King of Cups
card meanings

The King of Cups is a compassionate and thoughtful man. He has an excellent understanding of human emotions, and seeks to integrate his own feelings into his decisions. When the King of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, he invites you to trust your own judgment, and to listen to your inner wisdom.

The King of Cups symbolizes our emotional, spiritual and creative side and is connected to the zodiac sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon and is a representative of the intuitive side. The King of Cups indicates that you are emotionally mature and have learned to balance your inner needs, as well as your outer needs. You are emotionally stable, and your sense of right and wrong is well-developed. You are a natural leader, and although you like to appear calm and composed, underneath you are an insightful and understanding person. You have a good grasp on your emotions, and it is important to you that you maintain inner balance.

Characteristics of King of Cups Upright

Upright Keywords Positive: balanced, wise, compassionate, generous, fair, caring, diplomatic, kind, compassionate, dependable, responsible, and professional.

Upright Keywords Negative: being a bully, abusive, selfish, cold, manipulative.

Description and Symbolism of King of Cups

In Numerology King of Cups card contains number 14, a number of creativity. This is the number for all things spiritual, the element of air and intellect. This number also signifies creativity, emotional control, and also self-control. Astrological planet for King of Cups is Neptune, a symbol of the realm of dreams, illusions, and imagination, but also a intellect, intuition, spirituality and creativity. The astrological element for King of Cups is water and astrological sign for King of Cups is Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and denotes mystical, dreamy and psychic. Pisces is associated with the spirit guide, angels and psychics. It speaks of spirituality, psychic experiences, and intuition. There is also a strong likelihood of a relationship with a Pisces person. They have lots of creative energy, and it is also a sign of music. Pisces people have very sensitive natures and they are lovers, healers and dreamers. The King of Cups represents your ability to handle emotionally and creatively. If you draw this card, it suggests that you are emotionally stable and in control and handle life’s ups and downs well. This card can also indicate that you use your emotional intelligence to solve problems rather than focusing on your emotions.

The King of Cups is holding a cup in one hand, symbolizing his emotions and in the other he holds a scepter, proving his power and control. The King’s expression shows his wisdom and understanding of all situations, while the cloak wrapped around his shoulders symbolizes his protection and strength. The color of the King of Cups is blue, the same as the sea. Blue symbolizes the mind, creativity, and emotional intelligence. The red stones on his crown and red color on his cloak symbolize the heart, desire, and the passion for life. The fish on King’s necklace is a symbol of the unconscious, but also his creativity and spirit. The necklace represents the astrological sign Pisces, which indicates compassion and sensitivity. The wavy sea behind the King symbolizes his feelings and the ability to stay calm despite his turbulent surroundings – no external forces are changing his state of mind. Notice the King stares into the distance, his body language is calm and mature, representing deep thoughts before making any action.

General Meaning of King of Cups

King of Cups card describes a person’s maturity and high emotional intelligence. King of Cups reflects both the king’s and the queen’s roles in the home. The king’s role is to make sure the home runs smoothly and to stay in control of the kingdom. The queen’s role is to make sure the king has all that he needs and to balance his strong emotions with his responsibility to others. The King of Cups reminds us that we all need some space to be alone and to think and reflect in order to handle the situations we are faced with in life.

King of cups tarot card denotes someone who follows their heart and inner feelings, but not the rules to the letter. They love people and love to help them, especially with their minds. This is someone who is very kind and loving and at the same time strong and emotionally secure. They are very generous and trustworthy people. They always find the best solution to their problems.

King of cups as a person denotes someone trustworthy, self-assured and deeply compassionate.

King of Cups card is all about emotional equilibrium and psychic stability in a general Tarot reading. The King of Cups is one of the most powerful cards of the suit of Cups – he represents a balanced person in terms of emotion, and diplomacy. He is always in control of his emotions and can cope with everything perfectly. The King of Cups indicates a person who is a father figure to many people. This card also indicates that you will be diplomatic with your close ones and will always look after them. You will be the best friend anyone could ever have. This card indicates that you have very deep feelings about everything that surrounds you and you are emotionally mature. The King of cups also indicates someone who has a very deep knowledge of a thing or situation.

King of Cups card tells you that now is the time to follow your heart and let your inner feelings guide your decisions. When King of Cups appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position in your reading, you have compassion and wisdom for others and are confident in guiding them to the truth. You can see the bigger picture when it comes to people and their emotions, regardless of their background, and you guide them along their path with love and compassion. You make decisions based on both logic and intuition.

As the king in this card, you have the ability to keep your temper in check and remain a compassionate and respectful leader, maintaining balance, harmony, and peace as you navigate complex emotional terrain. King of Cups is a spiritual mentor who can see both sides and guide you to the middle ground with wisdom and compassion. This card may indicate a spiritual mentor or someone in your life who has a similar way of thinking, or it can predict a time of spiritual enlightenment in a person’s life. This card reminds you to think of the other person’s perspective and follow your heart and intuition as you navigate emotional terrain.

King of Cups card could indicate a person who has a lack of control over his emotions and actions. When King of Cups appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, it could be a sign of being emotionally immature, or unable to cope with a situation. He also could be manipulative and power hungry. He is often the sign of a bully and a sex maniac. The King of Cups can be a sign of a male that has a lack of emotions, or in a deeper sense it can be an indication of a person who is emotionally immature, or who has issues controlling their emotions. The King of Cups is often a sign of someone who is power hungry, has an unhealthy relationship with his power, and is manipulative.

King of cups as a person indicates someone who is very sensitive and prone to get hurt very easily. They may act like they don’t care about anything, when in reality they are very hurtful and take offence very easily.

King of Cups in the Context of Love and Relationships

King of Cups is a card of a balanced relationship in a love reading. If the seeker is single, this card can mean finding love through art, music or intellectual pursuits. The seeker may fall for the person when they are not expecting it. King of cups speaks of the seeker feeling both protected and free at the same time.

King of Cups in the Context of Career

King of Cups Tarot card indicates you have someone like a mentor, who is older, wiser and responsible to you, it can be a businessman, or an older man in your industry that gives you advice and guidance. For those who have career questions in a career and business reading, the card speaks of a business that has emotional undertones, maybe art-connected, or as simple as a beauty salon, which you will find fulfilling and rewarding. You will find that in this job, you are a go getter who is very passionate about what you do. You find emotional fulfillment in this work and your career can be very rewarding.

King of Cups in the Context of Finances

For those who have money questions in a finance reading, King of Cups Tarot card indicates that you need to follow your inner needs and not let your wants get the better of you. You are not able to say no when it comes to your needs and you don’t think of your needs when it comes time to spending your money.

King of Cups in the Context of Health

King of Cups card in a health reading describes someone who is emotionally supportive but can also be very overbearing and controlling. If the bearer of this card is you, make sure that you are not taking on extra accountability for another person’s health or wellbeing. It is not the personal responsibility of the healthy person to take care of sick people. The same goes for financial matters. If you are worried about someone financially, talk to a professional and consider taking a break from the situation. King of cups also describes someone who is on the whole very responsible person. They don’t have trouble remembering their responsibilities, and they try very hard to remember everything. They tend to be very careful with their bodies and their lives, and they exercise and eat well. As a result, they tend to be very healthy people.

King of Cups Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

King of Cups card in a reading exposes that you are on a journey to self-understanding, self-love, and acceptance. If your question is about spirituality and self-development, embrace your soul and learn to love and accept the part of yourself that makes you human. If your question has to do with relationships, the King of Cups represents a balanced relationship where the two people feel equally loved and supported. You are a good communicator and understand your partner well. You and your partner balance each other.

If you are asking how someone feels about you, King of cups tarot card denotes the person feels you are the perfect match and they cannot wait to be with you. There is a sense of calmness around the person. They have a lot of depth to them and they have everything going for them at the present moment. If you are looking for friendship, you will find a lot of potential in the person you have in mind. The King of cups people will always be there for the person they are with.

Is King of Cups Yes or No Card?

King of Cups card reveals the answer is yes in a yes or no reading. King of cups indicates feeling inspired and motivated to live a life of purpose. You are clear on what you want out of life and are ready to seize any opportunities that come your way. You are in a place where the highest good is the center of your focus. Your connection with spirit is particularly strong at this time.

King of Cups as a Person

King of Cups card is all about a person with all the qualities of a king. In a King of Cups as a person reading, this card indicates a person who is patient and calm and has the ability to show deep respect to others. This card also shows that the person is emotionally mature and has a mature mind and heart. King of cups is a card of generosity and giving in both emotional and financial terms. This card indicates a person who gives a lot of emotional support and helps others to grow in their personal life.

King of cups as someone’s daily traits indicate that the person is very wise and understands how to deal with people. King of cups indicates that you are emotionally stable, and you have mastered the art of dealing with people with ease. You are an experienced, emotional person who is also able to be very rational. You are the ideal person to solve other people’s problems because you know how to deal with emotional issues very calmly and emotionally maturely. King of cups also indicates that you are a very talented person who knows the art of dealing with people.

Those who have questions about a emotional traits of a person, King of Cups Tarot card indicates it might be the seeker’s partner, family member, friend, or someone they are interested in. It could mean the person is introverted, gentle, and emotionally stable. King of cups also indicates that you will have to make tough judgment calls.

King of cups as a person indicates someone who is emotionally stable, and reliable. They are also loving, sensitive, and kind-hearted towards others. They are often artistic and passionate. King of cups people need to care for themselves and rarely take care of other people. This is someone who values their personal well-being very highly. King of cups tarot card people tend to get lost in their own head; it is hard for them to open up to others. If you see people doing things for them for no reason at all, chances are they are King of cups people.

King of Cups as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading King of Cups as feelings can represent feelings of empathy, emotional strength, peace and harmony. King of cups can denote a calm and collected person. King of cups shows up in a reading when someone is emotionally stable and mature – he speaks of emotional and spiritual wholeness.

King of cups tarot card denotes someone who can use their emotional intelligence to solve problems. If you are feeling emotionally unstable, this card denotes feeling secure and loved. If you are not feeling emotionally secure, this card could mean you are emotionally unstable. King of cups denotes the seeker is reaching their highest potential, they often show maturity and emotional intelligence. King of cups people are very sympathetic, empathic and caring. This is someone who has mastered their emotions.

King of cups tarot card meanings denote the seeker is the master of their emotions, they are emotionally stable, calm, and in control.

What Is King of Cups Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

King of Cups symbolizes the ability of a person to be a leader and an influencer and this is especially the case when the card appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage. The King of Cups represents emotional intelligence, also known as the instinctive side of the brain, which motivates the King to lead with empathy, grace, and compassion. The King of Cups suggests that you use your natural sensitivity and emotional insight to guide others toward building a positive and beneficial future. The King of Cups is an authority figure and represents wisdom and knowledge.

When you meet with the King of Cups, feel inspired by his kindness. He is able to see the best in everyone and does not hold grudges. He is also a listener and a peacemaker, which suggests that you may be called on to be a mediator when other people have problems. He shows good judgement and has a balanced perspective. The King of Cups represents moderation and indicates that he or she enjoys sharing their emotional and spiritual wisdom with others. The King of Cups Tarot card embodies masculine energy and symbolizes a strong person or a potential leader.

King of Cups as an Obstacle

King of Cups card calls you to rise above your emotions and show what you have in you. When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, King of Cups signifies emotional restraint, and it encourages you to find the middle ground to resolve any emotional situation. This card often appears when you are juggling the demands of other people’s emotions, and you are finding it difficult to be in control of your own feelings. It denotes a situation in which you must take a middle path to give everyone what they need. Although this situation isn’t the best, you are willing to take the first steps to resolve it. The King of Cups encourages you to exercise your emotional intelligence to learn how to handle the various emotions that arise in your life.

The King of Cups card appears when you feel an emotional need to overcome some kind of obstacle or negative emotion. You are in charge of your emotions, and you are making them work for you rather than letting them get the better of you. This card is a sign that when the time is right, you’ll be in control, rather than letting others control you.

King of Cups Card as a Future Outcome

King of Cups card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you that you have a heart of compassion and you have a soul for the unwell. You live by the rules of the Emotion Arc, which is the line connecting the heart and the head on the Tarot’s wheel. You’re likely to be a man who knows how to get along with just about anybody as long as you are getting along with everybody, and at the same time. The King of Cups is a great card to obtain in a situation because it stands for balance, peace, and fairness. In a future outcome reading, this card assures that you will reach a balance between your heart and your head and will work out what you need to do to stay in balance.

This card from the tarot deck may occasionally mean that you are making an effort to be the best parent you can be. You can be a wonderful father to your children and a great husband. This card may also mean that you’ve been working hard to bring a tricky situation to a positive conclusion and that everything is slowly turning in your favor.

Things will go your way and you will have a supportive and caring environment going forward when King of Cups appears in the future position. This card can also represent a non-physical connection. You may be in a good mood and have a kind heart. You’re generous and loving. Your compassion and empathy are a source of power for yourself and those around you. The King of Cups represents the ability to balance your emotions and your logic.

The King of Cups is the most balanced of the court cards. He is fair to his court and to his people. He is wise and mature beyond his years, and he understands human emotions very well. As such, he serves as a great guide. He can also represent spiritual guidance. The King of Cups calls attention to the fact that you have developed emotional control, balance, and maturity. Since this card can represent both a masculine and feminine male, check to make sure he is the right gender if you are dealing with a male king.

In a reading where the King of Cups is present in the future outcome position, you are likely feeling balanced, responsible, and capable.

King of Cups Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking Tarot when will a specific happening occur, King of Cups exposes the moment when you will gain control over a challenging situation. Making a significant move or taking an important step may be in your future. This card indicates that your confidence and emotions are in balance. Your fears or anxieties are no longer having a negative effect on your life. Your confidence and feelings of compassion are guiding your decisions and allowing you to make rational choices.

The King of Cups Tarot card is a favorable omen in a Tarot reading. It might stand for compassion, fairness, gentleness, harmony and kindness. The King of Cups is the card of maturity and demonstrates how to move through life with dignity despite any difficulties that may occur. If it appears in your reading, you should consider the other cards in the accompanying spread to get a better understanding of what the problem is. If you’re asking about what someone is feeling, the King of Cups indicates that the person is embodying their role and has deep compassion and consideration.

King of Cups card through a perspective of a time frame tells you about your patience and how you take up responsibilities. This card signifies that you have learned how to balance your emotions and your intellect. You have learned how to evaluate your feelings and thoughts correctly while understanding the world. Now you have the experience of choosing between the emotions and the intellect. You are able to balance your decisions and make them in the best way possible. A king of cups indicates that you have learned to understand your feelings with empathy and compassion. You balance your rational thinking and understand your emotions, understand your actions with empathy and compassion, and learn from your mistakes to avoid making the same mistakes again. Your mind will not allow you to repeat your mistakes, and empathy will always be there for you, ready to listen to your feelings.

Characteristics of King of Cups Reversed

Reversed keywords positive: self-development, creativity, self-expression, feelings, personal development, emotionally mature, giving and receiving love.

Reversed keywords negative: manipulative, compulsive, irrational, dishonest, over-controlling, repressed, irrational, jealous, selfish, dishonest lover, over-aggressive mentor, out of control spending, overly emotional, irrational investment, manipulations, lies, dishonesty, financial insecurity, anxiety.

General Meaning of King of Cups Reversed

King of Cups reversed card describes a person’s natural ability to solve emotional and mental issues with the help of his inner strength and ability to express his feelings appropriately. But at the same time, this card describes someone who may be emotionally involved in his work, and it may be hard for them to move on. This card also illustrates a person’s power to balance his emotional and mental needs. This card can also mean that you or someone in your life will have to fight yourself. It may be you or someone in your life who will have to learn to compromise, accept, and adapt with their needs.

If you’ve pulled King of Cups reversed card in a general Tarot reading, now is an excellent moment to examine your internal values and to see whether they are in sync with your external actions. It’s time to take inventory and make sure your values are in alignment with your actions to ensure that you are receiving what you truly desire. The reversed King of Cups signifies that there is a disconnect between your emotional and rational sides.

Reversed King of Cups suggests that you might draw your emotional and rational sides into conflict and make decisions based upon how these parts feel rather than considering the consequences of your actions. The reversed King of Cups shows that you are unable to see the benefits of a situation when the situation is not in alignment with your inner values. You make hasty decisions, and are ruled by your emotions rather than your head. In situations where you should take a step back and consider, you instead dive into the fire and run full-speed ahead.

If this is someone you are dealing with, it is best to avoid them altogether.

You must learn to let go of the emotions associated with your childhood when King of Cups reversed card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position. To do so, you need to think logically. Instead of taking the emotional route, you must decide what you want to accomplish and then pursue it strategically and logically, just like you would any other deal. You are choosing to be successful in the future so that you can avoid the suffering that went along with your past. Reversed, King of Cups can suggest that you are repressing your emotions, thus causing your relationship or connection problems. You need to understand more about yourself to address these issues.

The reversed King of Cups frequently appears in a Tarot reading when the native has a tendency to be vindictive and vengeful, especially toward others who have wronged him in the past. This is merely an attempt to hurt or gain revenge. The King of Cups usually is depicted sitting on a throne with a cup in his hand. He symbolizes all of the emotional and intellectual abilities of the King card.

King of Cups reversed says take control of your emotions when the card appears in a negative position that is about weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading. Take an inner journey, go within and connect with your emotional state. It will help you access your emotional intelligence and handle yourself more maturely and wisely. A reversed King of Cups tarot card also shows your over-idealization and over-importance of the material world, which may show up as a lack of emotional balance, or extreme greed and selfishness. This imbalance could be more harmful than good. Stay mindful about your actions and avoid going out of your way to help the needy. You may be neglecting your own needs in that case.

In reverse, the King of Cups could mean that you are a cold-hearted person and a manipulator. You are highly emotional, but when it comes to making decisions, you may be cold and manipulative. You are always on the lookout for an angle to benefit from another person.

King of Cups Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

Your partner may be having some emotional conflicts if you’ve pulled King of Cups reversed after asking your deck about love or feelings. The person is having tantrums in front of you, and you are feeling emotionally manipulated. You may have to face your partner’s insecurity and insecurities openly and bring them in your relationship. This card suggests you face your partner with an open heart.

King of Cups Reversed in the Context of Career

King of Cups reversed Tarot card shows that you have gone too far to be emotionally honest. If you have questions about career, you might have been extremely helpful at work; however, the pressure of that behavior might be taking its toll on you. This card also indicates that you are in a job where you are overstepping your boundaries or you are being a bully. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when the person being represented has turned to cruelty at work. It also shows up reversed when a colleague tries to be more ambitious and aggressive than the other people in the room.

King of Cups Reversed in the Context of Finances

King of Cups reversed can predict that a financial decision you have made recently might not go in your favor. In a Tarot finance reading, it also means one might have to give back money they lent to friends or family for financial support. In the worst cases, this card might suggest that you have gambled recklessly and are going to lose a lot of your money.

You must take control of your finances and be mindful of your expenditures. You can’t go beyond your capacity to pay. Additionally, you might not be as considerate as you could be. You could take other people’s financial assistance but fail to return what you receive from them. This card warns you to be mindful of your friends and family members. You must check their financial background. If you become an ally or a financial supporter to someone, make sure that they reciprocate you.

Additionally, it cautions you not to lend money to those who ask for it and don’t make commitments. The King of Cups advises you to pay attention to your emotions when it comes to handling money.

King of Cups Reversed in the Context of Health

Your emotions could be negatively affecting your ability to care for yourself, if you’ve pulled King of Cups reversed in reading about your health. You may feel that you lack control over your emotions, making it difficult to accept responsibility for your actions and their effect on your health. It is essential to learn to cope with these emotions, but it may be difficult to acknowledge these feelings in the present. You may have experienced a health issue in the past relating to your emotions, either through your failure to acknowledge your emotions, or through acting on them. If this applies to you, seek medical counsel.

King of Cups reversed denotes someone who has emotional problems, either real or imagined. If the King of Cups shows up in your reading, you might find it challenging to control your emotions. If one of your family members has an emotional issue, they could do you some harm. The King of Cups reversed might suggest that you are not taking care of yourself. Because you are too caught up in your head, you are ignoring many aspects of your physical and mental health.

King of Cups Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

King of Cups reversed may indicate that you’re still attempting to grasp the deeper meaning of your existence when you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose. You cannot understand the “big picture” or what your higher purpose might be. Ask yourself what is important to you, and then search for how to align with this. When you pursue your goals and live in the moment, you’ll soon start to have more contentment. In the long run, this will lead you to realize your full potential, rather than feeling restricted or stifled by what you don’t know.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to seek the advice of others. You might be afraid to ask for help, but you should – go ahead and ask. Your inner self is already connected to the external world, so you’ll be surprised at what you discover if you let it out. The King of Cups reversed might occasionally also indicate that you are overly dependent on others. To achieve your goals, you should rely on your own judgement and not others for advice. You should never let others manipulate you.

Is King of Cups Reversed Yes or No Card?

King of Cups reversed card reveals the answer to be a definitive no in a yes or no reading. This is not a good card to pull during a reading because it usually means feeling disconnected from your higher-ups.

King of Cups Reversed as a Person

This card is all about emotions in King of Cups reversed as a person reading. King of cups is known to represent the subconscious and the instincts in the upright position. Reversed, the King of Cups shows that you are emotionally out of control and might act on impulse. You need to be patient and wait until your feelings cool down before making rational decisions. King of cups reversed signifies a person that is too emotional and who has a lot of insecurities, and they will be acting emotionally in their relationships as well. King of cups reversed shows that you need to develop more self-control. The King of cups can also represent a gambler with a bad habit who might not be able to control his urge to gamble when he is in a certain frame of mind. The card also shows a negative representation of morals, and King of cups reversed will never keep his word to anyone.

King of Cups reversed as a person may mean a man with mixed emotions and someone who is very cold-blooded. If you are seeking an emotional description, King of cups reversed denotes an emotionally absent person who is not feeling very much, a person who may be very hypocritical. They may be manipulating you emotionally and sometimes even physically. This card reversed indicates someone who may end up being a victim of abuse, either emotional or physical. They could be the one who might lose the battle. King of cups often shows up reversed when someone feels he does not fit into society. Even though he is brilliant and intelligent, others feel he is different and that his opinions do not matter.

King of Cups Reversed as a Feeling

King of Cups reversed reveals a male whose emotional maturity is lacking when it comes to feelings. This is someone with a lot of hidden resentments and insecurities. The card can also present repressed emotions that have been kept under wraps for so long they are now boiling over and the only way to deal is to take action. King of Cups reversed indicates a person who is emotionally manipulative as well as inhumane and power hungry. King of cups reversed indicates self-sabotage and a person who lacks the ability to forgive.

King of Cups reversed as personality type is someone whose emotional maturity is lacking. They have repressed emotions that are now boiling over and the only way to deal is to take action. They often need to be the center of attention and they are in desperate need for approval. King of cups reversed people do not think before they speak and they are often the subjects of drama because of their inability to be considerate of others.

What Is King of Cups Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

This card encourages you to be more creative and focused when found in a positive Tarot card and advantage position. You can discover new ways to make your dreams a reality, and you’ll use your imagination to come up with innovative solutions. When dealing with others, this card suggests that you can find it difficult to empathize with their emotional or psychological needs. You might be unable to see a situation from their perspective, which can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. In this case, it may be better to be the one doing all of the communicating.

King of cups reversed as a person indicates someone who is moody, sensitive, and volatile. They have a hard time dealing with their environment because they interpret the slightest thing as disaster. They are likely to snap and become aggressive at the most inappropriate moments and usually do things that are very destructive and harmful. Once they get their hands on something, it’s very hard to get it back since they have no remorse for what they’ve done. King of cups reversed people get the wrong idea about the value of money.

King of Cups Reversed as an Obstacle

King of Cups reversed symbolizes a life-changing trauma that causes you to react with instability and emotional immaturity when the card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position. It might portend a breaking point or point of tension in your life. It may also suggest that your behavior is causing you difficulty in making your relationship or friendship commitments. The reversed King of Cups indicates that you lack the emotional maturity, integrity, or capacity to handle the role of fatherhood in your lives. You should get help. You might be having a lot of problems with your temper and you could end up getting into heated arguments.

The reversed King of Cups represents someone who is emotionally immature, manipulative, deceitful, vengeful, and vindictive. They have trouble showing their real feelings for fear of how others will react. This card in reversed position indicates that you are currently experiencing an emotional crisis and that you are trying too hard to be someone you are not. The reversed King of Cups indicates that one is attempting to be someone they are not.

King of Cups Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

When King of Cups reversed appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it shows person’s incapacity, who is unable to appreciate and fulfil their role in life. He/she is not capable of managing his/her emotions, and this makes them act irrational and emotional. The King of Cups represents a person’s inability to handle problems in life. The King of Cups depicts a person full of self-love and attention. This card illustrates the power of the subconscious mind and the emotions that play a major role in determining how we perform in different areas of life. Unfortunately, when it comes to emotions, some people don’t think too well. They always say they are okay, but they are not. Emotions are the key elements in the human body which controls every action, and lack of emotions will affect people in every department of their life.

King of Cups reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to think more deeply about what matters most to you. You may be tempted to pursue pleasure and fun for their own sake. You are trying to figure out whether the joy you feel from this is something you can let control you. You can be in a constant state of feeling high or ‘high on life’ which can come at the expense of focusing on your higher purpose and your values.

King of Cups Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will something happen, King of Cups reversed card in the reading signals that there is a big change coming your way, but you are trying to run away from it. It may be in your best interest to face the situation and the person more completely. It may be a challenging time for you as it will be a time when you will have to take calculated risks and not over think. This card is a warning for you not to block the unexpected changes.