Four of Cups

card meanings

You are currently living in a state of what we can call ‘daydreaming’, and as a result, you are not engaged in your current reality. You often find yourself fantasizing about different future scenarios, and what if’s that may impact you, yet you are not doing anything to manifest these dreams. You may not be living your Highest Good, yet there is something deeply fulfilling about the fantasy you have within your mind.

In a reading, the Four of Cups generally shows a person that is daydreaming about what could be, what-ifs, and all the different scenarios that impact them. Yet, you are not taking action towards these ideas, as these are just fantasies, or thoughts without you acting upon them. You often daydream about what may happen, and how you might react if such and such a situation were to occur. Yet, you are not taking action, and you are not letting these thoughts and ideas ‘marinate’. As a result, you are not living the life you were meant to live.

Characteristics of Four of Cups Upright

Positive: being able to see the world clearly, taking time to appreciate things, being able to focus and concentrate, focusing on the positive, making decisions you can be proud of, taking time to appreciate people, looking at your romantic life positively, a teacher, a mentor, learning, being enlightened, excitement, creativity, awakening, spiritual growth, new hobbies, focusing on one thing.

Negative: boredom, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, unhappiness, apathy, stagnation, lack of direction, dissatisfaction, lack of enthusiasm, negativity, feeling trapped, stifled, unable to imagine possibilities, feeling unable to progress in life, lacking imagination, feeling bored at work, being trapped in a relationship, feeling stuck in financial situation, feeling trapped in your health, being trapped in your body.

Description and Symbolism of Four of Cups

In Numerology Four of Cups card contains number 4, a number of creativity which means the presence of imagination and also a sign of balance, stability, equilibrium and harmony. 4 is also a number of focus and meditation. Astrological planet for Four of Cups is Moon, a symbol of illusion, secrets, moods, and cycles, but also imagination, emotions, and intuition. The Moon speaks of the ‘night side of things’, as well as what is hidden in the dark. The astrological element for Four of Cups is Water and astrological sign for Four of Cups is Cancer, a very emotional sign, but also a spiritual being. Cancer is the sign of psychic powers, intuitive gifts and telepathic abilities.

The young boy sitting beneath a tree on a Four of Cups card symbolizes immaturity – judging from his facial expression, he is not satisfied and his emotions are childlike and narcistic. He is turning away from the cup that is being offered from the cloud. His posture is closed, arms and legs crossed – he doesn’t allow anything to come close to him. The land in front of him symbolizes the prospects that have been offered to him, but the boy refuses to accept these. Instead, he seems to be focusing his attention on his own cups rather than focusing on what he needs to change in order to achieve his dreams. This lack of focus in his actions is a symbol of the issues that are holding him back. The Four of Cups is a card that shows how the human mind keeps searching for something even if it has found it. It is also a symbol of how life should be lived and a depiction of how to be in the present moment. The Four of Cups is a card that illustrates a very personal level of contentment. It is a card that illustrates how much joy there is in being connected to and focused on what is important to us.

The Tree on the Four of Cups card keeps the young boy safe and offers him support and shelter from the troubles of the world. A tree can also symbolize growth and stability. The boy on the Four of Cups is safe and materially well positioned. Because he is still young, the boy is not yet seeking truth. He is daydreaming about the good life, but he is not interested in doing anything about it. The Four of Cups is a card of boredom, of feeling uninspired. The young man is sitting beneath a tree, but instead of being peaceful, he is bored. The Four of Cups shows that the boy is lost in his own thoughts and misses out on opportunities.

General Meaning of Four of Cups

Four of Cups card indicates a situation where you are in mental slumber due to lack of interest in things going on in your life. You may feel the need to withdraw because you are dissatisfied with your current life situation and are unable to muster up any excitement about things around you. This card is a sign of your dissatisfaction with the status quo and your need to make some adjustments. It is the need to change that brings out the desire to look for better options.

A Four of cups indicates that there is a lack of fulfilment in one’s life. You are not enjoying what you are doing and if you are asked to do something, your heart stops beating. Four of cups in a tarot card reading denotes a period of boredom and unhappiness. If this is you, it is time to wake up and get actively involved in things that you have been holding back from. This card from the Suit of Cups also indicates that you are dissatisfied with your present situation. If you are not happy and are looking for a way out of what is troubling you, a way out is on the cards.

When you pull Four of Cups card in a general Tarot reading, it is a sign that you are feeling uninspired, disconnected, and unengaged. Let’s see how to heal this situation with this Minor Arcana card.

To pull the Four of Cups is to feel the energy that you have inside of yourself to reach success or create something new. This feeling is strong, and you have the potential to achieve your dreams and desires, but you don’t seem as connected to your potential as you should be. Your mind is somewhere else, and you don’t have the passion to want to move forward to success. Four of Cups suggests that you are becoming bored with the world. You can become cynical at this moment, and you start to believe that you do not have what it takes to be successful. The Four of Cups wants you to find the motivation that you have lost in your life and remind yourself of the many advantages of being successful. You must find what is most important to you because you cannot continue to make your dreams your goals.

When Four of Cups card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, it means that you have reached a point in life where you have the ability to become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. You are aware of your true potential and desire to achieve your highest ideal. You are now in a place of enthusiasm, compassion, and motivation for the future. You feel gratitude and contentment with what you have achieved to date. You are not dissatisfied with your past experiences, but you can be excited about your future.

The Four of Cups upright indicates a strong spiritual awakening, similar to enlightenment, a rebirth, or a new spiritual awakening. During this rebirth, you now have a strong interest in meditation and are taking time to focus on your inner being. You feel that you may have found yourself by accident and it might be time for you to be intentional about the path that you are heading down. The Four of Cups suggests that you have grown to appreciate yourself and your abilities much more. You are taking the time to figure out who you are and what you want.

On the other hand, the Four of Cups card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position calls you to wake up from boredom or frustration. You can feel as though you are waiting for something to happen and that nothing is moving forward. The Four of Cups reminds you that you are in complete control of your emotions and your reactions to what is going on. You simply need to change your perspective. Four of cups may also simply signify having too many distractions, or too many options to choose from, thus making it impossible to make a decision.

There are many ways to interpret the Four of Cups tarot card meaning. Four of cups as a person is someone who is bored with their life. They have given up all hope for a better life, and in turn they are waiting for something to happen, hoping for a miracle. Four of cups as a person denotes someone who is on permanent holiday and wants to return home from holidays at any cost. Four of cups as a person can denote a gambler or someone with a tendency to overspend money on poor quality items.

In short, Four of cups as a person denotes someone who is bored with their life.

Four of Cups in the Context of Love and Relationships

If you’ve pulled Four of Cups after consulting your deck about love and feelings, you aren’t experiencing romance right now. There is a sense of dissatisfaction when it comes to love and intimacy. You may need to look back at what you are appreciating at home; whether it’s your friends, family, or relationship. Because the card is a Major Arcana card, you can be lacking in your work life and unable to focus on what you need to be doing. If this is the case, you must take a step back and enjoy the small blessings you have as you take the time to focus on what is most important.

Four of Cups in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Four of Cups in reading about your career or business, you may be feeling a little blue. What do you desire in your work? Are you focusing on the wrong things? There are always more opportunities that we could be taking advantage of, that is for sure. But it can be tricky to see the path forward when you’re fixated on the past. What are you thinking about? What are you focusing on? Are there ways that you can be putting more joy and passion into your work? Spend some time thinking about these things, and let new possibilities come to your mind. Keep your eyes open.

Four of Cups in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Four of Cups in reading about your finances, you may be feeling dissatisfied with your current situation. Instead of focusing on what you lack, try to remember what you do have. Take time to think about what is important to you. It could be that your financial situation is stable or that you are fortunate enough to have the things that you want and need in your life right now.

Four of Cups in the Context of Health

In a health Tarot reading Four of Cups card signals that your body is lacking in balance which can lead to diseases. It usually brings up issues with the urinary tract, sinuses, headaches, back problems, and issues with eating. If you are having health problems, now is the time to think about making the necessary changes to your lifestyle that will boost your general wellbeing. Do you drink alcohol? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you getting enough sleep? Is there a toxic person in your life that is making your health issues worse? It is time to take action.

Four of Cups Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

Those who have questions in a spirituality and self-development reading, Four of Cups Tarot card indicates the Seeker is not very active spiritually at the moment and thus not making the most of his/her spiritual connection, which will affect the development of the Seeker. The Four of Cups represents a disconnect, thus there is a need to reconnect to the Divine. The seeker is not very motivated, and they are not feeling happy. The seeker is feeling alone. The seeker needs to find something to feel alive, and this often stems from a lack of trust. The seeker has an ego that needs to be grounded on a higher level. Four of Cups tarot card often shows up when the seeker is not listening to their inner voice.

Four of Cups tarot card represents someone who feels unworthy, inadequate, and emotionally unstable. They are in a constant state of insecurity and they need to feel special. The seeker has a hard time being vulnerable and open. Four of cups tarot card is a very powerful card that shows up when the seeker needs to grow up and become more responsible.

Is Four of Cups Yes or No Card?

In a yes or no reading, Four of Cups card indicates a no answer to your question. This is due to the card being linked to feeling overwhelmed and needing to take a step back. You must realize that change needs to take place before moving forward.

Those who have yes or no questions in a reading, Four of Cups Tarot card indicates there are not many surprises in store. Because it is a card that focuses on feeling, not actions, it is not an action card but it is nonetheless a rather important one. It denotes feeling as well as contemplating the feelings you have toward a given situation. The Four of Cups is a tarot card that represents a strong sense of dissatisfaction – you have probably experienced an event that has created a certain sense of sadness or discontent. The Four of Cups calls attention to this feeling that you have.

The Four of Cups encourages you to look at your own thoughts and feelings about the situation that is creating the feeling you refer to as discontent. What is your true reason (or reasons) for feeling this way? Once you have a clear understanding of your situation, it is time to find a solution that satisfies you.

Four of Cups as a Person

When drawing Four of Cups as a person, a card describes a person who is dissatisfied with the status quo. Four of Cups people are too focused on what is not available for them, when they should be looking for possibilities in other places. Four of cups people often have issues with self-esteem, and they can be overly concerned with what others think of them, and in what others believe about them. They can believe that their world is falling apart, no matter what they do. This card is often associated with people who are constantly unhappy. They believe they have no chance of achieving real success and love, but everything that they do is a repeat of their failed past.

This card can also be about a person who is bored with their daily life, and they are struggling to find anything to really think about. They are so engrossed by the worries in their life that they have chosen to ignore the positive aspects of their existence, and the things they did have to enjoy. The Four of Cups also denotes a lack of gratitude and a general sense of dissatisfaction when looking at the gifts of life.

If you’ve pulled Four of Cups card, a card describes a person who is distracted, who doesn’t appreciate the things on which he depends. Four of Cups shows dissatisfaction in any context that you draw it. The reason behind this dissatisfaction is the feeling of guilt, which derives from having a scarcity of one kind of resource.

A Four of Cups person can be someone who has few friends and feels isolated and alone. Four of Cups describes someone who tends to focus on the negative and ignore the positive, even at the expense of their own happiness and well-being. Four of Cups reminds us that we should look for the joy in every day life. Four of Cups is the card for people who are unable to go forward, who are apathetic, and who are depressed.

Four of Cups as a Feeling

When you draw Four of Cups as a feeling, a card reveals your inner feelings. You are not focused on anything at this moment because of having many distractions in your environment. But this feeling will vanish when you will start doing things which you have always been dying to do. This card also gives you a sign that your imagination is running wild. You can get a chance only if you are ready to accept it. You will be able to do things after clearing your head from thoughts. You can start doing fun activities for yourself. The card also alerts you not to get envious of the things and the people of other’s lives. Let your inner soul keep on dancing.

What Is Four of Cups Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

If you’ve pulled Four of Cups card in a positive, strength, or advantage position in a Tarot reading, you have what it takes to get what you want. You are confident and powerful. Now is the time to stop wishing for the unattainable, and to focus on the things already in hand. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of a specific choice. Try to keep your emotions distant, as Four of Cups is about focusing on what you are, not what you wish for. Four of cups tarot card is more of a No than a Yes. Four of cups signifies that you need to become more in touch with yourself if you want to get rid of the ‘hat’ syndrome, i.e., being so focused on how others see you that you fail to see what the rest of the world sees. Try to create a ‘mirror image’ of yourself. Try to surround yourself with things you love: flowers, music, etc. Listen to yourself.

Four of cups tarot card is a strong No in a yes/no question.

Four of cups is someone who is highly creative.

Four of Cups as an Obstacle

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Four of Cups card calls you to stop wasting energy on negative emotions and focus on what can be of benefit for you. Take an honest self-assessment and decide if what you are doing is still serving you. Consider going through a spiritual cleansing or other type of personal transformation. Doing so will allow your energy to focus on the things that will bring you a higher vibration.

In a balanced reading, Four of Cups represents the need to focus on the negative things that make us unhappy. However, this is not a call to throw away your life and instead begin to focus on what genuinely makes you happy. Take the time to assess how you can improve on certain areas of your life. Do what is necessary to change your situation. But, understand that you should not let things get to you. This Minor Arcana card in the deck of tarot is here to remind you of the true meaning of life: to be fulfilled, happy, and content.

Four of Cups Card as a Future Outcome

Four of Cups card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you about your life that you are having a feeling of boredom and lack of energy. You might feel disinterested in things that are happening in your life. In some situations, Four of cups shows up when someone is doubting themselves and they feel unhappy about their life and they feel like they are not living in the moment. This card comes up when someone is waiting for something and when someone is dissatisfied with something they want to be happy about. You might want to be happy about something but you are not being satisfied and you are waiting for an answer.

You feel there are many things that you lack, but you can find yourself dissatisfied with almost everything. If you feel like this, you must take action to change your current situation. Four of cups upright in your tarot card reading signifies your feeling of wanting to have a better life. This is just an indication of your dissatisfaction but not the way to improve and make your situation better. You must look for the reason or the cause of your frustration. The frustration with your life is the reason behind your unhappiness.

Drawing Four of Cups in the future position also suggests that you need to learn how to love yourself before you can truly appreciate and accept the love of others. If you don’t like yourself, how would you go about getting a partner, friend, or family member to love you? Now is the time to take inventory of your relationship with yourself. In order to love others – even yourself – you need to be able to accept and love yourself. The Four of Cups in the upright position tell you to keep on searching for that which you are looking for. Though you will not find it until you discover it, you will surely be able to find out what you need. You can try asking why you feel so down in the present and search for solutions to fix it.

The Four of Cups tarot card denotes that you have an abundance of things but you have lost the joy of appreciation and the appreciation of life. When Four of Cups show up in your tarot card reading, the situation is that of your own doing. You are choosing a certain path and limiting yourself to an unworthy situation.

Four of Cups Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking Tarot when will a specific happening occur, Four of Cups exposes it would be advised to just wait it out since it would take a while before that particular event occurs. Four of Cups also denotes the tendency to daydream, be unproductive, and have an absent or distracted mind. If Four of Cups tarot cards shows up in your reading, take this to mean that you must get away from everything and just enjoy life. You don’t have to worry if you’re not in the position you desire. Relax! You’re not responsible for anybody else’s happiness but your own. Go on a retreat and enjoy yourself.

Four of Cups suggests that you have a tendency to ignore or overlook the opportunities that are available to you on account of being so wrapped up in your head that you fail to see the real world. Instead, daydream, have a tendency to daydream, and neglect the present to the point that it is impacting your real life. This could take the form of an excessive interest in certain material possessions, money, or fads, to the point where they dominate your life.

Drawing Four of Cups when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that you are in a stagnant period right now. You must bring energy into your life and change your vision so that you can start feeling like things are moving forward. With that aim, you must start looking forward towards the future rather than dwell on the past. The Four of Cups reveal that you have become obsessed with what happened in the past and have lost your vision of what you are supposed to be doing now. Try and focus on all the good things you have going on now to motivate you and think positively, and you’ll be on the right track. The time has come to stop the drama in your life and look at the positive things that you have. You must appreciate what you have before you lose it again.