Can You Use Someone Else’s Tarot Cards?

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Absolutely, you can use someone else’s Tarot cards! Tarot cards themselves aren’t tied to an individual’s energy or essence like, say, a toothbrush might be. They’re tools, like a book or a deck of playing cards, and they don’t hold onto energy in the same way as personal items might.

However, some people might have a preference for using their own Tarot deck for various reasons:

1. Connection

Many Tarot readers find that they establish a personal connection with their deck over time. Using someone else’s deck might feel unfamiliar or lacking in that personal connection.

2. Energetic Bond

Some believe that a Tarot deck can absorb the energy of its user over time. So, using someone else’s deck might mean you’re tapping into their energy or experiences.

3. Personal Preference

Just like a writer might prefer a certain type of pen or a musician a particular instrument, Tarot readers might prefer their own deck because of the imagery, symbolism, or just the feel of the cards.

But despite these preferences, there’s no cosmic rule saying you can’t use someone else’s Tarot deck. In fact, some people love the idea of sharing decks because it can offer a fresh perspective or a different energy for a reading.

If you’re considering using someone else’s Tarot deck

Diving deeper into the considerations of using someone else’s Tarot deck involves a few essential steps:

1. Respect the Deck

Respect is key when handling someone else’s Tarot deck. Treat it as you would your own, or perhaps even more delicately since it holds personal significance for the owner. Avoid eating, drinking, or handling the cards roughly when using them.

2. Understand Its History

If possible, learn about the history of the deck. Ask the owner about their experiences with the cards. Understanding the personal connection or experiences they’ve had with the deck can provide insights into its energy.

3. Cleanse and Clear the Energy

Before using someone else’s deck for your readings, it might be beneficial to cleanse the cards to clear any lingering energy from previous readings or users. There are various methods to do this, such as:

Smudging: Pass the cards through incense smoke or use a smudge stick (like sage, palo santo, or cedar) to purify the deck.

Crystals: Place the cards on a crystal cluster known for its cleansing properties, such as clear quartz, amethyst, or selenite, to absorb any unwanted energies.

Intention Setting: Hold the deck in your hands and set a clear intention to cleanse and align the energy of the cards with your own.

4. Bond with the Deck

Establish a connection with the deck before using it for a reading. Spend time handling the cards, shuffling them, and getting a feel for their energy. Meditate with the deck to attune yourself to its unique vibrations.

5. Respect the Owner’s Wishes

If the deck’s owner has any specific instructions or requests regarding the use of their Tarot cards, honor them. Some may have certain rituals or guidelines they follow, and respecting these can maintain the integrity of the deck.

6. Set Clear Intentions

Before starting a reading, set your intentions. Whether it’s for personal insight, guidance, or seeking answers to specific questions, clarity in your purpose can enhance the reading.

7. Use Your Intuition

Trust your intuition during the reading. Your instincts and inner guidance play a significant role in interpreting the cards, regardless of who the deck belongs to. Embrace your intuitive abilities and allow them to guide the reading.

By following these steps, you not only honor the deck’s owner and the deck itself but also create an environment conducive to insightful and meaningful readings. Remember, the energy you bring to the cards and the respect you show to the practice of Tarot reading greatly influence the outcome of your readings.

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Remember, the power of a Tarot reading doesn’t solely come from the cards themselves but also from the intention, intuition, and interpretation of the reader. Whether you use your own deck or someone else’s, your energy and intuition play a significant role in the reading. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you feel comfortable and connected to someone else’s Tarot deck and it resonates with you, there’s no reason why you can’t use it for your readings. Trust your instincts and let your intuition guide you!