What Tarot Card Means Someone Wants You Back: 5 Tarot Cards and Combinations That Signify a Reunion


In the realm of the mystical, tarot cards have long been revered for their ability to illuminate the hidden facets of our lives. One of the most common inquiries directed towards these enigmatic cards revolves around relationships. Whether it’s longing for a past love or hoping for a reunion, the tarot holds symbols and meanings that can shed light on these desires. While no card holds the definitive answer, certain cards in the deck often hint at the potential for reconciliation and the longing for someone’s return.

5 Tarot Cards Symbolizing Reunion

The Lovers

Often associated with choices and relationships, The Lovers card signifies not just romantic partnerships but also the harmony that arises from deep connections. In the context of a potential reunion, this card can suggest a strong soul connection or the possibility of rekindling a significant bond.

The Two of Cups

This card represents emotional connections, partnerships, and mutual attraction. The Two of Cups can indicate a shared desire for reunion, symbolizing a meeting of hearts and the potential for reconciliation between two individuals who have a deep emotional bond.

The Six of Cups

Depicting nostalgia and fond memories, the Six of Cups often points to past connections and childhood associations. In the context of a reunion, this card can symbolize the return of someone from the past, evoking feelings of nostalgia and a desire to reconnect on familiar, comforting grounds.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card signifies changes and cycles in life. In the context of a reunion, The Wheel of Fortune can indicate a turning point or a change in circumstances that brings two individuals back together. It suggests the possibility of fate or destiny playing a role in reuniting people.

The Ten of Cups

Known as the card of ultimate happiness and emotional fulfillment, the Ten of Cups often symbolizes harmony and joy in relationships. In the context of whether someone wants to be back in your life, it can signify a blissful reunion, suggesting that both parties are seeking emotional fulfillment by coming back together.

5 Tarot Card Combinations Symbolizing Someone Wants You Back

Tarot cards, when combined, weave intricate narratives. These combinations suggest a longing for reunion or someone’s desire to reconnect, yet they require careful consideration within the broader context of the querent’s circumstances and the dynamics of the relationship in question. Tarot Card Combinations described below offer nuanced insights, hinting at the potential for a reunion or someone wanting you back. Here are some combinations that often signify these desires:

The Lovers + The Two of Cups

The Lovers card, representing profound connections, combined with the Two of Cups, indicating mutual attraction and emotional bonds, suggests a strong indication of a desired reunion stemming from a deep, meaningful relationship.

The Six of Cups + The Wheel of Fortune

The Six of Cups, symbolizing nostalgia and past connections, paired with The Wheel of Fortune, suggesting changes and fate, may indicate the return of someone from the past due to a significant shift in circumstances or destiny’s intervention.

The Ten of Cups + The Lovers

When the Ten of Cups, signifying ultimate emotional fulfillment, appears alongside The Lovers card, representing deep connections and choices, it suggests a powerful longing for a fulfilling reunion based on a profound emotional bond.

The Knight of Cups + The Two of Cups

The Knight of Cups, representing a romantic, idealistic nature, coupled with the Two of Cups, symbolizing mutual attraction and partnerships, often signifies a romantic gesture or pursuit indicating a desire to reconnect emotionally.

The Four of Wands + The Empress

The Four of Wands, signifying stability and celebration, paired with The Empress, representing nurturing and abundance, might suggest a desire for a reunion or someone wanting you back in a context of seeking comfort and security in a familiar, nurturing relationship.

These combinations offer potential scenarios and indications but must be viewed as pieces of a larger puzzle. Tarot readings are subjective and context-specific, with interpretations influenced by the reader’s intuition and the querent’s unique situation.

Always remember, tarot serves as a guide, providing insights and perspectives. The true journey towards a reunion or understanding someone’s intentions involves a deeper exploration of emotions, communication, and personal introspection beyond the confines of the cards.


Tarot cards serve as a mirror reflecting the energies and possibilities surrounding us. However, it’s crucial to approach tarot readings with an open mind and an understanding that the cards provide guidance rather than concrete predictions. When seeking insight into the potential for a reunion with someone, these cards can offer valuable perspectives, guiding us to introspect and consider the dynamics at play.

In the tapestry of relationships, the tarot merely provides a glimpse of the threads weaving the story together. Ultimately, the decision to pursue or wait for a reunion rests upon the individuals involved, their circumstances, and their willingness to embrace what the future holds.

Whether seeking closure, reconnection, or a new chapter entirely, the tarot cards can be a guiding light, helping navigate the labyrinth of emotions and possibilities surrounding the desire for someone’s return.