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The Judgement Tarot Card is for evaluation. You may be called on to give a judgment on a particular circumstance, situation or person. When this Major Arcana card appears upright in a tarot reading, it is time to evaluate your current path and decide if you are on the right course. You may need to make a choice and a commitment.

In the Judgement card, you are asked to reflect on your life and make a judgement about it. It can be a difficult task since you will be reflecting back on a lot of different events throughout your life, from childhood to the present times.

Your thoughts about these experiences are essential because they can affect your future. You face the truth about yourself as you consider everything you have achieved or failed to achieve in your life. Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your actions will affect your future. You make decisions based on your past and therefore you must consider all the consequences that come along with it.

Furthermore, on a general basis, the Judgement card may be about the balance between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind must be in balance.

Characteristics of Judgement Upright

Upright Keywords Positive: maturity, transformation, recognition, healing, lessons learned, fulfilment, growth, renewal, acceptance, approval, forgiveness, finding purpose, revelation, truth, making the best out of a situation, being strong and standing up for what one believes, taking responsibility for one’s actions, being at the right place, believing one’s intuition, being courageous.

Upright Keywords Negative: arrogance, snobbery, materialistic, hypocrisy, bad Karma, not putting your true feelings out there, not valuing the relationship, lack of inner strength.

Description and Symbolism of Judgement

In Numerology Judgement card contains number 20, a number of duality and balance, and also the number of infinity and eternity. This number has huge potential when dealing with relationships or diplomacy, as well as completing projects.

Astrological planet for Judgement is Pluto, a symbol of destiny, transformation, and destruction. Pluto is the ruler of the Underworld, death, and the occult, and of Karma – the Laws of cause and effect. Water is the astrological element for Judgement and astrological sign is Scorpio. Scorpio asks us to face and overcome our inner shadow, what keeps us from being fully present in this moment.

On Judgement card we see the archangel Gabriel blowing his trumpet. He is a representative of authority and the Messenger of God. With his trumpet he is heralding the arrival of Judgement, which means that the messengers from God’s court are coming to us. The trumpet as well represents the call to action. An angel’s wings are spread above his head, showing that angel help and support us on the judging phase.

All people, naked women, men, and children rise from their graves because they have to respond to the call of the archangel, no one can escape it, which symbolizes the universal importance of the judgement. We are judged when we are alive, and we are judged when we die. The Judgement card tells us that we are being judged when we are alive, and the universe is watching us to pass judgement on us. The Archangel is the most important person in the card, because he is the angel who is responsible for determining the purity of the heart.

The mountains in the background are covered with snow indicating that judgement is unavoidable. The Judgement card represents the awakening of the self. The Judgement card shows a vision of the future and not the present. The Judgement card shows the passing away of the dead, and the rising of the living. The soul is judged and rewarded or punished, depending on the things that were done before. The judgement card is about self-improvement and facing failures in the past. Judgement calls on us to face our failures and come out on better terms. You can change, but you have to accept the changed self.

General Meaning of Judgement

Judgement card indicates the time to draw out all of your negative energy. It is time to be exposed to the world and to take all of your mistakes and thoughts and process them through your mind. This will give you enlightenment and clarity. Judgement card indicates the time to go to confession and reflect on your bad deeds and mistakes. This will help you to better yourself for the future. Judgement card shows your soul searching. It is the moment to understand the value and worth of your life. It is the time to connect with your soul and higher self. It is time to have a good look at yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you learned throughout your life. Judgement card indicates that everyone has to face their failures and shortcomings. You have to face things yourself to know the truth and connect with your soul. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a good thing when you take the time to understand your inner soul to reflect on your life. You can also evaluate your actions and know that you have learned a lot from your experiences.

In a general Tarot reading Judgement card describes the overall journey through life. Judgement card has to do with making significant decisions and its overall meaning is to learn from the past and look ahead to the future. Judgement card has to do with judgment and Karma, or the Law of Cause and effect; one’s actions have consequences. Judgement card speaks of an ending and a beginning. The way forward is chosen with a conscious soul. There is a release of past emotions such as guilt, shame, and remorse and finally acceptance of where you are from. Judgement card signals the end point of a process and the beginning of a new one. Judgement card signifies getting back on the road, starting over, and accepting responsibility. It is a call to start over again and create the future you desire. Judgement card is about facing challenges and making decisions about yourself and your actions regarding the issues you are facing. Judgement card says you need to make a choice. This card calls for an event and a significant decision for your future.

Judgement card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position tells you that it’s time to go after your goals and manifest the reality you desire. The time is now to take action. The Judgement card asks you to be aware of how you are feeling and what you are thinking about your present circumstances. You need to be conscious and in tune with your inner guidance system, so you can determine what will serve you to move forward in your life. The Judgement card suggests that you are being called to a spiritual awakening. It is essential that you open up to this call and accept it so that you can proceed to the next level so that you can learn and become more enlightened.

The Judgement card stands for enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and the divine within you. In a reading, it can indicate that a personal assessment of yourself is required and that you are in need of a spiritual awakening. If you’ve made a decision, you’ll reach a new stage in your life.

As a person, Judgement shows how well you are taking responsibility for your life and your actions.

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Judgement card calls you to be still and listen to your inner voice. The voice that speaks through the guidance cards is the voice of Spirit. Spirit’s message is that you are being guided to find a higher state of consciousness, and you are being called to a bigger picture. Your heart knows what is best for you. When Judgement is upright in a reading, it signifies that a higher consciousness has become aware of your soul path. It is time to pay attention to the call of your spirit to the Divine, to your soul group, or your higher purpose.

This is an invitation to be present while remaining in the Divine flow. Judgement denotes being called upon to make a big decision. What can you do to create the situation you desire? You need to hear the angels or a higher being and allow them to guide you in all that you do. They will send you signs and symbols in the form of numbers, or animals, or even the person themselves. Judgement is a card that strongly suggests action.

Judgement in the Context of Love and Relationships

In love and relationships Tarot reading Judgement card is all about choices made. If Judgement is pulled in a love reading, then it means that you need to make some decisions related to your love life. These decisions will change your love life and make a stronger place for your relationship. It is time to make your relationship firm and strong. You need to work on your relationship with honesty and transparency.

Love feelings through Judgement card in love Tarot reading are described as being powerful and magnetic. Positive energy needs to be harnessed for love and romance to flourish. You may find yourself being drawn in different directions at work as a result of the passionate feelings. However, it is not something to do, rather to let those feelings happen naturally. If you’re single, Judgement tarot love meaning suggests that your soulmate might be around, but you are being forced to wait for them because you are too busy working on your life plans.

This tarot card represents your subconscious awareness, or perhaps the next chapter in your life if you are already committed, thus making it a good omen. If you are already committed and feel as if you are on the verge of a promotion or career change that should be going to you, Judgement means that it is about to happen. Judgement tarot love meaning indicates that your love life is good and that you will find love. If you feel you are not worthy of it, you are wrong. Be patient; you are being guided to the right one.

If you have issues about love and relationship, Judgement Tarot card might indicate that you want to know about your partner and whether you like each other or not, and this card shows you both are the right fit for each other. You are about to face a lot of negativity surrounding the relationship, but you will have the ability to move forward with your relationship, and then you will be able to deal with the negativity.

Judgement in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Judgement after asking your deck about career and career changes, new job opportunities might be on the horizon. Are you wanting a new position or a promotion? Either way, this is your time to go out and get it. The only thing holding you back is you. You hold all the cards. Don’t be afraid to go for all the money and benefits you desire. This tarot card is a very good omen for a new contract or a business venture as well.

When Judgement appears in a tarot reading for your career, it means that you need to examine your past decisions and take responsibility for the possible outcomes that could have occurred with your actions. If you have done something with the intention of hurting someone or damaging others, you are required to own up and express your remorse. On the other hand, if you’ve made mistakes, you are being called out to take accountability for them, and your mistakes can be used to better yourself. Either way, the results will be the same.

In a career reading Judgement card is all about stepping up to a higher calling. Whether it’s a new job or a promotion, you will be pushed to excel in your career. If you are thinking of starting your own business, the Judgement card is the card to start with. There is a great sense of optimism about the new opportunity that you have before you. Are you prepared to take the leap? The decisions that you make will have a huge impact on the direction of your future. If you do this without a clear vision, then you might be setting yourself up for failure. Make sure that you have a clear plan of what you want to achieve. It is best to make a long-term plan rather than a short-term one.

Judgement in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Judgement after asking your deck about finances, beware of someone trying to scam you. The person who has bad character can also be taking advantage of you financially. Protect yourself and keep a close eye on those around you.

In a finance Tarot reading Judgement card signals the right time to take a close look at your finances, even if you’re not facing financial trouble. Make a list of all your income and expenses, as well as your expenditures and savings. With this info, you’ll figure out whether your financial situation is satisfactory or if you ought to make any changes. Make sure you are taking full advantage of the opportunities available to you in terms of prosperity.

If you are unemployed, you may be recouping lost financial resources in the financial Judgement card. If you own a business, it may be a good time to reevaluate the way you are running it. If you’ve been delaying buying something crucial, now is not the time to put it off. You might get this card when you are making significant purchases or when you are being appraised. Be a good consumer and do your homework!

Judgement in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled Judgement in reading about your health, it means that the time has come to change your approach to your lifestyle. It can often be a surprise to realize that you need to start making changes in your health or nutrition. Your judgment may be clouded, making it hard to spot these warning signs. It is important to know what you are capable of because neglecting exercise, mental health or diet can cause more damage than you already think. You may need to make some tough choices and sacrifice some areas of your life in order to get yourself moving in the right direction.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, Judgement card in a reading exposes that you should focus on spiritual healing and inner guidance and than physical cures and therapies. Ailments such as headaches, sinus problems, and infections will be solved soon.

Judgement Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development Tarot reading Judgement calls you to take responsibility for the choices that you’ve made and to come to a place of self acceptance. You’ve faced the difficult questions that many of us avoid – the big What-Ifs that change our lives forever. And now you are paying for them. Where do you go from here? What do you do to get your balance back? You’ve been faced with the stark reality of your actions, and you are now ready to move forward into the world knowing the burden of your mistakes.

Judgement is the card of reckoning. You are standing at a crossroads. You have made many choices based on thoughts and feelings that were not based on your Highest Good. Now, you must evaluate the consequences of your actions. You are faced with a choice of what you will and will not tolerate in your life. What will you loose? And what will you gain? These questions are asked to help you make your decision. The answer is up to you.

In Judgement, we are called to stand in our true power and strength.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled Judgement, the answer is yes. In fact, a call to arms is what is meant to be with this card. Are you feeling disconnected from something? Are you feeling that there’s something missing? This card suggests that it’s time for you to reclaim your life and find a way to contribute to the world. Are there ways you could improve? Are there parts of yourself that you could change? Are you ready to rediscover?

If you’ve pulled this Major Arcana card in your reading, you may be called to take action (or think about taking action) to advance your overall destiny. You may need to make a tough moral choice, like to stand by someone you love, or to let go of a relationship or friendship that no longer serves you. You may need to stand up to ‘the man’ or the woman in the mirror, calling them out on their shortcomings. Or you may step forward to let others know of their deeds, so justice can be served. A loud and clear call for help is what you’re being given.

Is Judgement Yes or No Card?

Those who have yes or no questions in a reading, Judgement Tarot card indicates an answer of yes. In a yes or no reading, Judgement indicates the answers you seek will be positive. If you are wanting a specific thing to happen, Judgement predicts it will, even though the thing you desire won’t happen overnight. Judgement is all about learning something new and growing from past experiences. It can take the shape of growing more spiritually aware, developing spiritual practices, or understanding the meaning of life.

Judgement as a Person

If you’ve pulled Judgement as a person, a card describes a person who is connected to you or about to enter your life. Judgement tarot card denotes a judge and jury, legal team, and sometimes police/law enforcement team. Judgement speaks of legal matters and truthiness. Legal team. Sometimes a police officer.

Judgement tarot card as feelings speaks of a deeper understanding about oneself. Judgement is the tarot card for enlightenment. Judgement speaks of wisdom and learning the truth about oneself and life. Judgement speaks of feeling more connected to spirit.

Judgement tarot card as personality types denotes someone who sees life from the wider perspective – someone who is spiritual, but not religious. They are in touch with their subconscious and unconscious mind. This is someone who is very aware of their thoughts and how their thoughts have created their reality.

Judgement tarot card meanings denote coming to a higher understanding. You now have a deeper understanding about yourself and life.

Those who have questions about a physical characteristics of a person, Judgement Tarot card indicates the person’s psychic abilities. Judgement depicts someone who is insightful and uses their psychic powers to see both the good and the bad, to help themselves and others. It is someone who has the power to choose and take responsibility for their actions. This is someone who has so many life experiences that they are often seen to have gone beyond time to give advice.

Judgement tarot card signifies you are in tune with your soul and your higher guidance. You are aware of your mission and the purpose of your life and you have a strong awareness of what is going on in the world at large. The way you see the world is very much influenced by the people and things around you. This is someone who has an extremely deep connection with their inner soul. They know who they are and they live their lives in their true authentic self. The more you live your life from your true authentic self, the better you feel.

Judgement tarot card meanings denote that you are at a crossroads.

When drawing Judgement card, emotional description of a card as a person is impossible for a Tarot reader to understand; as a person is an individual. But Judgement is a card of evaluation that asks one to look back and consider one’s actions and beliefs.

Judgement in the Major Arcana represents a person’s ability to make sound decisions. In a reading, judgement may mean to look at a particular issue in your life and evaluate its relevance. You’ll be forced to make a conscious decision about what will serve your higher self, or purpose. If this Major Arcana card does not appear in your reading, you may be forced to make this decision on your own. The Judgement card may also point to what you have already decided. You have already made a choice and are now facing the consequence of your decision. You are expected to face the choices that you made, to acknowledge the outcomes, and make the necessary adjustments so that you can move forward in life. In most cases, you cannot change the past, so you must accept it and move on.

Judgement as a Feeling

When you draw Judgement as a feeling, a card reveals your subconscious beliefs and judgments about a situation or yourself. These beliefs have the power to direct and limit your future actions. They can also affect your behaviour in the present.

Judgement is a card of awakening. It signals an awakening to truth and your true path, and how you are connected to the cosmic energy. As you open your third eye and tune in to the voice within, you gain access to a higher level of consciousness. Through this awareness and understanding, you can step into the present moment, and know exactly what you need to do to move forwards. You gain access to self-healing tools and the abilities that you already have to achieve this. With Judgement, you will be called upon to put your abilities into practice. The situation needs a quick and direct decision, for you to act accordingly.

Because you are a creator of your reality, you are in charge of the outcome. You will act as you have planned; it is up to you to decide whether to act now, or let this opportunity pass your by.

In card as a feeling reading Judgement card indicates that people around you will be judging you. This judgement will be according to your actions and the kind of life you are leading. You are always under a kind of judgment and are ready to get judged anytime. You will have to live up to the people’s expectations whether you are aware of it or not. This card also shows that you are on the right path in your life. You have done the things that you were supposed to do and have been doing the right thing. With all these positive energies surrounding you, go ahead and move forward. You will have to face the judgments of people once the time comes. This card indicates that you may have to give up your vices like gambling or other addictions for the betterment of your life.

What Is Judgement Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When you’ve pulled Judgement card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a Tarot reading, it is a testament to all the life lessons you have learned, fought through and attained so far. You are well-prepared to take on the world, both practically and emotionally. Your confidence is unparalleled as you bask in your successes.

Judgement card is about facing your fears and making yourself accountable for your actions, so there are consequences if you fail. It’s also the card for the ‘bigger questions’, which can also be viewed as guilt. Judgement is a card about the ‘bigger picture’.

When Judgement card appears in a positive position that describes advatage or strength in a Tarot reading, you have overcome a difficult time and have gone through a time of recovery or self-realization. You have achieved a great sense of awareness and understanding of yourself. This self realization comes after the time of searching for truth and knowledge. You have now found the answer you were looking for, and you have discovered a way to live a meaningful lifestyle. In the next steps of life, you will find a way that will make you feel better mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally and improve your life. This will be a significant and significant moment in your life.

The Judgement card is associated with consciousness. This Major Arcana card in the Tarot deck is often associated with rebirth. When Judgement shows up, it represents your rebirth of a new soul. It also represents the awareness of the choices made that will affect your future. You may be contemplating your next movement or step in your life. Judgement card is the card before the end of life cycle to start a new cycle, full of experiences.

Judgement as an Obstacle

If you’ve pulled Judgement card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position in a reading, it’s time to dig deep within. As the final step, this card often stands for a personal awakening. At this moment, something in your core knows you must make a change. Are you feeling disconnected from your authentic self? Are you trying to please others who no longer matter? Make a decision that you will not let go of, even if it means sacrificing your current lifestyle. Now is the time to push forward. If more cards around Judgement have pulled in your reading, you may be dealing with issues that lead to your awakening.

The Judgement card usually appears when the native is ready to undergo a personal awakening. He is ready to go back to the path he originally walked. If you’re going through a personal change, this card might have appeared as a sign that you need to set yourself free from what binds you by revisiting your past. If you have ever wondered why you’re here, start questioning yourself more now. Are you being led? If so, follow that call.

When it comes to challenges, Judgement can represent either an end or a new beginning. In the end phase, events are coming to an end, leaving a clean slate. In the new beginning period, events have ended, but a new cycle is starting, one that is more aligned with your personal goals.

The Judgement card suggests that you are being called to make a choice, and you are not sure whether you should go left or right, or forward or backward. This leads you to doubt your own strength and abilities, which prevents you from making the decision that you really ought to make.

Judgement also represents the final judgement and the opportunity to have your guilt cleared.

Judgement card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position tells you that time is up. You have been called to act and take responsibility for your actions before the Universe. Others might criticize or hurt you based on the actions that you have or will take. You cannot live the lie and pretend everything is okay. You need to make the right decision and take accountability to make things right. Judgement card also tells you that you cannot run away from your responsibility. Take responsibilities rather than run away from them.

Judgement Card as a Future Outcome

When Judgement appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it indicates that it is time to take responsibility for your actions, stand up for what you know is right, and make the changes you need to make in your life. This card urges you to decide whether you’d like to remain in the dark and play safe, or to take action and pave your own path, even if it is not conventional. It’s time to embrace your personal truth and live by your personal rules.

Judgement calls you to reflect on your actions, and judge yourself. You may have done several wrong things in your life and you need to take an introspective look at your actions and the results they produced. But this time will be only to learn from your mistakes. It will not be an opportunity to regret because taking responsibility for your mistakes is a sign of a learning process. And to progress further in your life path, you need to understand the lessons from the mistakes that you have done in the past.

When Judgement appear in a future outcome position, you are being called to embrace your full potential without fear. You have come a long way and have much to give. You’ve learned and grown from your experiences from the past, and now you know who you are. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you have to offer.

As the Judgement card comes in the upright position, it is a strong indication that you need to draw attention to yourself. You have realized your own worth and are ready to be embraced as such. You are feeling confident and ready to show the world the positive side of you. You have all the qualities that the world is looking for and would be very successful in their respective business or profession. The Judgement card indicates that you are ready to get out of your shell and embrace yourself. You are strong and true to yourself and know that you deserve the success at your hand.

You will be able to achieve many things because you have reached a stage in your life where you understand how to harness your energy, use it wisely, and keep everything in check.

When pulled in a future outcome Tarot spread position, Judgement card calls you to look within and find the answer you seek. It may serve as a reminder to let go of the past and look to the future rather than fixating on the past. The Judgement card may be advising you to set aside your ego and be willing to take responsibility for your involvement in any mistakes you made in the past. It’s a chance to start fresh and let go of negative thoughts. Now is the time to forgive yourself and move on.

The Judgement card, in its general form, conveys a sense of accountability. You are given a chance now to reflect on some of your actions and determine whether you would make the same choice again knowing what you already know. You can also realize that now is the time to let go of the past and look to the future rather than fixating on the past. The Judgement card is a sign that you should consider the implications of your actions.

Judgement Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

When in a Tarot reading Judgement card describes a time frame, the card reveals the events that you are going through and advises you about everything. It is an indication that you are finally about to see all the good and bad things that you have done in your past life. That you are now taking responsibility for your actions and understanding that the time has come to let go of the things and habits that are harmful to you now. The card is a sign of warning for you and tells you that if you don’t move on your ways, you would be dragged into difficult and painful past again. You need to decide in this life whether you are ready to be let go of this old life and take a new journey.

The Judgement card in this position tells us that an event is coming close to you and the time has come for you to evaluate yourself and your past. The events that the card predicts will soon happen to you. This won’t be shocking for you, but you need to be ready to face the consequences of your actions.

Judgement tarot card also indicates that someone is judging you and judging against you, and it usually happens when you are trying to hide truth or hide the truth from others.

Characteristics of Judgement Reversed

Reversed keywords positive: self-improvement, progress, learning from past mistakes, regrets, learning lessons, forgiving, guilt, fears, self-flagellation.

Reversed keywords negative: bad luck, failure, negativity, criticism, recriminations, poor judgments, poor leadership, lack of self-awareness, misuse of free time, financial stress, not saving for future, unstable finances

General Meaning of Judgement Reversed

Judgement reversed is a card of the awakening to come. You are beginning to see the truth of your karma (what you put out), and the effects of your activities and thoughts. Your conscious and unconscious impulses and energies, and their consequences, are coming out into the open. It is important to notice these consequences.

Judgement Reversed indicates a time when you are awakening, perhaps to the power of your Higher Self, the power that is within you. You are discerning the truth of your situation and your relationship to your Higher Self. Through this process you get a new view of yourself and how you fit into the world.

Judgement Reversed speaks of being ready for a new chapter in life. It can mean the beginning of a fresh life story. It is time to let go of the old story and release all illusions in order to open to the new story.

In relationships and business, Judgement Reversed can mean a time when you are more open to new opportunities. You are letting go of your boundaries and opening to new ways of expressing yourself.

In a general Tarot reading Judgement reversed card is all about self-doubt. You feel as if you don’t have what it takes to make it in this world and are constantly doubting your own capabilities. When you do reach a goal you were once so confident about, you often feel a little down in the dumps about your previous confidence levels and you wonder why you ever thought you could do that in the first place.

Judgement reversed indicates that you are feeling a little inadequate. You may lack the support you need to reach success. When a reversed Judgement is turned over, it shows that you want to grow and improve but are uncertain about how to achieve that. You may lack the motivation to start and are unsure how to get the ball rolling. Because you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, you are finding it hard to progress. You have lost touch with your calling and what you came here to do and are now lost and confused.

Judgement tarot card reversed indicates that someone is being held accountable for the actions of another.

If you’ve pulled Judgement reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage position in a general Tarot reading, you might be feeling afraid of being called “stuck-in-your-ways.” You can be so fixated on believing that what you already know “is right” that you fail to recognize that new, creative, and innovative opportunities are right at your doorstep if you open your mind to them. Reversed Judgement denotes that you have been so devoted to being right and good that you have repressed your innate inner wisdom. It could be that you don’t trust that you can make the right decision. Because you are so focused on the negative aspects of a situation, you do not give yourself the opportunity to be inspired or enlightened.

If the Judgement tarot card comes up in reverse, you may be feeling that you have given too much of yourself to others and that you are in a rut. You may feel that people treat you as though you are doing something for them. Even if the initial excitement is still there, it soon sours and people get tired of putting up with your bad attitudes.

Judgement reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position tells you that you should have taken action on your inner promptings in the past and prevented certain problems in your life. You can neglect it, you can be too scared, or you can try to hide it away hoping it will go away. However, this merely delays the inevitable and has terrible consequences. So take care of your own well-being and be strong in your decisions and actions, because only that way you can gain something from it.

The Judgement might be reversed when a significant spiritual task is at hand, but it indicates that you are missing the opportunity to carry it out. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the task. You may also have lost the motivation to carry it out after experiencing failure again. Or you may be too busy with the details of the project to see the bigger picture. To complete your project, you may need to learn how to get back in touch with your higher powers. This will allow you to reconnect with your true spirit, draw inner power, and make your project a success.

Judgement Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

In a love and relationships Tarot reading Judgement reversed card describes a time of feeling isolated. The reversed Judgement card can also suggest a breakup, or a loss of faith in a relationship. Reversed, this card can also denote a decline in intimacy due to lack of communication. It can even mean a complete absence of intimacy in a relationship, and in that case, it can indicate that the relationship is on the verge of collapsing. In a relationship, Judgement reversed can be a metaphor for the need for both partners to be emotionally honest and aware of their behaviour in order for the relationship to continue. The relationship may be coming to a crashing point because one party is dishonest and has kept their partner in the dark.

Judgement reversed is someone who seems to be obsessed with the idea of being right, and as a result, they have a hard time letting go of grudges. They often hold grudges rather than forgive and forget. Judgement tarot card sometimes denotes a person who has suffered some great trauma in their past such as loss, abuse, etc. and they carry this trauma into their relationships.

In a love and relationships Tarot reading, Judgement reversed through the context of feelings is all about unhealthy bonds. The reversed Judgement card can suggest that the relationship is abusive or dominating. If this is not the case, it may be that there is a need to examine one’s own behaviour in order to determine whether there is a way forward. Even if one feels that they cannot end the relationship, self-reflection can go a long way in the hopes that a positive change can be made.

If you have problems about love and relationship, Judgement reversed Tarot card indicates that you cannot rely on your judgment. At this point, you need assistance from others to understand your love life. It is the right time to consult a counsellor to analyze your love life properly. You are confused regarding the things that are acceptable and not to do.

Judgement Reversed in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Judgement reversed after asking your deck about career and profession, then you are surely missing some opportunities. You are ignoring opportunities given to you, which you are not able to grab in any situation. Don’t you get a lot of chances during your work life? Not all these opportunities are suitable for you, and you are not grabbing them.

In a career reading Judgement reversed card is all about limiting yourself in other aspects of your life. And even if this doesn’t affect you, sometimes your fear to move forward can be holding you back. Sometimes fear of rejection, of not being able to do well at what you do, can keep us from reaching our full potential. It is best to ignore all these thoughts until you are confident enough with yourself to move forward with what you do.

Judgement Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Judgement reversed in a finance reading it may be a sign that you or someone around you is being too critical or judgemental about your money. It may also signal that you might be giving too much to others in ways that feel more like charity than a gift. Be careful not to let your sense of scarcity control your financial choices.

Judgement reversed can signify financial hardship, bankruptcy, or a severe loss. Since it can also suggest criticism or being a critical thinker when it comes to money, be extremely careful about what you say and how you act when it comes to it now. Your words or actions may be cruel, particularly if you are in a competitive environment. It could also be a symptom of you or another person who is out of work, has lost a job, or is going through a job loss, so it may be a sign that you may have to rely on charity or other forms of assistance if things don’t improve soon.

In a finance Tarot reading Judgement reversed calls you to pay attention to your finances. What are you overspending on? Are there hidden expenses you can do without? Are you making your payments on time? Be on the lookout for anything in your life that is creating additional financial stress. Ask yourself if what you are doing is serving you or draining you. The same is true when it comes to spending.

An inverted Judgement (reversed) might suggest having to make a choice between two items or two activities when it comes to making your financial decisions. You can spend your money on this one, but you’ll have to cut something else. Alternatively, you might find yourself having to prioritize amongst your choices. Do you spend on your children, a friend, a loved one, or on yourself? Now is the perfect time to consider your finances and make some decisions. If you are not spending more than you earn now, your best bet might be to keep your spending in check.

Judgement Reversed in the Context of Health

If your question is about what should you focus on regarding health, Judgement reversed card in a reading exposes that you should focus on spiritual development and inner growth.

Though you might have been healthy up until this time, the reversed card suggests that you are missing out on doing inner work and focusing on spiritual endeavours. You are putting all your energy into physical health and fitness. Although it is okay to take care of your health, you must also know that you need to devote yourself wholly to spiritual development too and make self-development as your main priority.

In a health Tarot reading Judgement reversed calls you to be more self-aware regarding your well-being. This card asks you to look inward to ask yourself if you are paying attention to the things that could be negatively affecting your health. You may have been focusing so much of your energy elsewhere that you have neglected your health. Is there any self-care you could do to take better care of yourself right now?

Ahead, Judgement (reversed) denotes that you are not paying enough attention to your health. As a result, your health could deteriorate and possibly lead to sickness if you have been neglecting it for too long. This card may also suggest that you are holding yourself to unnecessarily high standards. In order to gain the mental clarity required to achieve your health goals, you might need to loosen your grip and let yourself just be. The Judgement Reversed is urging you to be more aware of the repercussions of your actions on your wellbeing.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, Judgement card reversed in a reading exposes that you should focus on what truly makes you happy. Don’t make the mistake of being a workaholic on one hand and a couch potato on the other hand. This won’t help you in any way. You should find your purpose in life that you want to spend your time on. This is what will make you feel fulfilled. Don’t let any illness get in the way of that.

You are working hard to maintain your health and fitness and are doing the right exercise and diet regime, but you are not seeing the desired results. The reversed Judgement card indicates that you might feel that no amount of good will do, and this might stop you from working towards your goals. This card signals that if any health issue is bothering you, try finding a balance instead of pushing yourself too hard.

Judgement Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

If you’ve pulled Judgement reversed in reading about your spirituality and self-development, it means that you still have a lot of growth left to experience. You may be questioning whether you’ve done what you need to do to become the person you were born to be. Are you living your values? Or have you forgotten them? Are you living in your truth? Or have you allowed others to control your version of the truth? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to take inventory of your life and make a list of what still needs to happen. This way, you can have faith that this journey will only get easier. At the same time, you’ll become more aware of what’s stopping you and what you can do to change what you wish to change. This process is easier and faster when you have a clear vision of what you want, so do your homework and start with where you are now. Create a ‘what if’ scenario and then determine what changes you want to make. This will help you to gain clarity and focus.

Judgement reversed card in spirituality and self-development reading describes feeling uncertain about one’s judgement. Judgment is very important to make the correct decisions. This card reversed says you might have lost the ability to judge your own actions and words. It is because it is getting difficult to see what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Sometimes we get stuck in the cycle of repeating the same bad deeds because of our lack of judgement. This means being a very bad person over and over again. This can happen to anyone, any time. Reversed Judgement card in a tarot reading means someone is unable to decide and can’t make the right judgement. This card means that this person needs to evaluate and reflect on every action in a very careful way. After that they must judge their actions and themselves, before making any judgment or decision.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled Judgement reversed, it doesn’t indicate a negative judgement. Judgement reversed might indicate that you may be searching for your higher goals and purpose. You may be dissatisfied with your present life and want to change it. You could be dissatisfied with the current state of your life and how it is unfolding. You are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with your life because you are feeling that it’s not unfolding as it was suppose to.

You need to work on accepting the way things are while at the same time looking for a way to make them better. On the flipside, Judgement reversed indicates that you are unable to face your inner critic. You are holding yourself back from embracing your full potential. You are letting your inner critic have the final say. It’s time to change that because otherwise you’ll never know what you’re capable of achieving. Judgement reversed denotes a period of reflection where you are thinking about what is important to you and what will make you happy, regardless of other people’s opinions.

Is Judgement Reversed Yes or No Card?

If you are seeking an answer about whether Judgement reversed card is a yes or no card, the answer is yes. However, the card foretells a period of personal growth that will change your outlook on certain things in life. You are being called to stand up and be the courageous person that you are and move past your insecurities to fulfill your potential.

In a yes or no Tarot reading Judgement reversed calls you to stand up for yourself and let go of any self-deception. The answers are yes, except maybe if you intend to stay on the wrong path. If you find yourself unsure, get quiet and think carefully about your answer.

Judgement Reversed as a Person

Those who have questions about card as a person, Judgement reversed Tarot card indicates the seeker has been giving too much power and authority to others and has lost their independence. The seeker might also be giving too much power and giving themselves to others, instead of remaining in self control. The seeker might find themselves trapped or caught in the web of others’ agendas. If this describes you, the Reversed Judgement serves as a warning to remain self-aware, even in the face of criticism and attack. It is much easier to see what is going on, and you may be able to make changes before it is too late. Be the best you you can be, and know that your innermost self is worthy of respect and admiration, no matter what the circumstance.

If you are seeking an emotional description of Judgement reversed card as a person, Judgement reversed tarot card is someone with low self-worth and self-confidence. Judgement reversed can indicate someone who has a strong negative impact on their environment because of their inability to connect. It can signify people who are unable to cope with the rigors of life and are only using others as stepping stones. This is someone who is very critical of others and themselves, especially in areas where they are failing. Judgement reversed people are often suffering from low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and low coping skills.

Judgement reversed as a personality type is someone with low self-esteem and low self-confidence and has a strong tendency to make negative judgments about themselves and others. They often expect the worst in themselves and in the world around them. They are often very critical of themselves and their own shortcomings. If they are confronted with their inadequacies, they often retreat and get lost in their heads.

Judgement Reversed as a Feeling

When drawing Judgement reversed as a feeling, a card describes your uneasiness with self-assessment. Are you self-criticizing or do you find yourself overly critical of those around? Has self-examination led to an internal judgement rather than acceptance? The reversed Judgement tarot card suggests that you’re not ready to face the truth about your life. What you have done has harmed others and yourself, but you need to face the fact to take responsibility for your actions and avoid hurting others again in the future. Perhaps you’re refusing to accept that what you have done has hurt your relationships and your reputation. Take the first steps to change your path by owning up to your mistakes now. If you’re ready to change, you might discover newfound strength and confidence.

Similarly, the reversed Judgement tarot card frequently appears when you have second thoughts about your path. You are not yet sure whether you are heading in the right direction, or whether you are right for the job. You are not sure what you will do next. Have you been putting off taking the risk for too long?

Those who have questions about card as a feeling, Judgement reversed Tarot card indicates feelings. It can mean the Seeker is worried about being judged based on their outward appearance. They might have insecurities about themselves. Judgement reversed as a person denotes someone who has no belief in himself. People who have turned to stone, having nothing to offer in the material world, and living in fear of the next breath.

Judgement tarot card is a representation of our inner voice that needs to be heard. When Judgement is reversed, this message has not been heard. The Seeker has not faced their fear and it shows up in the wrong timing and in the wrong places. There is a fear to look at oneself and it turns inward. Judgement reversed denotes someone who is going through hard times and has no faith in themselves and their ability. Judgement reversed denotes someone who is afraid of change and what others will think of them. They believe the world is out to get them. Judgement reversed people have no interest in doing things or being with people.

What Is Judgement Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When Judgement reversed appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage, it symbolizes the consciousness raised by a spiritual awakening. You are seeing things more clearly and are now able to make the necessary adjustments to live a more authentic existence. You are acting with greater integrity and truth. If you’ve been having trouble letting go and making changes, Judgement reversed suggests that it is time to embrace your inner child again. This is a part of you that is pure and innocent, just as it is now, before you made any ‘grown-up’ choices. If you have been too hard on yourself, Judgement reversed may signal a need to forgive your past mistakes so you may be able to move forward on the path of your highest good.

Judgement reversed is also about releasing the past and your personal beliefs about yourself and others. You are becoming more open and accepting of who you are and what you have to offer without the filter of judgment, prejudice or shame. You are letting go of the past and creating a new life for yourself, one that is free of limiting beliefs and attitudes.

Judgement reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position tells you that you’ve probably been putting in a great deal of effort and should be receiving the rewards. The universe is certainly reciprocating if you’ve been holding onto animosity or negativity. If you have been acting positively or kindly towards others, you may get the love and gratitude you deserve! You can discover that people are beginning to open up to you, trust you, and let their guards down. It’s conceivable that you may receive positive news that helps you to feel as if everything is going to be OK.

When Judgement is reversed, it may mean that you have a tendency to jump to conclusions and make hasty decisions. You need to be more receptive and thoughtful about the decisions you make. You must also think more clearly and be cautious of your judgments. You might be prone to jumping to conclusions. You must be more attentive to the details and make more balanced judgments. Judgement reversed may also mean that your inner critic or inner child is very active right now. You may find it very difficult to set reasonable standards for yourself at this time.

Judgement Reversed as an Obstacle

When Judgement reversed card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you might be acting from a place of fear and anxiety. You might allow fear and anxiety to control you. It can also mean that you could be acting to avoid accountability. You must learn to overcome your fears and take responsibility for your life, for you are the one who will benefit from this. Reversed Judgement can also indicate that you’re feeling helpless. It can mean that you’re waiting for someone else to save you, or you don’t believe you can contribute to your own well-being.

The reversed Judgement card may also mean that you are letting others’ opinions concern you excessively. As a result, you are becoming excessively defensive, feeling as though no one can possibly understand you or your perspective. It may also mean that your judgments are becoming out of date or out of touch with reality. You’re letting your personal beliefs get in the way of your understanding of the needs and interests of others.

Judgement reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position tells you that you are experiencing difficulties due to your inability to make the right decisions and are delaying the process of self-development. Maybe you have been in a pattern of repeating the same cycle and have been avoiding the learning lessons that you required to learn in order to break it. Alternatively, you may have been attempting to be everything to everybody and now realize that it is time to simplify your life and concentrate on your deepest, true desires. You are aware that you have sacrificed the things that you truly desired for in order to serve the desires of the crowd and now you are questioning whether your dedication was truly necessary or not.

In a reversed Judgement card, you could have avoided taking the necessary responsibility to go through a life-altering spiritual process. Or you may feel that you no longer have the energy or desire to accomplish the spiritual work that is being given to you. In a worst-case scenario, your reluctance and lack of preparation may result in disaster. If so, you should reevaluate your current efforts and see if there is anything that you can change.

Judgement reversed can also appear as a weakness if you’re working through a difficult period in your life. Do you feel like you aren’t worthy of healing? Not worthy of what? Something that is difficult for you to give up? Give careful thought to what you are truly ready to let go of. Are you clinging to a pain that has no place in your life? Or something that might not actually be working for you? Even if the pain is real and you want it to end, are you prepared to let go?

In a reversed Judgement tarot reading, you could be feeling backed into a corner and ready to take a stand or be the subject of public attention. There is an air of injustice or injustice that you feel you are the reason for. You may have had an argument with a close friend or a problem at work, and now this has ended up being blown out of proportion, so things are getting very difficult right now. The issue must be resolved, and you want to make sure that you are heard and taken into consideration.

Judgement Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

Drawing Judgement reversed in the future position also suggests evaluation and criticism. Therefore, it is suggested to put in all the efforts to improve your behavior. Because you know what you need to work on or correct, you should focus on your self-improvement. It will help you develop your self-awareness and become more disciplined about your actions. This will give you a better life in the future. You must put in a lot of effort to improve yourself. Reversed Judgement also means you have learned from your past lessons. You have given up your fears and are ready to face challenges head on using your positive energy.

Judgement reversed card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you that you must go to the depths of your subconscious soul to bring the things that are not working in your life. If you want to have healthy relationships, you must go to the depths of your subconscious soul to bring the healthy dynamics of your relationships. You are the only one who can remove the bad influence of the environment and your inner soul. Bring all the things that are not working in your life.

When in a Tarot reading Judgement reversed card appears in a future outcome position, it is representative of self-improvement. Perhaps you are experiencing a sense of shame, guilt, or regret because of something that you have done in the past. Although you may not have realized it at the time, you were trying to better yourself. When you see the Judgement reversed, you are ready to let go of whatever it is that is holding you back. Instead of feeling ashamed or regretful, you take full responsibility for your actions and move on.

The Judgement reversal meaning encourages you to be more objective and careful in making decisions. As you become more in tune with your intuition, you can make better choices without fear of failure. The Judgement card can also suggest that your inner critic is running rampant, or that you are prone to self-criticism and humiliation. Insecurity and low self-esteem are the main themes associated with this card.

The reversed Judgement card can be a sign that you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or insecurity when it comes to a particular situation.

Judgement Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will something happen, Judgement reversed card in the reading signals that this thing will happen during the time of your choosing. So if you draw the Judgement card reversed, it is recommended to wait for the exact time. The Judgement card reversed tells you to think thoroughly, evaluate and think whether you have acted rightly or not. The Judgment card reversed also says that it’s time to come up with a plan to rectify the mistakes you have done in your past. It is time to reflect, think twice and take responsibility for all your actions.

When you’re asking Tarot when will a specific event happen and Judgement reversed card shows up, it means that the time is not fixed and we are in control of our future. You should expect the event to come in the future months. This card showing up during a reading suggests you take initiative to define your fate and create a plan for what you want in the future.

Drawing Judgement reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that whatever it is you are asking about will happen, but you will need to adjust your outlook and be ready to receive it. The reversed Judgement card indicates that you may need to adjust to a situation that no longer suits you if you don’t want to accept it. Perhaps it is no longer making you happy. Are you avoiding a situation that is toxic to your body, mind, or spirit? If so, now is the time to take the necessary steps to leave it behind. Your future self will thank you for taking these actions. Sometimes, the card indicates that you are delaying a decision or action, which could impact your future.