Significator cards: How to Choose the Tarot Court Card That Best Represents You Through a Perspective of Your Age, Gender, Zodiac Sign, Profession or Character


The Significator cards or court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages) represent the main players in the game of fortune and fate. Tradition says that Cups and Pentacles represent light, and the Wands and Swords illustrate dark people. When reading cards, especially with more general, numerically extensive classifications, this basic information is usually sufficient, but when choosing a personal card or Significator, the card that represents you or the questioner, we need a more detailed descriptions. A personal card can also be chosen based on character traits. For example, if the questioner is interested in his love life, he will probably not be satisfied if you tell him that two bright persons of the male or female gender appear in the present or the future. What are your personalities like? How to distinguish them? This is especially important when there is a choice.

Tradition attributes many characteristics to each court cart, ranging from a brief description of character to career direction and even the zodiac sign in which the person was born. With this additional information, it is possible to form a fairly accurate image of each of the sixteen court cards. But until you are experienced enough, it is probably better to limit yourself to a single symbolic meaning of the card when choosing a Significator. For example, if you decide to choose a personal card or Significator based on the questioner’s appearance, do not confuse this with the character traits of the card. For example, a fair-haired Cups type can be a serious lawyer, whose profession and character are much better described by Swords. Therefore, when describing people who appear in the future, choose a category in advance, as this way you will avoid inaccuracies and ambiguities.

Choosing Significator based on person’s age, gender and zodiac sign

One method to choose a Significator card based on age, gender and zodiac sign:

Through a perspective of zodiac signs we can classify Significators like so:

For example, a young Pisces woman could be a Page of Cups, especially if she is acting immature, and a more mature Leo female could be the Queen of Wands, an older Cancer man could be King of Cups, while a 25-year old Aquarius male is the Knight of Swords.

Choosing Significator based on person’s appearance

Of course, there are other options you can rely on when choosing a Significator card, and one of these options is based on physical attributes of the Seeker:

Following this type of Significator classification, an older woman with blond hair and blue eyes would be Queen of Cups, but a young man with dark hair and dark eyes would be Knight of Pentacles.

Sometime, Significator cards are difficult to define, and this is what often confuses beginners. For example, a Page or Knight can represent a younger business or marriage partner, and it can even describe thoughts of a person. Or, or example, the general meaning of Cups is playfulness and flirtatiousness, but it also symbolizes the possibility of new love, especially if the question is in this area.

Choosing Significator based on person’s character and profession

Each Suit of the cards with their corresponding court cards is related to a different aspect of life: Cups, for example, represent lovers regardless of their profession, outward appearance and character, while Swords mean divorced, lonely and widowed people. You can find their symbolic description through the perspective of hair and eye color, zodiac group, with an emphasis on character and professional field below:

What are Pentacle people through a perspective of character and profession like?

Pentacle people usually have dark, and dark brown eyes, with an olive skin complexion. Through a perspective of a character they are dynamic, selfish, creative, and extroverted, and as professionals they usually work in communication and media business, and trade or speculation. Typically pentacle court cards embody enthusiasm, enterprise, vitality and sudden mood swings. The most wonderful quality of the people they label is a bubbling life force, and their least desirable character trait is dogmatism.

Pentacles are associated with spring, with new life, youth and early morning, when the sun rises at the beginning of a brand new day. They carry the meaning of vitality and energy, which – like all forms of energy – can be positive or negative in its final expression. Tradition says that Pentacles are a reflective suit that is strongly influenced by the cards that surround it. When Pentacles are surrounded with Swords, for example, they absorb and reflect their gloomy Swords’ character.

In general, Pentacles refer to communication and news; they represent documents, letters, phone calls and interviews, in short, the things we tend to associate with work and professional endeavors. Their materialistic, acquisitive nature is reflected in their association with gifts, purchases and spending money. This suit also governs speculation and gambling. Pentacles express a restless, searching, curious and also quarrelsome atmosphere. Former soothsayers associated them with outbursts of jealousy, sudden twists of fate, inspiration and spontaneity. If a large number of Pentacles appear in the classification, the life of the questioner will certainly not be barren and boring.

Pentacle court cards represent practical, hard-working people who strive to achieve their goals through hard work. They embody patience and perseverance. Their weak point is a lack of imagination, but loyalty make them valuable friends.

What are Wands people through a perspective of character and profession like?

Wands people typically have thick, darkish hair, sometimes with reddish subtone. Their eyes are green or brown, or even blue and they have healthy reddish skin complexion. They are practical, honest, loving, extroverted and belong to the Fire element. Typically, they are employed in finance or business world.

Wands are the symbols of the material world, and are associated with the summer noon, when the sun is exactly above us and when the shadows fade. The age period attributed to this color is the time when people cross the threshold of adulthood and strive to create a solid foundation for life through hard work. The seeds sown in the period symbolized by the Pentacles are now sprouting new leaves, as it is often shown on the wands on the cards, and they mark our acquired skills and future prospects.

Wands people refer to work, effort and the desire to build – either a career or a lasting partnership. Tradition also connects them with faithful friends and loyal assistants and allies. Wands people are optimistic, but the hope they represent is firmly anchored in reality.

Wands people govern practical goals, perseverance and the real evaluation of innate gifts and acquired knowledge, and above all, money – material goods of permanent value, monetary investments and attitudes towards money – all this falls under the rule of Wands people, which are considered the most material, fiery suit of tarot cards.

What are Cups people through a perspective of character and profession like?

Cups court cards represent confidential friends and lovers and all kinds of emotional relationships. As extremely romantic and sensual cards, they represent creative, artistically inspired people who are guided through life by strong, deep emotions. Typically they have light or silvery hair, and blue or gray eyes.

Cups people are emotional, sensitive, and introverted. You will find them in working in arts industry or as healers.

The Cups represent the emotional dimension of life, especially love and relationships. Everything related to home is also attributed to these lively cards. They symbolically describe autumn, when we collect the harvest, and sunset, that magical part of the day when day turns into night. The age period traditionally attributed to this suit of cards is maturity, symbolically described by the harvest; it is a time when decisions and actions from youth and early adulthood bear fruit.

Cups do not only denote romantic love, but also the tender feelings we have for family members and old, good friends. Another aspect of Cups is creativity, associated with all forms of fertility whether physical or spiritual. The beneficial influence of the Cups suit extends to preparing a delicious meal, arranging a flower garden, and any other work in which we help ourselves with our imagination.

Cups have a stimulating effect on all the cards surrounding them: a larger number of Cups in each classification predicts happiness, love and emotional fulfillment, even if the questioner has to go through some kind of trial in search of such happiness.

What are Swords people through a perspective of character and profession like?

Swords court cards symbolize people whose clear, pure thoughts are guided by their hearts and inner impulses, but most of all rationalism and logical thinking. They are serious and cold-blooded, they can also be treacherous and exploitative. On the other hand, they are sober-minded, objective people who are often very influential. They are ambitious, analytical, and introverted, and usually work in the field of law, and politics or economy.

Sword people is basically serious, strict and somewhat gloomy. They are associated with the dark winter months when nature sleeps and with the mysterious midnight hour when the day finally ends. They symbolically represent age, emphasizing the association of this suit with endings, reconciliations and separations. It must be said that Swords are cards traditionally treated with trepidation and uneasiness, but although many are dark and sad, they also symbolize strength and the mysterious path of destiny.

It is interesting that Swords – just like Pentacles – are considered a reflective suit, with the exception of the Ten of Swords. This means that their message can be greatly strengthened or weakened by the cards that surround them in the spread. Their basic meaning of challenges, obstacles and hard work that does not bear the expected fruits cannot be denied, but such unpleasant messages should not be viewed in a completely negative light, because limitations and obstacles are ultimately an integral part of any successful venture.

Swords people are symbolically associated with logical thinking, law, financial institutions, judgments, betrayal and the inexorable action of karma.