6 Card Tarot Spread: A Career Reading to Prepare You for a Job Interview


Stepping into a job interview can often feel like walking a tightrope between showcasing your true potential and navigating the unpredictable terrain of questions and expectations. It’s a pivotal moment, a bridge between where you stand and the possibility of a new professional chapter. Preparation becomes the cornerstone of success, offering not just a sense of readiness but also the confidence to shine amidst the scrutiny of prospective employers. In this article, we will describe a 6 card spread dedicated to a job interview which can serve as a guiding light, illuminating various aspects pertinent to this professional endeavor. In addition to this, while this spread serves as a powerful tool for job interviews, its versatility extends beyond. The insights gained from this tarot spread can be applied to various scenarios, including setting business deals.

Unlocking the Tarot Spread By Positions: Mapping Your Interview Success

This 6 card Tarot spread acts as a map for a career reading, especially when you’re preparing for a job interview. It will help you navigate through the energies surrounding the interview, shedding light on the querent’s preparation, the potential outcomes, and the underlying factors influencing the process. Each card unfolds a distinct facet, offering insights into areas like the querent’s mindset, the interviewer’s perspective, unexpected influences, advice, potential obstacles, and the likely outcome of the interview. Together, these cards weave a narrative that aids in understanding the dynamics at play and empowers the querent to approach the interview with clarity, confidence, and awareness.

Here’s a breakdown of the positions in the 6-card tarot spread for a job interview:

1st Card: Your Strengths – How does your personality align with the job?

This card reflects aspects of your personality that harmonize with the job requirements. It highlights innate qualities, traits, or characteristics that you naturally possess and that are beneficial for excelling in this role. It may reveal your confidence, leadership abilities, adaptability, or any other personal attribute that’s well-suited for the job.

2nd Card: Your Strengths – How does your expertise align with the job?

This position focuses on your professional skills, experiences, and expertise that directly align with the job. It may highlight specific technical skills, knowledge, or experiences from your past roles that are particularly relevant and valuable for the position you’re interviewing for.

3rd Card: Your Weaknesses – What are the areas where you might need improvement?

This card represents aspects of yourself that might pose challenges or areas where you might need improvement. It’s an opportunity for introspection, revealing potential weaknesses or areas needing development. It encourages acknowledging and addressing these aspects to better prepare for the interview.

4th Card: What is the competition like?

This card sheds light on the competitive landscape. It might offer insights into the external factors or challenges you might face in terms of other applicants, the job market, or any prevailing dynamics affecting the hiring process. It could also offer guidance on how to position yourself uniquely amidst this competition.

5th Card: What to focus on during the interview?

This position guides you on key areas or topics to emphasize during the interview. It could highlight specific skills, experiences, or attributes to prioritize discussing to make a strong impression. This card can act as a focal point, directing your attention to essential aspects of your profile or background.

6th Card: How to impress the interviewer – How to make the interview a success?

This card offers guidance on how to navigate the interview successfully. It might provide advice on presenting yourself, communicating effectively, or engaging with the interviewer in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression. It could also suggest strategies to showcase your strengths and mitigate potential weaknesses during the interview.

Each position in the spread offers nuanced insights, guiding your approach to the interview process from different angles, empowering you to prepare holistically for a successful interview.

Revealing Key Combinations in the 6 Card Tarot Spread for Interview Success

In the 6 card tarot spread designed for job interviews, the combinations play a crucial role in revealing nuanced insights. These pairings explore the interplay between your personal traits and professional expertise, offering practical guidance on how to leverage your strengths, address weaknesses, and stand out amidst competition. This section breaks down the significance of these combinations, providing actionable strategies to align your personality and skills, impress interviewers, and present a well-rounded candidacy. Let’s dive into these combinations to decode their practical implications for a successful interview. Here’s a breakdown of the combinations within the spread and their significance:

What are your personal and expertise strengths about? (1 + 2)

What is the combination of your personal and expertise strengths about? This combination delves into the synergy between your personality traits and professional expertise. It explores how your innate qualities align with and complement your skills and experiences, showcasing a holistic view of what makes you a strong candidate for the job.

How to bring your personal strengths into focus? (1 + 5)

This pairing offers guidance on how to highlight and emphasize your inherent strengths during the interview. It suggests strategies or approaches to ensure that your personal qualities shine through effectively, allowing you to present yourself authentically.

How to bring your expertise strengths into focus? (2 + 5)

Here, the focus is on channeling and showcasing your professional expertise during the interview. It provides insights or recommendations on how to effectively communicate and demonstrate your skills and experiences related to the job requirements.

How to bring your personal and expertise strengths into focus? (1 + 2 + 5)

This combination provides a comprehensive strategy on integrating both your personal strengths and professional expertise during the interview. It offers guidance on how to seamlessly blend these aspects to present a well-rounded and compelling case for your candidacy.

What to focus on so you’re ahead of the competition? (4 + 5)

This pairing guides you on specific areas or aspects to emphasize, giving you a competitive edge. It highlights key factors or strengths that, when emphasized, can set you apart from other candidates vying for the same position.

What to focus on so you’ll impress the interviewer? (5 + 6)

Here, the emphasis is on directing your attention to aspects or strategies that will leave a lasting positive impression on the interviewer. It offers guidance on how to showcase your strengths effectively to make a strong impact.

How to minimize your weaknesses to impress the interviewer? (3 + 6)

This combination focuses on strategies to mitigate or address your weaknesses during the interview. It offers advice on how to present yourself in a way that minimizes the impact of potential shortcomings or areas needing improvement.

How to impress the interviewer with your personality? (1 + 6)

This pairing provides guidance specifically on leveraging your personality traits to create a favorable impression during the interview. It suggests ways to showcase your personality in a manner that resonates positively with the interviewer.

How to impress the interviewer with your expertise? (2 + 6)

Here, the emphasis is on highlighting your professional expertise to impress the interviewer. It offers strategies or approaches to effectively communicate your skills and experiences in a manner that captivates the interviewer.

How to impress the interviewer with your strengths? (1 + 2 + 6)

This combination offers a holistic approach to impressing the interviewer by integrating your personality, expertise, and strengths. It provides guidance on how to showcase the best of yourself in alignment with the job requirements, leaving a lasting positive impression.

✧ ✦ ✧

Understanding the positions and combinations in the six-card tarot spread provides a practical roadmap for interview success. The positions highlighted strengths, weaknesses, and key areas to focus on. Meanwhile, the combinations offered actionable strategies to leverage strengths, address weaknesses, and impress interviewers.

In summary, these tarot insights serve as valuable guidance, offering clear directions to align your skills and personality with the job, stand out from the competition, and leave a positive impression. By utilizing these insights as practical tools, you can confidently navigate your next interview, presenting your best self and maximizing your chances of success.

Additionally, while this spread serves as a powerful tool for job interviews, its versatility extends beyond. The insights gained from this tarot spread can be applied to various scenarios, including setting business deals. By adapting these principles, one can leverage the positions and combinations to navigate negotiations, assess strengths and weaknesses in deals, and strategically position oneself for success in business ventures. It’s a versatile framework that extends its value beyond interviews, offering practical guidance in various professional endeavors.