Four of Pentacles Reversed

card meanings

Four of Pentacles reversed is a card of release – the letting go of insecurity and financial hardship. Are you tired of dealing with the worry and anxiety that come with financial struggles? Are you tired of feeling ‘in debt’ because you can’t afford your mortgage repayments? Or perhaps you’ve fallen behind on the bills, unable to service the credit cards in your name?

Characteristics of Four of Pentacles Reversed

Positive: generosity, sharing, sharing wealth, giving and receiving, new opportunities, releasing pent up energy.

Negative: spending beyond means, reckless decisions, self-protection, greediness, lack of trust, bankruptcy, debt.

General Meaning of Four of Pentacles Reversed

You may be releasing yourself from this unnecessary financial burden so that you can enjoy a more balanced life. And you may be doing so in a way that you can both enjoy and be proud of. For example, you may be turning off your phone so you don’t have to deal with any annoying or time-consuming communication bills; or you may have taken out an investment loan to pay for your business’s expenses – but are now beginning to break even and making plans to pay it off.

You may also be more able to communicate about your financial situation and make decisions that are likely to lead to improvements.

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed card in a general Tarot reading, it is an indication that you should let go of the past and stop being selfish with your wealth. It implies that you have accumulated wealth via materialistic ways that have become your identity, which is no longer helpful. The Four of Pentacles in the reversed position advises you to let go of the ego and realize the fact that you have enough, even if you are rich. It also suggests that you must start enjoying life and making yourself happy. This will help you to feel better about yourself and your wealth. Additionally, the Four of Pentacles reversal indicates that you are getting bored with your present and are looking forward to start something new and fresh.

Furthermore, it depicts that you are in the process of learning to appreciate the gifts around you irrespective of their cost. You know that wealth does not bring happiness and instead, it makes you unhappy when you possess it. Four of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are now prepared to see the world from a different perspective.

When you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a general Tarot reading, the card depicts that you are in the process of releasing control over your wealth or property. You have finally freed yourself from your shackles and are now embracing the flow of wealth. You are letting go of any fears about money and have grown enough in your inner resources to accept abundance in your life.

The Four of Pentacles reversed is a favorable card to receive since it represents being more in touch with one’s innermost feelings, one’s own unique qualities and gifts. You have put your self-assuredness and your boundaries in place, which has now given you the courage to accept yourself more and to be kinder to yourself. You have realized that you are enough and that you are worthy of having your own desires and hopes fulfilled. Because you have gained a degree of independence, you no longer depend on other people for your happiness. Be true to yourself and your spiritual path, now that the chains have fallen off of your ankles.

When Four of Pentacles reversed card appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, the card represents that you are facing financial problems and might be getting into debt. You are lacking trust and security, which is why you are not willing to invest in something new. Four of pentacles reversed can mean that you can be overspending and unable to live within your means. Sometimes this card also means that you are experiencing mental problems such as anxiety and paranoia. You are not able to manage your cash well and might be having financial disputes with your family and friends.

The Four of pentacles reversed card indicates that someone is always watching you and keeping track of all your expenses and purchases, so it is possible that you have to pay them extra in the middle of your financial problems. This card in the reversed form shows that you are struggling mightily financially, which is why you are desperately trying to save up even if it means suffering a lot of sacrifices. Although you have saved up a lot, you are still not satisfied with where you are financially and have issues with how much you are paying for your living.

Four of Pentacles Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

When you pull Four of Pentacles reversed card in a love and relationships Tarot reading, it might occasionally mean that you are currently ignoring the signals your intuition is sending you. You are currently ignoring the warnings your intuition is throwing at you, thus preventing yourself from becoming involved with someone. Or, if you are already in a relationship, you need to do a reevaluation of your relationship’s priorities.

This card indicates that you may be in a relationship where the couple has disagreements and is fighting all the time. They are very unkind with each other and hardly share any intimacy and connection. The negativity and discord are very obvious in your relationship, and no matter how much you try to bring them closer, there is a very small chance that these problems will be resolved in the coming time.

This Minor Arcana card in a reading also suggests that you are probably very concerned about your relationship’s future, meaning you keep having issues with it, even after understanding the actual reason behind your relationship’s end. This concern is normal as we want everything in our relationship to last forever. But that’s not the case in any relationship.

Four of Pentacles Reversed in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed in a reading about your career or business, you may be letting go of the past if you’re in a position to do so. If you’re having difficulty making this change, you can be clinging to the past. Now might be a good time to leave your old job behind. It may be time to renegotiate your terms and get another position if your job is under threat. Alternatively, you may be able to make this change with ease. Regardless, you no longer need the material things that the past has given you. A healthy sense of progress and the ability to let go of the past allows you to welcome new ones.

Four of Pentacles Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed in a finance reading then you can be very wary of anything that smacks of fraud, con artists, and shady deals now. It is likely that your guard is up, as you may have lost a lot of money in the past. Even if someone promises you the world, if it sounds too good to be true (or just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do), exercise caution. Check references and if things don’t make sense, walk away. Four of Pentacles tarot card reversed denotes that you are being used, you are desperate to get your financial needs met and you could be used in a scam to get your money. Avoid people who seek to cash in on your desperation.

Reversed Four of Pentacles signifies an imbalance between your resources and what you need. You are likely to go from being very comfortable to being very uncomfortable very quickly. You are over-committed and cannot keep up with your payments. Your circumstances are becoming unmanageable.

Four of Pentacles Reversed in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed in reading about your health, it means that any issue you’ve been having is not from the inside. When it comes to health and spirituality, keep in mind that you should listen to your instincts. The Four of Pentacles reversed suggests that you should pay attention to anything or advise from your close people who are trustworthy and experienced. Try to figure out what they are telling you.

Four of Pentacles Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed in reading about your spirituality and self-development, it means that you are putting more value on your authentic self, including your soul and your spirit. You’ve become so focused on your inner being that you are no longer worried about what others think of you but how you feel inside. You are now aware of how your actions reflect your values.

The Four of Pentacles reversed calls attention to your need to spend less time on accumulating stuff. You may be doing it for the wrong reasons, such as to make someone else happy or for the ‘likes’ or approval of others. It may help to shift your focus to the bigger picture. Do you really need to be materialistic in order to be happy? Consider the benefits of being more in tune with your feelings and your needs. Let go of what you can use or no longer need, and instead embrace what brings you joy and pleasure. For instance, you may no longer need to keep a room in your house full of items you have stored for ‘some day’ but could instead use that space to host fun and creative events.

Is Four of Pentacles Reversed Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed in a yes or no reading, it means that the answer is yes. Reversed Four of Pentacles card signifies standing up to the power and financial influence that is trying to oppress you. You are being more vocal and empowered about what you want and don’t want. You have a solid foundation to rely on which can be a source of strength.

In a yes or no reading, Four of Pentacles reversed card is all about control, self-care and protection first.

Four of Pentacles Reversed as a Person

If you’ve pulled Four of Pentacles reversed as a person, a card describes a person who is finally ready to open up. This is the pentacle that represents the element of Earth and thus everything attached to it including feelings of comfort and financial security. This person has been trying desperately to keep their wealth and security, but it has only made them more isolated. Now the person finally feels like it is time to let go. Four of Pentacles reversed represents being ready to let go of financial security and comfort. Things can be turned over and put in a better place.

Four of Pentacles reversed as a person denotes someone who tends to be very materialistic and a bit conservative and jealous. They are scared that they might lose their wealth or security and go on a total emotional roller-coaster as a result. The Four of Pentacles reversed shows that they are finally ready to let it all go and spend and enjoy life.

Regarding emotional description of a person Four of Pentacles reversed card reveals the existence of a person with an unstable emotional status as the card is a representation of someone who can never be trusted. This card also depicts the existence of someone who always has an ego of others. This card signals that this person might do any sort of actions for fame and public views. This card indicates a person who always wants to do things with others in a social gatherings. They are always playing games. This card suggests not taking everyone’s actions and words as a sign of honor and integrity. This card signals one to keep on moving ahead on one’s path, with honesty and integrity.

Four of Pentacles Reversed as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading Four of Pentacles reversed as feelings can represent feelings of unwinding and openness in a relationship. Four of pentacles reversed as personality types can indicate someone who is ready to let go of outgrown baggage. There is also an awakening that occurs when Four of Pentacles shows up reversed as the person starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are now ready to change. They have realized they don’t need to live their lives in fear.

What Is Four of Pentacles Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When Four of Pentacles reversed appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage, it symbolizes attaining a secure financial position. You have now learned to manage your resources more wisely and have made yourself financially secure. This card suggests that you are learning how to live in a way that nurtures your soul and lets your true essence shine through. You are becoming aware of the value of your connection with Spirit and you make an effort to preserve it.

Four of Pentacles reversed is the symbol of balance in life and of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. You will know when you are acting in the service of your Higher Purpose in life rather than for personal gain, and you will be more in harmony with yourself and the Universe. At this time, you are open to learning about financial independence, saving, and spending wisely. You are also learning to put your ego aside and live generously, so you can share your abundance with your community or give generously to those less fortunate than yourself.

Four of Pentacles Reversed as an Obstacle

When Four of Pentacles reversed card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you are trying extra hard to keep the same, but it’s becoming a burden. There is a great deal of tension and imbalance within your life. You have to make a choice whether to keep the balance or give it up. It may also mean that you are letting go of something or someone. You are giving up to have more space. This card is also a sign of restriction and lack of choices. Four of Pentacles reversed indicates that you need to be more flexible and open to new opportunities.

Four of pentacles reversed in a tarot card reading means someone is working hard to save money and accumulate it. There is a fear of losing what they have. Four of pentacles reversed shows the person is becoming too dependent on material things to feel satisfied and happy. The card shows someone who is financially unstable and not able to maintain financial independence. Four of pentacles reversed indicates someone who is lacking in confidence and needs more time to grow both their financial confidence and social status.

Four of Pentacles Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

If your question is about your general future and challenges ahead, Four of Pentacles reversed card in the reading signals that you should try to release your pent-up emotions and energy to move ahead. You are afraid to do things because you are feeling trapped in some situation and cannot move out of it. But don’t worry because every situation has its time and will pass. The Four of Pentacles reversed card indicates your lack of emotional control and inability to manage your work and relationships. This card suggests you should take some time and try to analyze the real reasons behind your fear or anxiety, and then move forwards in your life. Or get an expert opinion.

Four of Pentacles reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to get excited about moving beyond the limiting boundaries that have been holding you back. There’s an underlying belief that you can’t do anything new or different and you’re restricting your growth. Let go of those limiting beliefs and create a bold new vision for what you want to create.

The Four of Pentacles reversed meaning is that you are now prepared to move towards your ultimate goals and desires with excitement and a new found energy, no longer fearing the unknown.

When Four of Pentacles reversed, it means you are re-discovering what is truly important to you and are finding the intrinsic value in your deepest beliefs and desires. You are ready to follow your desires and passions knowing you can make good money when you truly love what you are doing.

In Four of Pentacles reversed, the seeker may try to get more in tune with their own inner feelings to find out what their hearts truly desire. This will help the seeker reconnect with who they are on the deepest level.

Four of Pentacles Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will an event happen, Four of Pentacles reversed card in the reading signals that this is not the time to plan a serious project for the future. There will be delays and setbacks in the projects you are working on. Moreover, there will be some disputes and difficulties in your way that you will not like. So you have two options: Be confident and focus on your strengths and what you can do well to get over the hurdles, or change your track. Instead of planning for the future, you may want to do some adventurous thing, explore your talents, or make some short-term plans for spending your money.

Drawing Four of Pentacles reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that your desires and goals might take you on a different route than you initially anticipated. You have been so set in your routine and doing things the same way for a while that you might be shaken off your tracks. This shift might happen to you at any time from now, leaving you on a journey with lots of uncertainty and changes.

Reversed Four of Pentacles might refer to your tendency to be overly protective and risk-averse regarding your wealth and fortune. You may have a great deal of material comfort and security, but you’re becoming increasingly concerned at the risk of losing it. The Four of Pentacles reversed, on the other hand, denotes that you need to take a step back and evaluate your assets and your overall wealth as a whole.