Justice as Feelings in Love and Relationships


When the Justice appears in an upright position, the card is all about the law and rules. The card depicts that you shall be consistent with the laws and rules that are laid in your path. The Justice tarot card tells you to be fair and just to every situation. You shall make decisions and stick to them without any remorse. You shall not deviate yourself from the path you have chosen. The Justice card indicates decisions based on rules and logic, not emotions or feelings. Even if you have to compromise with someone, you shall make them feel that you have made the decision for the betterment of all. Decisions depend on facts and evidence only.

The Justice tarot card represents truthfulness and the search for truth. You have clarity about a situation that you want to make your decisions in a manner that is fair and just. You shall search for the facts and shall not deviate from the right path just to make them feel better. You shall treat them fairly and equally. The Justice card signifies the importance of the law in your life.

What Justice Card Reveals About How Someone In A Platonic Relationship Feels About You?

When you are in a platonic relationship and you draw the Justice while asking how that person feels about you, the card reveals that this person may not be true to you. They might be deceiving you for the sake of another person. The Justice tarot card also tells you that it’s best for both parties to walk away from the relationship when the card appears in this tarot session. It may mean that the person may be deceiving you or you may feel like you have become a victim of cheating or dishonesty. But this is not the case. Just leave the situation.

For Those Who Are Single: What Justice Card Reveals About Your Future Love Life?

For those who are single and open for a romance, Justice as feelings signals that you must be more consistent and fair to yourself since your personal life is in such good balance. Justice is the card of the person you already know, the one you’ve met through a friend or family member. If you’re already dating this person, things will be wonderful. If you both approach your endeavors with fairness and determination, both of your efforts will be rewarded.

The Justice as feelings signals that you are right where you are supposed to be. With a healthy balance between emotions and practicality, you are well-equipped to navigate love and a healthy relationship. If you’re still single, the Justice tarot love meaning can also signal that you may need to make some changes before you settle in for the long haul. If this doesn’t represent a person in your life, be wary of your actions in the love context. Avoid cheating, deceit, or other unfair practices. Otherwise, you risk getting caught and suffering the consequences.

For Those Who Are Just Starting A New Relationship: What Justice Card Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

If you are only starting a new relationships and you want to know what your lover feels about you, the Justice through the perspective of feelings reveals that your partner loves you and feels happy, but you and your partner may face some issues, such as incompatibility with your career and finances, that you need to think twice before making any judgement. Maybe your partner may have more experience in the field which you do not have, this is the reason why you need to work together. For people already in relationships, Justice suggests you take responsibility for your actions. Justice is a card of justice and fairness, so be consistent in your behavior and remember what made you put so much work to build your relationship in the first place.

Take care of the needs of your partner and think twice before adding anything to your relationship that may not be in your partner’s best interest. Justice is a card of fairness and harmony, so you need to keep an eye on what is going on in your relationship because it indicates some external factors may be making it more difficult to keep harmony. For people starting a relationship, Justice urges you to take responsibility for your actions.

For Those Who Are In A Relationship: What Justice Card Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings About You And What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

If you are in a relationship and you draw the Justice, feelings that surround the card signal a fair and honest relationship. It’s important that you give yourself time to think about the relationship and make judgments of the partnership. As this decision will shape your future, you’ll want to consider your feelings and evaluate your relationship fairly and honestly. Sometimes, Justice may suggest that a relationship may not be fair or equitable. If this is the case, it might be time to check your relationship’s terms of agreement again. Alternatively, you might have to go back and renegotiate if you sense that this is the case.

Even if the couple is happy together, there might be some resentment or hurt feelings due to a history of past relationships. If this is the case, you might want to think about whether the two of you are ready for another relationship. The Justice card can also suggest that someone else’s conduct will come to light, making it easy for others to find out about the relationship. While it might be embarrassing if the other person is unrepentant, they could decide to tell others themselves.

What Does Justice Card Reveal For Those Who Want To Know If Their Relationship Is Advancing Into More Serious Commitment Or Marriage?

When you pull the Justice and you’re asking if your relationship is heading into marriage or engagement, the card reveals that you should expect the truth and what is best for your relationship. The most appropriate tarot card for reading in a romance Tarot spread is known as Justice, which denotes truthfulness, fairness, and balance in a relationship. It symbolizes a steady and long-term relationship.

It may be appropriate to ask your spouse if they’re ready to take the next step in the relationship if this card has been pulled in the upright position. Justice is a card of legal agreements and contracts. If you’re unmarried, the card advises you that it’s high time that you had a conversation with somebody you respect about your romantic future. Having a serious and candid discussion could be crucial if you hope to start a happy union. The Justice tarot card in your relationship Tarot spread represents truthfulness, fairness, and balance. For this reason, the card reveals that you should move forward with your relationship and that you will receive fair treatment from your partner.

What Justice Reveals About Your Ex-partner’s Feelings About You?

If you are asking what are you ex’s feelings about you, Justice tarot card indicates that the person might feel a strong connection with you, but they don’t feel that they deserve you. Your ex partner may also harbor feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. This person may also want to dominate you and prevent others from getting close to you.

Justice might indicate that you need to be mindful of your relationship with your ex partner. They might feel insecure about their position in the relationship, and might feel less confident about themselves.