The Mystic Cross: a Spread Suitable When You’re Looking for an Answer to a Single Question


This isosceles spread in the form of a cross is based on ancient symbolism. The form of a cross is associated with the Greek goddess Hecate, mythological queen of witches and goddess of midwives; she was also the goddess of crossroads – hence the symbol. Choose this classification when you are literally at a crossroads and looking for an answer to a single question, such as: Will I get a new job in the next three months?

How To Position The Cards In The Mystic Cross Spread?

Before consulting the cards arranged in the form of a cross, you must select the personal card that represents the questioner or Significator. Put it aside, shuffle the cards and ask the questioner to shuffle them too, with his mind focused on the question. Then spread the cards face down on the table and ask the questioner to choose twelve cards with his left hand. Place the chosen cards face down one after the other in the order they are picked up. Then tell him to insert the Significator card anywhere among those twelve cards. Turn over all thirteen cards so that they remain in the chosen order and spread them in the form of an equilateral cross as shown in the diagram:

How To Read The Cards In The Mystic Cross Spread?

The central card (Card 4) represents the heart of the question and is the key to the entire reading. Carefully study its color and meaning.

Then look for a Significator. If you find the Significator in a vertical row (cards 1-7), it means that the questioner cannot control the current circumstances, or that he is without influence in this matter. If you find it in a horizontal row (cards 8-13, together with 4), the questioner has the opportunity to turn the situation in his favor.

Continue reading by interpreting the vertical row from top to floor; this uncovers details that affect the current situation. Read the horizontal row from left to right; this describes influences that are just forming. They can refer to the final outcome, but in the case of more complex events, they can also mean hidden factors that have the power to change the questioner’s circumstances.

If the asker’s question were, for example, whether I will move in the next six months, the cards can only give an affirmative answer. But it is possible that the questioner was already interested in a certain house, but his plan failed, so now he has to look for other options. In this case, the horizontal cards would probably show the uncertainty that pervades the question without offering a clear “yes or “no”. In the case of an unclear answer, you can help yourself with another spread, such as Cosmic calendar, which describes a longer-term future.