The Celtic Cross Spread Example: A Reading for Developing Business


The Celtic Cross spread is a powerful tool for gaining insight into the dynamics and potential outcomes in a business context. By drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the Celtic tradition, this reading offers a nuanced perspective on various facets of your business journey. Each card placement represents a specific aspect, such as challenges, opportunities, influences, and potential outcomes, providing a comprehensive understanding of the current state and potential paths ahead in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Through this reading, we explore how to harness strengths, navigate obstacles, and uncover hidden opportunities to support the growth and development of a middle-aged woman and her husband who are developing their business.

Let’s Take a Look At the Cards And Their Positions In The Celtic Cross Spread

1st position – the Central Issue of the Question: The Page of Cups

In a business context, the Page of Cups appearing in the first position of the Celtic Cross spread could suggest a few potential interpretations. And the one that seem so obvious to me regarding her situation is the new creative venture, the very beginning, the fresh start – the business itself – the emergence of innovative ideas or creative projects within the business. It could indicate a period where the couple is exploring imaginative or unconventional approaches to products, services, or marketing strategies. I think it is worth putting forward the Page of Cups’ more emotionally intelligent approach to business dealings. This could involve understanding and empathizing with clients or colleagues on a deeper level, fostering better relationships, and potentially discovering new opportunities through emotional connections. She later told me the focus is on a consulting clients.

The Page of Cups will urge the business to pay attention to intuitive insights. It suggests that solutions to challenges or new business directions might come from intuitive hunches, creative sparks, or listening closely to the market’s emotional pulse.
Last, but not least, I noticed her youthful energy and enthusiasm that goes well with Page of Cups, so in this context I would also bring forth a surge of enthusiasm and youthful energy within the company, maybe even the time to explore unconventional ideas or taking calculated risks that align with the business’s vision.

2nd position – the Crossing Card aka What’s Hindering You: the Wheel of Fortune

In a business context, when the Wheel of Fortune appears in the position that directly affects or hinders the individual at the present moment, it suggests a profound impact on the individual’s circumstances and their ability to move forward. The problem are probably external forces that are beyond immediate control but have a substantial impact on the business. These could include market fluctuations, economic shifts, regulatory changes, or industry trends that significantly affect day-to-day operations or future strategies. This card signals a mix of opportunities and challenges that are presently influencing the individual in the business realm. There might be unexpected openings or fortunate events that could be leveraged, but these might be coupled with hurdles or unexpected shifts that need attention. This is why the Wheel of Fortune already emphasizes the need for adaptability and preparedness in dealing with sudden changes. It advises the individual to remain flexible, agile, and ready to pivot strategies or approaches as circumstances evolve.

Considering that the Wheel of Fortune is on the Crossing position, this card might indicate that the current situation is part of a larger cycle or turning point for the individual in the business. I even dare to suggests that fate or significant events are at play, and how one navigates these specific moments can influence the course of the business. Since the Wheel of Fortune often relates to timing and the idea that things are in motion, it could suggest that the timing is crucial for certain decisions or actions, urging the individual to seize the right opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

3rd position – the Past: The Devil

This position is about the not so distant past in the context of the question. She or the the business might have been excessively focused on material gains, profit at any cost, or perhaps overly attached to certain strategies or methods that could have been restricting growth or limiting the company’s potential. The Devil card could even indicate past behaviors or patterns within the business that were detrimental, such as being overly controlling, engaging in unethical practices, or being too reliant on a particular supplier, client, or method of operation. And with Devil there are addictions – a period where the person is so excessively focused on work, which leads to burnout, stress, or an unhealthy work-life balance.

And this card could signify a history of feeling trapped or constrained within the business environment, perhaps due to rigid structures, policies, or hierarchical systems that hindered creativity or progress.

4th position – the Near Future: the Empress

The appearance of the Empress in the near future position was a relief, because she embodies abundance, growth, and prosperity. In a business context, this card indicates a phase of expansion, creativity, and fertility. It suggests that the near future holds opportunities for the business to flourish and grow in various aspects and encourages a more nurturing and supportive environment that fosters new projects, products, or services.

Their business is client oriented and in a business context, this could represent a focus on customer care, client relationships, and creating a more nurturing, supportive experience for customers or clients. And it is also worth to mention in the context of relationships and business that this card might indicate the potential for beneficial partnerships or collaborations that bring abundance and growth to the business.

Compared to the Devil from the past, The Empress represents balance between work and life, as well as harmony within the business environment. It suggests a future where the company can achieve a more balanced and harmonious approach to its operations and interactions.

5th position – the Above or Crowning card: The Four of Pentacles

This position in the Celtic Cross spread sheds light on the seeker’s aspirations or what she is aiming to achieve within their business endeavors. And the first thing that came to me with that card was so obvious – the financial stability and security – she is at the very beginning of a business and is aiming for a solid foundation of financial stability and security within the business. Perhaps she is at the moment focused on measured, conservative growth rather than rapid expansion. There might be a deliberate effort to grow the business gradually while maintaining a tight control over finances and resources. The number 4 is about a structure and order, so she could be aiming to establish clear structures and order within the business environment.

Some say the 4 of Pentacles is very much about economical prudence – notice how tight the guy is holding that coin – so prioritizing to mitigate risks and making prudent investments is at the top of priority list. There’s a great desire to strike a balance between growth and financial prudence. The aim might be to expand and innovate but without compromising the financial health and stability of the business.

6th position – the Foundation Card: the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands in this position represents the underlying or subconscious influences shaping the foundation or hidden aspects within the business context. The Queen of Wands embodies qualities of strong leadership, creativity, and vision. In the foundation position, it suggests that there might be a hidden or subconscious influence emphasizing the importance of these qualities in shaping the business’s foundation. This could involve a leader or key figure within the business who possesses these characteristics or an undercurrent emphasizing the need for such attributes.

Emphasis on passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration are the crucial elements in laying the foundation of the business. There might be an unseen drive or motivation rooted in passion that fuels the business’s core values and direction. The Queen of Wands often embodies a strategic approach to growth. In this position, it could signify a hidden desire or subconscious push towards expansion and development within the business, driven by a visionary and strategic mindset.

7th position – The Self-Perception Card: The Page of Wands

This position of a business-oriented Celtic Cross spread suggests how the individual views themselves and what is their role within the current business situation. All Pages are beginners and they are at the beginning of her business path, luckily the Page of Wands represents enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to explore new opportunities. In this position, it indicates that the individual perceives themselves as someone who is eager to learn, take on new challenges, and explore innovative ideas within the business. Good for her!

Again, a Wand Court card – with a Page of Wands she might view themselves as someone with creative ideas, capable of seeing the bigger picture, and willing to bring fresh perspectives to the business. She is ready for action and has the courage in facing challenges. The individual might perceive themselves as someone who is ready to take on tasks and confront obstacles with a determined and courageous attitude.

8th Position – External Forces or People Impacting The Situation – the Two of Cups

This card often symbolizes partnerships or relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation. In a business context, external forces might involve alliances or collaborations with other businesses, individuals, or stakeholders that significantly impact the current situation. Two of Cups represents harmony and balance in relationships. External influences could revolve around key relationships or interactions that are pivotal for the business. These connections might bring about positive changes, shared visions, or smoother interactions that benefit the company. As this card also signifies a shared vision or common goals, the business will involve individuals or entities aligning their objectives with the business, creating mutually beneficial situations or alliances that contribute positively to the company’s direction.
Nevertheless, the Two of Cups highlights the importance of emotional connections. External forces might emphasize the significance of relationships, highlighting the need for diplomacy, empathy, or understanding in business dealings. This card is right on spot as the two of them are a couple of more than 20 years and are working on the project together.

9th position – The Hopes and Fears Card: the Five of Wands

With the 5 of Wands, there might be a hope for healthy competition within the industry or market. The individual might aspire for a competitive edge that drives innovation and improvement within the business. There might be a hope for collaborative efforts and teamwork. The individual might aspire to channel the competitive energy into constructive collaboration, hoping for unity among team members or cooperative ventures with competitors for mutual benefit.

We must understand that the 5 of Wands often symbolizes conflict or challenges arising from competing interests. In the business context, this could represent a fear of internal or external conflicts, power struggles, or clashes among team members or competitors that might disrupt progress.

Overall, the 5 of Wands in the hopes and fears position of a business-oriented Celtic Cross spread reflects a complex blend of hopes for healthy competition, collaboration, and creative solutions, juxtaposed with fears of conflicts, disruptions, and hindered progress. It suggests a need to navigate and balance competitive energies while seeking productive resolutions to conflicts for the benefit of the business.

10th position – The Outcome: the Emperor

Who wouldn’t want an Emperor in the outcome of a business reading, right? The Emperor embodies authority, leadership, and structure. In the context of a business outcome, it suggests a potential outcome where the business becomes more structured, organized, and operates under a clear and stable leadership.

This card often signifies the successful implementation of well-thought-out strategies. The outcome could indicate that the business will benefit from a strategic approach, where plans are executed methodically and efficiently, and where there’s governance and order. The Emperor often represents a focus on long-term goals and stability. The outcome may indicate that the business will prioritize stability, long-term growth, and sustainability over short-term gains.

While the Emperor in the outcome position of a Celtic Cross spread generally implies positive attributes like strong leadership and structured governance, the most negative that could come out is rigid or authoritarian leadership within the business. This could lead to a lack of flexibility, stifling creativity, and inhibiting adaptability to changing market conditions. She should also be vary of an excessive need for control or micromanagement within the business, and even resistance to change or an unwillingness to embrace new ideas or methods. In extreme cases, the negative aspect of the Emperor might represent a leader who abuses their power, becoming dictatorial or tyrannical, causing unrest or dissatisfaction among employees.

When the Emperor appears in a negative light, it serves as a cautionary note, suggesting the need for balance between strong leadership and adaptability. It prompts a reevaluation of leadership styles, encouraging openness to change, fostering a more flexible environment, and ensuring that structured governance doesn’t inhibit growth or innovation within the business.

Let’s Take A Look At The Combinations Inside The Celtic Cross

Crossing Card & Foundation: Focuses on the challenge or obstacle and its roots, revealing the underlying cause of the obstacle. In this example we’re reading the Wheel of Fortune and the Queen of Wands.

When these cards appear together, the obstacle might stem from a clash between the unpredictable changes represented by the Wheel of Fortune and the Queen of Wands’ desire for control or certainty. It could suggest a situation where the natural flux of events conflicts with the Queen’s need for stability or a more direct approach. This could create a challenge in aligning her passionate energy with the unpredictability of the circumstances.

The underlying cause of the obstacle might involve balancing these energies—finding a way to harness the Queen of Wands’ determination and adaptability to navigate the changing tides depicted by the Wheel of Fortune. It may also imply that despite her natural inclination for control, she needs to embrace a more flexible and intuitive approach to overcome the challenges presented by the unpredictable forces at play.

Recent Past & Crossing Card: Explores how recent events or influences are contributing to the current challenge or obstacle.

This combination of the Devil and the Wheel of Fortune could signify a cycle of negative patterns or behaviors that are difficult to break free from, represented by the Wheel of Fortune’s continual motion. The challenge might stem from the cyclical nature of these influences, making it hard to escape from repetitive or toxic patterns.

To address this obstacle, it’s crucial to recognize any destructive patterns or dependencies that have surfaced recently and understand their cyclic nature. Breaking free from these influences might require a conscious effort to embrace change and actively disrupt these cycles. Seeking support or guidance to regain control and break free from negative influences could be beneficial.

Above & Foundation: Reflects the desired outcome and its connection to the foundational aspects or root causes of the situation.

The 4 of Pentacles represents holding onto stability, sometimes to an excessive degree. It indicates a desire for security, both materially and emotionally, often by holding tightly onto resources or familiar patterns. When paired with the Queen of Wands, who embodies passion and creative energy, it indicates a need to infuse dynamism and drive into a situation that might be overly focused on security or control.

The desired outcome might involve finding a middle ground between stability (as seen in the 4 of Pentacles) and the Queen of Wands’ passionate, creative energy. It’s about using the Queen’s enthusiasm and confidence to bring vibrancy and innovation into a stable situation.

Connecting this to the foundational aspects or root causes of the situation, it suggests that there might be a need to examine why stability or control is so strongly emphasized. Perhaps there’s a fear of change or a past experience that necessitates holding on tightly. Understanding these root causes will help in integrating the Queen of Wands’ spirited nature into a more secure foundation, leading to a balanced and desired outcome.

Immediate Future & Crossing Card: Indicates potential developments or challenges in the near future related to the current obstacle.

The Empress and the Wheel of Fortune together suggest upcoming developments tied to growth, abundance, and cycles of change. These cards signal potential challenges that involve navigating fluctuating phases while harnessing creativity and nurturing energy.

The Empress embodies fertility, creativity, and abundance. When paired with the Wheel of Fortune, it implies a period of expansion and evolution. However, challenges might arise due to the unpredictability of these changes. The fluctuating nature of the Wheel of Fortune’s cycles might create uncertainty or unexpected shifts despite the Empress’s nurturing and abundant energy.

The potential developments could involve opportunities for growth and creativity but may also present challenges in adapting to sudden changes or embracing the unpredictability of evolving situations. It’s a reminder that while there might be abundant possibilities, these could come with their own set of unforeseen challenges or alterations that require adaptability and flexibility.

Self-Perception & Crossing Card: Reveals how the individual’s self-view might impact or relate to the challenge they’re facing.

The Page of Wands represents enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to explore new paths. However, this energy might also bring a sense of youthful optimism or naivety, as the Page is still learning and growing.

When combined with the Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and unexpected changes, it suggests that the individual’s self-view might influence their perception of these changes. If the person identifies strongly with the Page of Wands’ qualities, they might view the challenges as exciting opportunities for growth and exploration, embracing change with enthusiasm and optimism.

However, if the individual feels overwhelmed or lacks confidence in their abilities, they might perceive the Wheel’s changes as chaotic or unsettling. Their self-view as someone still learning and growing could impact their readiness to face unexpected shifts, potentially causing them to feel unprepared or uncertain about navigating the challenges presented.

Ultimately, how they perceive themselves—as adventurous and open to new experiences or as inexperienced and unsure—can significantly influence how they approach and respond to the fluctuations represented by the Wheel of Fortune. Developing a balanced perspective that acknowledges both their enthusiasm for new ventures and their need for growth can help them better navigate the challenges ahead.

External Influences & Crossing Card: Highlights external factors contributing to or exacerbating the current challenge or obstacle.

When Two of Cups is paired with the Wheel of Fortune, which signifies the cyclical nature of life and unpredictable changes, it indicates that the dynamics within relationships or partnerships are intertwined with the fluctuations in the current situation.

External influences from these relationships might introduce unexpected changes or fluctuations, impacting the stability or direction of the challenge or obstacle at hand. Positive and supportive relationships could bring moments of synchronicity or aid in navigating uncertain times. However, conflicts, changes in dynamics, or unexpected shifts within partnerships could exacerbate the challenge, making it more unpredictable or challenging to manage.

These external factors, stemming from relationships or partnerships, could play a crucial role in either easing or intensifying the impact of the fluctuating circumstances highlighted by the Wheel of Fortune. Understanding how these connections interact with the changing tides of the situation might offer insights into managing or addressing the current challenge or obstacle more effectively.

Hopes and Fears & Foundation: Explores the conflicting emotions or desires in relation to the root causes of the situation.

In relation to the Queen of Wands, who embodies passion, creativity, and assertiveness, the 5 of Wands suggests that the conflicting emotions or desires stem from a clash between the Queen’s assertive nature and the competitive energies portrayed by the 5 of Wands.

The root causes of the situation might revolve around the Queen of Wands’ assertiveness or strong leadership conflicting with others’ ambitions or viewpoints. Her passionate drive to assert her ideas or take charge might be causing friction or competition within the environment depicted by the 5 of Wands.

Understanding these conflicting emotions and desires is vital to resolving the root causes of the situation. It could involve finding a way for the Queen of Wands to express her creativity and leadership while also considering and harmonizing with the perspectives and ambitions of others. Collaboration, compromise, and finding common ground amidst differing desires may be essential to ease the tensions highlighted by the 5 of Wands.

Outcome & Crossing Card: Offers insights into the potential resolution or culmination of the challenge based on the current obstacles and energies.

When the Emperor, who represents authority, structure, and control is paired with the Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes the cycles of life, fate, and unexpected changes, it suggests that the resolution of the challenges may come through a combination of strong leadership and adaptability to the changing tides.

Insights for resolving the challenge could involve employing the Emperor’s qualities of leadership, structure, and strategic planning to bring stability and order to the situation. However, the Wheel of Fortune reminds that despite structured approaches, external factors or unforeseen changes may still influence the outcome.

The key lies in balancing the Emperor’s desire for control and structure with the understanding that some elements are beyond direct control. Flexibility, adaptability, and the willingness to adjust strategies as circumstances change are crucial in navigating the fluctuating energies represented by the Wheel of Fortune.

The potential resolution may come from a combination of strong leadership and adaptability, where a structured approach is coupled with the ability to pivot and adjust plans in response to unexpected shifts. Embracing change while maintaining a sense of authority and direction can lead to successfully overcoming the challenges highlighted by the Wheel of Fortune.

And here we can focus on the combinations which do take the Central Issue in focus:

the Central Issue & Crossing Card: Interaction between these cards highlights the central challenge or obstacle in the current situation.

The Page of Cups represents emotional sensitivity, creativity, and new experiences. However, it can also symbolize a youthful or inexperienced approach to emotions and situations. This card often suggests a need to navigate emotions or creative endeavors with a sense of openness and curiosity. When combined with the Wheel of Fortune, which signifies cycles, change, and the unexpected, it points to the challenge of handling unpredictable emotional responses or approaching the situation with a lack of emotional maturity.

The central obstacle might lie in dealing with emotional fluctuations or responses that are influenced by the unpredictable nature of the circumstances. There could be a tendency to react impulsively or inconsistently due to a lack of experience or understanding of one’s emotions in relation to the changes occurring.

Navigating this obstacle might involve learning to manage emotions more effectively amidst the unpredictability represented by the Wheel of Fortune. It could require developing emotional resilience, adapting to unexpected shifts with a sense of openness and curiosity, and cultivating a deeper understanding of how emotions influence reactions during changing times. Developing emotional maturity and a more balanced approach to handling feelings within the context of shifting circumstances could be key to overcoming this challenge.

Foundation & the Central Issue: Reveals the root cause or underlying influences shaping the current circumstances.

The underlying influences from the Queen of Wands might shape the current circumstances by infusing them with a sense of passion, creativity, and assertiveness. However, these influences could also manifest in a way that affects emotional responses or the handling of new experiences. There might be a blend of confidence and assertiveness from the Queen’s energy influencing the emotional exploration or reactions depicted by the Page of Cups.

Understanding how the Queen of Wands’ strong and influential nature shapes emotional responses or creative endeavors, as represented by the Page of Cups, is crucial to gaining insights into the situation. It might involve recognizing how the Queen’s characteristics influence emotional expression or new experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play and potential ways to navigate or address the circumstances.

Recent Past & the Central Issue: Indicates how past events have led to the present situation.

The Devil representing the recent past and the Page of Cups as the central issue indicate a connection between past events and the present situation, particularly highlighting the influence of certain patterns or behaviors on the current circumstances.

The Devil often represents bondage, temptation, or patterns of attachment that might have been present in the recent past. It suggests situations where one might have felt restricted, trapped, or caught up in materialistic or unhealthy patterns. This could have led to feelings of limitation or being bound to certain behaviors or desires.

Now, when paired with the Page of Cups, which embodies emotional sensitivity and new experiences, it suggests that the recent past, characterized by the influence of the Devil, might have shaped the central issue of the present situation. There might be an impact from past patterns of attachment or temptation that have influenced the current emotional state or approach to new experiences represented by the Page of Cups.

This combination suggests that past events involving patterns of attachment or unhealthy behaviors might have influenced the current emotional landscape or the way one approaches new situations. There could be a sense of emotional sensitivity or naivety stemming from the residue of past experiences or attachments, which is now becoming a central issue in the present circumstances.

Understanding this connection between past patterns and their influence on present emotions or approaches to new experiences is essential in gaining insights into the current situation. It might involve recognizing how past attachments or temptations have influenced current emotional responses, allowing for a clearer understanding of how to navigate or address the central issue presented by the Page of Cups.

Above & the Central Issue: Reflects the desired or ideal outcome and its relationship to the current situation.

The 4 of Pentacles signifies a desire for stability, security, and control. It often depicts holding onto resources or maintaining a sense of stability in various aspects of life. This card represents a conservative approach to safeguarding what one has.

Paired with the Page of Cups, which embodies emotional sensitivity, curiosity, and new experiences, it suggests a desire for emotional exploration or openness despite the inclination towards stability and control depicted by the 4 of Pentacles.

The desired outcome might involve finding a balance between maintaining stability and embracing emotional exploration or new experiences. It signifies a need to step beyond the boundaries of comfort or routine represented by the 4 of Pentacles and engage with emotions and experiences with the curiosity and openness of the Page of Cups.

Immediate Future & the Central Issue: Offers insights into what’s about to unfold in the near future based on the current situation.

The Page of Cups embodies emotional sensitivity, new experiences, and curiosity. This card often represents the initial stages of exploring emotions or creative ventures, indicating a period of openness and receptivity to novel feelings or artistic pursuits. When paired with the Empress, who symbolizes fertility, creativity, abundance, and nurturing energy, it indicates a progression or development in the near future stemming from the current emotional exploration and creative interests.

This combination foretells the potential for the nurturing and flourishing of emotional depth and creativity represented by the Page of Cups. It suggests that the seeds of emotional awareness and creative expression planted by the Page are set to bloom and grow under the influence of the Empress’s abundant and nurturing energy.

What’s about to unfold in the near future is a phase of further exploration and growth in emotional understanding and creative endeavors. There might be an expansion of creativity, a deeper connection with emotions, or a manifestation of new ideas and projects guided by a nurturing and fertile energy, as indicated by the Empress.

Overall, the combination hints at a period of significant emotional and creative growth, where the initial explorations represented by the Page of Cups mature and thrive under the nurturing influence of the Empress in the near future.

Self-Perception & the Central Issue: Highlights how the individual perceives themselves within the context of the issue at hand.

The Page of Wands embodies qualities like enthusiasm, curiosity, and a desire for exploration. This card often represents someone who sees themselves as adventurous, creative, and eager to embark on new endeavors. This self-perception might involve a sense of optimism and a readiness to take on challenges. When paired with the Page of Cups, which represents emotional sensitivity, new experiences, and curiosity, it suggests that the individual views themselves within the issue as someone who is emotionally open and receptive to exploring new feelings or situations.

This combination indicates that the individual sees themselves as someone open to both creative and emotional exploration. They likely perceive their role in the current situation as one where they bring a sense of curiosity and receptivity, willing to delve into emotions or new experiences.

Their self-perception might involve feeling emotionally attuned and open to the possibilities presented by the central issue. They could view themselves as someone who approaches challenges with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to embrace new feelings or situations.

Overall, this combination suggests that the individual’s self-perception within the context of the issue revolves around being emotionally open, curious, and ready to engage with new experiences or emotions that arise as part of the central challenge represented by the Page of Cups.

External Influences & the Central Issue: Reveals outside factors impacting the person or situation.

The Two of Cups represents partnerships, harmony, and connections. It signifies mutually beneficial relationships, emotional bonds, or collaborations that bring about harmony and unity between individuals. When paired with the Page of Cups, which represents emotional sensitivity, new experiences, and curiosity, it suggests that external influences stemming from relationships, partnerships, or emotional connections are playing a significant role in the central issue.

This combination indicates that external factors, particularly relationships or emotional bonds, are influencing the individual or the situation. These external influences might be contributing to the emotional landscape or the approach to new experiences represented by the Page of Cups.

The harmonious connections or partnerships depicted by the Two of Cups could be impacting the central issue by either providing emotional support, introducing new perspectives, or influencing the individual’s emotional responses within the situation.

Hopes and Fears & the Central Issue: Represents the querent’s conflicting emotions or desires in relation to the situation.

The 5 of Wands represents inner conflict, competition, or clashes between different viewpoints or desires. It signifies a scenario where multiple forces or opinions are in contention, causing tension or struggle. Paired with the Page of Cups, which embodies emotional sensitivity, new experiences, and curiosity, it suggests that the querent’s conflicting emotions or desires are intertwined with the way they approach emotional exploration or new experiences within the situation.

This combination implies that the querent might be experiencing inner turmoil or conflicting emotions represented by the 5 of Wands while navigating the realm of emotions, new encounters, or creative endeavors symbolized by the Page of Cups.

The 5 of Wands suggests that there might be internal struggles or conflicting desires within the querent—perhaps different emotional needs or viewpoints that are vying for dominance. This inner conflict influences the querent’s approach to emotional sensitivity and the exploration of new experiences depicted by the Page of Cups.

Outcome & the Central Issue: Shows the potential culmination or result based on the current energies and actions.

The Emperor embodies authority, structure, and strategic leadership. When paired with the Page of Cups, which embodies emotional sensitivity, new experiences, and curiosity, it implies that the potential culmination or result stems from a combination of emotional exploration and a structured, disciplined approach.

This combination suggests that the potential outcome will likely involve the integration of emotional sensitivity and receptivity depicted by the Page of Cups into a more structured and disciplined framework represented by the Emperor.

The result could indicate a successful blending of the intuitive, creative, and emotionally receptive qualities with the structured, organized, and disciplined approach. It suggests that the current energies and actions, rooted in emotional exploration and openness, have the potential to be guided or structured in a way that leads to a more controlled or authoritative outcome represented by the Emperor.


In the complex web of the Celtic Cross spread, each card intricately weaves a narrative, providing insights into various aspects of the querent’s situation. As the cards align and interplay, themes emerge, offering a profound understanding of the past, present circumstances, challenges, and potential outcomes.

At the end I can say, the future of business looks bright for the querent, of course if she takes into account Devil’s disturbing forces and aligns with the optimistic aspects of the Empress and Emperor, but also prepares for the fluctations of the Wheel of Fortune and competitiveness of the 5 of Wands.