The Devil
card meanings

Having a close relationship with our darker sides comes naturally to us as humans. It’s very much a part of who we are – our shadow self, as the Devil likes to be called.

The Devil card is bound to have a negative connotation for most people as it is often associated with things such as addictions, gambling, and promiscuity, among others. However, this card doesn’t necessarily represent these things by implication. On the other hand, it can be about the power of the subconscious to manipulate our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In any case, one can also find the Devil card in a reading as a reminder that the Devil in you is also a powerful part of you, and it is about time to acknowledge those aspects of yourself and accept them for who they are. This card is calling you to examine the things and situations that are taunting you and ask yourself whether they are useful to you or not.

In a reading, the Devil card may also suggest that, even if you recognize the negative side of a situation, you can struggle to do something about it.

Characteristics of The Devil Upright

Upright Keywords Positive: energy, powerful, intense, creative, resourceful, focused, lust, success, growth, motivation, progress, achievement, material comfort, safety, stability, vitality, pleasure, seduction, sexual energy, achieving goals, gaining control, self-control, being motivated, being productive, being more attractive, being at the top of the game, a promotion, being financially stable, financial security.

Negative: obsession with pleasure, lust, being controlled, dependence, being a slave to desires, addiction, enslavement, uncontrolled, obsessive, compulsive, dependence, lack of self-control, self-deception, vices, unhealthy habits, being in an unhealthy relationship, enslaving others, being enslaved by others, bad reputation, low social status, being a scapegoat, restriction, control freak, restriction, loss of freedom.

Description and Symbolism of The Devil

In Numerology The Devil card contains number 15, which is a number of intense desire. In Tarot, the Devil card is about addictions. This card shows that you are not entirely thinking clearly. It represents the dark side that exists in all of us.

Astrological planet for The Devil is Saturn, symbolizing the boundaries as well as karma. There is a connection between the spheres of existence and how we experience reality. The cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth are represented. Saturn is traditionally an arduous taskmaster, forcing one to question their morals and ethics, and re-evaluate one’s place in the universe.

Earth is the astrological element for The Devil and astrological sign is Capricorn. It is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, obligations, rules and traditional roles. Saturn is often linked to boredom, routine and rigidity. However, the good Saturn can bring progress, discipline, and an overall sense of order and structure. Capricorn is the sign that connects the Earthy side to the Spiritual side of the zodiac. Capricorn is about stability and foundations with a tendency to grow overbearing egos. What you can’t control, you control your reaction to it. Saturn encourages you to get grounded and be solid in what you believe and control your insecurities. In its positive form, Saturn encourages you to grow in maturity.

The Devil card in its negative aspect indicates that someone is dominating your will, your actions, and your life. Sometimes, it can also mean that this person has become like a habit and it has become hard to get rid of them. The Devil card is also about greed and power over others. Someone might exploit you for his or her selfish desires. Someone might even force you to do something that you can’t even do but are forced to do it. This might be for money and fame or for another selfish reason, which is too hard for you to understand.

The Devil on the card is the Baphomet – half man and half goat with wings of a vampire bat. He is positioned on the pedestal above the demonic female and male figures with tails, symbolizing lust and perversion. Both the human and the goat are shown to be in chains, and their bodies are bound by chains and the chains are also held by their heads, symbolizing a need for stability and security. The Baphomet is also known as The Horned God, The Devil, and The Goat-Man. Because of the goat’s dual nature, The Devil also represents that which is good and bad, and that which is wise and foolish. The Devil’s tail is also an interesting note. It looks as if he can strike anywhere in a split second! His horns are in the shape of the letter T. This can be taken as a reference to the letter of Hades which is T, standing for Tauro = strength, and is also the name of his horse at the last Judgment.

The Devil on the card is the Baphomet – half man and half goat with wings of a vampire bat. He is positioned on the pedestal above the demonic female and male figures with tails, symbolizing the duality of the forces that are represented and the balance between good and evil. The goat’s horns are a reference to the goat-headed Knights Templar god, Baphomet. The Devil himself represents the duality of man and his darker, animalistic nature. The chains represent the bonds that he has created to keep the human race in bondage. The Devil is the symbol that connects the world of the angel to human world. He reminds us that we need both the angelic and demonic sides of ourselves to have true power and wisdom.

Both man and woman on the The Devil card are naked and standing binded to the pedestal with chains around their necks, but they seem obedient. They both have horns and tails, which symbolize their animalistic nature. It looks like they are in some kind of trap or punishment, but they are completely at the mercy of this being in charge of them. They are a symbol of our desires and the things we are attracted to. The Devil represents the forces of temptation that bind us, and the chains he is bound with represent that no matter how strong you think you are, you have to make a choice. To make a choice, you need to surrender and give in.

Right above The Devil, even touching his forehead, there is an inverted pentagram, which is a symbol of the occult. The Pentagram is associated with ritual magic, alchemy, and mystic religion. It represents the “Devil’s work”. The Devil is a part of the material world as he is under the influence of that material world as he is under the influence of materialism, greed, and material possessions.

General Meaning of The Devil

The Devil card describes feeling restricted and being bound to a negative influence or belief that holds you back from living your full potential. It might be anything from a nasty habit, such as smoking, to a controlling boss or a toxic relationship.

The Devil is more associated with negative forces rather than with your higher self. This card therefore represents our bad habits and the limiting belief systems we have that cause us to act in ways that are not in our best interest. These habits can sometimes be difficult to break, as we are easily swayed and our minds can convince us that the benefits of the current lifestyle are more important than the potential risks of breaking free.

In a general Tarot reading The Devil calls you to release control over your human life and urges you to indulge in bad habits. The Devil is urging you to take on a drug, engage in destructive behavior, or act out of spite. The goal is to experience pleasure, fulfillment, and happiness, and this is the gateway to achieving the great desires that you have longed for. The Devil signals that you need to be in alignment with your higher self, and then you will be capable of taking action that will lead to your desired outcomes.

In a more specific reading, when you see the Devil in the context of a love Tarot spread, the Devil is a metaphor for infatuation. You may pursue this person and desire them with all your heart. But when you catch them, you realize that they are not who you had hoped they were and that they are also imperfect. For example, it could be your partner is a workaholic or the mother of your children is overbearing. The Devil may appear in the relationship context when you are struggling with a connection that you are not happy with.

The Devil card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position signals the triumph of your willpower and the achievement of your desires. You have a firm belief in your ability to accomplish your objectives and possess the strength and fortitude to carry out your plans irrespective of what obstacles or challenges come your way. Others are enamoured with your energy, stamina, confidence, and determination to see your goal through to completion. However, this card cautions you that you may become consumed with this “soul-sucking” desire to achieve your goals and that overconfidence may be your downfall. In a broader sense, the Devil card stands for a variety of situations. The most common interpretation of this card is that you are allowing greed, hatred, and other negative emotions to control you rather than following your higher will. The most important action required on your part is to regain control of your life and your mind. Otherwise, you risk becoming a slave to these negative emotions and behaviours, which can negatively or positively influence your life.

The Devil card embodies all facets of humanity’s base and animalistic instincts.

The Devil card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position signals a loss of focus, lack of motivation, and failing to see the path that you should be taking. You believe you are in control of your life but everything is becoming difficult because you are giving it your all to everything. Instead of being productive, you are constantly getting sidetracked with every little thing that comes into your head. You are unable to say no to everything because you believe that if you say no to one thing, you’ll have no time to do other things. Or you think if you take the time for one thing, you won’t have time for another. But this situation is killing your enthusiasm and your motivation to keep going. All those things which you consider valuable things take all your time and effort. You must remember that there are many other things that are more important than what you are doing right now. Your life, your time should be well used and you must not waste it on things that don’t matter at all. You should start focusing on your goals and achieving them. Your goals are very important for you to achieve.

The Devil in the Context of Love and Relationships

In a love reading The Devil card indicates a relationship that is more like a business relationship. The partnership is filled with jealousy, possessiveness and a feeling of being owned. There is little or no romance involved and it is very difficult for both partners to be themselves. Some partners feel trapped in the relationship and find the relationship controlling and suffocating. If this is the case the relationship will need to be renegotiated.

In a relationship The Devil card can also mean the couple is the aggressors. This means one person wants the other person to be more of what they are and less of what they are not. Both partners believe the relationship will only succeed if they play the dominant role, and the other person does as they are told and conforms. This is not the kind of relationship where both partners can truly shine.

Love feelings through The Devil card in love Tarot reading are described as a feeling of enslavement and being held down. The Devil indicates that one wants to be in a relationship but this comes at the cost of freedom and independence. It indicates the feelings of dependence on a person, and feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. It denotes a certain type of romance in which one feels restricted and which doesn’t give you the freedom you have within your boundaries and desires.

In single’s life, The Devil signifies that one is missing that feeling of being trapped. You are probably holding back your feelings because you don’t want to be alone. It also means that there is difficulty in letting go of a partner that is no longer serving the purpose of your existence. If you are in a relationship, The Devil shows the presence of jealousy. If you are single, the card illustrates that the person that you are dating or planning to date has another lover, and you are feeling jealous. You need to understand that being in a relationship with someone else doesn’t make you any less of a person.

If you have issues about love and relationship, The Devil Tarot card exposes the kind of challenges you will face for a long time. All your insecurities and past issues can come back to you again. If you are in a relationship, you might have to deal with arguments and fights with your partner. You may feel unstable at this moment, which might push you and your partner to distance from one another. Try to understand one another, and resolve the issue with understanding and respect. Both of you should listen to each other and hear what they have to say to resolve the matter. The Devil tarot card about your love life suggests that there may be a small misunderstanding with your partner for a long time, which is likely about your commitment to one another. You may be doubting your partner’s commitment to you. If you’re single, the Devil tarot card suggests that you might get into unhealthy relationships with someone who resembles a psychopath.

The Devil in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, The Devil can predict trouble in a number of areas. This Major Arcana card can also mean that you are working too hard in your life to make money and that you are in danger of turning to bad habits such as gambling or even drugs to give yourself a temporary boost. It could also mean that you think that money and success can buy you happiness. The Devil, when connected to your career, can suggest that there are issues that need to be dealt with before you can reach the kind of success you desire.

Right now, you can be tempted to sacrifice your morals to get the money, but The Devil tells you that you have to be true to both yourself and others. Avoid making promises you can’t keep or settling for less than you should. The Devil might represent the pressure and challenges involved in your work. Although you may be eager to get past this period, you must be aware of the sacrifices that you have to make. Despite this, it’s likely you’ll continue to fight the Devil as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

In a career Tarot reading The Devil calls you to do what you know you don’t want to do. It might be a job that you don’t enjoy, a dead-end career path, or the need to work at an unappealing business that you hate in order to support your family. You might have to dig deep to find motivation to carry on. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family or friends. If you are struggling more intensely than normal, it could be time to make a change.

The Devil in the Context of Finances

In a Tarot reading about finances, The Devil can predict failure to meet financial goals. You may want to make more investments or take out a loan to pay for something, but you are not able to accomplish this. Are you having trouble saving for the future? Are you being pressured to make a purchase? What is it that is preventing you from doing so? Perhaps you feel bound by an agreement or a contract, which restricts you from making the decision that you know will be in your best interest. You may need to renegotiate terms if you feel like the situation is not worth what it would cost you now.

In a finance reading The Devil card indicates a lack of control. You may find it difficult to resist the urge to spend money on unnecessary things even though you should be saving for your future. You must control your outlay and ensure that you are setting aside enough for your future. The Devil card reading suggests you control your spending, especially as the karmic cycle will be responsible for your actions in the future.

The card may also be a general warning of poor financial decisions as it could bring bad fortune to you. It also foretells the possibility of legal disputes over financial matters like inheritance or taxes. There maybe a legal battle with the authorities regarding how to handle your financial affairs. It is also a sign of bad luck in terms of money. Because of the card’s influence, there might be financial setbacks since it may indicate a loan that you took from someone to help you with your expenses turns out to have given you a bad deal.

The Devil in the Context of Health

Those who have questions in a health reading, The Devil Tarot card indicates that you cannot get better without some serious adjustments. If you have been going through a battle with your health, you will have to take drastic measures rather than playing around and waiting for the symptoms to improve. If you keep hoping that things will get better without any effort on your part, something like surgery, drugs, or alternative therapies will be required instead of just waiting for the pain to get better. If you want to get well, you will have to deal with your health issues head-on. You might face loss of sleep or even temporary loss of consciousness, but a problem of this nature needs to be dealt with at the root.

To get well at this stage, it is good if you change your environment as much as possible. It will help in healing you faster. Also, you have to give yourself enough time to heal and let yourself be in the healing environment. Sometimes, The Devil card also indicates that the disease you are fighting shows no signs of getting better.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, The Devil card in a reading exposes the hidden truth. The secret is that physical health should not be the focal point of your life. What is the greatest good for your soul? The answer might be scary, and you may not find it particularly pleasant to change, but it is necessary. You will have to make significant sacrifices to focus on other aspects of your life, such as spirituality. Meditation and introspection will be a necessary part of that effort. Additionally, The Devil card urges you to find an experienced spiritual healer if you are under a lot of stress or battling an illness. The best way to get well is to consult a specialist on how to regain peace of mind.

Furthermore, the Devil in tarot card for health indicates that your health is terrible. And you must take time to take care of yourself too. The Devil card does not always mean a physical illness, but it may indicate that your health worries are getting to you because of which you are unable to concentrate on anything else.

The Devil Card Through Spirituality and Self-Development

In spirituality and self-development reading The Devil card indicates deep-seated habits and addictions. The card also stands for inner guidance, and the subconscious programming is in play. The card can also indicate being trapped in a situation that you find you can’t get out of. You are probably trying to break the chains that bind you but to no avail. You feel like you have run out of options and that you are on your last legs. There are inner and outer forces at play regarding your situation. On the one hand, there is the drive to work hard and to change the situation, but no matter how hard you try you can’t alter the outcome. On the other hand, there is a sense of resignation and acceptance that you are powerless to change your situation. There is also a strong sense of ‘don’t give up’ that is coming from within you. It is time to re-examine your belief system and your understanding of the world.

The Devil card means that someone else has taken the initiative to control your actions and your life. This is not a good thing, especially when the person in question is The Devil.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Devil card, it’s not surprising that you find yourself asking ‘what is my higher calling?’ In the upright position, this Major Arcana card doesn’t immediately tell you that you should go somewhere and ‘find yourself.’ With this in mind, you’ll want to be on the lookout for opportunities coming your way to serve your Highest Good.

The Devil card in the upright position serves as a warning to recognize the temptations that show up along the path. It is a common misconception that this card represents ‘the devil’ and the negative energies that we all are drawn to. To be honest, the card’s meaning reflects the struggles we face within our everyday lives. You’ll learn more about the specific meaning of the Devil card in the following sections, but for now, just accept the image of the Devil as a negative force.

Is The Devil Yes or No Card?

In a yes or no reading, The Devil card indicates “maybe.” While the card is one of the most powerful of all the cards in the deck, its meaning is very confusing. It is also a card that can easily take on connotations of negativity. If you ask how someone is feeling about you, the Devil card in a spread might suggest the person you are interested in is playing hard to get. If this is the case, you might want to take a chance and move forward instead of letting things stagnate.

In a yes or no Tarot reading The Devil calls you to think about your own personal goals. It is important to remember that whether a specific thing is achievable or not is not dependent on the outcome of one event. The Devil wants you to understand this, but it also wants you to know that he wants you to live life on your terms. If an answer doesn’t seem possible or in line with your Highest Good, this doesn’t mean that the answer is no. Instead, it’s likely that your goal is too focused on this situation and not on the big picture. Take the time to re-think your goal and focus on what will make you happiest.

The Devil as a Person

If your question is about The Devil card as a person, this person is someone with a great ego that is very self-centered. The main characteristic of the person who is represented by this card is that they have a power that they use to create chaos in the world. The Devil might represent the type of person who has a selfish nature.

This person has a lack of empathy and is quite a manipulator. There are some things about them that are very disturbing, such as their tendency to manipulate everyone in order to get what they want. This is a person who will do anything to get what he desires. Because he desires whatever he desires at all costs, they are very dangerous. This person cannot control themselves and always get into trouble because their desires are so uncontrollable. However, one gets the feeling that he will do anything to keep the illusion of control.

If you’ve pulled The Devil card, a card describes a person who is full of negativity and guilt. The Devil represents one’s inner desires, both good and bad. These desires come from within and are out of our will or control. If you have a particular desire, you might find that it can be very difficult to ignore, which is why it becomes so addictive. It tempts you to achieve this desire – it’s an obsession. But is it really worth it in the end? This is a question you must ask yourself. The Devil could also indicate a need for control, to be able to make a move and have absolute power. Is this desire or need really grounded in reality? Are you willing to give up so much of who you are to get this desire?

When we start to fall victim to our desires, we usually give up our happiness for the promise of pleasure. When we think we have reached our limit, we become dependent of it and lose our power to control over ourselves so we can indulge. This is where The Devil comes in.

If your question is about a The Devil card as a emotional description of person, a reading exposes that the Devil symbolizes the part that is driven by desires. It implies that the person is having a difficult time controlling his urges. The person desires everything, but he needs to decide whether it is necessary for him or not. This person acts selfishly and cares more about his ambitions than anything else. Another interpretation of the Devil is to expose his selfish nature. The person is a loner, and he has the tendency to push other people away. This card represents a person who has problems with addiction.

After consulting a tarot card, one can come out of a period of restriction. The person can now take control of his life and his actions. One might have to experience the consequences of his actions, but he will be able to learn from them and make up for his mistakes.

A The Devil tarot card is an indication that all forms of ambition and desire are under control, but this control would be hard to get without letting go of our addictions.

The Devil as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading The Devil as feelings can represent fear, worry, despair, anxiety, unhappiness, and/or sadness. It can mean feeling the victim, giving in to poor self-esteem, being a slave to bad habits and the physical or emotional cravings. Satan is connected to addictions (lack of self-control) and self-harm, all of which can be seen as the devil in our own internal “cave.” It can also indicate lack of direction (not knowing where you are heading) and poor self-image.

As a person this card represents someone who has a tendency to do anything to get their hands on more wealth and power. Because of their own struggles to control their feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction, they sometimes get the tendency to look for ways to control other people. In their minds, power and money are their ticket out of their sad existence. The devil is also known as the seducer, the libertine, and the trickster. He is someone who uses his dark seductive powers to get what he wants. He is a master manipulator, never having to use violence.

In card as a feeling reading The Devil card indicates that you are feeling bored and trapped. You might be feeling constrained and lack of freedom. This card also signifies that there is something that makes you feel unworthy and you also fear failing to fulfill your responsibilities. You might be feeling as if you lack the power to change your situation. The Devil card tells you that you are human, which is why you have to deal with issues in your life and you can’t always fix everything. You have to depend upon yourself to overcome the challenges in your life. Try to be more proactive and proactive because this will help you change your situation. Try to become more social because it will help you explore your talents and get rid of your boredom.

The Devil card speaks of the negative consequences and their effects if there is a lack of self-control. You feel as if you are in a situation that is creating a lot of pressure on you, and The Devil card signifies that this is causing you to go downhill. The Devil card advises you to change your mindset so that you can handle the situation. The Devil card has a negative meaning when it comes to finances.

What Is The Devil Card as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

If you’ve pulled The Devil card in a positive, strength, or advantage position in a Tarot reading, your vision is evolving. But before you can start to manifest your vision, you must overcome any remaining obstacles that may stand in your way.

The Devil card illustrates that you are facing a problem, one that has been holding you back. You’ve been trying to fix this issue for a while now, and no matter how hard you’ve tried, the problem still remains. You have tried everything possible to fix the problem, and every effort you’ve made has been in vain. All you are getting is more frustration, and that’s why you are now ready to give up.

You know that you’ve tried everything to eliminate the problem and that the only option left for you is to quit. The problem has become too big for you to tackle on your own. Although it may be difficult to admit it, it is time for you to let the problem be. If you decide to leave the issue in the hands of someone else, he/she will be able to help you better determine your next step.

The Devil card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position calls you to your higher good, your inner self. The Devil symbolizes self-love and respect for your inner voice. The Devil is the card of inner power. The Devil embodies your willpower and desire to take charge of your life. There is also a sense of domination (and maybe a touch of sadism), but it’s not about hurting others, but about expressing your true inner self and gaining control over your existence. You want to experience a complete and whole life so you are using your energy to manifest what you want.

Think of the Devil as a powerful character – like a boss in the office who will intimidate everyone but is also very generous. This is someone who cares about you but who also has a hidden agenda and is ready to stop at nothing to get their way. This person is a bit manipulative and selfish in their drive for power. They will do whatever it takes to get you to do what they want, but just be careful because they are not the nicest people to come across.

The Devil as an Obstacle

When The Devil card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that your struggles will be intensified as things get hard. You have lost your freedom because of the chains on your feet. Even if you realize that a situation is problematic, you choose to continue with it, and you will have to cope with it. This card may also represent a sudden blockage of your potential. It represents being chained to a contract, or to a bad situation that you are unable to escape from. You will need to take an active role and take action to get yourself out of this terrible situation.

There might be a variety of Devil cards that may appear, but it is the most well-known one that typically represents the Devil, as it’s the most literal representation. The Devil card may indicate a period of time when you feel that you are losing your freedom. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you must also see where your limits are. The Devil card advises you to exercise restraint as you pursue your objectives.

The Devil can also appear as a weakness if it appears in a reading where you are trying to do something to improve your life or increase your power. If this is the case, the Devil suggests that you get your hands dirty. It may have seemed that you were successful on the outside because of your education, job, money, social status, or a variety of different things. The Devil appears in a tarot reading at times when you feel you should already have everything you desire, but it appears that you do not. The person depicted in the card symbolizes the negative energy that comes with material success, and is also a symbol of power. He has a powerful grasp, and if he holds your hand, it could mean that he can crush it. You can gain power and influence by controlling others with your ego, but not if you are on the wrong path, which this card denotes. If The Devil represents you in a reading, you should think about what has gotten in your way. The more you focus on conquering those issues, the less power you give the devil.

The Devil card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position signals abandonment, neglect, abuse, emotional problems, addiction, a destructive environment, and mental confusion. Additionally, it suggests that the querent has some level of substance abuse, dependence, or other self-destructive habits that have turned their life upside down. This Major Arcana card may also indicate that the querent is unable to stop gambling. It may also represent self-abuse, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, or prescription drug abuse.

The Devil card represents a strong personality who is a slave to his or her desires. You’ll need to accept your darker desires as well as your good ones, but you’ll have to find a way to handle the urge to satisfy these urges. The Devil card represents the inability of the Seeker to control their desires and urges. As a consequence, their lives are filled with obstacles and negativity.

On the positive side, it also stands for strength and power.

The Devil Card as a Future Outcome

The Devil card in a future outcome Tarot spread position tells you that your inner desires and urges are taking a hold on you and negatively affecting your life. At this time, you could be succumbing to addictive behaviours, giving in to negative habits, allowing your subconscious mind to take over your day, or being led astray by those around you who are trying to manipulate you for selfish gains.

As you may be unaware to the fact that these tendencies already exist within you, you will need to dig deep and find the core truth about who you are and what you truly desire if you hope to conquer and overcome such negative tendencies and habits.

The Devil card in this position advises you to consider the long-term consequences of your actions. You should examine the possible negative consequences of your actions before making any choice. On the other hand, you should remain objective to your situation and decide the best course of actions.

Drawing The Devil in the future position also suggests that things are not going as planned. This might be a sign that you are not on the right path to achieve your goals, or that you are not truly focused on your goals and have distracted yourself with other things. If you are someone who wants to achieve a lot, the Devil tarot card tells you that you need to put too much self-discipline.

When The Devil card appears in a reading, it indicates that you are obsessed with power, control, and fear over a certain aspect of your life and want to take control of it. For example, you may wish to be perfect or completely in control at work, or you may worry about your health and be obsessed with fitness and dieting.

The Devil card can also appear when it has to do with addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, or gambling. It suggests that you are losing control over an aspect of your life, and you may be trapped in a negative habit or a destructive behaviour that is making you miserable. If so, the card tells you that you must seek professional help.

The Devil card in a future outcome Tarot spread position signals a possible scenario that you desire to avoid. However, should you choose to embrace it, the Devil promises a mess of consequences such as emotional outbursts, relationship problems, financial problems, and physical issues. If the Devil appears in your reading, avoid making hasty, reckless decisions. Before you take action, consider first what this action might mean to you in the future. As this card often suggests the need to control one’s environment, it serves as a reminder to be mindful of your surroundings and any external conditions that may be impacting your wellbeing.

Although the Devil card may appear somewhat negative, it does warn you that if you persist in doing whatever has been recommended, the possible repercussions will be painful and long-lasting. As stated by the Devil, you must understand that you’ll lose something if you do something. In other terms, there’s no such thing as a free lunch as we often say.

The Devil card urges you to make a plan for your future and be careful of making any hasty decisions without having a good idea of the possible consequences.

The Devil Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking about possible time frame of an event or when something will happen, The Devil card signals that the situation you wonder about will continue to stay the same. It also indicates that things will become worse as time passes. Because the Devil is a card of restriction, the event may not be an accident but a choice. You will feel confined, restricted, and limited if your life seems to be governed by this card. If you see the Devil appear in a Tarot reading, take a closer look at your options and consider the pros and cons of your present path. The Devil can signify someone who is self-centered, obsessed with money, and possibly even a bit obsessed with sex. Although this person may appear to be successful, their lives are really quite empty.

Characteristics of The Devil Reversed

Reversed keywords positive: release from addiction, freedom from unhealthy relationships, self-care, independence, renewal, overcoming obstacles, regaining control, self-worth, financial independence, overcoming bad habits, self-discipline, finding love, overcoming obstacles in love, overcoming obstacles at work.

Reversed keywords negative: lack of progress, feeling restricted, negative beliefs, lack of willpower, bad habits, lack of resources, lack of success, excesses, bad habits, addiction, compulsive, recklessness, lack of structure or discipline, lack of discipline, lack of progress, self-loathing, unable to break unhealthy lifestyle.

General Meaning of The Devil Reversed

The Devil reversed is a card of release. Instead of clinging to your desire and taking on someone else’s dark persona, now is the time to let it go. You may find yourself more in touch with your authentic self, your original power, and your full potential, and you are reclaiming your power right here, right now. Your light shines brighter by the day, and you are embracing your greatness.

When the Devil is reversed, a powerful life-changing event lies ahead. But, instead of the chains of negative influences holding you back, you are finding your way out of them and into your power. You have woken up to the truth that you have the power to create whatever you want in your life. So, you are ready to let go of those chains and reclaim your power. What did you previously think you didn’t have the power to change, but now you see that you do?

Reversing the Devil takes a lot of anxiety and fear to the next level. Rather than being anchored to anxiety and worry, you are now free to let go of them once and for all.

In a general Tarot reading The Devil reversed card can also signal that you are giving into temptations, addictions, or unhealthy desires. You have gained weight, you are feeling low or down, and you do not take care of yourself. You must say no to these negative influences and be strong. Avoid situations or individuals who lead you down bad paths. If you have been struggling with low self-esteem or a lack of worth, you must remember that you are beautiful, intelligent, and worthy. Allow yourself the time to work on your self-esteem so that you can regain the strength you need. You have a lot to offer the world.

The reversed Devil card suggests that you need to put the brakes on your negative traits or habits so that you can be a better person and a better parent. You realize that your unhealthy behaviours are not working for you. You are not happy when you are constantly hungover, you always give in to your children’s demands, and you frequently binge on chocolate. You realize that you cannot keep this up much longer and it is time to change.

When The Devil reversed card appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, it means that you are gaining control over your actions and your willpower is becoming stronger. You are learning to channel your inner rage towards more positive energies. You may learn to better cope with anxiety and negative thoughts. You’re taking responsibility for your own actions and making the adjustments you need to make to your life to be more comfortable. If you’ve been having self-doubts about whether you’re worthy of happiness or success, now is the time to let go of that belief and take care of your life so you can focus on the good things!

The Devil card reversed indicates that you are ready to break those patterns you had previously stuck in and start your journey toward a better way of living. You have begun to free yourself from the chains that bind you. You’re reevaluating your priorities and letting go of what can’t serve you anymore. Although there are still areas of turbulence, you’re feeling empowered and ready to take action. You’re ready to live your life to the fullest and do what you need to make the most powerful changes.

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position in a general Tarot reading, you have placed yourself at risk of danger. There is a powerful current, like a flood or fire, that has the potential to overcome you if you do not take appropriate precautions. In this position, the Devil is not merely capping his horns or cowering in fear. He’s warning you of a possible impending danger. You must find a way not to allow the current to get to you.

The reversed Devil tarot card denotes your awareness that you have been in bondage for some time as well as your efforts to escape. You have grown to the point where you can see the consequences of making poor decisions in life and are now prepared to cut the cord and start again. You have a newfound confidence and can accept the responsibilities that your new outlook has brought along with it. You are prepared to see the flaws in your old behaviour and are now ready to release yourself from its chains.

When The Devil is reversed, you can also be trying to leave behind a significant or long-lasting element of your life.

The Devil Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed after asking your deck about love one meaning, it may suggest that your relationship may not be doing well, but you can’t find out clearly why. You’re probably having some sort of incompatibility, or one partner may be feeling neglected or underappreciated. Are you and your spouse truly happy in your relationship? Are you both working on improving your connection? If so, all these issues can be resolved, but they must be. One partner’s demands can’t be more important than the other’s. Instead, work on your connection, and talk about what you need going forward. There might be disagreements about this, but the two of you can come to an agreement.

The Devil reversed through feelings in a love Tarot reading indicates that you might feel tempted to act in a manner contrary to your moral principles, which might make you uncomfortable but can also have disastrous consequences. You might discover that you are no longer compatible and should attempt to reevaluate the relationship. The connection might be so uneasy because one of you is trying to sabotage it. If you are single, The Devil reversed can signify that you could be in a relationship but are not open to the actual connection. There might be a lot of obstacles in the connection that could make it difficult for you to see the relationship for what it is. For instance, you are refusing to accept that you do not share enough in common for the two of you to be compatible.

You might attempt to cling on to the relationship even though it is clearly not working out. You could be trying to make the partnership work for the sake of your ego, but it is becoming more and more apparent to everyone else that you are only deceiving yourself.

Those who have love questions and relationship, The Devil reversed Tarot card exposes that you should understand that. It is up to you to bring the love in your life back to you. If you are single, now is the time to realize what you have to offer your partner. What are the things that you want in a partner? Now is the time to get focused and clear about those things. You must be ready to love yourself fully to love someone else. If your past relationships have left you hurt or bruised, The Devil reversed shows that now is the time to understand them and forgive yourself for the past. To make a new beginning in your love life, make sure that this time is fruitful.

The Devil Reversed in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed after asking your deck about career and work questions, you might be feeling like you have a job you’re not happy with. If you’ve been feeling the desire to move to something else, think about what you can do to bring about that change. If you’ve been waiting for a promotion or raise, this card can mean that all that hard work could be in vain and that you’re not progressing because all of the right people are missing. Now is the time to evaluate your current situation and make a clear plan on how to move forward. On the other hand, this card can signal that you’ve learned that all you ever wanted was to be your authentic self and cut all ties with the organisations or partnerships that stood in your way.

In a career Tarot reading The Devil reversed card signals that you may not be feeling motivated or inspired at work right now. It could mean your work environment has become toxic or overly competitive. You might feel that the stress and pressure you are under at work is taking a toll on you physically. Consider changing your line of work if you have the choice, or consider switching to a company that has less pressure. It might be simpler to handle this issue if you switch the problem to one that you have more control over.

The Devil card reversed may occasionally also be a sign that you are feeling constrained by your finances or your material assets right now. This might be hindering your ability to accomplish your professional objectives. If that is the case, you need to get a handle on your situation as soon as you can so you can go on to the next stage of your life prepared for new opportunities.

The Devil Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed in a finance reading then you may be finding yourself in a time where your desire for wealth has caused you to overspend on unnecessary things. Take a step back, and see where your true values lie. Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to put yourself on a budget. Look at what you can comfortably spend, and only spend that much. You may need to take a break from work or a hobby to allow yourself the time to make this happen. The Devil in reverse also suggests that you may be able to see how reckless spending has negatively affected your financial state in the past, and take more careful steps in the future.

In a finance Tarot reading The Devil reversed card signals that you are putting yourself in danger by taking chances with your money. To avoid being overspending or under spending, you will need to pay extra close attention to your finances. As a result, you could have to be extra careful about money matters. You might have to make some adjustments, like saving more or spending less, if this card comes up. However, you are now beginning to see that these adjustments are necessary and will help you get through this scenario.

Be a little more cautious, as you might discover more about your expenses. You might have to change your current method of earning a living, which will be challenging and might also affect your current financial situation. You need to learn the skills to earn and manage money, and you need to get creative regarding your current finances. The Devil (reversed) card is typically a poor financial omen because it might portend failure, bankruptcy, lack, or scams. If this has happened to you, don’t gamble, invest in high-risk enterprises, or make large purchases.

The Devil Reversed in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed in reading about your health, it means that you’re either recovering from an illness or that your current lifestyle is negatively impacting your health. You can be pushing yourself too far and ignoring your physical and mental needs for the sake of your goals or career. This will not work forever. Your health is more important than anything else, so you must care for your body and make time for exercise and relaxation. If you are not prepared to make sacrifices, your plans may fail.

The Devil reversed is not a favourable omen in a health Tarot spread because it might signify a relapse or an occurrence of an illness such as cancer, pneumonia, or a heart condition. It might also stand for drug addiction or excessive alcohol use. When The Devil reversed occurs in a health tarot card reading, it can imply that you need to do something about a chronic health condition like a digestive issue, high blood pressure, or diabetes. It can also mean that your excessive exercise or other unhealthy behaviours are causing harm to your health.

The Devil Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Devil reversed, it might mean that you’re feeling trapped or you have a tendency to go against the grain in your life. It may be challenging for you to know exactly what you ought to do or just give in to the suggestions of another. It might be tricky to remain faithful and loyal when you don’t want to be. Because the Devil card represents the force behind your desire, be confident that you’re the master of your desires. You are in control! It could be challenging for you to know what you ought to do, or just take the advice of another.

It may be challenging for you to be faithful and loyal while you don’t want to. You might occasionally feel compelled to go against the stream in your life. It could be tough to remain faithful and loyal when you don’t want to do so. Because the Devil card represents the force behind your desire, be confident that you are the master of your desires. You are in control!

In spirituality and self-development reading The Devil reversed card reveals that the reversed Devil tarot card can be a sign of personal improvement. If you have been struggling with making consistent changes in your life, The Devil reversed invites you to embrace your true self. As you follow your own journey, watch out for addictions, vices, and compulsions to try and entrap you. Are you afraid of the changes that you are making? Are you allowing yourself to become more of who you are? When we are our authentic selves (our negative and our positive) we are whole. If we embrace our whole selves, we are more connected to our Divine.

In a relationship reading, The Devil reversed shows someone who is being led by their emotions. They are seeking a relationship that is intense and passionate, but the nature of the relationship is unhealthy, to an extent that it may even be abusive. Please take time to reflect on whether or not this is the type of relationship that you want. Make sure you are making an informed decision.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Devil reversed, it could mean that you feel lost in the world, unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing and why you’re here. You may not be particularly excited about your current situation, wondering if you made the right decision. The Devil reversal meaning can also mean that you believe that you can’t escape the situation that you’re in and that you may even be trapped in a web of circumstance that you can’t unwind.

On the other hand, The Devil reversed can indicate that you’re on the road to self-discovery, you’ve accepted that you’ve made the wrong decisions in the past and are ready to make the necessary changes to ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. You’re looking for a way out of your current situation and you believe that you do have a choice. When The Devil reversed shows up in your reading, you’ll soon come to terms with whether the choice you made was the best decision for you.

Is The Devil Reversed Yes or No Card?

If you are seeking an answer about whether The Devil reversed card is a yes or no card, the answer to your question is a certain yes. The Devil still stands for ‘yes’ but instead of being forced to say yes, the Devil encourages you to actually find a way to make it happen. This might mean making the right choices or finding creative solutions. For example: maybe you’ve been procrastinating on doing something, but if The Devil Tarot card showed up in your reading, you’ll quickly realize that you need to do something to get this over with. Alternatively, maybe you’ve been considering jumping into a long-distance relationship, but you’re worried that it might not work out. Maybe you think you don’t have the funds to make this happen or that you won’t have a great time away from friends and family. Again, the reversed Devil card wants you to find another answer if you can say no. It emphasizes the importance of having a real and tangible plan. However, the Devil warns you against making decisions based on emotions, especially when it comes to love. Instead, focus on the facts and only go with what you know to be true.

The Devil Reversed as a Person

When drawing The Devil reversed as a person, a card describes a person who is very selfish and self-centered. This card also describes someone who is very ambitious and never lets himself fail. This is someone who is very arrogant and sometimes behaves quite arrogantly. Because of his overconfidence, he is unable to see his own mistakes. This card can also mean someone who has been led astray through others. Because of the Devil’s reversed tarot, it can be a forewarning against a dangerous and dark side you are about to manifest.

Sometimes this card may point out to one of your own habits. The reversed Devil can mean you are stuck in a habit to which you are unable to break free. You feel that you are powerless over your bad habits, that you cannot change and that you are very trapped in these habits. On the other hand, the reversed Devil tarot card can be telling you to look inside yourself in order to find out what triggers your habits and why you feel powerless over them. Because doing so will help you to break free of the old ways and start over again with a new attitude and mindset.

When you draw The Devil reversed as a person, a physical characteristcs of a card as a person can be indicated. It could mean that a person is struggling with their addictions, they are overwhelmed by work, or they have become too reliant on technology. Additionally, it advises that somebody has an attitude of abuse, abuse of power or deceit. This sort of person is a selfish, demanding, and greedy one. They can be the worst sort of people. However, if one is in possession of this card, it may also suggest that they are being overcome by lust, jealousy, or envy.

If your question is about a The Devil reversed card as a emotional description of person, he is manipulative, and might try to be close to you at first to destroy you. He might also try to take advantage of your generosity. This card does not change the meaning of the Tarot in any way, but it serves as a reminder of the devil in you, which might try to take control. It shows that this person is not ready to take responsibility of him or herself. They try to live their life in someone else’s rules, instead of putting a plan together to make their vision a reality. You must break the cycle of destruction and try to find the courage to start again, even if it is hard. It’s a difficult world to be in, but you’re strong enough to finish this part. Don’t give up.

The Devil Reversed as a Feeling

When you draw The Devil reversed as a feeling, a card reveals your consciousness about a specific circumstance in your life. It’s time to explore your inner self to seek the meaning of your existence. You are not the body but the souls that travel in the body. The souls have not left the body, they have just drifted away. With this understanding, the universe will provide something for you. You have to learn how to use this energy to build your life. A reversed Devil card also alerts you that you need some time to get away from the hectic lifestyle and take some time for yourself. Give yourself some self-love and appreciation. Spend time with your family, children and loved ones. You need to care for yourself first before taking up any more responsibilities or obligations. Be away from all those things that make you miserable and focus on giving yourself some personal space. This card urges you to control the negative thoughts that affect your life by learning to say no to those things that are not good for you.

If your question is about The Devil reversed card as a feeling, a reading exposes that your feeling might be blocked. You must find a way to get rid of the blocking forces. You will feel frustrated and desperate if you are unable to access your inner self. Therefore, you must take your time and move slowly. This will help you figure out the cause of your disturbance and solve the problem. If your question is about the things in your life, you must confront the truth, and understand the situation better. Acknowledge the facts, and let them go.

What Is The Devil Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When The Devil reversed appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage, it symbolizes success. You’re achieving what you set out to do. You are a winner, and you know you have what it takes to triumph. This card also shows up when you are putting yourself first. You are making the self-care and respect you need to be your top priority. You can’t afford not to do this. As you make yourself your number one priority, take into consideration that the Devil reversed is also related to feeling that you are over-committed, or are a victim of your own limiting beliefs and fears. You must take a break and restore. Now that The Devil is reversed, it is time to let go of any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that keep you from accomplishing your goals. If you’ve been struggling with an addiction, The Devil reversed is a good indication as it symbolizes the desire to take back your life when it comes to these issues. The reversal of The Devil is also a sign that you must control your desires and not let them take control of you.

The Devil reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position tells you that if you have been dealing with an addiction to anything, such as work, sex, drugs, or shopping, it is time to get active and take control. You have worked terribly hard to get where you are, and you are now being tested and challenged. However, if you can summon the strength within you to say no and push past your fears, you can defeat the obstacles in your life and complete your goal.

The Devil card reversed denotes overcoming obstacles or traps or being duped, manipulated, or taken advantage of. It also means releasing yourself from your dependencies on something or someone in order to allow your power to shine. In a reversed position, the Devil shows that you have a strong sense of self-determination and refuse to be taken advantage of or used as a pawn in someone else’s game.

Reversed The Devil might occasionally indicate that something is getting on your nerves or that you are having more outbursts than usual. You need to rein in your emotions.

The Devil Reversed as an Obstacle

If you’ve pulled The Devil reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position in a reading, there is a strong possibility that the problem that has been troubling you will soon be resolved. The key is to stay persistent and continue to move forward. As long as you keep moving, the road will clear, and the Devil reversed will be a welcome card to see. The same goes for the Devil tarot card in general. This card’s overall message is that it is time to leave the past in the past and move forward. No matter what has happened in the past or how it has limited you, it’s time to stop allowing yourself to get stuck in negative thinking. Take a hard look at the events that have gotten you here and move forward with a positive outlook. If you do this, you will never go backward.

When The Devil reversed card appears in a negative position that is about weakness, or obstacle in a Tarot reading, the message the card sends is one of overcoming. The obstacle or weakness might be mental, and not any kind physical strength. It can be that you are dealing with feelings related to abuse or trauma, and need to find a way to eliminate them. The Devil reversed suggests that the obstacle can either be something within you, or something about you. As you are overcoming this obstacle, you are gaining a sense of freedom, strength, and independence.

When the Devil reversed card enters your reading, it means that you have made it to the other side. Even if you were not ready to admit defeat, you have come to terms with the fact that no matter how bad things may get, you can always get back up again without losing hope. You know that to achieve something, you have had to face several challenges and trials. These trials are there to teach you something about yourself. By overcoming all the challenges, you are gaining strength; strength to stand up and say ‘no thanks’ to those who doubt and criticize.

The Devil reversed can also appear as a weakness if you are being controlled by a bad habit. You can have addictions to substances, unhealthy relationships, or even addictions to hedonism. You know these addictions are not serving your highest good, but you are unwilling to let them go. The process of letting go and changing your habits can be challenging, but it is imperative for your long-term well-being. If you are stuck on a path with no way forward, consider asking for help from a third party that has not been involved in your habits. They can offer a fresh perspective that will help you move forward.

When the reversed Devil tarot card shows up, you can be feeling stuck. Instead of getting out of the situation you are in, you are being pulled deeper into it. Your fear, guilt, anxiety, and a sense of lack are what is causing you to have a lack of control. You need to get clear on your own life and what you want before you can move forward. If you are feeling a lack of control, you do not have to wait for a card to tell you.

The Devil Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

When The Devil reversed appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it shows that you are struggling to move forward because you are holding on to a negative pattern. This is a choice; you can let it go and release its hold on you or you can hang onto it, making it even tighter. Whatever it is, you need to let it go and stop thinking about its negative connotations. Otherwise, your present will only get tighter, compounding the problem.

The Devil reversed might represent the release of negative, harmful, or dark energy that you previously had difficulty putting out of your mind. For instance, a woman you know may have been harbouring some serious resentment for your ex because of some unfulfilled emotional needs. You might now be getting over the trauma of the break-up and letting go of all your negative emotions. When you let go of this negative energy, you eliminate its hold on you and allow yourself to be happier and more lighthearted. It’s possible that you’re becoming more open to life’s pleasures and experiences.

The Devil reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to re-evaluate your relationship with the material world. There is something that is causing you to feel that you must control your external environment. Your efforts seem to be causing more issues than they are resolving. You may be working so hard to keep up with all the demands being placed on you that your body and your spirit are starting to suffer. To give your inner and outer forces what they need, you will need to give yourself a much needed break.

At times you may be so busy trying to manage your external world that you are not looking after your own health and well-being. The reversed Devil tarot card is a warning that you could have an intense need to control or manipulate your environment and people around you. You could be driven by a fear of not being in control or having no power at all and may end up sacrificing your own independence and your own values to satisfy this need. This could manifest outwardly in unhealthy addictions (to substances including food, sex, work, etc.), as well as in unhealthy lifestyle and behaviours.

When in a Tarot reading The Devil reversed card appears in a future outcome position, it has an inescapable feeling attached to it. You might have to work with a devil of your own, perhaps one that shares traits with the original version of The Devil. Consider what you can change? Are there things that you can compromise on, or are you completely in ruder? Doing these things may not be the greatest idea for you right now. The Devil reversed may mean that it is time to go inward and find the way to overcome this obstacle.

In a reversed position, The Devil might indicate an awakening to the possibility to achieve what you have set out to do. You will come to the recognition that your goals can be reached, but you will need to change your mindset. The reversed Devil tarot card may represent a situation in which you feel trapped. You can feel trapped in a bad relationship, a demanding job, or a general lifestyle that you do not want to be a part of. It is possible that you have tried everything to escape, but you are unable to do so without upsetting your conscience.

The Devil Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking about possible time frame of an event, The Devil reversed card signals soon. But the exact time is unpredictable. But the card is a sign that whatever you think will happen next will probably not arrive when you expect it to arrive and that you’ll have to keep your eyes wide open. Because if you close your eyes, you could miss the chance. When reversed, the Devil also shows how we try to control every aspect of life and make everything work. We try to force ourselves to do what needs to be done to get things done. But this is not the correct approach. This approach will only result in failure in the end. The Devil reversed also shows that you are losing your power because you are limiting yourself from doing the best thing possible and letting go of the rest.

Drawing The Devil reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that whatever you are inquiring about will happen, but it is not clear when the event will happen. It will come when it is supposed to come, and you will not have to worry about a delay. Nevertheless, regardless of the time, The Devil reversed cautions you against making the wrong decisions because they may backfire. If you do, you may have to deal with the consequences which include being a prisoner or having your body parts tied and thrown into a lake.