Four of Pentacles

card meanings

The Four of Pentacles suggests that you are attempting to protect your position and wealth and defend against financial loss. You are seeking to preserve what you have built, and you are also clinging to it and seeking to increase it. You are protective of your earnings and investments, and you take great precautions to preserve and manage money. Your defensive efforts are necessary, but they may ultimately be useless and may also leave you constrained, anxious, and fearful. The Four of Pentacles encourages you to consider how you can make the most of what you have achieved so far, and to take pleasure in all that you have created and acquired without becoming defensive.

When you see the Four of Pentacles in a Tarot reading, it means that you are working toward your financial goals, but you are also worried about losing what you have accumulated and are doing everything possible to maintain it. You are careful with your money and attempt to preserve it. You pay special attention to security and are extremely cautious about your valuables and your possessions. You will succeed in this endeavour, but it will take a great deal of effort.

Characteristics of Four of Pentacles Upright

Positive: security, financial stability, stability, prosperity, self-worth, self-discipline, commitment, self-preservation, dependability, organization, frugality, savings, conservative, conservatism.

Negative: being envious, being out of reach, being out of balance financially, being too obsessed with status, having more money than you can spend, being money-focused, hoarding money, greedy, stingy, money-focused only, materialistic, selfish.

Description and Symbolism of Four of Pentacles

In Numerology Four of Pentacles belongs to number Four, which is the symbol of completion. Four is the number for stability. In astrology, four symbolizes the four cardinal points of the zodiac, four suits in Minor Arcana, four basic elements, four sides of sky, four seasons of the year.

IN astrology the Four of Pentacles belongs to the zodiac sign Capricorn, a sign that is closely connected to materialism, and financial stability. One of the most realistic signs, but also one of the most sensitive. You don’t want to mess with Capricorn – his horns can be dangerous. The planet that rules the Four of Pentacles is Saturn, a planet of setting boundaries, as well as handling responsibilities and authority. Saturn people, as well as Capricorns usually age beautiful, this is why we say Saturn planet is a factor of age.

Notice a man on the card holding tight to his pentacle. He worked hard for it and he is not ready to let it go. He is sitting on a stone seat, representing stability, behind him we can notice a city, but he is in solitude, keeping his wealth away from everyone else and planning ahead. He is dressed in red and blue colored clothes, red indicating passion and earthy values such as materialism, and blue illustrating spirituality in these material dealings. This man has a golden crown on his head – he is a master of his possessions and the crown symbolizes he has the money and power. However, his black cloak could suggest stagnation, if he keeps on holding his pentacle so tightly. He must change that and at least slightly release the materialism he is clinging to. Especially the one he holds firmly to the chest, to his heart chakra. That pentacle tells us that he loves the material things he created, the two pentacles he stands on tell us about the stability and security he had put his feet on, and the one on his head is about his crown chakra, about his dreams he wants to create.

General Meaning of Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles card indicates that there is a lot of insecurity, jealousy, and insecurity surrounding money matters. This card shows that you might be worried if you are going to lose your money, and you also feel that you are always chasing after wealth. This card represents that you are holding on to wealth very tightly. You want to accumulate more wealth. But these riches are not giving you security and comfort. You are afraid to lose them again. You are afraid to spend them because you know that you are not going to get wealth again if you do so.

Four of pentacles also indicates that you are a very insecure person. You always keep checking the balance of your bank account, and you are paranoid about money. You might be holding back on the amount you spend because you are afraid that people will know about it and that people may cheat you because of your insecurity. The Four of Pentacles represents that you have to be careful about who you trust with your money. You have to make sure that they are trustworthy and have your best interest in mind.

In a general Tarot reading Four of Pentacles card is all about control and its natural corollary, powerlessness. The upright Four of Pentacles appears in a reading when the Seeker has a strong need to protect what they have. They are financially secure and can afford to be a little conservative. However, when this card shows up, the Seeker feels they are losing their grip on their most prized possessions. They may be loosing something they are very attached to. The Four of Pentacles in the upright position calls the Seeker to examine their values and their attachment to possessions. Are they worth losing because they serve no purpose in their life? The Four of Pentacles advises the Seeker to examine every aspect of their situation to make sure their security is not threatened. It also calls on them to let go of what is no longer serving them. Four of Pentacles is related to money. This card shows up when money is on the way and the Seeker is getting what they ask for.

Four of pentacles tarot card denotes someone who has reached the place where there is no more growth.

Four of Pentacles card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position signals that you have a solid foundation and stability at your core. You have earned what you have gathered and are secure in your resources and property. In general, Four of pentacles illustrates a time during which your financial status is favorable. It also represents the manifestation of a stable financial situation in life. This card’s appearance in a spread suggests that you have reached your financial goals and have plenty of money in your savings. You have also managed to accumulate some money from different sources.

When you are financially secure, it is good advice to treat yourself. You may want to splurge and treat yourself to a nice dinner, a weekend getaway, or perhaps something more. Even though you may feel like you worked hard for your money, enjoy a small amount of luxury. You have accumulated a lot of resources, so consider them a source of strength, power, and confidence. Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Understand that you cannot maintain a permanent advantage if you keep on acting the same way.

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Four of Pentacles card calls you to let go of what is not serving you. The cards are telling you to be willing to walk away from anything, whether it’s a toxic friendship, unhealthy relationship, or even a job that no longer brings fulfillment or joy. Sometimes, Four of Pentacles can also be a metaphor for retirement and/or financial security. With a secure future already planned, you can let go and be willing to take the next step. When Four of Pentacles is pulled in a positive position, the cards show that you are living a life focused on the materialistic and money-oriented. It is suggested that you take a closer look at these aspects of your life and consider whether or not you can make room for spiritual connection along with more material goods.

The Four of Pentacles appears when you have a stable financial situation, but you may not be enjoying the things money can buy. Material possessions may take a big piece of your attention and energy.

Four of Pentacles in the Context of Love and Relationships

Four of Pentacles card in a love and relationships reading describes feelings of jealousy and insecurity. Couples can suffer from a lack of trust right now. If you are single, you may be feeling protective of yourself and perhaps a bit guarded. In a relationship, there can be disagreements around money and material possessions. One partner may not trust the other to do the right thing, especially in the financial sector, and they may be right. It is important to both examine how much of what you do is dependent on your partner, and how much is your own responsibility. If you find that this has become an issue in your relationship, the best approach may be to sit down together and discuss how you can address it. When all is said and done, this card also speaks of a feeling of comfort. A relationship that has problems, doesn’t matter how it may be affecting you or your partner, can bring you comfort.

Four of Pentacles in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles in reading about your career or business, get ready to reap the rewards. When it comes to business, this card can indicate that you may have started a new venture very recently. Keep a check on the people you employ, as they can cause a big mess for you. If you work for yourself, this card is also a signal that you have to be alert. Be careful that you don’t overspend your resources in purchasing a new software, or other necessary tools. It also denotes that you must be very careful about your current finances as this card is also an indication of fraud.

Four of Pentacles in the Context of Finances

If you have questions about money and finances, Four of Pentacles Tarot card shows you taking advantage of money. Ensure that you take only what you need and no more or you may end up in financial difficulty. The Four of Pentacles often shows up in a Tarot reading when someone has a lot of money in the bank. This card represents material security and is therefore a positive card for the majority of situations. The Four of Pentacles suggests that you protect your funds and do not indulge in dangerous behavior. Make sure your habits are in line with your morals.

To further increase your wealth, don’t share how much you’ve accumulated. You could be tempted to splurge on someone you care about or treat your friends and family to a wonderful holiday. Doing so could bring you pleasure, but it won’t make you any happier if you have nothing to show for it. You must set your boundaries and develop a realistic spending plan. While you need to make a living, you do not have to go all out every day. Set only some money aside for fun, but make sure you’re keeping an eye on your bank account.

Four of Pentacles in the Context of Health

In a health reading Four of Pentacles card indicates good health. It indicates long-term benefits of the hard work. In terms of spirituality, Four of Pentacles indicates spiritual growth.

Four of Pentacles Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development reading Four of Pentacles card is all about success and financial gains. This card is also connected to the materialistic world and urges you to enjoy the luxuries in life. It is also a sign that you have been successful in your investments. You must have put a lot of effort and thought into your investments and saved your hard-earned money for the long run. You might have even turned your small savings into a fortune. Now, you have found that you are not short of anything and are enjoying the fruits of your success. You can also buy a house and indulge in a comfortable life.

Four of Pentacles card indicates that you are very cautious about your financial matters. You are very worried about your future and you invest a lot of your savings in your business. You know how much hard work and determination it takes to gain a financially stable life and you are not willing to take any risks at this point. You are careful about the people and companies you keep your trust with. You have also started investing in new ventures and are not hesitant to learn new things, such as technology.

Is Four of Pentacles Yes or No Card?

Four of Pentacles card in a yes or no reading describes a ‘yes.’ The pentacles are a positive sign for a very lucrative and promising future. Invest your money wisely, but not so much that you don’t have some to spare for later.

Four of Pentacles as a Person

When drawing Four of Pentacles as a person, a card describes a person who is greedy, someone who is tightfisted. They are clingy and jealous, and their bad temper and selfishness get in the way of their happiness. When the Four of Pentacles presents itself in a reading, it indicates that the Seeker is most likely dealing with material issues. Money has been tight and the seeker is constantly being reminded that there is no “enough money”. The key message is to focus on what is truly important and not waste money on pointless things.

Four of pentacles also denotes insecurity. The seeker is feeling tight in their own skin, and they want to change the way they look. Sometimes this shows up as a quest for bigger lips, more beautiful face, or slimmer waist. If Four of pentacles tarot card represents you, it means that you are most likely having issues with your own identity, or even self esteem.

If you are seeking an emotional description of Four of Pentacles card as a person, the person represented is jealous, greedy, and materialistic. He feels alone, insecure, and unimportant. A Four of Pentacles person is jealous of others and wants to keep their money, success, and positions. This person’s insecurities can bring negativity to their life, and they try to keep people at arm’s length. They are afraid of being abandoned, and no one can make them feel special. The Four of Pentacles card person is greedy for money and material things.

Because the person represented by this card is jealous, greedy, and materialistic, it is essential that you get rid of the pentacles. If Four of Pentacles showed up upright in a reading, you may be feeling jealous and materialistic and want to be wealthy, famous, and have the world’s attention. You may feel the need to control others and are trying to get their approval.

Four of Pentacles as a Feeling

When it comes to feelings Four of Pentacles reveals a strong sense of money, both in the material sense and in the materialistic sense, and can denote jealousy, possessiveness, defensive behaviour, and greed.

Four of pentacles as personality types denotes someone who is both generous and greedy, but at the same time they are a very private person and can take their materialism to the extreme. They often have money and career issues. They desire recognition, but often end up being manipulated by people they think loves them. They are attracted to ‘good looking’ people. Four of pentacles people are fearful of being abandoned, getting close, and being a target. They prefer to be in control of their own lives, which they are rather insecure about. They believe wealth will bring security and happiness. Some Four of pentacles people end up in very superficial relationships, and they often end up becoming greedy friends.

What Is Four of Pentacles Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

Four of Pentacles can also appear as a positive Tarot card and advantage in situations involving money, material possessions, self-worth, and success. It means that you finally feel proud of your accomplishments and are willing to share them with others. Even better, this card suggests that you have a certain amount of cash stored away in a secret place. You are therefore safe from robbery and theft and are able to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. You may also be able to take someone else’s advice regarding what you do with your money. Have you inherited money or property through a will or a legacy? Consider whether you should keep a secret account for your needs, such as paying off debts, or give this away to someone in need.

When Four of Pentacles appears, it serves as a reminder of how satisfying it can be to reach your goals – the accumulation of wealth and security comes with many positive benefits. Now is a perfect time to re-evaluate how you value yourself and what you want to achieve long term. Are you living according to your higher goals, or simply following the financial demands of this life?

Four of Pentacles as an Obstacle

When Four of Pentacles appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it symbolizes a feeling of instability and being out in the cold. This card might represent going through a divorce or separation, bankruptcy, unemployment, health issues, living expenses, or not having enough resources to maintain something. It also represents feeling as if life is out of our control. The Four of Pentacles can be seen as a sign that it’s time to let go of your pride and embrace a healthy sense of abundance.

When Four of Pentacles presents itself in a Tarot reading, it tends to symbolize a feeling of insecurity and being out in the cold. This card might represent going through a divorce or separation, bankruptcy, unemployment, or health issues or feeling as if life is out of our control. To counterbalance being out of touch with our true potential, Four of Pentacles is a strong indicator of a positive outcome. It predicts luck and a strong presence in your life. However, the presence of Four of Pentacles in your Tarot reading can also indicate an economic setback or the loss of wealth.

Four of Pentacles Card as a Future Outcome

If your question is about your general future and challenges ahead, Four of Pentacles card in the reading signals you that you are about to gain clarity, and your efforts will be fruitful as you pursue your goals. You need to take care of your mental health and well-being. It would be good if you learned to be kind to yourself. The Four of Pentacles reminds you that you are living in the present. You can not evaluate your future prospects and make plans in the past. The Four of Pentacles indicates that money is going steadily, which is good news in the near future. However, be careful about other things too. The Four of Pentacles also means that you do not care about money or material things and are rather more concerned with your health and fitness. However, you might be getting easily fooled by others. If someone else is giving you material benefits, make sure you dig more deeply into the matter and do not trust everything without verification.

When Four of Pentacles appear in a future outcome position, you are most likely going to need to make some compromises if you want what you desire.

This card indicates that it is very difficult to have a balance between having everything and also wanting to receive love from others. The Four of Pentacles signifies that you are in competition with others because they also want the same things you do. You have to come to the realization that you can’t have it all and the cards are telling you that some sacrifices must be made. It is very difficult to have a balanced life between your family, your career, and your finances, but in your pursuit of success, you have come to a point where one has to prioritize and make sacrifices.

The Four of Pentacles signifies money, wealth, and prosperity. It appears when it is time to work hard towards the attainment of your goals. The only real restriction implied by this card is that you are afraid to share your wealth with others. If you are struggling financially, this is a good time to look around and see how you can balance your needs and desires without cutting someone’s benefits.

Four of Pentacles Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will something happen, Four of Pentacles card in the reading signals that the occurrence of whatever you are wishing for soon. The time is very less, and it will be very surprising to you. If your question is regarding the way something will develop, then this card indicates that good times are almost close.