Two of Wands Reversed: What It Means For Career


When the Two of Wands reversed appears in your career reading, the card is all about indecision. You would have a clear picture about your potential career opportunities, but due to some reason, you are stuck and can’t make a decision.

The main reason behind this indecisive state of mind is your lack of planning. A lot of opportunities come your way when you are exploring new things, but you don’t really explore them. Instead, you are busy daydreaming and fantasizing. It’s time to map out the path ahead and plan your route map, so that you ensure you do not miss out on any potential business.

What Two of Wands Reversed Reveals About Your Dream Job: What Is The Most Fulfilling Career For You?

If you would like to know what job would be the most fulfilling for you, Two of Wands reversed is all about opportunities that you are not seizing. Since the card suggests that you have not taken any initiatives yet, it might be advisable to first sit back and figure out what opportunities are being presented to you. It would also help if you were unsure of what you wanted to do in life or what you want to achieve.

You are always in search of better opportunities and chances, and yet, you are not making any moves. Your plans are not taking you anywhere but are more about wishful planning. This suggests that the opportunities are already there, but your lethargy is stopping you from seizing them.

What Two of Wands Reversed Discloses About Starting A New Job

If you pull the Two of Wands reversed in a career tarot reading and you’re just starting a new job, the card is all about taking chances, doing what you like, and following a passion. This can be risky, but it can also be exhilarating and fun. Make sure that you have a sound plan and know the plan will work. The cards show that everything is not well with you. You might have failed in the last attempt. Your plan might not have worked out, and you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The reversed Two of Wands is not a good omen if you are looking for a new job or you have just started a new job. This card says that you are the one who must do what is right in this situation.

What Two of Wands Reversed Says About Improving Your Current Job Position

When you are asking Tarot how to improve your current job position, Two of Wands reversed reveals that now is not the time, as it would be better to wait and focus on other aspects or concerns rather than attempting to do everything at once. Now, it is time to concentrate on your career rather than being scattered between the different aspects of your life. If you’ve been looking for a promotion, Two of wands reversed suggests you take the time to figure out exactly what you want and how to get it. This isn’t the time to just dream and hope for the best. Take the time to plan your strategy and consider everything from what you want out of your career to the best approach to take to get what you desire.

Instead of rushing in, two of wands reversed suggests taking a breath and looking at your concerns with a cool head. Now is not the time to give up or give up all. Concentrate on the main thing right now, instead of trying to do everything at once.

What Two of Wands Reversed Reveals About Your Career Strengths

When you are asking Tarot what are your career strengths, Two of Wands reversed reveals a pessimistic outlook. This card means that you cannot make big plans right now. Your mind is in a great chaos regarding your career. You might have had many plans but they are being delayed due to something that is making you frustrated and lazy. The current state of your career and the planning of your future career is not satisfactory right now. It’s best for you right now to take some time off and then come up with a comprehensive plan to make a better future for yourself.

There is also a lot of fear regarding your career. Your fears are running wild in your mind that you cannot handle the challenges of your professional life. A feeling of hopelessness has appeared in you that you cannot come out of this situation. The card is also suggesting that you have recently shifted into a new profession or a challenging job environment and your adjustment is causing difficulties right now. Give yourself a break after all it is not that urgent to tackle the situation.

What Two of Wands Reversed Discloses About Your Career Weaknesses

When you are asking Tarot what are your career weaknesses, Two of Wands reversed reveals a lack of planning and sticking to the course. You may not be making the best decisions and are putting off decisions in favor of others. The longer you put it off, the higher the price. At this time, it seems as if things are falling through the cracks and no one is taking any responsibility. This could be you having to shoulder this burden, and you have to decide whether to accept it or not. Two of wands (reversed) can also indicate feeling unprepared for a new work role, no matter how much skill you have.

This Minor Arcana card can also just refer to a lack of planning or vision, which can indicate a failure on the horizon. When it comes to career, Two of wands reversed indicates that the obstacles in your way are getting too big for you to handle. It can also mean you are lacking in direction, and your vision is clouding your judgement. You need to get your priorities in order. Be aware of your surroundings and how they may be affecting your ability to concentrate.

What Two of Wands Reversed Suggests About Improving Communication At Your Workplace

If you want to know how to improve communication at your workplace, Two of Wands reversed is a signal that you have been working on communicating with others at your workplace which is making a positive impact. But this is not enough to keep the harmony at your workplace intact. Your role at your workplace is being over-valued in the context of some other people there. Your self-esteem at your workplace may take a hit.

What Two of Wands Reversed Suggests Regarding Career Change

If you want to know whether you should change your career or not, Two of Wands reversed signals a ‘no’ answer for now. You may be having a hard time adjusting your mindset when faced with the results of the Two of Wands reversed, so you may need to wait for a time when you are ready to move ahead. Things may not work as you want them to right now.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when making a decision regarding your work. You may have a good idea at this moment regarding what your ideal professional life would be like, but the card also shows that you need to be more patient regarding where you want to take your career. You might not have had much time to think about it, and there are plenty of things involved with your job.

What Two of Wands Reversed Reveals About Balancing Your Career With Your Personal Life

Two of Wands reversed reveals that if you would like to balance your career and personal life, you might face difficulties in doing exactly that. Even if you have the energy and passion to do what you want, it feels like your time is occupied by other projects—or other people. If you’re looking to make a career switch, you should be aware that this might not be the best time to do so as it might negatively impact your relationships. Examine your resources closely to see if there are any gaps that can be filled.

Similarly, this card signals invert Two of wands that you can find it difficult to make important decisions in regards to your work right now due to the stress and confusion this might cause. Look at your life carefully to identify the projects that are vital for you and prioritize them for now.