in the decision-making process regarding your career path.

The Significant Combinations Within The 7 Card Spread

Understanding the 7-card Tarot spread goes beyond individual cards—it’s about how they interact. Here’s a breakdown of key combinations in the spread and what they reveal about your career decision: from comparing your current job to your dream role, weighing the positives and negatives of quitting, to foreseeing outcomes if you stay or leave. These combinations offer practical insights to guide your choice.

In this exploration, we unravel the significant combinations within the spread, each pairing offering a distinctive perspective on your career contemplation and providing insightful connections within the spread. These combinations help to interpret the relationships between different aspects of the Tarot spread, offering guidance and insights tailored to the decision of whether to stay in or leave a current job.

Relationship Between Your Current Job Position and Your Dream Position (1 + 2):

If your current job (if card 1 is a “negative” card) doesn’t align with your dream job (if card 2 is a positive card), it may signal a disparity between where you are and where you envision yourself. This misalignment could strongly suggest the need to consider quitting for personal fulfillment and growth.

Relationship Between the Positive and Negative Aspects of Quitting Your Current Job (3 + 4):

If the positive card in position 3 aligns with a positive card in position 4, it might indicate that the potential benefits of quitting outweigh the drawbacks. This could signify that leaving your job could lead to favorable outcomes despite initial concerns.

Relationship Between What Will Happen if You Quit and What Will Happen if You Don’t Quit (5 + 6)

If the card in position 5 (what will happen if you quit) is positive and the card in position 6 (what will happen if you don’t quit) is negative, it could suggest a clear advantage in quitting. This combination might indicate that leaving your job could lead to more favorable or promising outcomes compared to staying.

Advice if You Quit (5 + 7)

When position 5 (what will happen if you quit) is positive and position 7 (advice) aligns with it, the advice leans toward encouraging you to take the leap and quit. It suggests that the potential outcomes favor your decision to leave, and it might be beneficial for your growth and well-being.

Advice if You Don’t Quit (6 + 7)

If position 6 (what will happen if you don’t quit) is negative and position 7 (advice) aligns with it, the advice might lean toward advising against quitting. It suggests that despite potential challenges, sticking with your current job might be advisable, perhaps because the potential risks or drawbacks of leaving outweigh the benefits.

✧ ✦ ✧

In the realm of Tarot, the 7-card spread serves as a practical tool for navigating career decisions. As we analyze the connections between these cards, a clearer picture emerges to aid in the choice of whether to stick with or leave a current job.

Each combination offers a distinct angle, from comparing current and dream roles to weighing the pros and cons of quitting. These pairings provide a well-rounded view, guiding individuals toward a more informed decision.

Ultimately, the Tarot acts as a guiding hand, prompting introspection and highlighting potential paths. Yet, the final decision is yours, grounded in personal aspirations and a realistic assessment of circumstances.

As the cards reveal their insights, they remind us that each decision shapes our career journey. The Tarot invites us to consider both intuition and practicality in charting our professional course forward.