Six of Cups Reversed as Feelings in Love and Relationships


When you draw the Six of Cups reversed, the card signals that you likely are living in the past and recalling the happy moments of childhood. You are likely to try to reconnect with old friends or even a former lover who left you long ago, and this may help you to regain a sense of joy and happiness. There is also a chance that you are refusing to let go of these former relationships because you are angry at their departure. But this is unhealthy, as it is holding you back from experiencing new life experiences. If you come across this card, take a walk in nature or reread a children’s book with an intention to have fun and create excitement again.

The reversed Six of Cups occasionally shows that you feel restricted in some way and that you may need to find creative ways to escape this restricted reality. There may be a lot of anxiety and fear around you, and you may be worrying that the world is closing in on you. As a result, you are becoming increasingly closed off from your inner self and the world around you.

What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals About How Someone In a Platonic Relationship Feels About You?

When you are in a platonic relationship and you draw the Six of Cups reversed while asking how that person feels about you, the card reveals that this person won’t let you in. You need to look deeper into this person. You both are responsible to give the other person the space. This person is creating a barrier in the connection between you two, and you can’t make excuses for this other person. This card can also indicate the opposite person’s lack of maturity, which is why you both need to work on your communication with one another.

For Those Who Are Single: What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals About Your Future Love Life?

Six of Cups reversed as feelings for those who are single, the card reveals a romanticized, passive and perhaps even childish view of life. The person who is single now misses out on experiencing what it is like to be in a relationship, as well as being able to bond with people close to them. This reversed card might be indicative of someone who has not experienced real love, and therefore is unable to understand how relationships work. They might also have unrealistic ideals and are unable to give their relationship with another person true effort and dedication.

For Those Who Are Just Starting a New Relationship: What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

If you are only starting a new relationships and you want to know what your lover feels about you, the Six of Cups reversed through the perspective of feelings reveals that your partner may get bored with you and feel uncomfortable around you. Your current partner’s close bond with his family is making you feel alienated or left out. Your partner will have a very different view if you have a family. This card reversed indicates that your current relationship may be stale and uninteresting, and you may lose some interest in it due to the same. If you are in a relationship but you feel bored in your relationship, then you have to take the initiative to keep the spark alive.

For Those Who Are In a Relationship: What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings About You And What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

Six of Cups reversed as feelings for those who are in a relationship signals either boredom or a negative feeling towards your relationship. It is possible that some resentment is building, or that you are resenting your past. There may be trouble making room for the new in your relationship, and you may want to make room for some creativity. There is a feeling of being stuck in the past and unable to live in the present. Alternatively, the six of cups reversed can also indicate that your relationship is past its expiration date. If you’re in a relationship and having troubles, you may need to rekindle an old flame.

What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals For Those Who Want to Know If Their Relationship Is Advancing Into More Serious Commitment Or Marriage?

If you are wondering whether your relationship is progressing into more serious commitment, the Six of Cups reversed is all about how things are going right now. You must remember that the good things in your relationship are not permanent. If you are in a relationship with someone for a long time, it is normal to make compromises and sacrifices in all aspects of your lives. Even the most stable relationship has its ups and downs. It is not necessary that your relationship should be constant all the time.

What Six of Cups Reversed Reveals About Your Ex’s Feelings About You?

When you pull the Six of Cups reversed on feelings position and you want to know what your ex partner feels about you, the card signals that your ex partner is no more friendly towards you. Your ex might be feeling bitter about the breakup of your relationship. If this is not the case and if your ex is still close to you, you may feel jealous of your ex’s new relationship and your ex might be trying to make you feel uncomfortable by putting distance between you two.