Ten of Cups Reversed: What It Means For Career


If you pull the Ten of Cups reversed in your career reading, the card illustrates that you may be struggling with your job right now. You might be unsatisfied with the current career that you have chosen, and you are feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. This card indicates that you may not be making the right decisions about your career.

The Ten of Cups reversed can denote that your work is disappointing you and that you are not having the satisfaction and fulfillment that you wished for. You are feeling as if you have been stuck in this job for too long, and despite all your efforts, you are not getting any closer to your desired goals. This card also indicates that you might be struggling with work-related conflicts and that your career is suffering because of them.

This Minor Arcana tarot card also illustrates that you are having issues with your boss which are causing a lot of stress for you as you fear for your job. There are issues between you and your team, which are making your work life difficult and problematic.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Reveals About Your Dream Job: What Is The Most Fulfilling Career For You?

When you are asking Tarot what would be the most fulfilling career for you, Ten of Cups reversed reveals that you shall find fulfillment in your work, but it shall be of the kind that shall not be compatible with the kind of career you are doing now. The nature of your work shall remain the same, except the amount at which it shall give you fulfillment shall differ. It shall be a job that shall be harmonious with your family. If you are in a career where you feel that you are not providing enough, now would the time to look outward at what kind of contribution you can give in your field.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Discloses About Starting A New Job

Ten of Cups reversed suggests that if you are starting a new job or business, you’ll run into problems and resentment. It can also mean that one is feeling disconnected from family. If this is you, look for ways to reconnect; otherwise, consider seeking the counsel of a professional therapist. If you own your own business, things can be challenging right now. Sometimes this card comes with a warning that the financial, emotional, or relationship decisions you are making may lead to bigger problems than you currently have in your life.

In a career reading, Ten of cups reversed signifies a difficult work environment. It is often a sign of a toxic workplace. Ten of cups reversed also means work can be a huge time-killer rather than a blessing.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Says About Improving Your Current Job Position

Ten of Cups reversed suggests that if you want to improve your current job position, you won’t be able to. This card reversed hints that your ambition has turned into greediness and that what you perceive as success in career is not always so. On the other hand, this card can also suggest that your workplace may be toxic or filled with gossip and negativity. You may need to consider whether you should stay in this position or not. The people at work may be greedy, and the environment can encourage people to compete and sabotage each other for the sake of money. Ten of cups reversed may also be a sign of jealousy and resentment. In your job search, avoid looking for jobs that focus on money.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Reveals About Your Career Strengths

When you are asking Tarot what are your career strengths, Ten of Cups reversed reveals that you may be missing out on all the wonderful things in life because of your current work. As with most things in life, it comes down to a matter of attitude. Are you allowing yourself to live your best life? Or are you suffering while working? If so, change your outlook. It’s time to find something in your life that makes you happy again.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Discloses About Your Career Weaknesses

If you want to know what are your career weaknesses, Ten of Cups reversed signals that you may be failing to respect other people’s concerns and ideas. You lack the understanding to adapt and come to your work in a collaborative manner. Your colleague and your superior at work may start giving you harsh remarks, making you feel embarrassed. You cannot connect with them and learn from them. It may also be the situation that you are not comfortable with your job, and as a result, your colleague and your seniors have started to make fun of you.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Suggests About Improving Communication At Your Workplace

Ten of Cups reversed suggests that if you would like to improve communication at your workplace, you might not be able to. Ten of cups can denote a lack of harmony at work, and in some cases, a hostile work environment. There might be a lot of misunderstandings, and maybe even bullying at your workplace. If this is the case, take a step back and take some time to calm down. It is likely that if you can take the time to understand what your coworkers are telling you, you will see that things aren’t as bad as they appear. You should also look at the environment around you and determine if it is really as bad as it seems.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Suggests Regarding Career Change

If you pull the Ten of Cups reversed in a career tarot reading and you’re wondering if you should change your career, the card is all about staying where you are. Your career path has likely been good so far, but the reversed Ten of Cups is a sign that it’s about time to shift. Maybe you’ve been stagnant at the same position longer than you intended; that is, unless you take charge of your career, it’s likely to never move forward. You must not be afraid to ask for more responsibility or switch roles-your coworkers may be more than happy to help out in this case.

What Ten of Cups Reversed Reveals About Balancing Your Career With Your Personal Life

If you would like to know more about balancing your career and personal life, Ten of Cups reversed illustrates that you are struggling to do so. You lack support from your colleagues and are having all kinds of issues with the project. If you are searching for work, at the present moment in time, you would be better off looking for support elsewhere because you wouldn’t find it at your present workplace. The Ten of Cups (reversed) is not a good omen for your job as it may be a sign of a lack of harmony between you and your coworkers. When it comes to your work, the reversed Ten of Cups can suggest that if you don’t change your attitude or your pessimistic views, you won’t stay successful in your career. This card is indicative that you will face a lot of problems in your workplace.

Your colleagues may be unhappy with you and may spread malicious rumors about you. They may make fun of you or try to undermine you in front of others. This might cause considerable stress for you, and you’ll have trouble dealing with it.