The Magic Square Spread: an Introduction to In-depth Reading


Magical square is based on another timeless symbol – a square representing four sides of the sky, and four seasons during the year, as well as four Suits of Minor Arcana. This spread perfectly describes the Seeker’s situation as it combines their character, development, opportunities, as well as a potential outcome. We recommend it as an introduction to in-depth reading.

How To Position The Cards In The Magic Square Spread?

Choose a personal card or Significator that indicates the questioner, and put it aside. The questioner should thoroughly shuffle the cards and divide them into three piles with his left hand, and then pick them up in reverse order so that the last pile is on the bottom.

Position Significator in the middle of the table and place the first eight cards from the top of the pile, as shown by the scheme, and place the ninth card on a personal card. Start a reading according to the each position of the card:

1 YOU: This card describes the questioner’s attitude towards the present situation and can show what interests him most at the moment.
2 EXTERNAL FACTORS: known or unknown circumstances that affect the questioner.
3 ENVIRONMENT: Home, family, neighbors, colleagues and friends.
4 HOPES AND FEARS: Wishes, worries and fears.
5 OPTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES: different options the questioner has to choose from that relate to his current lifestyle and work environment.
6 WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE: practical goals and beliefs about life.
7 WHAT HINDERS YOU: personal problems and activities from other people that oppose your views and actions.
8 WHAT HELPS YOU: Positive people, circumstances, abilities and gifts that help the questioner achieve their goals.
9 DEVELOPMENT: Future opportunities, the flaring of gifts and a secret desire come through.

After you read through each card individually, the proceed reading the spread with a vertical and horizontal reading of the magic square. Horizontal reading begins at the:
TOP ROW (cards 1-3), which represents the questioner’s present circumstances and atmosphere that surrounds him.
MEDIUM ROW (cards 4, 9 and 5) describes the core of the situation related to the question.
THE BOTTOM ROW (cards 6-8) refers to the future.

Afterward proceed the reading vertically through columns:
The LEFT COLUMN discovers essential aspects of the questioner’s character.
The MIDDLE COLUMN describes the circumstances and conditions to evaluate before you can take action.
The LAST COLUMN on the right of the Magical square discovers future events, which are closely related to the views and decisions described in the other two columns.

Finally, investigate the CENTRAL CARD (9), which lies on the Significator. This card describes how likely is the Seeker to succeed. This card can also represent the dominant mood, attitudes or capabilities that might affect the message contained in the Magic square spread.