Eight of Swords

card meanings

Eight of swords as a person denotes someone who has a lot of anxiety and believes they are not in control of their lives. They have little patience and feel they are being attacked and persecuted all the time. Many times they are actually the ones attacking and afterward being attacked. This is someone dealing with a lot of self-hatred. They have difficulty trusting and a lack of self-belief. They usually have addictions, especially to technology, as a way of escaping their problems. Eight of swords as a person is someone afraid of facing their problems.

Eight of Swords tarot card often shows up when the seeker needs to learn how to trust people more. They are not getting their needs met and they resent having to rely on others to make them happy. They try very hard to be tough, but deep down they are afraid of success and they have the desire to hide in their addictions in order to escape the truth of their inner being.

Characteristics of Eight of Swords Upright

Positive: overcoming fear, feeling safe, being protected, getting away, taking a break, being self-sufficient, independence, finding freedom, being in control.

Negative: feeling trapped, being unable to move, feeling stuck, being unable to move forward physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Description and Symbolism of Eight of Swords

Eight is the number of infinity, and some civilizations perceive this number as a lucky number. Eight is also the number of achievements and wealth.

Eight of Swords is linked to an air sign Gemini, which is a social butterfly of all twelve signs of the zodiac – they can talk about anything with anyone. Gemini people are playful and curious and they are always itching between several passions, hobbies, and groups of friends.

Jupiter rules the Eight of Swords – it is known as a planet of luck, generosity, and success.

On the card we see a blindfolded woman, stumbling on uneven grounds and muddy water. She cannot see what is around her and we could interpret that her perception of reality is blinded. It is not really true what we see on the card. Although she has ties around her body and she cannot untie herself, this is really not the case. It’s her mind that is blocking her. There are eight swords blocking her way – on one side there are five swords, which represent defeat and on the other side there are three swords, which symbolize grief. The woman is a prisoner of her own mind. The muddy puddles may symbolize her state of mind – being powerless and stagnant, but also an indication that she should switch on her intuitive powers to get her out of the situation.

The castle in the background is built high on a hill and is hard to approach – it symbolizes the way out of this position is hard, but possible and depends on the way we are dealing with the issue. We need to solve the problem with a different approach and try to reach what seems impossible to reach. We can see the sea in the background, which reminds us that if the woman manages to set her mind free after all, she has a sea of possibilities and opportunities.

General Meaning of Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords card indicates mental anguish due to fear of the dark. Eight of swords also indicates feeling isolated. The querent might believe they are alone and no one loves them. Eight of swords tarot card often shows up when the querent is involved in a dysfunctional relationship. The querent might find that they suffer because of their unhealthy habits. Eight of swords tarot card often shows up when the querent wants to leave a destructive and abusive relationship, but the querent is afraid to make a move.

Eight of swords tarot card signifies someone who is very dependent on others and constantly needs approval. This is someone who might need a bit of space to work out their issues. They are scared of being left alone, and they are prone to mental health problems like self-doubt and negative self-talk. Eight of swords tarot card can also indicate someone who feels very let down, especially when it comes to love. They believe things are beyond their control, meaning they often feel helpless. This is someone who needs to control their environment and have things done for them.

If you’ve pulled Eight of Swords card in a general Tarot reading, did the meaning make sense to you? Because Eight of Swords indicates feelings of restriction and a feeling of being trapped due to losing the freedom to make decisions. You feel as if you are unable to escape the situation that you are in. Eight of Swords indicates someone who feels helpless and can no longer move forward in their lives. Eight of Swords often shows up when the Seeker is being controlled by others, or has let others control them. If that is the case, it is time to take back the power and live your life by your terms.

Eight of Swords as a person indicates someone feeling stuck in their lives. They believe their situation is beyond their control. They often withdraw and avoid making decisions. Sometimes they feel trapped in a situation for which they are responsible. They need to understand that they are the only ones responsible for the outcome of their lives.

Have you faced a setback or obstacle and have been in a tight situation? This is usually the case when Eight of Swords card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position. In these situations, the eight swords indicate that you have gained a wide amount of insight and knowledge since you faced the problem. You have learned a lot from your experiences and are more capable of facing similar situations. The Eight of Swords suggests that you are in good mental shape. Also, eight swords denote that you are more aware of the opportunities around you and are open to explore and expand more for the sake of developing yourself. You will also be able to determine if something holds your interest.

Similarly, this upright card shows that you are currently feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities and problems that are coming your way. After the analysis of the situation, you now realize that you have to tackle them yourself, and you are finding it extremely difficult to do so. You are not prepared with all the information about the situation, and you are completely out of your depth in terms of understanding the complexities of the problem.

Eight of Swords card calls you to wake up from your daydreams. When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, you are more capable to overcome the situation and move forward with renewed energy.

The Eight of Swords symbolizes your inner struggle and feelings of fear. You are holding yourself back from the person you are destined to be, and instead, you are living a life of fear and negativity. The Eight of Swords represents inner struggle and the feeling of wanting to escape reality. You are having a hard time letting things go, and you are holding yourself back from the person you are destined to be, and instead, you are living a life full of negativity and fear.

This card can depict having the desire to escape an oppressive situation. Because the woman is being bound, the Eight of Swords could suggest feeling confined in a dangerous or untenable situation, such as a job that has become mundane, or a lack of freedom to make significant life choices.

Eight of Swords in the Context of Love and Relationships

When pulled Eight of Swords after consulting your Tarot deck about love and relationships, it may slightly denote that you are avoiding a challenging or dangerous situation in your relationship due to fear. Your concerns may be justified, but because your partner loves and respects you, you are choosing to hold off discussing them. The past three or four could also symbolize having some fears or anxieties around your partnership despite a certain degree of optimism. It could also allude to the possibility of cheating on your spouse while the relationship’s dynamics are still in flux.

In a broad sense, the Eight of Swords in a Tarot love reading interpretation might represent overcoming an obstacle in your relationship by conquering fear, anxiety, or uncertainty. It might also be a sign that your relationship is in a period of transition. If you’re single, the Eight of Swords suggests that you’re having trouble accepting the fact that you are alone and unable to find love. Despite the fact that this is not a pleasant situation, you need to realize that it isn’t the end of the road.

Eight of Swords in the Context of Career

Be careful of those who give you the heebie-jeebies, particularly when you’ve pulled Eight of Swords in reading about your career or business. Sometimes this card can indicate a person or situation that is particularly dangerous. It could be an emotionally unstable person, a bully, or someone who is malicious or manipulative. Do not put yourself in this dangerous situation. If you’ve pulled this card in your finances or career reading, be wary of anyone trying to swindle you. Check your bank statements and contracts, and trust your gut if anything doesn’t feel right. Eight of Swords may occasionally also represent being trapped, so make sure you are not acting in a way that forces you to stay. It may be a bit of a struggle, but try your best to be true to oneself in these dangerous times and find a new way to handle the circumstances.

Eight of Swords in the Context of Finances

Eight of Swords Tarot card is a sign that you should be careful about your financial situation and that you should not make any big decisions right now. If you have questions about money and finances, Eight of Swords can also mean you are relying too much on your resources to secure your safety.

Eight of Swords in the Context of Health

Eight of Swords Tarot card shows that your health is troubling you a lot. If you have questions about health, you must consult a doctor at any cost. Ask questions and tell what is troubling you. The time must be taken from your busy schedule to heal your health.

Eight of Swords Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Eight of Swords Tarot card represents a battle within and worries about what is happening to you. If you have questions about spirituality and self-development, this card shows there is something that is holding you back from being yourself.

The Eight of Swords in the upright position represents a battle within. There is an ongoing internal war going on between our conscious and subconscious mind. This card represents fears and worries that we have about ourselves that we internalize as facts and make them true. It’s like the enemy within that keeps us on our journey. Eight swords tell you to let go of these fears, worries, and doubts and be your true self.

Eight swords are here to say that you are being held captive to your fears and limiting beliefs, and you are unable to move forward. You are worried that you will not be accepted, or you might not be doing everything perfectly. You are holding yourself back from making progress and moving forward. You are afraid to be yourself. And because of this, you are staying in a certain state of passivity. You are waiting for the perfect time to make the changes.

Is Eight of Swords Yes or No Card?

If you have yes or no questions in a reading, Eight of Swords Tarot card shows up as a definite maybe. The most important aspect is that this tarot card in a yes or no reading tells you that it is time for self-care. If you don’t start focusing on yourself first, no one else is going to do it for you. Self-care is the number one most important thing that we can practice.

Eight of Swords as a Person

When you draw Eight of Swords as a person, a card describes a person who is very sensitive to the outside world. The other cards in the spread will tell you what type of issues this person is facing. As a card, this minor arcana tarot card represents inner thoughts, self-doubts, and nightmares.

When you draw Eight of Swords as a person, a emotional description of a card as a person can mean you feel trapped in your head and need to escape. If you’re asking how someone feels about you, Eight of swords might indicate the person feels trapped in their head and needs more alone time. If the person is you, you can feel trapped in your reality and need to escape from it, but you don’t know how to do that.

Eight of swords tarot card sometimes mean confusing feelings. As Eight of swords is all about feeling trapped or trapped in your head, this card can mean someone feels out of touch with their gut, and their emotions. Sometimes, this card can mean the Seeker is experiencing negative emotions and unable to accept help. They feel like they are alone in the world and in need of time alone to think.

Eight of Swords as a Feeling

When it comes to feelings Eight of Swords reveals emotions tied to feeling stuck. You may feel as though you are a prisoner of your own fear and unable to move forward. You believe that if you move one more inch there will be a catastrophe, but you are feeling so trapped that you are unable to take any action.

The Eight of Swords shows feelings of confinement and restriction, and sometimes feeling as though you are under a tight rope. It can also reveal that there are beliefs or ideas that keep you feeling powerless or afraid. You may believe there are no other options than to carry on as you are.

Even though you may have wanted to try something new, you feel as though you’re already a failure, and your current position is the only position you could be in. You can find yourself constantly comparing your situation with others, believing that if someone else did it, you would be happy. This card is asking you to really think about whether you are allowing yourself to be restricted. The only way to get out of this restricted position is to stop comparing yourself to others.

What Is Eight of Swords Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

The card suggests that you are overcoming a setback especially when you’ve pulled Eight of Swords card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a Tarot reading. You are overcoming difficulties and finding a way to move past them. You are ready to face the challenges and obstacles, and you will overcome these obstacles because you are a fighter and a winner. As you overcome the problems, you may discover that you are making the appropriate changes in your life. Eight of Swords also suggests that you are giving up the guilt that you have over something in your life. You are making the right move and decision while clearing your conscience. You are ready to move on and make room for new opportunities.

The Eight of Swords encourages you to face your life’s challenges with honesty and awareness. You must consider your choices and make the best choices while considering the consequences of your actions. The card suggests that you evaluate your options, look at them from all angles, and make a responsible decision. You are taking responsibility for the actions you have taken, and you are giving up the guilt that you have over something in your life.

Eight of Swords as an Obstacle

Eight of Swords card calls you to wake up to your inner strength and ability to go forward. When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, this card tells you to face your fears, not flee from them, and to move toward progress. Just as the swords in the Eight of Swords are fixed to carry you to victory, so are you. You have the ability to overcome any obstacle and use your inner spirit for mental fortitude. You have the power within you to do anything. The only thing stopping you now is your own belief systems and negative limiting beliefs.

In the upright position, Eight of Swords tarot card indicates a situation where you feel trapped in your head. You may be stuck wondering what will happen and how to move forward. You feel unable to move past the present moment. You may feel immobilized by fear and anxiety. Even though it may appear as if you are trapped, the Eight of Swords illustrates that you can free yourself from your fear. The Eight of Swords advises you to focus inwardly and look for positive solutions as an alternative to running away from the problems you face.

Eight of Swords Card as a Future Outcome

Eight of Swords represents feeling overwhelmed by life and trapped in a mental prison. When Eight of Swords appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, the card speaks of feeling trapped in a situation, unable to move forward or see a way out. It also illustrates the feeling of mental anguish that occurs when you are unable to escape a situation.

Eight of Swords tarot card denotes feeling trapped in or by a situation and unable to move forward or see a way out. It’s time to find a way out of the predicament that you are in. This card shows up in your reading when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You are unable to move forward and can only go in reverse. Eight of Swords indicates that you might be stuck in a situation where you are making the same mistake time and again, and it is stopping you from moving on. You might be struggling with trying to change something that others around you are unwilling to change. The people in your life might be stubborn and are not helping you, or they don’t understand what it’s like to be in your situation.

Drawing Eight of Swords in the future position also suggests that even though you have made some changes in your life to avoid repeating a certain event, you are still struggling with the outcome. You could have made the effort to leave a destructive relationship behind, but you still struggle with feelings of insecurity, guilt, or shame that cause you to revisit the past or repeat the cycle. This card is a reminder that accepting responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences can be the only way to truly move on and make progress.

The Eight of Swords in the upright position shows your willingness to look beyond your current circumstances to find a way to move forward. Even though you might have been immobilized by circumstance, you feel ready to move forward and take charge. You’ve learned that you can escape the situation by avoiding it, but you understand that you can’t escape from the reality of the situation you’re in – you can only decide how you will react to it.

The Eight of Swords in the upright position shows a person in psychic pain. Their psychic pain is coming from feeling restricted or trapped in a situation that they feel they have no control over.

Eight of Swords Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

Eight of Swords card in the reading signals that the time is not ripe yet. If your question is when will something happen, the card indicates that the time is still in your hand, and you can prevent the event if you want to do so. So try to change the future events and the circumstances in your life with your efforts and energy. It’s time to stop being an obstacle in your path. It’s time to stop running away from your problems, and it’s time to face your problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as your past experiences will help you to become yourself.