The Hanged Man Reversed

card meanings

The Hanged Man reversed is a card of surrender. Are you giving up your goals because of the fear of failure? The Hanged Man reversed advises you to consider if your goal or action is helping you truly. Are you being led on a path which is making you feel helpless and hopeless? Avoiding what is real is a sign that your mind has been controlling your emotions and actions. Are you over-thinking everything because you are afraid of not being perfect? Surrounded by people who are too obsessed with trying to please everyone, it is time to stand out and be yourself. You are the only one who can solve your problems. If you keep following others’ lead, you will spend your whole life as a slave to others’ opinions.

Characteristics of The Hanged Man Reversed

Positive: new way of seeing things, accepting limits, facing truth, facing up to reality, discovery, sacrifice, release, new perspective.

Negative: avoiding responsibility, putting off making a decision, procrastinating, living in the past, blaming others, lack of commitment, missed opportunity.

General Meaning of The Hanged Man Reversed

In a general Tarot reading The Hanged Man reversed card is all about personal development and sacrifice, and the need to hang in there for the long-haul. The Hanged Man reversal meaning indicates that you are either giving up on your personal aspirations, or you are about to give up on them, as a result of neglecting part of your journey. You are either giving up just because of self-sabotage, or because you are feeling depressed, unmotivated and unable to go on.

You are delaying your goals since they do not give you the satisfaction you require from them. You are experiencing a loss of self-confidence, and your self-esteem is low. You are letting your creativity and artistic expression flow, but it is not bringing you any satisfaction, only stress and frustration.

It is time to re-focus on your personal goals before you allow yourself to be sidetracked from your path by self-sabotage. The Hanged Man reversed card suggests that you need to let go of the past in order to progress.

When you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength in a general Tarot reading. It indicates that your inner and outer life are beginning to align. You have let go of your earlier limiting beliefs and now have new, enlightened views about life. It’s time to go in a new direction. If the Hanged Man is reversed, you are being restrained from your higher purpose. Make certain you’re not too preoccupied with your projects or your self-concerns and not allowing yourself to go free. This card illustrates that you’re prepared to consider a new approach to your life, or that you’ve made a significant, but only temporary compromise. When The Hanged Man is reversed, you feel as though you had enough time to consider your options but decided to carry on as you were.

The Hanged Man is a card of nonalignment, a state of being in which you are not aligned with people or things. The Hanged Man reversed may indicate that you’re not yet ready to let go, so you stay in an unhealthy relationship or let someone else control you.

When The Hanged Man reversed card appears in a negative position that describes weakness, or obstacle in a general Tarot reading, it can be portrayed as having a little fight inside of you, or being tired of life. This card might indicate that you need an ego boost or you’re getting the feeling that every goal you achieve is only a stepping stone towards something else. Or you just don’t have any goals. The reversed Hanged Man card is an indication that you might be feeling disconnected to your higher self and that your intuition is not working for you. You’re missing out on the chances that are presented to you. You need to reconnect to your higher self (maybe by meditation, yoga, or a spiritual reading). This can be the reason for your weakness.

The reversed Hanged Man reminds you that you should stop for a while if you feel overwhelmed or out of ideas as The reversed position of this tarot card may indicate that you have reached the point of exhaustion and a loss of motivation. You are now in the lowest point of your life. You have to analyze why you are experiencing this.

The Hanged Man Reversed in the Context of Love and Relationships

In love and relationships Tarot reading The Hanged Man reversed card is all about impatience, being stubborn, being stubborn with a partner, or a person with whom you are in a committed relationship, not sharing your feelings with them. If you are in a relationship, sometimes, you may find that you and your partner are too busy working for your relationship to be good. There may be some conflicts in the society around the two of you, which may harm your relationship. If you are single and in love with someone, be patient; you will be with that partner soon.

The Hanged Man reversed through a context of feelings in a love Tarot reading is all about the relationship having stalled before it started. It illustrates a lack of commitment or effort, and the partnership might be on the verge of a break-down due to neglect. It’s possible that you and your spouse have been so wrapped up in your own concerns that you have neglected to care for each other or put effort into your relationship. It may also express a delay in choosing a spouse as a result of not having made a proper assessment of one’s options.

It’s possible that one of the partners is in the midst of a break up or a prolonged separation. You can find it difficult to think of a relationship that is worth preserving if you’re single, despite the fact that you might desire to remain alone. You’re finding it difficult to let go of the desire for permanence after your relationship ended. You may still have your heart set on finding someone, which is why you can’t move on. For whatever reason, you’re having trouble setting aside your past relationship and starting anew.

If you have issues about love and relationship, The Hanged Man reversed Tarot card means that you are out of sync with your current relationship and have a feeling of dissatisfaction. You are trying to make your relationship work, but the feeling is that the spark has gone somewhere. It’s time to take your relationship to a new space that is more meaningful for you. It may also mean that you are trying too hard to keep the relationship going without letting it get bored. This card encourages you to be calm and give your relationship time to breathe. If you are single, then you may be forcing yourself too hard to meet your partner. It’s okay to be single, but don’t let your self-worth be tied so much with your partner or some external factor. You know who you are, and you know what you are looking for in a partner. Accept yourself before meeting somebody new.

The Hanged Man Reversed in the Context of Career

In a Tarot career reading, The Hanged Man reversed can predict that your career can be on hold or cancelled. This could just be some bad luck, but it could also be that you are the only one who is accountable for it. Reversed, this card can be a sign that you may be too tied to what you believe are financial necessities to be able to pursue a passion project that you have in mind. If you spend too much of your time working to make things work, you may sacrifice your passion project or be too afraid to take the risks necessary to get it off the ground.

The Hanged Man reversed can also serve as a warning to think carefully about your current job situation since a lot could be at risk. When this card comes up in your reading, you may need to reapply for your job or re-negotiate your salary terms. If this isn’t you, then you should start looking for a new one or get back in touch with people you have let go from in the past to ensure that you aren’t destined for failure and rejection.

In a career reading The Hanged Man reversed card is all about career stagnation. This is often related to a business that is not meeting expectations. Sometimes what we are most afraid of facing in our lives manifests in our work. We all have fears that lurk in the dark, deep recesses of our subconscious, and sometimes those fears have to wait until we are faced with something that mirrors the situation we have been avoiding. So a career reading can indicate that you are just now realizing that your fears and insecurities have manifested in your job, and it is causing a block in your progress or career in general. Be patient with whatever situation you find yourself in. If you continue to run from your fears and insecurities, they will continue to control you until you finally give up and let them take over your life.

The Hanged Man Reversed in the Context of Finances

If you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed in a finance reading you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated. You may be dealing with a lot of uncertainty right now when it comes to your money, and you don’t feel like you can wait it out. It may also signal that you’re not in a good place economically, and you may not feel like you can make any changes right now. As frustrating as it can be, try to remember that sometimes the hardest part is starting over again. If you pull this card again, it may be time to consider a different approach.

In a finance reading The Hanged Man reversed is a card of patience and possibly a little caution when it comes to making some big purchases and investments until the future becomes clearer. This card can also occasionally indicate that the reversed Hanged Man is your own inner self, your own doubts or insecurities. Examine your situation, whether it is your finances, career, or otherwise, and ask yourself if you are living in the way you did before The Hanged Man appeared.

You may be making promises to yourself that you know you cannot keep. Don’t let fear or worry rule you. No matter how bad things get, you can change your current reality. The key is to focus on the now, look beyond the immediate future, and change what you can.

The Hanged Man Reversed in the Context of Health

If you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed in reading about your health, it means that now is the time to stop avoiding your health concerns. Instead of waiting for a sign that you’ve ‘grown into your body’ or that things will work out in the end, just make changes you’re comfortable with right away. Doing so will set you up for better health for years to come. When The Hanged Man is reversed, it indicates that you’re giving your mental health too much of your attention at the expense of your overall well-being. It’s only natural to prioritize your emotional health, but don’t forget about your physical wellness.

The Hanged Man reversed card in a health reading describes healing from an illness or injury, so long as you do not delay in seeking medical attention. If you are being encouraged to be still or refrain from action, do so. Alternatively, this card suggests that you could be rushing ahead in health matters, potentially putting your long-term health and wellbeing at risk.

To receive a reversed Hanged Man in a reading suggests that you will be completely healed from your existing condition by the time the calendar turns. It appears that you are delaying or avoiding seeking care anyway. Make sure that you are completely healed from your disorder prior to beginning any new regimen. Instead of rushing things along, the Hanged Man card advises you to refrain from working too hard and taking breaks to rest. When you do so, you will be in a much better position to take care of your health and heal from your current injury or illness.

If your question is about what should be your focus when overcoming an illness, The Hanged Man card reversed in a reading exposes that you should shift your attention to the aspects of healing that are within your control. The reversed hanged man card also states that you need to learn patience and stop blaming yourself completely for your illness and take help from a doctor while you are being treated at a hospital.

You need to stop thinking about ways to end your suffering and start focusing on ways to become more active again in order to improve your health. It would help if you were able to shift your focus from thinking ‘I can’t’ to ‘What can I do?’ and were able to find motivation. And this card is a clear sign that you must learn patience and focus on the things you can change to overcome an illness.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed Through Spirituality and Self-Development

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed, it may refer to a period of pause or a lack of action. It may also indicate that you are not paying attention to the opportunities that are available. You need to be more patient. Allow the Universe to work with you, and be more open to possibilities that might come your way. Instead of trying to force things into existence, just be open to the events that come your way, and let them happen to you.

When you receive The Hanged Man in reverse, you may have lost or failed to see a golden opportunity, or you might have refused to take a calculated risk. It’s possible that you missed an obvious opportunity or a simpler, more likely outcome by focusing too keenly on the “perfect solution” instead of the “next best alternative.” You can feel dissatisfied and frustrated by the way things play out rather than satisfied to learn from your experiences.

Reversed The Hanged Man might mean that you are feeling stuck, or your actions are preventing you from moving forward.

Those who have questions in a spirituality and self-development reading, The Hanged Man reversed Tarot card indicates a negative response to the Seeker’s query. Inverted, this card can also indicate that the Seeker feels helpless. The Seeker might even be stuck in one form for an extended period of time. If in a relationship, you and your mate are likely to be facing a rocky patch. If you are trying to recover from an addiction, The Hanged Man warns that you will need all of your strength to succeed.

If you are looking for a sign regarding a specific question, The Hanged Man reversed indicates a “no” response to your query. However, if you have already interpreted the “yes” response as a “no,” don’t fret. You will eventually receive the answer you are seeking. The Hanged Man Reversed illustrates that the Seeker is suffering from a lack of self-worth and is too preoccupied with their own opinions. The Reversed Hanged Man card shows that the Seeker really likes to observe other people and are not very active in social settings.

When you’re asking Tarot about finding your purpose, and you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed, it may indicate that you need to re-evaluate your life choices to make sure you are truly aligned. If you’ve changed your career path or made a big, risky move, it’s best to take some time off so that you can take a fresh look. You may also feel inspired to go on a spiritual journey or a silent retreat.

The Hanged Man reversed denotes the need to get the balance right. You are still living the life that you were meant to live, but there is a feeling of stalemate. You may be awaiting word on a job or business offer or, conversely, no contact from others since you haven’t been getting things done. You must give yourself a chance to relax and renew your energy so that you can get the most out of life and have a successful venture. Allow yourself to get off track, and you may find that your schedule will be freed up.

Is The Hanged Man Reversed Yes or No Card?

When you’re asking Tarot yes or no question, and you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed, the answer to your question is still no. Even though the answer was a definite no when pulled with a face, this card is still not one to move on. Something tells me that your situation is not as dire as it seems right now. You’ll need to dig a little deeper before making any hasty decisions. Since the Hanged Man reversed represents postponement, it would be helpful to take a closer look at the question to get a better idea of what you should do.

The Hanged Man Reversed as a Person

When drawing The Hanged Man reversed as a person, a card describes a person who is going through a difficult period in their life. This Major Arcana card indicates that you are going through a period with minimal movement and low probability for growth or change. It may be time to take a step back and analyze different scenarios going forward. There are likely delays in making any decisions because you are not ready for them. This can cause frustration and tension in your life. You might feel as if your time is not valuable or your opinions are not significant. You are not ready to take a stand in your life, which is preventing you from moving forward.

With regards to work, you might lack a lot of inspiration. Even though you are familiar with your ideas, you are reluctant to put them into action. You want to wait around and watch to see whether others will do the actual work, while you stand back and watch. This behavior might go back to your past where you had to abandon a project that you had worked on for many years.

The Hanged Man reversed can represent a person who is dissatisfied with their current position in life. Instead of doing something proactive to make things better, he stays stuck in place. He is tired and would much rather be doing something else, but he is not strong enough to make the necessary changes. It might be that he feels as if he is being a doormat, and that he has given up his power and no longer has the choice to succeed or fail. The reversed Hanged Man can also represent failure to change direction. What can you change now? What do you need to do to alter your situation?

The Hanged Man reversed indicates a period of stasis followed by a sudden change in direction and increased motivation. This person has a lot on their plate, but they are getting overwhelmed and feeling depressed and unmotivated. This card suggests that you will be overwhelmed if you continue on the current trajectory.

When you draw The Hanged Man reversed as a person, a emotional description of a card as a person is generally used here. This card serves as a sign to change your life and give it a new spirit altogether. If you are experiencing difficulty in accepting change, The Hanged Man reversed might appear in a Tarot reading. The card reversed hints towards change. So go with the flow. The Hanged Man can symbolize a stalling of action as well as letting go of things. If this card appears reversed, it also means that you’re giving up on certain things in your life, instead of acting and working on them.

It is possible that you have had an upsetting experience or that something important to you has been prevented. You might have come to the conclusion that, for the time being, you do not really feel capable of doing anything. You must try to find that inner spirit—the one who was originally there even if you were forced to become more mature—and reclaim it because it will serve you well in the future.

The Hanged Man Reversed as a Feeling

In a Tarot Reading The Hanged Man reversed as feelings can represent a return to feeling stagnant and unmotivated. You might find it difficult to engage and it can feel as if life has got in the way and nothing is coming up at all. Are you willing to risk it all to get what you want? Or, maybe you’re just burnt out and can’t wait to go in and go to bed and never get up again. If so, it might be best to lay low, take a break and consider what you want out of life versus what you don’t want. This card can also show someone who is hanging back, waiting for others to make the first move in dating or relationships.

The Hanged Man reversed indicates that what you have been waiting for simply never arrives. You might believe that your best chance for happiness is just around the corner, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t come, over and over again.

If your question is about The Hanged Man reversed card as a feeling, a reading exposes your inner feelings or how you’re feeling about things. The Hanged Man Reversed might represent a feeling of stagnation. You might not be engaged in anything because you are awaiting something or are having fun and relaxing. You feel as if you are waiting for somebody to act. Alternatively, you may be attempting to delay your next move because you feel that you have done everything you could to accomplish a particular goal, but you haven’t seen much progress.

The Hanged Man reversed suggests that you are hanging on, trying to hold on to a stalemate because you think it will last longer. You could be waiting for better times, a solution, or a sign, or you may not be acting because you don’t know what to do. You may have tried everything and are having trouble coming up with a new strategy. Everything you try to do is failing.

It may be time to make an important decision. In a love reading, the Hanged Man reversal might represent a period of introspection and self-reflection.

What Is The Hanged Man Card Reversed as a Positive Card, Strength, and Advantage?

When you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed card in a positive position that describes advantage or strength, you have to ask yourself if you have been feeling like you needed to put a bit of effort into something to get the results you desire? Well, now is the time to do so, since it is your work, efforts, and achievements. The reversed Hanged Man is not necessarily a bad omen. Just be cautious about taking shortcuts that may cost you in the future.

You’ve worked extremely hard lately to achieve a particular goal, and as a result, you’re at a stage of relaxation, but you’re now questioning whether you’ve made the right decisions. You’re concerned that if you had taken part of the steps necessary for you to move ahead, you would have missed out on other chances. While you can continue to rest and enjoy your results, be mindful that you’re not letting it go to waste. You still have much more to learn. The reversed Hanged Man advocates accepting a situation and giving it your all.

The Hanged Man reversed card in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position calls you to slow down, pause for reflection, think, and analyze your goals and priorities. The reversed Hanged Man Tarot card may indicate that you have lost sight of your larger purpose in life.

If you are experiencing a sense of emptiness, disinterest, or dissatisfaction, you will need to re-examine what is holding you back on a more fundamental level. The time has come for you to change your course if you don’t believe you are heading in the right direction. The Hanged Man reversed can also represent a kind of stagnation in your life. Have you found it hard to commit, or are you too tied up in emotional knots to move forward on what is an important project? As a result, your life has become tedious and uninteresting, leading to little motivation to move forward. The Hanged Man reversed can encourage you to get away from the monotony of everyday life, to pause for reflection, and think of a way to reinvigorate interest in yourself and your life.

The Hanged Man Reversed as an Obstacle

When you’ve pulled The Hanged Man reversed card in a negative position that describes weakness or obstacle in a Tarot reading, the card represents the inability to see the bigger picture or overlook the opportunity. It can indicate that you have a stalemate with your partner. It depicts being stuck in a relationship without any changes. It suggests that you are too stubborn for change for too long. It also foretells a person who is not open to change and is afraid of falling apart. This individual is stuck in a rut.

The Hanged Man reversed as a person indicates someone who is unfulfilling because he/she is waiting for something to change. When he/she is unable to change his/her circumstances, he/she can feel frustrated or hopeless. Hanged Man is a card depicting sacrifice and self-control. The Hanged Man reversed also shows that the individual is willing to let go of control and is ready to be in an out of control situation. The individual is ready to accept what comes and embrace it.

The Hanged Man reversed card in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position calls you to look within yourself to see what you can change. If in a relationship, it may signify an end to the partnership, or it may also suggest that your self-love is not enough to keep the two of you together. In business, the Hanged Man reversed might represent a stall or failure that has made you feel defeated or anxious about the state of your business. On a broader scale, The Hanged Man reversal might be a metaphor for a pause or pause in social work that has forced you to think about the direction of your life and possibly give up something that, in the end, was not good for you.

The reversed Hanged Man can also allude to a loss of hope for the future. It may also indicate that you are excessively critical of your current condition and are becoming a prisoner to your own self-criticism. To become free, you must first see yourself as you really are.

Similarly, if you find the reversed Hanged Man in your reading worrying or disconcerting, it is a cue that you are letting negativity impact your life. You cannot control the world around you; however, you can control your reaction to it. Even though you may believe you have not got a choice, think of it this way: You are choosing to accept your present reality or change it.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed as a Future Outcome

If your question is about your general future and challenges ahead, The Hanged Man reversed card in the reading signals a time of rest and tranquility, but not without preparation. You have to change your outlook and approach your goals accordingly. This is an extremely important card for you to see as it means that your life is in a rest phase, but still you must maintain the momentum to accomplish your goal within a range, and not lose it completely. If you get this card in the reversed form, take it as an indication that you are not ready yet to finish your tasks. It simply indicates that you are not in a rush either, and that you have a relaxed spirit to achieve your tasks. It also means that this card represents patience, so you must not lose hope just yet.

The Hanged Man reversed card in a future outcome Tarot spread position signals that you might be stuck in a rut, or on hold, or in limbo. You have been inactive or waiting for something to develop since the last thing that you did seemed to work in another situation. Despite the fact that it is difficult to understand, you must have the option to pause to see what can happen next. You are unable to move on to your next task, even if it’s something that you would have normally excelled in. You can discover yourself in a period of stagnation.

If you don’t push yourself forward, you can risk falling behind even more. It’s vital to be able to make time for self-development and personal goals even when you’re overloaded or feel like you’re caught in the midst of something that is getting stale. The Hanged Man reversed also suggests that you could be trying to escape accountability for past mistakes by putting off the task. The Hanged Man is not a card to avoid, it’s simply a card to reevaluate your options.

When pulled in a future outcome Tarot spread position, The Hanged Man reversed card calls you to embrace the opportunity for a total transformation. Have you been pushing too hard on a relationship or project? Are you feeling backed into a corner? Stop for a moment, take a breath, and reevaluate. If you’re not willing to let go of what no longer serves you, then let it go, for your own good and that of the people you love.

The reversed Hanged Man tarot card embodies a self-imposed block or a self-imposed change or ‘hanging in limbo’ before you have the chance to fully evolve and mature. The card illustrates a person who has lost the opportunity for self-discovery due to his own delay in decision making. The delay was due to his own fears of change, his own self-consciousness, or his own insecurities. The Hanged Man in a reversed position can be a representation of a situation where one has lost all motivation and hope, where the likelihood of success has vanished, and where no progress is made.

The Hanged Man Reversed Card as a Prediction of When an Event Will Occur

If you are wondering when will a certain event take place, The Hanged Man reversed Tarot card reveals that whatever you want or wonder about will eventually come, but it might not be when you expect. This happens when your subconscious mind is still processing the original thought. It will take time, especially if you are trying to wait for an event to happen. To have a successful wait, you need your energy to be focused on the positive and not on what you are trying to avoid.

When in a Tarot reading The Hanged Man reversed card describes a time frame, the card reveals that it represents either a negative or positive occurrence. The Hanged Man reversal meanings can be interpreted as a no, which could either be due to a breakdown in communication or simply an inability to make a decision in a given situation. You might be avoiding making a difficult choice because you worry you won’t make the right decision. The Hanged Man could be a no, but it is important to consider all options and determine which will carry you in the long term as opposed to just for the moment.

Drawing The Hanged Man reversed when asking Tarot when will a certain event take place, reveals that you are impatient for an event you have been waiting for. Is there something that you are wanting to manifest, but keep putting off when you expect it to show up? Yes, it will, but at a different time or in a different way than you had hoped. Patience is the key when it comes to the Hanged Man reversal meaning.

The Hanged Man reversed does not necessarily denote a negative aspect for a reading, but rather a misunderstanding of timing. The major arcana reversal meaning is that the card is showing up, but it could be something that you are not ready to accept. The Hanged Man reversed meaning can also be that you are so preoccupied with getting somewhere that you never stop to enjoy where you are at the present time. To avoid the Hanged Man’s mistakes, you may need to make a U-turn and go in a different direction for a while to re-examine your motives and your vision for your future.