The Hierophant Reversed

card meanings

The Hierophant reversed card indicates that you are confused about your beliefs and your traditional values. You have to decide whether you will change your traditional values or not. The Hierophant suggests you that you have to follow the traditional values, but you have to question them too. Try to connect your values to your life and do what is necessary. This card indicates that you have to learn about your religion, culture, traditional values, belief system, and its importance. You need to learn what is old and what is new.

If you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed card in a general Tarot reading, you are being introduced to the concept that everything has a ‘right and wrong’ side. This may sound like a cop-out answer, but it’s actually quite profound and applies to every situation and event, large or small. Are you considering making a big change in your life? How will this change affect others? There may be consequences, and you need to think through how you will handle these changes before you take the plunge. The Hierophant reversed can encourage you to look inward and question your own beliefs. What do you really believe is right or wrong? Consider your values and decide what is truly important to you when you make a decision. This process will help you see the world through new eyes, and you will likely see your life from a more personal perspective.

Characteristics of The Hierophant Reversed

Positive: personal beliefs and spirituality, being your own person, not following the crowd, self-belief, independence, self-realisation, freedom, nonconformity, nonconformity, self-expression, and creativity, unconventional, liberating, non-mainstream, unorthodox, nonconformity, breaking rules, non-traditional sexual relationships, unconventional partnerships, and non-traditional jobs.

Negative: dogma, ignorance, paranoia, intolerance, restriction, alienation, breakage, fanaticism, , conformity, traditional, conservative, rebellion, nonconformist, unconventional, independence, taboo, chaos, rebellion, self-imposed dogma, lack of trust, unorthodox beliefs.

General Meaning of The Hierophant Reversed

When The Hierophant reversed card appears in a positive position that describes advatage or strength in a general Tarot reading. For example, if you are struggling with a challenging situation, you can achieve victory by harnessing your inner spiritual wisdom and following an old, traditional model of practice. You will have access to the knowledge that has eluded you before. However, if The Hierophant is reversed, it indicates that you are becoming stuck in an old way of thinking.

Ahead, this Major Arcana reversed card depicts a picture of fundamental inversion. For instance, the Tarot card may be flipped upside down or inverted, its structure may change, or the meanings can shift backwards. You will also have to re-evaluate what you have learned before. The Hierophant Reversed might also represent someone who has a secret or an unpopular religious, spiritual, or cultural practice. Alternately, to be sincere, wise, and loyal, you could be hesitant to follow convention. For instance, you could be part of a secret alternative religion or you could privately have unorthodox ideas.

When The Hierophant reversed card appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading. It is not uncommon for the human spirit to get blocked, and it is necessary to remember how to ‘find the flow.’ The Hierophant reversal card may indicate that it is time to start a new spiritual experience, and you may find The Sun in the Reversed position. The Hierophant Reversed card may instead be urging you to go back on your previous spiritual journey, one that you were on. This time might have caused a spiritual awakening in you, but you are reentering your spiritual experience again, this time differently as what you have learned will allow you to see things in a much more fresh perspective. Now is the time to start your new spiritual experience.

The Hierophant Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

In love and relationships Tarot reading The Hierophant reversed calls you to be your own individual person. You may feel like the “square dance” of traditional relationships where you are expected to follow set customs. Take a look at the card for guidance. If you see that it is in your best interest to do something or someone differently, do so. It is okay to stand out from the crowd. In your own individual way, you are becoming the person you were born to be. If you are single, The Hierophant reversed can mean that, while traditional arrangements still apply, you may instead seek to be more authentic in your relationships.

The Hierophant reversed through a context of feelings in a love Tarot reading is all about freedom. You can love who you want, love what you want, and remain alone if that is what you want. It is important to remember, however, that the Hierophant often stands in as a father figure in relationships, and when this card comes reversed, it implies a lack of structure and guidance in the context of love. Have you been dating someone that has an ex that you still care about? There is no need to be awkward or afraid of discussing this person, as long as you’re both working on your own relationships. As long as everyone is being honest, then everyone will come out on top.

When it comes to romance, The Hierophant reversed can signify a change in morality. Are you finding yourself in relationships where one partner is not just holding up their end, but also working to bring the other partner closer to you? The Hierophant reversed suggests that in relationships, you may need to take an active role, and not just be a passive participant.

If you have questions about love and relationship, The Hierophant reversed card exposes the difficulties in your love life. You may be facing confusion and don’t know whether to commit or not. This card also signals that it’s time to move forward, to live life together with your partner. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward and make a commitment.

The Hierophant Reversed in the Context of Career

If you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed in reading about your career or business, you are at a crossroads. In order to reach your full potential, you’ll need to be open to new opportunities and accept help from others to guide you on your path. As the Hierophant card is all about spirituality and faith, you may not have been taking your spiritual goals very seriously. You may have to renew your commitment to the goals you set for yourself by surrounding yourself with those that believe in you. The Hierophant reversed, like the upright version, can also mean that your work environment may be toxic or stressful. Make sure to find a place that you can call home at work by finding or creating a mentor.

In a career Tarot reading The Hierophant reversed calls you to leave the traditional structures of your current career and go on a quest for innovation and new meaning for your life. Perhaps you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind, or perhaps you are unsatisfied with your profession. There is no shame in feeling these things. You are supposed to be questioning your current lifestyle if this minor sense of dissatisfaction is actually worth all the sacrifice you must make. With this card reversed, you may even consider taking a leap and following your dream or calling. However, be careful not to follow the wrong people or go down the wrong road. Listen to your heart, which will guide you to success.

The Hierophant Reversed in the Context of Finances

In a Tarot reading about finances, The Hierophant reversed can predict that you may act irrationally or overspend or on things that aren’t actually important to you. For instance, you could lose your temper and curse at a cashier if you feel swindled at the checkout. Or you might buy a luxurious vehicle that you know won’t last much longer and spend a lot of money on repairs because of your desire for luxury. Be cautious today and think twice before acting in a way that might land you in hot water financially.

The Hierophant reversed may also represent irresponsibility, financial ruin, or a lack of self control in a financial situation. If so, work to control your money more and be more cautious. Instead of going after what you desire, make the effort and save for it. Be responsible about what you spend. With a bit of discipline, you’ll be okay.

In a finance Tarot reading The Hierophant reversed calls you to take your finances more seriously; to save more than you spend, practice budget-building, and avoid risky behavior. Beware of shady financial transactions; scammers are known to use this as a lure. Take your finances more seriously; think long-term and avoid risky behavior. Sometimes, this card can also suggest the complete opposite. For example, if you have been considering taking a trip or joining a new group, The Hierophant reversed may indicate that you should be more conservative with your money before making such big moves.

The Hierophant reversed tells you to think more about the long term and not be so short sighted regarding your financial situation. The time for change has come, but be wary of entering into any financial decisions without doing your research. If you have been considering taking a trip or joining a new group, The Hierophant might indicate that you should be more conservative with your money before making such big moves.

The Hierophant Reversed in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed in reading about your health, it means that you don’t have to worry too much about getting sick. This card indicates that there is no restriction on the path you have chosen in life and that it would be good for you to go out and do a lot of socializing. If you have missed doing any exercise for a certain time, now is the right time for you to start doing some form of exercise, as the card is also ruling cards for strength and endurance.

So, you have nothing to lose by going out and meeting new people. The card also indicates that if the native is aware of some kind of issue like a health issue, it will take some time before the health condition improves. It is highly suggested that you take care of yourself and get yourself to a place where you are well.

Those who have questions in a health reading, The Hierophant reversed Tarot card indicates the necessity to consult a doctor. Also, it signifies that you want to become healthy and fit. Moreover, it depicts the need for complete recovery from the illness to ensure a long and healthy life. The Hierophant Reversed suggests you take care of your mental and physical health. Also, it depicts the need to get into a routine. Moreover, the Hierophant (reversed) interpretation says that you are facing problems in the beginning of your morning routine. The card also depicts a person’s struggle with the way to practice religion.

Also, you might be feeling lazy to practice religion. Moreover, The Hierophant (reversed) interpretation says that you are lacking inspiration to remain active. Try to start your morning routine as soon as possible, and start your day with physical exercises. Moreover, you must keep doing them and try to maintain them to remain fit, healthy, and strong in life. Also, this Major Arcana reversed card says about your health problems that they will be solved in the coming time.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, The Hierophant card reversed in a reading exposes the answer. This card is considered a bad omen in health and spirituality readings. It signifies that you are being led astray by the outside world and are not doing what is necessary to bring harmony to your life. As a result, you might feel out of shape and unhealthy. There might be a lack of balance in your life that might be responsible for this situation.

At this point, spending quality time with yourself by engaging in spiritual activities or self-healing is mandatory. The Hierophant reversed could also be an indication that you are not as knowledgeable about spirituality as you should be, so paying more time to spiritual activities would help you overcome your sickness. It’s time you made an effort to bring some spiritual balance to your life.

The Hierophant Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed, the answer you’re searching for could be at the source of the Universe. You could even discover that what you thought you discovered wasn’t what you had in mind at all. You’ll discover that there are new perspectives to learn and possibilities to be discovered. The Hierophant reversed might represent a shift of belief systems if you’ve changed your viewpoint or values. You might find yourself questioning or discarding what you learnt previously. It may also portend unorthodox views about conventional religions or spiritual principles.

You might discover these views to be more liberating, or spiritually fulfilling. Alternately, The Hierophant reversed may suggest that you’ve lost your spiritual direction or faith since you’ve started to question the conventional and the establishment. Have you cut yourself off to the outside world or abandoned your spiritual work for an unfulfilling job? The Hierophant reversed might represent someone who has little interest, or experience, of any religious beliefs or moral system. As a result, they might act in a rebellious and even criminal way.

In a spirituality and self-development reading The Hierophant reversed card is all about self-awareness, freedom and individuality, and the ability to make decisions without external guidance. This self-knowledge, and the subsequent sense of autonomy, is something that is being offered by the Hierophant reversed. The external forces of this Major Arcana card have left for now, and it is your job to take control of your life. This can be hard at first, especially when there are external forces attempting to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but this is your life and no one else’s. The Hierophant upright forces you to follow a set of ‘accepted’ beliefs but when reversed you can make your own decisions.

The Hierophant reversal meaning also signals a shift away from tradition, routine, and external influences. This is a time when you are reclaiming your true authentic self and rejecting any influences from outside – both good and bad. The Hierophant reversal meaning signifies that you have grown in confidence, strength, and resilience.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed, you may be feeling as if you don’t have any direction at all. If you’ve been exploring a new lifestyle or path, do you feel as if you’re alone in this journey? You may have lost your spiritual guide, or perhaps you haven’t found one yet. Don’t worry – this is a process that takes time. For now, you may want to find a like-minded community, or at least a small group of people you can trust that can support you in this time. The Hierophant reversed suggests that you’re questioning your spiritual beliefs and the traditions that shape your life. Is it really what you want? It can be a good time to have a clear and authentic discussion with someone you trust, and for you to re-evaluate your decisions, to get a fresh perspective.

Is The Hierophant Reversed Yes or No Card?

If you’ve pulled The Hierophant reversed in a yes or no reading, it means that now is not the time to draw hasty conclusions. It seems that a bit of guidance is needed first. Instead of jumping into actions, stop and consider all the angles before making any decisions. This card is a form of warning to prepare for possible disappointment and loss.

In a yes or no Tarot reading The Hierophant reversed calls you to let go of the old ways in order to enter a new realm. This might mean cutting out harmful or addictive substances, or participating in a new type of spiritual practice. Are you ready to embrace a more enlightened way of thinking?.

The Hierophant Reversed as a Person

When you draw The Hierophant reversed as a person, a card describes a person who is rather conservative, who is rather hard of heart, and who is rather rigid in his beliefs, and that he tends to be a bit of a know-it-all. He believes himself to be a very spiritual man, and if you ask him about anything esoteric, he is only capable of relating it to religion. You are someone who is quite different to his belief systems, and you find yourself in conflict with him on a regular basis. When it comes to romance, he may seem to have a really bad reputation, as he would never allow his children to date someone who isn’t of the same religion or believes in the same spiritual path as him. He may also appear quite narrow minded and outdated throughout your relationship, as his way of thinking makes it difficult to progress and grow emotionally as a couple.

On the other hand, the reversed Hierophant tarot card can indicate someone who is spiritual in nature, but who doesn’t know how to go about expressing themselves.

For those who have questions about a physical description of a person, The Hierophant reversed Tarot card reveals more about the man or woman who is hidden behind the mask, in a manner of speaking. If the card is upright, the man represents the masculine energy and all its potential. If it is reversed, the person or thing symbolised by the Hierophant is a representative of the feminine energy and all its divine feminine aspects. It also represents the innermost parts and mysteries.

Getting The Hierophant (reversed) card in your reading signifies that you are feeling lost about what is truly important in your life. The Hierophant Reversed might also be a metaphor for a religious or spiritual journey being hindered. It may also mean that you don’t have much faith in the religious and/or spiritual aspects of your life. When it comes to this card, you are most likely questioning a faith that was instilled in you at a very early age. You might be going through a personal crisis and questioning, at times, pretty much every aspect of your belief system.

When you draw The Hierophant reversed as a person, a emotional description of a card as a person applies. You are letting go of the traditions and beliefs that were used to limit your possibilities. You are now ready to embrace all different forms of diversity and acceptance. If you have drawn this card as an event, it predicts a moment where you are opening up to new possibilities. It’s time to let go of what was no longer serving you. You are questioning the traditional methods of authority figures that have been handed down to them. You are ready to question established beliefs and routines and take the lead with your own rules and ways.

The Hierophant Reversed as a Feeling

When you draw The Hierophant reversed as a feeling, a card reveals the negative or internalized beliefs that you may be carrying. These may make it difficult for you to accept new ideas as well as learn from others. You may experience a sense of restriction, and a lack of acceptance or understanding of a situation that is limiting your growth.

You may have a desire to challenge your traditional beliefs, but you do not understand how to do so or why. You may instead have a fear of what could happen if you were to change. The Hierophant reversed may indicate that you need to re-evaluate your core beliefs and determine which ones are most important to you. You may need to challenge your beliefs and have an existential crisis.

You may want to let go of your past and go in a new direction. For example, you can re-think your career path; you may move to a new city or a different country; you can switch to an entirely new profession and leave your past behind.

If your question is about The Hierophant reversed card as a feeling, a reading exposes your inner feelings. You may feel very alone and detached from modern ways of living. Your traditional background may make you feel out of sync with what is going on around you. You may have outgrown the values of your parents or your religious belief system. Feelings of anxiety may affect you at this time. The Hierophant reversed tarot card reminds you to stay connected with your inner self through your spirituality. Let yourself be a child again and play in the sand by the ocean.

What Is The Hierophant Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When The Hierophant reversed appears in a positive Tarot position, or as strength and advantage, it symbolizes nonconformity, nonbelief, and noncommitment. If you have pulled this card in your reading, you’ve likely been wondering what it means and whether it applies to you. The answer to both is yes! The Hierophant reversal meaning is that you are dissatisfied with convention and are ready to do things differently. While this might sound like a bad thing, it isn’t, as long as you make sure you have a solid foundation and a healthy dose of self-belief to back you up. Think outside the box. The Hierophant reversal meaning says that you will experience an overall sense of calm and relaxation. This is thanks to making your personal values and beliefs a priority. This is the path to success, especially if you are in a career or work path that has been conventional because you’ll be able to change with the times. The Hierophant reversal meaning advises you to let your gut instincts and hunches be your guide for now.

The Hierophant reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position signals a time of healing, strength, independence, and freedom. The Hierophant is reversed by this card to signify individualism, personal beliefs, and independence. This Major Arcana card stands for respect for tradition, education, and the authority of others. When The Hierophant is reversed, it demonstrates that it is okay to be “just a little strange” or to express your individuality. As an individual, you follow your own principles and beliefs.

However, it also denotes that there is a propensity to rebel or to question conventional wisdom and authority at this time. It may also imply that you are out of harmony with the spiritual Hierophant’s guidance and may be in conflict with your inner Self. The reversed Hierophant is also a sign of a lack of personal structure and structure in your life. You are not setting boundaries or boundaries in others. This is making it difficult for you to set firm boundaries.

The Hierophant Reversed as an Obstacle

When The Hierophant reversed card appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means that you may be experiencing challenges in your spirituality that are holding you back. Are you attempting to pursue a spiritual discipline but constantly fail? Or are you trying to follow rules or norms that simply aren’t working for you? The Hierophant reversed could suggest that you are questioning the fundamental nature of religion and the value of following its guidelines in a spiritual context. This is a general indication that you are seeking greater personal empowerment and don’t want to be restricted by authority.

There is a chance that your spiritual beliefs are becoming increasingly out of touch with the reality around you, and you may feel that you no longer have much in common with it. You might begin to doubt the wisdom of religion or tradition. This Major Arcana reversed card might also allude to your personal spiritual path and indicate that your knowledge of it has become restricted and out of date. If you’ve ever wondered why you are here, what you should do to be happy, or how you might achieve your goals, The Hierophant reversed may be a symbol.

When The Hierophant reversed card appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a Tarot reading, it shows that you are being ruled by fear and have become a victim of circumstances and forces beyond your control. You were once able to face challenges, but now, The Hierophant reversal card reminds you that you have surrendered your life to fear and are now struggling against your limitations. This Major Arcana card could indicate that you are a perfectionist, but you are unable to achieve the things you desire. You constantly change your plans and ideas so that you do not fail, causing you to lack inspiration and creative juices. You now have to decide whether you will keep your self-made limitations or overcome them so that you can move on to other things.

The Hierophant reversed card is more likely a “no” card and means that there is a strong possibility that the project that you have been working on may fail. It could also denote that you are clinging to the way things were rather than embracing the change that is required.

The Hierophant reversed can also appear as a weakness if you are feeling restricted or boxed in by the traditional ways of thinking and doing things. You may feel a lack of spiritual alignment and are questioning the authority structures and institutions that are guiding you.

As an Air element, this Major Arcana card in the deck of tarot cards is representative of movement, expansion, and growth. Reversing the Hierophant Major Arcana tarot card denotes you are questioning existing systems and structures. This can be due to dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire to change how things are done, or it can be a desire for a life less structured, more authentic, and more in alignment with oneself.

You have a strong desire to break free from the shackles of traditional rules and limitations. The Hierophant reversed is also a sign that you are questioning the traditional ways of thinking and doing things.

In a love reading, The Hierophant reversed denotes someone with a very open heart who can feel they are being constrained. They might be questioning their spiritual alignment and going rogue to find their way.

The Hierophant Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

When The Hierophant reversed appears in a future or outcome Tarot spread position, it generally represents spiritual growth, but not in the way many people assume. It indicates that there is a lot of hypocrisy in your spiritual beliefs and practices. For instance, you could believe that “A is the best path,” but only say that. You could be hypocritical about that belief in public, while privately believing something else. You are letting your actions say something else. Examine your beliefs to see whether they are logical and fair. Don’t be a conformist, but don’t be an individualist, either.

The Hierophant reversed represents an end to conformity and suggests that you adopt an open attitude to the beliefs, rituals and traditions that make up your life. You may be willing to adapt them to the next generation if you want to but do it in a way that doesn’t leave anyone feeling as though they are holding on to the old ways. This card can also represent the end of spiritual learning or initiation. You are moving on to the next stage of your personal growth, and The Hierophant reversed suggests that you are ready.

The Hierophant reversed card in in a future outcome Tarot spread position calls you to go in the opposite direction on your path, to question the authorities, and to seek the counsel of religious leaders. Do you feel as if you are at a stalemate because you’re going in one direction, but the road ahead seems blocked? Now is the time to take a step back, look at your options, and ask for assistance in navigating to a different course. You never know when you are on the right course and what you are supposed to do if you took a different route.

The Hierophant Reversed might mean that you are resisting the rules and structure of an organisation or that you are taking the opposite path, challenging authority while at the same time breaking all the rules. Maybe you are rebelling against conventional structures, or you are in the process of rebelling against the status quo. Or you are ignoring the rules out of disrespect. This Major Arcana card advises you that it is time to re-evaluate your current habits and routines. How do you feel when you are in a routine?

When pulled in a future outcome Tarot spread position, The Hierophant reversed card calls you to stop limiting yourself and embracing a higher level of understanding and spirituality. You are being called to take a leap of faith and move out of the mundane and into the spiritual. The Hierophant reversed calls you to let go of what is and move on to who you are. Even if you must make sacrifices, you will be much happier and experience more fulfilment, on the other side.

The Hierophant reversed can also appear when you are questioning your faith and are on the verge of walking away. You are questioning your place in the world and feeling the need to disconnect from what you once believed is ‘the norm’. The Hierophant reversal asks you to take this time to be with yourself and discover what it is you need to reconnect to, what it is you’ve lost along the way and what it is you truly believe in. You will come to realise why you have disconnected from this area of your life and you can reconnect with it on a higher level.

The Hierophant Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you’re asking Tarot when will a specific happening occur, The Hierophant reversed exposes one possible outcome. The Major Arcana card represents a slow and steady pace, so it may take time, but the changes you’ve been dreaming of will eventually begin to take shape. Even though the pace may be slow, it is not uneventful. And it also serves as a reminder to pay attention to every single move because one small mistake could spell disaster and your dreams being destroyed. If everything goes according to plan, you will reach your spiritual goals by remaining loyal to yourself and your values. To reach the highest levels of your potential, you need to be fully present and engaged in every moment.

The Hierophant reversal meaning may also indicate a lack of faith in a religious context. This can be a sign of either immaturity or skepticism about established religions. Even though it can seem unusual, The Hierophant reversed can occasionally also allude to a secret society or group. There is a general perception that The Hierophant stands for traditional institutions such as the Church of England or the pope.

When in a Tarot reading The Hierophant reversed card describes a time frame, the card reveals that you may have noticed that some elements of the structures that have been present in your life for a while are gradually or suddenly getting up on you. You may feel as if you are not in control over your life or your external and internal environment. You get some pressure or tension about the changes that are coming to your life. You need to understand that things are not going to be the same as they used to be. But this doesn’t mean that this card in itself is negative, since it is a sign of adaptation and change that brings great benefits to you and your life in general. This card serves as an indication that you must adapt and try to change your life in the best and most positive way. It serves as an advice from a trusted person and an authority figure. Listen to his advice and accept his suggestions. It will help you a lot in adapting to the changes in your life. And in the long run, you will benefit from them immensely.

Drawing The Hierophant reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that the event is imminent but its actual exact timing cannot be predicted. The card’s structure indicates that there is a solid base underneath what appears to be a chaotic environment. It illustrates that certain rituals have great significance and should not be disregarded. Furthermore, you should not be too concerned with following tradition. When this card comes up, it is a sign that you ought to challenge the status quo in order to make sure you are acting appropriately and doing what is right. To do otherwise can have repercussions in the future.