Cosmic Calendar: Reveals the Nature of Important Events in the Coming Year


As a very simple prognostic classification, the cosmic calendar reveals the cycle of the year that begins with the current month. Its circular shape is an ancient symbol of infinity, representing the wheel of time and the cyclical nature of life. Choose this classification when you want to know when a desired event will come true, such as a move or an important trip. It will also help you to get a general impression of the nature of important events in the coming year.

How To Position The Cards In The Cosmic Calendar?

The questioner should shuffle the cards and divide them into three piles. Pick them up in reverse order so that the last pile is at the bottom. Arrange the cards by placing the first one on the far left and proceeding in a counterclockwise direction as shown in the diagram.

How To Read The Cards In The Cosmic Calendar?

The card representing the questioner or Significator card can be placed in the center of the circle and optionally covered with the thirteenth card representing the dominant theme of the period of the coming year. The thirteenth card is interpreted according to its Suit, not its individual meaning. Cups mean that love and domestic life will dominate the period of the coming year, while Pentacles predict a year dedicated to acquiring material goods and achieving practical goals. Wands predict travel, communication and important changes, while Swords predict money worries, fateful turns and major challenges that the questioner will have to deal with.