The Gipsy Spread or Open Triangle Reading: When You Want to Get a Reply to Only One Clearly Expressed Question


This is a simple but elegant spread that has been invented by Eastern European Gypsies. It is another spread in which we use a magical number seven. We spread the cards in the form of a open triangle that symbolizes acting of fire and spirit, and is associated with seven goddesses of ancient mythologies. This spread is most appropriate when we want to get a reply to only one clearly expressed question.

How To Position The Cards In The Gipsy or Open Triangle Spread?

The questioner should focus while shuffling the cards with thoughts focused on his question. Tap the cards face down on the table and ask the questioner to choose seven cards. When handed over to you, turn them face up and unfold them as shown on the scheme.

Explain each card individually as follows:

1 HOME: this is not just your home environment but also the spiritual, emotional and material conditions in which you live.
2 PRESENT: this card describes what is currently affecting you, what you are thinking about and what you care about.
3 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: the explanation of the card depends on the nature of the question, and can refer to friends, lovers, business partners, enemies, neighbors or rivals.
4 HOPES AND EXPECTATIONS – This position relates directly to the subject of the question. What are you hoping for? What are you up to, what are your goals and ambitions?
5 WHAT YOU DON’T EXPECT This card points to positive and negative influences that are currently forming and will directly affect the outcome of the question.
6 THE NEAR FUTURE – This card can represent the various options that are available and the likely development of events. To determine what the card refers to, use your own judgment and the meaning expressed by other cards.
7 FATE AND LUCK – The seventh card represents opportunities, sudden positive and negative turns, and a lucky coincidence that may be meant for you. It can mean a helpful friend or your own abilities; it may give you a fresh approach to the problem. Let your intuition help you judge.