The Chariot

card meanings

When the Chariot appears in your life, you find yourself in the driver’s seat. You have control over most of the elements of your life, and through your willpower, strength and courage, you have everything under control. Other cards in the spread may throw some curveballs your way, but the Chariot assures you that you will overcome any obstacles that come your way. You have a clear course in mind, and you are ready to take action right away.

The Chariot may indicate that you’re experiencing a period of control and authority. You might find yourself in an important position at work or school and are feeling a deep sense of confidence and determination. The power and force of your will give you the strength to push through the obstacles in your way. You could even feel compelled to take a stand for yourself and others. You know exactly what you want, and you have the courage to make sure your dream comes true. You are a leader, but instead of leading a group, you are leading yourself and taking charge of your own destiny.

Characteristics of The Chariot Upright

Positive: self-confidence, control, victory, winning, achievement, willpower, success, determination, drive, ambition, forcefulness, focused, action, decisive, decisive action, clear direction, goal-oriented, dependable, logical, purposeful, marriage, work, finances, ambition, action, confident, courageous, assertive, powerful, winning, self-assured lover, self-reliant career.

Negative: lazy, sluggish, apathy, bad habits, losing control, domination, being forceful, having an aggressive side, failure, self-doubt, distractions, blocked, restriction, being over-protected, obstacles, lack of motivation, laying down, giving up, going backwards, poor health, lack of direction, no control, no motivation, lack of concentration, lack of discipline, lack of power, lack of drive, not being able to achieve career goals, unable to meet financial goals.

Description and Symbolism of The Chariot

In Numerology The Chariot belongs to number Seven, symbolizing power and action. The Chariot can be used to represent the action man, the entrepreneur, the military man, the athlete, and the government. The Chariot is linked to masculine energy, representing a person who is decisive, responsible and ambitious.

Astrological planet for The Chariot is Moon, which means it rules the feminine aspect of the zodiac, i.e. the Moon is the ruler of the element of emotions and feelings and gives the power for emotion. This planet helps you to get emotional help from your inner self, helps you to release emotional pain, and helps you to become more open-minded and positive, which is what you need. If the person is feeling negative emotions like fear, jealousy, or hatred, they may need to work with this planet more to be able to release them. This is a positive planet that helps you to find spiritual truth, to receive truth from the universe, and to get spiritual guidance.

Water is the astrological element for The Chariot and astrological sign for The Chariot is Cancer, symbolizing a hard working, practical, but also sentimental nature. Cancer is a mutable water sign and is a cardinal water sign. Mutable water signs are water signs that are considered to change, i.e. the moon and the waters.

When it comes to the Chariot, the hard working, practical and sentimental part of you may clash with the emotional and creative side of you. You must learn to be more objective, and more practical in the way you think about the Chariot. This will prevent you from being stuck in personal feelings.

The Chariot card shows a young man, maybe even a prince is standing on his chariot, and he is holding a wand in his hands that shows his will and authority. The Chariot can represent a young ruler that will take over his kingdom or empire because he or she is strong and has an unyielding will, and is in an advanced state of development physically and mentally. In this state the person is not easily swayed from their way-of-thinking.

This is not a good or bad card, it’s just a card with a specific meaning and use (or misuse).

The Chariot is wearing an armor which symbolize the armor of God. The Chariot has the power of God. The Chariot represents the judgment of God and also the victory of God. He represents the righteousness.

Two sphinxes drive The Chariot, symbolizing the twin forces of nature and intellect, and of the union of these, each infusing the other.

General Meaning of The Chariot

The Chariot card indicates a very strong will and desire to achieve a specific goal, which gives you the strength, bravery and confidence that you need to achieve your goal. You are sure of your decision and determined to do everything possible for your success. The Chariot also represents self-confidence, which you feel in your strength and capability to achieve something which you have set out to do. The Chariot card shows your commitment to your goal and your will to reach it, and this gives you the energy, drive and ambition to complete it.

Also, you have the will and determination to achieve your goal and are prepared to put in all the hard work needed to secure the victory. The Chariot encourages to be confident and bold, as it shows that you have the strength and determination to make your dreams come true. The Chariot urges you to embrace the positive parts of yourself and use them to get closer to your goal. It is a sign that you have the courage to achieve your goal, and the Chariot card encourages you to act upon your passion and enthusiasm by facing the challenges that lie ahead.

In a general Tarot reading The Chariot card signals success, action, and drive. You are being urged to direct whatever focus and persistence you have to your specific goal. By concentrating your energy, you will achieve mastery over your situation, and you will then be able to complete your task with much success. If the Chariot were a car, it would be a powerful, modern vehicle. Your self-control is such that you will be able to direct this energy efficiently and effectively.

If you have a goal that you have been trying to realize, now is a good time to work toward its achievement. You may find that your energy and determination are strong enough to make this happen.

However, this won’t happen without a strong sense of willpower and focus. Be careful not to let any distractions divert your attention from the goal you have set. The Chariot is a positive omen in the tarot meaning and is one of the best cards to appear for those who are endeavoring to advance in their careers.

When you’ve pulled The Chariot card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a general Tarot reading, it means that you have reached a significant stage in your journey. You’ve learned to set goals and make a strategy for reaching them. You are ready for the next step after you’ve cleared a significant obstacle.

The Chariot asks you to take control of whatever challenges come your way and overcome them, whether you are in a car or a boat. You are strong, capable, and courageous. You are in full control of your situation. A Chariot message in a reading can also point towards your motivation. You are eager to achieve your goals.

If you’re still in the planning phases of a new endeavour, the Chariot (upright) can be a sign that you should take charge of the situation. It will help you to focus and channel your energy in the right direction.

The Chariot upright often represents the successful completion of a journey.

When The Chariot card appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, it represents not having enough power to face a situation. The Chariot can indicate that you lack confidence in the situation, or that there is a lack of self-control. You are allowing your emotions to take control. Your ambition is to dominate, and you are allowing your emotions to guide your actions. You are allowing your emotions (or those of another person) to take control of your actions. This is not a positive mindset. Take control of your emotions now, and use your confidence and confidence in you to take charge of the situation.

In terms of career, the Chariot tarot card indicates that the time is right to think about a new beginning. The Chariot in the tarot represents a new level of drive and ambition, and it’s time to work on yourself and your skills. The Chariot is a sign that you are ready to take action and conquer.

The Chariot in the Context of Love and Relationships

When you pull The Chariot card in a love and relationships Tarot reading, you are focusing on what you want in a romantic relationship. You are driven to get what you want and avoid what you don’t want. This indicates a time of great power and control. The Chariot tarot love meaning can denote triumph and success in a relationship because it denotes feeling a strong connection and unity with your partner. A time of deep passion and intimacy is coming to your connection. If you’re single, you may be feeling very confident in what you search for in a partner and don’t let intimidation from the opposite sex hold you back.

In a love and relationships Tarot reading, The Chariot through the context of feelings is all about control and influence. In many cases, this means domination, and in others, it might mean a strong sense of protectiveness. If you’re asking about whether you should try to change your relationship, the answer is probably yes. If you’re single, this card suggests putting your game face on, and doing everything in your power to get your life together. Make a vision board, build your financial portfolio, go on a spending fast, or find a new workout regimen. You’ll soon be ready to attract the person you deserve.

If you have issues about love and relationship, The Chariot Tarot card exposes your inner self. Either you are feeling like a failure in your love life, which shows that you have forgotten to achieve something you wanted, or you have not been doing what you wanted or expected from your partner. This card shows that you have to take a clear mental track at that point, and you should make your plan to achieve your goals. Make yourself confident by drawing a picture of your goals and think only about what you want to achieve. By this method, you shall be able to make progress.

The Chariot in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, The Chariot can predict victory and good fortune at work. If you have been looking for a promotion or a better position, this Major Arcana card signifies that the Universe is with you. If you’ve been slacking off in class or on projects, it’s time to take charge. The Chariot gives you a gentle push in the right direction to push you toward fulfillment. If you have been stuck in a dead-end job, you may need to start looking for new opportunities. The Chariot is a strong indication that you will find what you are looking for. You will definitely be successful at work.

In a career and business reading The Chariot is a card of encouragement. When you are seeking a job or a promotion, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. While it may not be easy to get an interview or that new job offer, the Chariot is a card that says, ‘Go for it. These things are yours for the taking.’ If you have been working hard for a promotion or raise, your efforts are about to pay off. You may want to consider a new position within the company, or if you have your heart set on leaving your job, this card tells you that now is the time to take action.

The Chariot in the Context of Finances

If you have questions about money and finances, The Chariot Tarot card shows that you have the power to control things and reach your desired result. You have a well-defined aim and a clear plan to achieve it. However, one must be practical and logical. If you try to do something without having a plan, you cannot reach the result you want.

For example, you want to buy a new car, but you lack the money to make it happen. You have several expenses, but you want to buy the new vehicle. This will cost you money, and you need to have it well planned. When you get this card, keep your financial plans well focused and take actions. Think carefully about the cost and the benefit of your plans.

In a finance reading The Chariot card is all about controlling your expenses. You have the financial resources to achieve your goals. With your mind power you can accomplish anything. You can go to a new place or open a new venture at your current place. Always keep track of your expenses and never go beyond your resources. Never make hasty decisions at current circumstances. You will be able to accomplish all things with your financial resources.

The Chariot in the Context of Health

In a health reading The Chariot card indicates recovery from a long-term illness. The appearance of this card also signifies a successful pregnancy and safe childbirth after a long wait. It also indicates mental clarity and strong energy levels. If you have been ill for a very long time, now is the right time to get yourself back into shape again. The card also suggests taking care of your health and not putting too much effort into the appearance of your body. Go for a walk and get some fresh air in your life. In a health reading, Chariot also denotes the necessity of following a strict routine for better health, so make sure you stick to it. It also shows that you should give your body a break once in a while.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, The Chariot card in a reading exposes a message that it’s time to pursue your ambition and overcome any illness. Just focus on treatment and make progress.

The Chariot Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development Tarot reading The Chariot card signals that you have a sense of control, certainty, and direction, and you will succeed in manifesting your goals and aspirations. You have a good idea of where you’re headed and what you need to do to get there. And you’ll need to take control and implement your plan. Without a clear vision or mission, you can’t succeed. The Chariot encourages you to take a mental journey and envision how you want to look, feel, and act when you achieve your goals. This exercise and the subsequent action will propel you forward.

Be strategic as you follow the road toward your goal. Use your willpower and determination to control and direct yourself. The Chariot card suggests that, when you want something, it’s in your best interest to pursue it. This could mean that you’re about to receive a significant pay raise, land the job of your dreams, or make a difficult decision in your life. You have a strong sense of self-confidence because The Chariot card represents control.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Chariot, you can find yourself being directed to a specific goal or direction that you need to focus on. The Chariot is about self-control, willpower, and determination.

When this card shows up, you are in charge of your own destiny. You have set some goals, and you are clearly aware of what you need to do to get where you want to be. You may already have a strong will, or you will learn to harness the power of that will to pursue your goals.

The Chariot is the card that typically comes up after a failure, so pull this card to remind yourself that the wheel always turns and another opportunity will come. This time, you will be more prepared, and learn faster. The Chariot is a card that supports self-belief because your belief in yourself is a key factor in your success. Make sure you have full control over your actions, and that you have faith in your capabilities.

Is The Chariot Yes or No Card?

When you’re asking Tarot yes or no question, and you’ve pulled The Chariot tarot card, you can receive some great insights.

Those who have yes or no questions in a reading, The Chariot Tarot card indicates a ‘yes’ answer to most of them. The Chariot provides motivation, courage, and hope for people going through challenging times in life.

The Chariot as a Person

If you’ve pulled The Chariot as a person, a card describes a person who is courageous, ambitious, and self-assured, and they are prepared to face any obstacle along the way. This character is full of drive and determination and doesn’t give up until they are satisfied with the outcome.

When it comes to work, the Chariot often brings the message that you should push yourself to the next level and put in the extra effort. The Chariot encourages you to do this, but this doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, you may need to sacrifice your comfort a little and push forward. If you have been looking to move into a new career path, go for a promotion, or go to the next level, the Chariot advises you to push forward and work hard on your goal.

The Chariot is also about overcoming obstacles. If you have been stuck in a rut, this Minor Arcana card encourages you to get yourself out of this and push forward. You have it all within your power to do this.

When drawing The Chariot card, physical description of a card as a person is of no consequence. The essence of this card is the journey it represents, a journey in which you are confident and motivated to succeed. The Chariot is all about action — forward movement to wherever your soul is taking you. This is the energy of destiny on the move. The Chariot indicates that you are in charge of your destiny and ready to take control. You are in the driver’s seat, and you are moving forward in pursuit of your goals, with a clear vision of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. You know exactly what you want to accomplish, but you are also willing to take action, to stop playing small, and to face any impediments that stand in your way. You know that you must focus all of your energy on achieving your goal and not be distracted by anything that gets in your way.

With The Chariot, the end is in sight. You have achieved the objective that you set for yourself, and you have completed the final stage of your journey.

When drawing The Chariot card, emotional description of a card as a person is not recommended. The Chariot tarot card is most accurately interpreted as a spirit of action and willpower. Chariots live in the future and can be described as ambitious, courageous, determined, innovative and action-oriented. This card encourages you to move forward, no matter what challenges come your way.

The Chariot tarot card signifies a time of action, travel, success and achievements, and it is a card that is very motivating. The Upright representation of this card often means you are about to set off on an endeavor that will give you both an emotional and physical high. You have a vision of a better future and you’ll need to act quickly to make it come true. You are pushing forward and making progress towards your goal or desires.

Now is the time to get ‘busy’. Just make sure you’re doing ‘busy’ in the right way.

The Chariot as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading The Chariot as feelings can represent ‘fear of the unknown’ as well as a drive to achieve a goal. Both fear and drive can be in play. The Chariot also represents control and power and being of higher learning to move a situation or a part of your life in a positive way. Charioting is about getting things done in your best interest. However, it has often led to conflict and even self-doubt. When The Chariot appears it invites you to take control and chart your course into the future, while staying true to your own values. Even when under intense pressure, find time to connect with your own inner being.

The Chariot in the upright position indicates that a particular situation is about to be resolved and that great strides are about to be made. Victory is near. The Chariot is like a U-turn; it is about ‘getting back on the track’ after being lost. The Chariot often appears when you have a period of self-doubt and uncertainty.

If you are seeking an answer about The Chariot card as a feeling, it indicates a strong sense of determination. It is the energy to succeed and do what needs to be done. This feeling is similar to the one we get when we face a challenge. The challenge might be something at work, in education, or in personal life. To get through this challenge, you should use your will and energy.

Chariot tarot card is not a tarot card to find out about what you should do, rather it is a card to draw in case something is holding you back, whether consciously or unconsciously, in your life. If you want to go forward in life, you shall have to take the road to success. The Chariot tarot card signifies that you might have to face challenges in the road of success. You will be faced with some obstacles or blockages in the path of your success, but with enough courage and determination, you will be able to conquer them.

What Is The Chariot Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When you’ve pulled The Chariot card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a Tarot reading, you truly are in control of the situation. You may have achieved your aims and then moved up the career ladder, learned a new skill, or finally had the children you’ve been wanting. Now is the time to appreciate your accomplishments and to let others know about your new achievements.

Although The Chariot is a very powerful Major Arcana card, it frequently signals success, victory, and triumph – when this card appears in a Tarot reading, you will accomplish your goals and advance in your career, financially, and otherwise. People will notice your newfound confidence and inner strength and admire your achievements.

Consider how you might translate this energy into action. How can you put yourself out there and be bold? Do you need to change your behaviour? Do you find the idea of doing well in your career appealing, but worry you won’t meet your ultimate goals? The Chariot represents all kinds of successes and shows that you’ve got what it takes to achieve your aspirations.

When pulled in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, The Chariot card calls you to direct your attention and energy towards achieving your desired goals. Whatever it is that you seek is steadily on its way to you. You have the confidence and determination to reach your objectives regardless of the opposition or challenges that arise along your path. Without the tenacity to make this journey without hesitation, it wouldn’t be worth it! The Chariot encourages you to have faith in your ability to make this happen and focus on what you have that is strong and dependable. Whether you are traveling, doing physical work, or moving forward in a particular project, you will triumph!

The Chariot as an Obstacle

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, The Chariot card calls you to get control, discipline, direction, and focus. While not wrong, pulling this card is usually an attempt to take hold of things that will never stay. This means that you must find strength within to make a comeback. When the upright Chariot is turned over, it represents control, power, drive, and will. This power can be translated into anything – the card can represent a person, place, or situation in your life that is in control of your destiny. The Chariot is a sign of success, even when it is a struggle.

The Chariot tarot card represents the will to take control of a situation and push forward with the things that you must do. It is a card of action and determination, representing a battle-tested individual, one who has overcome many obstacles in their path and now is ready to move forward.

The Chariot can also appear as a weakness if you are unable to control your own energies. If you’ve been acting self-destructively, you must make a tough choice. You are prone to outbursts of anger. You have a strong will, but it can become twisted and you end up hurting yourself and those around you. If you can, seek help for these feelings before they control you.

If you can, seek help for these feelings before they control you. The Chariot is all about a strong desire to succeed. When you see it in a Tarot reading, you should not fear hard work. However, you must remember that if you wish to accomplish your goals, you must work hard and be realistic. The secret that the Chariot holds is that success comes from self-discipline.

The Chariot card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position calls you to take a stand. It tells you to direct your energy and willpower toward a powerful goal and ignore all other distractions. The Chariot urges you to keep a clear head and make a plan of attack. This does not mean to be a hero, but it does mean to have a strategic approach. This approach will bring the material things, relationships, and career that you have worked so hard for. The Chariot also urges you not to get distracted by what is occurring around you, especially when things seem to be going awry. Let your focus be solely on your own objectives.

The Chariot appears when you are about to achieve a huge milestone. The car is already in Victory lane, and it is a sign that you have completed the first half of your journey. You are about to cross the finish line. The same goes for goals. The Chariot indicates that you are almost there if you have been struggling to meet your goals.

The Chariot Card as a Future Outcome

The Chariot card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you that now is the time to start a journey, a trip, or a journey. You’ll soon be on your way to new opportunities and your goals and ambitions will be within reach. You’ll need to be on high alert, particularly in the early stages of the journey, but the outcome of the trip will soon be clear and rewarding once you come face to face with your greatest desires and the obstacles that will stand in your way.

When the Chariot appears in a Tarot reading, you are highly motivated and ready to go. You can smell success and achievement in the air. Whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, prepare yourself for the next big push because when the Chariot appears, it shows you that you are now ready to take charge and go after what you desire. You have planned everything ahead of time, and this time is different from the last because you have a vision of what you want, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

Drawing The Chariot in the future position also suggests that you will be successful in any new challenges that you set out to complete. Your determination and will will propel you to completion. This is a message to remember as you work through new projects, relationships, or endeavours of any kind.

If you have pulled The Chariot in response to a Yes or No question, the answer is yes, though it will take both courage and a level of adaptability. You will need to be courageous, to overcome the obstacles that need to be overcome in order to reach your ultimate destination. On the other hand, you must also be flexible, and while you are in this process, you cannot be bound to what is happening in the present moment. Take advantage of the time that is being given to you and accept your life as it is now.

When The Chariot card appears in a future outcome position in a Tarot reading, a successful accomplishment is ahead. You will need to be focused, determined and strong in order to succeed. Like many other charioteer cards, The Chariot is a highly masculine card. It represents drive, confidence, and courage, all of which he possesses in abundance. Although his nature is usually one of dominance, he is also highly disciplined and willing to walk into any challenge that has been placed before him. In the reading itself, The Chariot has a more personal meaning. The charioteer travels on a journey of self-discovery. He will complete the journey ahead, full of the knowledge that he has what it takes to succeed.

The Chariot Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you are wondering when will a certain event take place, The Chariot Tarot card reveals the answer to your question—and it is very soon! This Major Arcana card in the tarot deck shows that rapid movement, determination, focused action, and success are headed your way. If you have been in a holding pattern, now is the time to take charge of a challenging situation, move forward, and stay focused to reap the rewards. The Chariot is a reminder that your strength and power will carry you through any obstacles you might face. You can succeed in any endeavor if you direct your strength, energy, and passion toward your goal.

The Chariot upright card in the tarot card deck tells you to stay on track and not deviate from your path. Keep your aim in the right direction and stay true to your vision and mission. You are being called to take action, no matter how challenging or demanding the situation. You know that your goal is worthy of effort and that the reward of success is sure to be great. Make a plan and stick to it.

The Chariot is a favourable omen suggesting that something you want or need will manifest gradually yet steadily if your query involves the timing of an event. Your desires or goals will eventually come to pass; you just need to be consistent, persistent, and calm. If you want your business to grow, you need to pursue your objectives if you do not desire that to happen. The Chariot’s tarot meaning in love denotes a new beginning if you are in a relationship. It might also signify that you or your partner might discover a new spiritual path if single. With the Chariot card, you should be going in the right direction. This card represents being bold and daring in the pursuit of your goals.

The Chariot card through a perspective of a time frame tells you that you are on the right track in your life and are highly focused on reaching your destination. You are sure of yourself and know what needs to be done to achieve your dreams and goals. Now, it’s time to focus on the path ahead. The Chariot states that you will achieve your goals with determination, willpower, and ambition and, with time, your determination will reach your destination. The Chariot is a sign of confidence and tells you that you are a very ambitious person who is capable of achieving your goals. You are sure of yourself that you can achieve all your dreams and goals and there is nothing you cannot do because you believe and know your potential. All your dreams and goals are about to come true, so get ready to focus and achieve them.