Six of Cups
card meanings

The Six of Cups is the card of childhood, nostalgia, and feelings of joy and happiness that stem from memories. The six cups stand for happy childhood memories, innocence, joy, and youthfulness. When this card appears in a reading, it often appears to be a reminder to connect with your inner child and feel joy again, especially in areas of your life that are blocked or difficult. The Six of Cups is a card of hope, healing, and forgiveness, and can represent children, memories, and nostalgia. When the Six of Cups occurs in a spread, it is a sign that it is time to look back on the lessons you learned in the past, and to forgive the people and events that caused you pain, sadness, and loss. Forgiveness is one of the most important parts of one’s spiritual path.

Characteristics of Six of Cups Upright

Upright Keywords Positive: childhood memories, memories of the past, feeling like a kid, being childlike, innocence, making a childhood wish come true, youth, being a child at heart, a return to good times.

Upright Keywords Negative: bad memories, upsetting memories, growing pains, nostalgia, feeling left-out, low self-esteem.

Description and Symbolism of Six of Cups

In Numerology Six of Cups card contains number 6, a number of memories. Number 6 reminds you to bring back the old, the forgotten, and the joyous memories. In spirituality, Six of cups shows that the memories are coming back to the conscious mind and subconscious mind. This card reminds you about childhood memories and makes you want to bring them back. Astrological planet for Six of Cups is Sun, a symbol of happiness, healing, light, and vitality, as well as strength and hope. The astrological element for Six of Cups is water and astrological sign for Six of Cups is Scorpio, which is all about transformation, power, and control.

The two children on the Six of Cups card are facing each other and they look happy, indicating that they are enjoying the moment in their childhood – they take the time to smell the flowers, they take the time to give and receive. We can notice six cups on the card and each of these cups is full of white flowers and foliage. The white flowers in the cups have five petals, which reminds us of a pentagram, while the white color stands for purity and innocence. The children in the cards are wearing colorful clothing that adorn them with feelings of happiness and joy.

General Meaning of Six of Cups

Six of Cups card indicates childhood, memories, and comfort. When this card shows up, it means that things from the past are returning to you and bringing back happy memories. You are about to live your dreams and are about to experience the best moments of your life. You are connected with your inner child and feel rejuvenated. Six of cups tarot card often shows up when a person is healing from past traumatic events. This card shows up also when people have past trauma, but instead of it blocking the present, it brings them closer to their own inner child, and they become whole again. Six of cups tarot card can also indicate nostalgia and reminiscing.

Six of cups tarot card as personality types indicates someone who is extremely compassionate, connected with their feelings and emotions, and open to learning about themselves. Six of cups people are often their own best friend, connecting with their own inner emotions and needs. Six of cups people love to be around older people, and especially children and animals.

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups card in a general Tarot reading, did the image on your hand mirror what is happening in your life? Six of cups is generally a card of nostalgia, childhood, innocence, and healing.

Six of cups tarot card is more likely a Yes in a yes/no question.

Six of cups speaks of feeling safe and loved. Six of cups can mean childhood memories coming back, and there is healing happening in the present time. Six of cups speaks of intuition and a feeling of ‘home’ in the present time.

When Six of Cups card appears in a positive position that is about advantages or strength in a general Tarot reading, the message the card sends is positive. It indicates that a time of plenty and positivity is likely to be coming soon. It seems like a time of peace, carefree living, and pleasant memories of the past are coming back to you. When Six of Cups appear in the reversed form, you should take caution and consider the things you want to let go before you discard them because it could be harmful to your future.

It means letting go of what has happened in the past and welcoming the new changes of your life. The Six of Cups might represent your childhood and suggest that you spend time with the close ones such as your family, siblings, or friends. The Six of Cups Minor Arcana card denotes good memories and a sense of security amongst family members. It encourages you to connect with those you love and enjoy their company because it gives you a chance to forget about your problems and focus on the positive emotions that surround you.

When you’ve pulled Six of Cups card in a negative position that describes weakness or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, it indicates that you are ignoring your lessons from the past, being reluctant to be associated with someone as a child, and letting childhood wounds fester. This Minor Arcana card may also represent a desire to go back in time—like a trip down memory lane.

If you’ve drawn the Six of Cups in response to a query about whether a specific event will happen or if a specific concern will be resolved, it means that you will receive confirmation of your question later. The six cups indicate that you have a tendency to return to the past and that you can be a child at heart. It also describes your feelings of nostalgia and your desire to go back in time.

Six of Cups tarot card indicates that you’re a daydreamer and are more attracted to the past than to the present or the future. While you are in the past, you can be in seventh-heaven, reminiscing about your previous accomplishments or achievements.

Six of Cups in the Context of Love and Relationships

When you pull Six of Cups card in a love and relationships Tarot reading, it indicates a romantic time for you. You shall appreciate your relationship a lot and make your life more meaningful. You and your partner shall be having a blast time together and would want to spend more time with each other than in the past. You two shall always support each other without worrying about the pressure from your family, friend circle, or society. Gossip and talks are the last thing on your mind as you appreciate each other and enjoy each other’s company at a higher level than in the past. Your partner would always consider you as his/her soulmate, and you would share an intimate connection with each other.

If you are single, then this card indicates that the date of your desires may not be so distant. You shall surely have many romantic opportunities in your life, but you would choose to spend your time with those close to you and give them the time you couldn’t give them in your busy busy life, even though you would find romantic moments with them. But, Six of Cups also indicates a feeling of nostalgia in your life.

Six of Cups in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups after asking your deck about career and profession, then you must have a nostalgia for your past. This feeling towards your past will give you motivation to achieve your goals. You will get motivation from the past and start looking forward to the future. Embrace this feeling and use it as the foundation for your future.

Six of Cups in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups after asking your deck about finances, then you might be struggling with your money right now. If you are thinking of changing your current lifestyle, then think in other terms. Stop making judgments about things that are not your business. It could be the right time to celebrate your favorite thing like a trip, or shopping spree.

Six of Cups in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups in reading about your health, it means that you need to remember to take care of your well-being. You could be so preoccupied with getting things done that you haven’t been taking care of yourself. The upside is that it can also signify a return to health following an extended period of illness. If you’ve been struggling with a sickness, you may start to recover. In a health Tarot spread, the Six of Cups is a positive indication of baby-bearing. It’s a sign that you have a good chance of becoming a parent.

To receive Six of Cups in a health reading signifies that your family and relationship will be strong and supportive of your well-being. You might have received this card in your spread to symbolize a feeling of comfort and emotional harmony. Now that you have a secure and stable home life to return to, you will recover your health.

Six of Cups Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development Tarot reading Six of Cups card signals being filled with creative memories from the past. Six of cups speaks of childhood memories, nostalgia and living in the past. It can also mean receiving guidance from older people. Six of cups can also mean learning from personal experiences, being authentic, and following our hearts.

Six of cups as a person indicates someone filled with memories, emotions and feelings from the past. They are often very giving and loving with the intention of taking care of everyone. They can have difficulty getting their boundaries, especially around their own emotional matters. They are very sensitive and can have a difficult time dealing with conflict, especially if it is not handled respectfully. They are often healers and care givers. They take their cues from their past as they are not sure what to do with their future.

Is Six of Cups Yes or No Card?

In a yes or no reading, Six of Cups card indicates a strong yes. The cup symbolizes childhood and memories. The messages that this card conveys are pure positivity. Embrace who you are and what you have. All your dreams are coming true at this very moment.

Six of Cups as a Person

In a card as a person reading, Six of Cups card is all about children and family. You are reminded that you must take time to nurture your loved ones. The upright Six of Cups encourages you to embrace the past and cherish the memories you have with your loved ones. You may also find that you have the ability to heal relationships with close friends and family members, and this card shows you the way. The Six of Cups in a love reading is here to remind you to be kind to your partner because you see the bond you share and that it is worthy of your time and attention.

The Six of Cups also represents childhood memories. Have you always dreamed about what kids would do if they had all the power and money in the world? Now is the time for you to pursue some childhood dreams. Are you hoping to be a famous singer, or a dancer? Now is the time to make magic happen again, just for you. These things can only be done with the right people (mentors) and environment, so make sure you surround yourself with positive people and good vibes.

Those who have questions about a emotional traits of a person, Six of Cups Tarot card indicates that the person is a child at heart. If a query is about something concerning one’s own life, Six of cups shows the native will feel a bond with someone in his/hers childhood or family. If the query is about a relationship or a wish from someone else, Six of Cups represents this person has a young child in his life which is close to him. Six of cups tarot card also tells you about the kind of past you had. Did your past contain happiness, sorrow, and fulfillment? This tarot card suggests that the future is the result of your current actions.

Six of Cups as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading Six of Cups as feelings can represent a wide range of emotions, it is an overall nostalgic feeling. Those feelings can be more specific in a reading than they are in this broad interpretation of the Six of Cups in the upright position. This card can suggest a deep connection to family, childhood, and the past. It can bring to mind happy memories and the feeling of being connected once again.

Six of Cups as a personality type can signify someone who feels especially connected to their childhood and their family and who often finds themselves repeating the patterns and behaviors that they grew up with. This is someone who sometimes fears change and who can have great difficulty in trusting new people, new situations and new experiences. They can often find themselves in situations that are re-traumatizing and difficult to cope with. Six of cups as a person can also denote someone who needs to ‘go back in time’ and who is fixated on the past to a fault.

Six of Cups as a personality type is someone who needs to be accepted by family and who needs to be loved for their unique and individual qualities.

What Is Six of Cups Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When Six of Cups card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, it means that you are about to re-enter the past and reclaim your identity and memories from before. The time away in the past that helped you to better understand who you are and what you desire is now over. The future that was uncertain before can be seen brighter as you reclaim your youth and innocence and enjoy the happy memories of the past again.

You might be planning to have a holiday, maybe go back to college or university, or maybe reevaluate your situation in the past to learn from your experiences and get closer to your goals. The Six of Cups can indicate that you are taking a step back in time to gain a better understanding of what you’ve learned from your past life and where you might have gone wrong. This might be a period that allows you to re-evaluate your position and rediscover who you are and what you desire. The Six of Cups encourages you to find joy in the past and enjoy a reunion with loved ones. When you are with your roots, you can express your best self.

Six of Cups as an Obstacle

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Six of Cups card calls you to look back on your past and rediscover your inner child. If you are having difficulty loving or trusting your own child, you can remind yourself of the times when you loved and trusted your parents. Take the time to relive childhood memories, the joys and challenges that you had, how you grew up and learned about life. Rediscover the magic of childhood, cherish the innocence of childhood, and reconnect with the feelings and emotions of your child in you. The card suggests that you need to take your mind back to the innocence of childhood and revisit the joys and the magic you saw during your childhood. Connect with the feelings and the emotions of your child within, and rediscover the innocence of childhood.

Six of cups tarot card is one of the most positive cards in a tarot deck and signals happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment. If you want your life to be more meaningful, you should start looking back at your old life, your memories, and rediscover how happy you were when you used to play.

Six of Cups Card as a Future Outcome

When Six of Cups appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, then it signifies nostalgia, childhood memories, feelings, and emotional bonds. You can feel happy remembering your childhood and being back in your old house as if it were yesterday. In that moment, you miss your past lifestyle and feel that you once had better childhood than the present one. You may still be acting up as if you were kids and enjoying the same carefree attitude as when you were a child. You may be able to feel all the joys and pleasures that you once had when you were a child. The Six of Cups (upright) card thus appears to be advising you to seek back your childhood or any other happy time in your life and live up to your childhood as if you were still there.

This Minor Arcana card indicates that your inner child is back and he or she is eager to play and have a lot of fun again. You feel like you have forgotten how to be like a kid and feel compelled to act your age, which is adult behavior.

When Six of Cups appear in a future outcome position, it indicates that the things you have left behind will appear again. If this is not something you want, then it is something that you should move on from. If you have children, you can see them playing in the same park or going to the same school that you have. This shows that your hard work has paid off and can be a source of joy and happiness for you. Six of cups also means that you are thinking about the future and what you can do to improve your life and make life more meaningful. You are looking back and considering the things in your life that you are grateful for and happy to have experienced. If you find yourself in a stressful situation recently, the Six of Cups suggests that you think about the past, and think about what brought you good luck in the past and how to replicate them in the future. Think of things that made you grateful and thankful. These thoughts will bring positivity in your life.

Six of Cups Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will an event happen, Six of Cups card in the reading signals that whatever you’re wishing for is right around the corner. Six of cups indicates childhood memories coming back into your life. The Six of Cups indicates memories of happiness, innocence, and love. The time of your life you have been wishing for is finally near. Time to embrace your childhood and remind yourself why you are doing the things you are doing in life. It is time to enjoy life and do what you loved the most when you were a child. Take a trip back in time and remember what it felt like to be pure and innocent. You will once again be like a child in paradise when you are going through your happiest memories. Six of cups brings good news when you are expecting a new life in the family, an award, or a promotion at work, this card suggests that your wishes or dreams will come true soon.

Characteristics of Six of Cups Reversed

Reversed keywords positive: independence, learning about the self, new perspectives, nostalgia, childhood memories, personal growth.

Reversed keywords negative: unhappy memories, growing pains, missed chances, low energy, past repeating in bad ways.

General Meaning of Six of Cups Reversed

Six of Cups reversed is a card of childhood memories. If six of cups show reversed in a reading, the card is warning you that children could get in the way of your success or that there might be unfinished business between you and a family member you haven’t seen in a while. If this is the case, make sure you are ready for a reconciliation. There is likely to be some emotional baggage with this connection. If the card is upright, it’s usually a sign that childhood memories are resurfacing and that you might need to deal with old resentments. It might be time to forgive your past and move on. You could be holding on to a relationship or connection where you don’t like how things are going because you are worried about what happened in the past. Or, you might not want the other person to be around because of old wounds. This reversed card advises you to cut ties with such people and go on with your life. You are here to move up and achieve great things, and you can’t do that with old, bad, outdated habits.

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups reversed card in a general Tarot reading, then you are repressing the memories of your past which would help you go forward with your future plans. You are afraid of letting go of your past memories, which could hinder your growth and development. You are trying to hold on to the past to get recognition, attention, and approval from your family and society. Because of this, you are missing out on the many opportunities available in front of you. This card may indicate that you are unable to appreciate the present because you are distracted and preoccupied with the memories of the past. This could be due to your unhealthy childhood, trauma, or other negative experiences in your life. You must learn to let go of the past in order to move on. Even if it is painful or you don’t want to face it, you must open your heart to the present.

Six of Cups reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position tells you that you are now fully living in the present and not dwelling on the past. You are confident, empowered, and unashamed of who you are and don’t let anyone or anything influence you in any negative way. You are also likely to be the one to encourage others to live in the present and not dwell on the past. It is also highly likely that someone is feeling emotionally abandoned and not ready to take the next step in their lives, causing hurt.

In a reading, you may find that it’s time to let go of the past and take a fresh look at the future, both personal and professional. It is time to embrace who you are without looking back. If you have been struggling to accept yourself, get a Six of Cups in the reversed position. Take a moment to reflect on the parts of yourself you value. Do you have a bad habit or two? Are you a workaholic? Is there a relationship goal that you have not been able to reach even after years of trying?

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position in a general Tarot reading, you most likely are being given a warning. This Minor Arcana card reversed wants you to think carefully about what you wish for. Look closely and carefully at the items and people in your life that make you feel secure. Are you giving your power to others who don’t deserve it? If so, this Major Arcana card is a warning that you are in danger of losing a significant part of yourself.

Six of Cups reversed denotes issues with memory and a strong sense of childhood experiences coming back to haunt you. You may be recalling negative emotions and traumatic experiences from your past. You are re-evaluating your life and you are likely to feel lost and powerless. You are looking for something from your past and cannot make yourself believe that it is not happening right now.

If Six of cups is reversed, you may be dealing with issues in your past that are unresolved and resurfacing. It might also indicate that you are feeling stuck in the present, unable to adapt to the modern world.

Six of Cups Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

When you pull Six of Cups reversed card in a love and relationships Tarot reading, it may be a sign that you may be dealing with problems when you attempt to rekindle a relationship that you had in the past. Your inability to forgive what you consider to be the infidelity of your ex might be impeding you from letting go. On the other hand, it may also indicate that you may have to confront some past experiences, which are haunting you. Even if you have forgiven your partner, you could be harbouring a lot of resentment as a result of a previous misunderstanding or something else.

Moreover, this reversed card indicates that your past experiences with your partners are haunting you and blocking you from moving on with your relationships, which is not the right thing to do for your future relationships. Therefore, it is suggested that you approach your ex’s side and talk to them and ask them whether they are still interested in you or not. If you are single, six of cups reversed indicates the inability to forget the past hurts, and that is also preventing you from meeting others.

Six of Cups Reversed in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, Six of Cups reversed can predict a job that is boring, depressing, or filled with conflict. The reversed Six of cups can also denote an office job where you are unhappy and where you are not learning anything new. On the other hand, Six of cups (reversed) can signal that you have created a boring lifestyle for yourself in your job and it’s time to make some changes. There is a lot more out there. You need to venture outside of your comfort zone. Now is the time to try fun new things that will leave you feeling fulfilled when it’s all said and done, such as becoming a travel instructor or starting a photography business.

Additionally, Six of cups (reversed) can mean that you may be stuck repeating old routines that no longer fulfil you, draining the joy out of your work experience. It’s time to shake things up and try something new. There are lots of opportunities out there to make some changes – don’t be afraid to reach out and grab them.

Six of Cups Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups reversed in a finance reading it may be time to consider how your values map to your financial decisions. The reversed Six of cups signals that your old childhood values may be impacting your financial decisions at the present time. The choices that you make today may not align well with the lessons you learned when you were young. Spend, spend, spend? Or save, save, save? What is important to you financially now? How do you distinguish between what is necessary and what is a waste of your hard-earned cash? Spend and indulge? Or save and live well? The answer to this question will shape your future choices.

Six of Cups Reversed in the Context of Health

If your question is about what should you focus on regarding health, Six of Cups reversed card in a reading exposes that you should focus on the inner world if you are not currently actively working on developing your spirituality. The Six of Cups reversed also states that it is a sign of mental health issues and that you should be aware about them and get yourself diagnosed if you feel any.

Six of cups reversed indicates that there is going to be an imbalance of energy within you, which is going to make you feel stressed and unable to function normally. This is a card of children returning to the home after they have gone outside for a picnic, which might make you reminisce about your childhood.

Six of Cups Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups reversed in reading about your spirituality and self-development, it means that you’re experiencing difficulties in letting go of your childhood to embrace your true self. You could be struggling with the past, regretting the mistakes you made, or holding on to all your old wounds. You might believe that because of your scars, you can’t move forward and embrace your potential. You can’t let go of your childhood, regardless of whether it’s been good or bad— it is what shaped you into the person you are today. Try to look at your past with an end in sight. What would happen if you put all that energy into something positive moving forward? Are you just being stuck in the past? If so, this card may indicate that you need to let go of the mistakes and embrace a new beginning, such as returning to school or starting a new business.

Is Six of Cups Reversed Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled Six of Cups reversed in a yes or no reading, it means that right now, the answer to your question is most likely no. The reversed position of this ace indicates a return to childhood issues are resurfacing. When we don’t deal with our childhood trauma, we end up repeating our past behavior patterns. The answer is often forgiveness.

Six of Cups Reversed as a Person

When you draw Six of Cups reversed as a person, a card describes a person who is unable to appreciate and accept the opportunities that are in front of them. They have a difficult time trusting others, believe that failure is acceptable and are unable to give their best. When this card shows up reversed, you should look out for someone who is trying to please others but isn’t doing themselves any favours. In a work setting, Six of cups reversed people might have a difficult time fitting in and will likely also have issues with working as a team. They have a hard time accepting their own worth and talents, and they might be prone to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

At times, the Six of Cups reversed can also be a sign that you might be stuck in the past and unable to see your own potential. If this happens to you, try to remember that what happened did not define who you are. Try to look at the opportunities that are available for you, even if they were there in the past. This will help you accept your position in life and develop a better perspective of the world.

When drawing Six of Cups reversed card, emotional description of a card as a person means something like a child who is going through emotional turmoil needs your love and help. The cards are trying to tell you that you have to help them be happy. Try to make them feel comfortable and share your child’s hobbies with them. This will help them enjoy their free time and forget about a lot of things.

Six of Cups Reversed as a Feeling

When it comes to feelings Six of Cups reversed reveals feelings that can vary from childhood pain, bitterness, or regret to the desire to feel closer to your past self. As a person, we learn lessons from our past and are able to grow and become who we are as a result. However, with 6 of Cups Reversed there is a fear of letting go of painful emotions.

Six of Cups reversed as a person indicates someone who is in denial and has a tendency to project his or her issues onto others. This person is often the victim in his or her own life and lacks any self-confidence. There is a fear of standing on their own two feet. Six of cups reversed as a person denotes someone who is bitter, self-critical, and moody. They are not willing to grow and are always looking backwards with regrets. This is someone who is stuck in an era and is unable to move forward to the next chapter in their lives. There is a lack of communication and a fear of intimacy.

What Is Six of Cups Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

Six of Cups reversed can also appear as a positive Tarot card and advantage card. For example, it may represent healing and rejuvenation following a period of conflict and a return to childhood feelings. Six of Cups reversed can also denote a lack of childhood innocence. It indicates that you are growing up and moving forward. You can have a fresh perspective on the past, and on what was. A more mature perspective can also be represented by this card. A more enlightened age may have been reached and, in time, you will learn to look back on your past with contentment and satisfaction.

Six of Cups reversed denotes issues with memories from the past. This could be in the form of repressed traumas, unresolved grief or remorse, or even repeating the same bad patterns over and over again. It is important to allow yourself forgiveness, understanding, and compassion for what happened, so that you can move on and develop a future for yourself based on what is possible. The past is over, and so much of what happened was necessary to help you get to the point you are at now.

Six of Cups Reversed as an Obstacle

When Six of Cups reversed card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you must handle things with care or there might be negative consequences. Six of Cups reversed is not a good indication because it means that you might be neglecting or not learning from your past and that you are unable to cope with present circumstances. This is not to say that you can’t learn from your experiences; just do it from a place of maturity and not childhood. If Six of Cups reversed continues to show up in a reading, you are likely allowing a toxic situation to exist in your life. This could be something you inherited from family members (or even an abuser) or something else. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. The best way to start the healing process is by talking honestly about what happened and letting out all of your emotions. Be kind to yourself, and try not to dwell on the past.

Six of Cups Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

Drawing Six of Cups reversed in the future position also suggests that you can draw on previous lessons to help you get out of your present situation. For example, you can look back at what you have already learned about yourself and your needs to create the future you desire. You would be wise to seek help from others or a mentor to guide you to where you need to be. The reversed Six of Cups is also a sign that you are unable to leave your past behind. You may be unable to move on and accept new experiences because you are still clinging to past wounds. Try to change your perspective on your situation rather than trying to relive something that happened a long time ago.

Six of Cups reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to be mindful of the things that are keeping you trapped in the past. If you are struggling with negativity or addiction, you can’t escape it. Although it is tempting to reach for these things that bind you, it is wiser to let them go. The past is done, and it is time to make your own unique mark on the world. Six of cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who doesn’t allow themselves to grow and learn because they were brought up in the wrong ways. This is someone who believes that the past is the past and nothing can ever change it. In relationships, the reversed six of cups can indicate a relationship that is stuck in the past, and there is a tendency to abuse and take advantage of those that are there for the taking.

Six of Cups Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

Drawing Six of Cups reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that you may be living in the past and not looking to the future. This might sound strange, but a reversed Six of Cups indicates that your past successes are stifling your future progress and making you feel stuck. All you can see are the negative aspects of the past, and you are unable to see the positive growth that this has brought you. You must learn to let go and move on. The past cannot be changed, but you can learn from it. Focus on and accept what is happening and use this experience to prepare yourself for what is to come.