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Temperance is the divine card of flow and balance. When this card appears it is time to bring things into harmony and make peace with others and nature. You are creating a new cycle of life and the universe is in perfect alignment with your intention.

In contrast to the dual nature of the World and the Tower cards, the Temperance card is full of positive energy. This is the card of the ‘serene sea’ and the ‘still waters’. Here we see the calm before a storm, the still waters before the waves that will soon break, the equilibrium before the disruption of the opposing forces. With this card, we are advised to stay in the present moment and do our best to allow things to flow and be in a state of harmony with everyone and everything around us.

Temperance is a card about ‘flow’, about making decisions as your instincts tell you and doing the right thing when it is time to flow.

Characteristics of Temperance Upright

Positive: patience, moderation, focus, adaptability, concentration, calm, tranquillity, balancing forces and desires, inner peace, still waters, balance, harmony, moderation, steady, relaxed, safe, healthy, serene, calm, efficient.

Negative: too much, too soon, too much effort, too little effort, too little growth, too much change, too little change, too much effort, too little effort, too little growth, too much effort, too quick growth, too many changes, too much sacrifice, giving up, having burnout, losing your cool, losing your temper, being too tolerant of others, being too controlled.

Description and Symbolism of Temperance

In Numerology Temperance card contains number 14, which is a number of balance, a bridge and a center of equilibrium. It means that through understanding of balance, there is achievement of harmony, peace and serenity. The Temperance tarot card has a picture of a balancing point on a cup. This point represents the concept of moderation, equilibrium and harmony. This symbolizes the law of balance, and balance is only after a struggle. The woman in the center represents the spiritual side of life and balance. Temperance is a balancing act that can also involve a balancing act between good and evil.

Astrological planet for Temperance is Jupiter, symbolizing vision, insight, and intelligence. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and diplomacy. The Temperance is the ability to adjust and balance various divergent situations.

Fire is the astrological element for Temperance and astrological sign is Sagittarius. It is a sign of the seeker who seeks the truth. Sagittarius is also connected with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion, education, expansion and creativity. Temperance itself is a symbol for harmony, balance, wisdom and moderation.

On the Temperance card there is an angel with large wings and the beautiful creature is both masculine and feminine. The angel’s wing symbolize the angel’s connection to divine consciousness and divine love. The angel is also a messenger of the divine, which means the angel brings us messages from the spirit world. The two cups in the angel’s hands show that humans have the ability to create harmony and balance in their lives by focusing on what they have in common and staying in harmony with each other.

In the background, there is a river that flows through the mountains. The mountains with their peaks, highlands, and cliffs remind us of the intellectual energy that the angel needs to stay grounded amidst the world. The green hills, abundant nature, and calm river represent her environment and calm soul.

The angel on the Temperance card stands with one foot on the rocks, and the other in the water, balancing and puring water between two cups symbolizing the balance between the material and spiritual worlds. She is adorned with garlands of flowers and fruits symbolising the blessings of the divine world. The balance in which she stands symbolises the middle way and the need to strike a balance between extremes. Her flowing white robe symbolises purity and innocence. The two cups that she holds in each of her hands symbolise duality. The flowing river that she stands in symbolises constant movement.

The angel on the Temperance card stands with one foot on the rocks, and the other in the water, balancing and puring water between two cups symbolizing the world that is brought about by intuition and the other by intellect, and temperance between these two worlds. This is done as to balance the needs of the material world with the spiritual world. Behind, a mountain range represents the material world, and the river symbolize the emotions, and they have also joined forces. In the background, we see the sun that shines brightly symbolizing abundance and happiness.

The angel on the Temperance card is surrounded by lush landscape with blossoming flowers and mountains in the background. The angel is holding the perfect balance between the body and the mind. The path to the crown represents the crown chakra, which is the seat of divine intelligence, consciousness, and will. It is also called the third eye. The Temperance card shows the harmony of the crown chakra, which represents our higher self.

She is in balance and harmony, and she shows a harmonious relationship with her environment.

General Meaning of Temperance

Temperance card indicates that you are at the right tempo and moment of time in your life. Everything is going smoothly in your life, and you are experiencing harmony and balance. You have created a balance between all aspects of your life, and this is the key to your wellbeing. You are currently in a situation of stillness and calm, but this stillness is not always calm. You are always in action and taking your life forward. It is this action and forward movement that is making you feel calm and comfortable with yourself on a consistent basis.

Temperance signifies that you are at a point in your life when you need to work harmoniously with others in order to make the most out of your life. You are currently having a very comfortable and peaceful time, and you are comfortable sharing this moment with others. You are currently in the appropriate mood and mindset to share and connect with others. But the same can be said for the fact that you are not opening yourself up to share with others. You are currently spending enough time with your loved ones, and you are also working hard to maintain your well-being.

Temperance tarot card is one of the Major Arcana cards that represent balance in most situations. This may be in a relationship, career or financial setting. Temperance reminds us of our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and changing beliefs, even if we find that it disrupts the normal flow of things. Temperance is all about achieving balance, particularly with regard to our own personal power. Temperance reminds us that we each have our own individual personal power and it’s not everyone else’s responsibility to alter our situation for us. It’s best if we choose to adapt and learn to live within our own personal power. Temperance is about balancing power and its opposite: apathy and indulgence.

When pulled in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, Temperance card calls you to maintain a healthy balance between your inner and outer self. It is the card of moderation. Don’t overindulge in any particular aspect or behavior of your life—diet, workout, spending, relationships, work—and do not withdraw your focus from them equally. Remain even as you navigate between one extreme and the other. This allows you to maintain control and progress forward. Temperance also represents the kind of serene and calm that is achieved when a person is in balance with himself or herself.

The upright Temperance card is a great indication of the ability to maintain control over all the external elements of life. You are able to maintain equilibrium through a sense of moderation and control over your environment. There is also a sense of calmness that you are experiencing, and it is a reflection of the state of your emotions as well. This card indicates that you need to maintain a healthy balance between your inner and outer self.

When pulled in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, Temperance card calls you to take a big step into self-care and self-development. You don’t have to throw yourself upon the mercy of others or seek advice from others who are less educated than you. Instead, you can take charge of your own well-being by connecting with your own Higher Self. You will be enlightened, empowered, and in control of your own destiny when you follow your own path.

Temperance is one of the most important cards in the deck for spiritual growth. It represents the balance between the forces of both the conscious and the subconscious mind. It is the connection between the material world and the spiritual one. It shows how you are able to adapt to different situations while maintaining your composure, peace, and neutrality.

Temperance in the Context of Love and Relationships

If you’ve pulled Temperance after consulting your deck about love and it is turned over, then it represents a time of harmony between the couple. This card suggests that you are with the right person and should be happy with your choice. But in case you are single, this card signifies that you have a positive and peaceful time ahead. It depicts that you two are destined to remain together with lots of love and affection.

In a love and relationships Tarot reading, Temperance through the context of feelings is all about finding a moderate way forward. Instead of experiencing the extremes of highs and lows, you can be finding a balanced approach to a relationship, according to the tarot. This can include developing a healthier lifestyle, like meditation or a more active workout. Sometimes, if the Temperance card represents a triangle, it might be prudent to not act in haste. Even if you have the same intentions as a single person, you should be cautious. In situations involving others, try to stay out of the middle of a heated discussion or avoid having the last word. Consider walking away and dealing with the situation at a more appropriate time. In a love Tarot spread, Temperance can also mean taking a hard look at your own relationship behavior. Are you too wrapped up in your own desires or your romantic pursuits to notice the feelings and needs of your significant other? If so, be ready to put them first and make a change before things go too far.

If you have issues about love and relationship, Temperance Tarot card shows up in your tarot card reading. It illustrates the balance between your inner self and your outer self. In relationships, it illustrates the balance between the two partners. One partner should be at an average level, which will help them to balance your life and give you time for the things that only you will do. Temperance will help you get balance in a relationship. Temperance also illustrates balance in your life’s endeavors. If you are going to do a new business, look for a new relationship, or even make changes in your life, make sure that at the same time, you give space to your relationship and your partner to keep things going smoothly. Otherwise, it will become a mess.

Temperance in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled Temperance after asking your deck about career goals, you may find that this card is the key to what you desire. Temperance urges you to take the middle path, to blend what you already have into your development and find a healthy balance. Temperance advises you to focus on patience and self-control, and be willing to accept one path at a time. Sometimes, though, Temperance can also point to a compromise. You may be required to take a middle ground in your job or business. For example, if you are considering a move to a different city or state, you might find that you’ll need to work out the details on how you will split your living expenses and childcare bills while still enjoying a stable future for your family unit. Stay patient and do so with good relationships with your colleagues, friends and family. Temperance may be telling you that your career is flourishing, but there are things that you can do to make it even better.

In a career Tarot reading Temperance calls you to consider your long term goals. Are you looking for a way to balance work and your personal life? This Major Arcana card advises you to adopt a steady, moderate pace that will lead you to success. If you can master the art of balance, you can achieve anything. Temperance cautions against rash decisions, particularly in career decisions or financial choices. Take your time when making any significant decisions that will impact your professional life. Avoid being impulsive if you value your long term success.

Temperance in the Context of Finances

In a Tarot reading about finances, Temperance can predict that both your financial stability and your capacity to manage your resources wisely will be good right now. Your financial concerns may be easing in the meantime, and you may become more prepared to handle them as they arise. Additionally, you could use your newfound awareness to practice a certain degree of restraint. The universe is offering you a chance right now to make some beneficial improvements on your financial status. Make the most of it. Now is the time to be patient and methodical when handling your finances.

If you have been diligent in your financial management, the Temperance card can signify that you may find yourself in a financial position that is better than before. You may have discovered a strategy that enables you to do better with what you have. You should also be concerned with the bigger picture right now; if you act carefully and remain adaptable, your finances will benefit in the coming years too. Temperance can indicate financial harmony or financial discipline. To manage your money carefully, be conservative in spending, and make an effort to save for the future or some other important goal.

In a finance Tarot reading Temperance calls you to strike a balance between your short-term and long-term financial goals. You might find yourself using your energy to make a big financial decision because you can see the potential rewards for both short-term and long-term outcomes. What are you willing to do for a short-term gain? How will this decision affect your long-term financial security? Only you know the answers to these questions. The best thing you can do is make and follow a balanced plan.

Temperance in the Context of Health

In a health reading Temperance card indicates better health and balance. If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, Temperance card in a reading exposes you to consider the balance of your body’s systems. The Temperance card says that you must maintain the right balance between eating and exercising and making time for spiritual growth. You must make sure that your body gets enough rest. Maintain good hygiene.

Temperance Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In a spirituality and self-development reading Temperance card is all about balance, moderation and equilibrium. There is no quick-fix and everything needs to be in proper balance. Temperance suggests that everything must be balanced and harmonious for us and our surroundings to thrive. We are all responsible for keeping everything in sync, in its right place, and in a good flow. When things are out of sync, it affects both us and others around us. Temperance is the card of the balance between the two: our conscious and our unconscious, the material and the spiritual, our actions and our reactions.

Temperance is the tarot’s representation of the Law of Attraction. When things are in balance, you attract things that are already in balance. For example, if you are having excessive anxiety levels and are getting panic attacks because of stress, Temperance card suggests that the best way for you to calm yourself is to follow the advice of Temperance. This advice will include self-care and meditation.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled Temperance upright, you may find that you aren’t too sure as to what your life is supposed to be about or where you should be focusing. You’ll have to consider the broader picture to find the answers you seek.

Temperance is the concept of moderation, harmony, and balance. Unlike Temperance’s more traditional meaning, when the upright Temperance tarot card shows up in a reading, it doesn’t always represent balance and moderation. Although it’s true that life requires this balance, when the card shows up, it’s up right into a period of conflict, instability, and anxiety. How can you pull this off?

Temperance’s tarot card meaning reflects that life is not always going to flow smoothly. In fact, the concept of Temperance is connected to the need to balance and harmonize. Temperance can, on the one hand, mean getting things right, and on the other, there is the possibility that you can get too focused on the negative aspects of your life, and your balance will suffer.

Is Temperance Yes or No Card?

If you have yes or no questions in a reading, Temperance Tarot card shows up as a ‘maybe’. This tarot card is all about finding the middle ground between two opposing forces and is often associated with the energy of higher powers. Temperance means being able to see both sides of a problem or situation. It is a very helpful card when it comes to resolving conflicts as it teaches you to find peace within.

This tarot card encourages you to take your time and make sure you have all the information you need before moving forward. This tarot card can be taken as a sign that you need to listen to yourself and be in tune with your inner voice. When this tarot card shows up for you during your reading it can be taken as a form of encouragement to take your time and not rush into making any decisions.

Temperance as a Person

If you’ve pulled Temperance as a person, a card describes a person who is balanced, steady, and in the middle. They seek the middle ground and will do things as long as they are not causing a lot of damage to anyone or anything. They value harmony and diplomacy and will do most anything to avoid conflict. They are also very adaptable and have all the skills they need to succeed. They are incredibly resourceful and know how to make anything happen when the time comes. They are also very perceptive, intuitive, and empathetic.

When the Temperance tarot card appears in the upright position in a tarot reading, calm and patience reigns. A powerful and positive shift of energy is underway. However, the flip side of this card is that it can also point towards one’s inability to see the situation clearly. You may have a blind spot when it comes to certain aspects of your life. This can be due to blindness from your past experience, emotional responses, or a problem that you cannot see.

Physical description of Temperance card as a person is that of a person who is balanced and in harmony with themselves and with nature. They are highly focused and disciplined, and they prefer to go with the flow. Temperance people are calm, peace-loving, and patient. Temperance tarot card signifies a natural ability to create harmony and balance in and through life. Temperance tarot card is a strong indication of spirituality of an old way of thinking and it indicates the need for unity and balance in harmony with other people. Temperance tarot card signifies well with other tarot cards.

Temperance tarot card as personality types denote someone who has achieved a good balance between their inner and outer desires. They are able to live a happy life without having to push themselves to extremes. Temperance people rarely become overly stressed and most of the time are in a peaceful and calm mood. They are people who like to relax and enjoy time with family and close friends and are also good at giving and returning favors.

Emotional traits of Temperance card as a person are balance and equilibrium. They are very patient and calm. When this card appears upright, the querent has learned the lesson of patience, and the querent uses this lesson to achieve their goals. Temperance represents the balance between masculine and feminine energies, positive and negative aspects, and inner and outer. Temperance card represents the idea that people should be in balance and harmony in all aspects of life. It also represents spiritual and enlightenment and means that you should be looking for peace within yourself. Temperance indicates that the querent has balance in all things, even his or her emotions. Temperance upright card indicates that the querent needs to be balanced in all things and should be patient with the things in the present that are not of his or her desires. If you have been feeling upset about something, take a break and meditate, or do things that relax you – this will help balance your emotions. Temperance is about spirituality and enlightenment.

Temperance as a Feeling

When you draw Temperance as a feeling, a card reveals your state of calm or balance. It is the moment when you discover that you have enough energy to meet your current objectives without putting too much of your focus on one thing. You have a sense of harmony and moderation in all aspects of your life, and the result of that is your equilibrium.

The Temperance card signifies spiritual balance and moderation of all types. When you receive this card, it means that you are in a good place, both physically and emotionally. It indicates that you do not make any extreme decisions and that you have a clear idea of what you want from life. You are not as easily distracted as usual, and you have a very steady mind in a sense that you’re not easily distracted. You are also able to channel and focus your energy on what is important. You might have reached a point in your life where you are trying to strike a balance between your inner and your outer self.

In card as a feeling reading Temperance card indicates that the native is lucky and spiritual and must make sure that he or she balances their inner and outer life to reach success. It would help if the person focused on their health and well-being and kept a good balance between work and personal life. The person would also focus on building strong relationships as they will be working with close people in personal and professional lives. They will be doing their best to maintain peace in their lives and balance their thoughts and emotions.

Temperance tarot card is the most important tarot card to read in the deck if you are looking for a balanced and healthy life. If you check out the card for yourself, it will indicate that you have a very stable personality and are always looking for balance in everything you do and accomplish. You believe that too much of anything is not good and have a tendency to strike a healthy and meaningful balance in your life and the lives of those close to you. This card tells you that you have found that balance and you are now reaping the rewards of that healthy balance – your healthy body, mind, and spirit.

What Is Temperance Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

Temperance can also appear as a positive Tarot card and advantage. The upright Temperance represents balance, peace, and equilibrium. It stands for moderation, calm, compassion, self-control, and forgiveness. When it emerges, a strong, harmonious, and well-thought-out decision will be made. If the Temperance has appeared in the reverse position, it indicates that you are taking on too many projects and not giving all of yourself to them. The best path to take is to focus on one or two key projects. Be consistent in your life’s journey.

Temperance implies that you are in a steady, balanced position and are capable of handling things in an enlightened and steady manner. You have the wisdom and maturity you need to handle the issues you come across in life. Furthermore, you have the capability to handle the situation without losing your head or completely losing all control. You are able to remain calm and act tactfully when required.

The Temperance tarot card is a sign of balance and caution. You cannot go forward recklessly or take massive risks.

Temperance card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position signals that you are in a good place overall. You’ve found harmony within, and are able to maintain balance, stability, and patience. This steadiness is allowing you to see new options for yourself and your life. This is a time of self-compassion, and putting the needs of others ahead of your needs.

Temperance is the card for moderation and balance, a time of harmony and peace. When the Temperance card emerges, you’re well-regulated and in control of your emotions – both in the present and long-term.

You’re being more restrained, and you’ve mastered your emotions, which allows you to manage your life better. This means you can maintain stability, harmony and peace. You tend to keep your emotions in check and don’t let yourself be tempted by them – allowing for equilibrium. You have better balance, and can see things from a wider perspective. Temperance is also associated with a time in your life when you are able to focus, create and manifest.

Temperance as an Obstacle

When Temperance card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you are too sensitive right now and need to be balanced. You must avoid going too far to avoid hitting a dead end. Temperance reminds you to take care of your emotions and avoid overreacting. It is time to get balance between your work and your personal life, and your work and yourself.

Temperance can also appear as a weakness if you are not handling change well. Temperance asks you to slow things down and take a deep breath – it is crucial to think things through before you move forward. You must be conscious of the impact your actions may have on those around you, instead of losing control and taking action impulsively. This can sometimes cause others to feel that you are out of touch or not in tune with reality. Your relationships will suffer negatively if you let your temper or hot-headedness get the better. The Temperance card comes to remind you that there are times when you must let things play out naturally, without forcing your thoughts or opinions on others. Instead, you must keep in mind that every action or statement will result in a reaction from others. Be conscious of this and your reactions in advance, so that you may steer clear of any negative situations.

Temperance is about balancing opposing forces. In a situation, this could mean that you are trying to achieve a balance of opposing things – family, work, finances, health, friendship, and emotional well-being.

When Temperance card appears in a negative position that is about weakness, or obstacle in a Tarot reading, the message the card sends is about patience. Temperance shows that you are able to maintain peace in all the energy you have, that you have control over your life, and you are in charge. Despite a certain level of chaos that surrounds you, you create your own space. You are able to overcome the obstacles even if you can not avoid them because you know that life is about making decisions even when you are not in full control, and that you must learn to accept the outcomes you cannot influence.

For Temperance in a reading, you get the message that it is important to keep your cool and keep your temper under control. All the things are happening around you, and they are unexpected and challenging, but you are able to manage everything because you are very clear on your intention and what you exactly want to achieve in your life. The Temperance upright card is telling you to have peace around you and observe what is happening, while you take care of what is in your power to control.

Temperance Card as a Future Outcome

Temperance card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you to combine your intuitive and rational minds to make the most out of life. Take your time to make decisions. Don’t be worried about the outcome because if you do, you will never take action. Your actions will be influenced by your inner emotions. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Temperance tells you to listen to your inner voice. It is the decision-making part of your mind. You must balance your desire to give into your emotions with what is rational and what will be best for you in the longer run.

Temperance is all about harmony. The Temperance card represents harmony. It brings a message of balance and moderation. You would be able to learn to listen to your inner voice. Take your time to make decisions when it appears as The Temperance suggests. The Temperance represents moderation. Temperance is considered a divine card when it comes to tarot. Temperance represents balance. The Temperance is also associated with the fifth house, which is about health and vitality.

Drawing Temperance in the future position also suggests something important like patience, balance, moderation and equilibrium in life. This card indicates that a balance is on the verge of falling and the time is perfect to take a pause and keep everything balanced. If you want something but cannot have it, draw this card. If you want your wish to come true, temperance. Your wish will be granted to you very soon. Temperance also tells you how to live a balanced life. The same card represents your life and your personality. It indicates a balance and moderation in life. This card gives you a balance in everything. In spirituality, it says that the balance between the body, mind, and spirit needs attention. You cannot give equal attention to all aspects of your life. The Temperance card also depicts the need to take breaks from your work to go for meditation and other spiritual practices. You have been giving your body and mind too much energy and it needs a rest.

When in a Tarot reading Temperance card appears in a future outcome position, it means you are following a spiritual path to the full. Temperance signifies a balance of opposing forces. When we connect these forces and make decisions based on them, we experience both a sense of order and equilibrium. Through careful thought and a well-considered approach, you are creating harmony in your own life, which means you can now find serenity and calm. This still point is where spirit can be in full flow. When you have equilibrium in your life, you will be calm, alert, self-assured, in charge of your surroundings, and in tune with your spiritual self.

On a personal level, the upright Temperance tarot card may show up when you are balancing between two opposing ideas so that you may make a well-informed decision or when you have decided where and who you are.

Temperance Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If your question is when will something happen, Temperance card in the reading signals that events of a cosmic nature are about to happen in your life and will bring immense satisfaction in your life. Temperance can also represent that you have been holding on to the past for too long without a break. You need to learn to forgive those who have hurt you and move forward. All the good stuff in life is always wrapped in a sense of forgiveness toward others and yourself. You will feel the great relief after moving forward and letting go of the past.

Drawing Temperance when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that the event will take place in the future. Temperance in a broader sense symbolizes the human body’s ability to adapt and change as the needs of the organism change. If you have asked a question about love and this card shows up, it may mean a connection is in the making and will flourish in a harmony of shared interests, values, and beliefs. When Temperance occurs in a reading, it is a good indication that it is time to think about your goals. It is time to adapt and create harmony within your outer and inner worlds.

Temperance suggests that you are able to take the middle path when it comes to making decisions. You are not jumping from one idea to the next without stopping and evaluating the situation in light of the long-term. This strategy enables you to preserve your calmness and equilibrium, and it works when the situation demands peace. This is one of the many messages of the Temperance card.