Two of Wands as Feelings in Love and Relationships


The Two of Wands is a card of taking action and following your instincts. Although you are aware of a situation, you are not yet clear on what path you should take to move forward. In this card, you are being pulled in the right direction, but you need to be able to listen to your inner guidance to know what is happening for you. You must think like a CEO, balancing many projects and priorities.

When Two of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, the querent is in the planning phase of a new venture. As with all cards, the appearance of the Two of Wands has a deeper meaning that goes beyond the Minor Arcana number. Look at the other cards in the spread, their images, and colors to understand the deeper meaning of this card.

The Two of Wands represents a time in your life when you are considering your options and choosing to act without reservation. You are making a decision to be an individual in the world rather than a part of a group or collective.

What Two of Wands Card Reveals About How Someone In a Platonic Relationship Feels About You?

If you want to know what are friend’s feelings about you when drawing the Two of Wands, the card is a sign that the person is looking for love. Especially when the person is single, this person is very much in search of a life partner and friendship is not enough for them. They are probably looking for someone who is ready to take on all the responsibilities and be the provider. But this card doesn’t mean that you are the person they are looking for. It tells you that you need to grow up and work on yourself so that you can attract someone who is compatible with you and who can take on all the responsibilities. This card is a sign of friendship, but not a romantic feeling. This card suggests feeling of loyalty between two people.

For Those Who Are Single: What Two of Wands Card Reveals About Your Future Love Life?

If you are single and you draw the Two of Wands, the feelings that illustrate the card reveal that you are very much in love with love. And this time you have also learned a lot about love in general and you want to learn even more. If you are single, you might not be ready to settle into a life partnership yet, and you want to experience love and lust in the present as well.

This card also reveals your tendency toward making risky decisions. But the card doesn’t indicate that you are bad at making decisions, rather it hints that you might be too confident about your decisions. You don’t know what you want and often end up in wrong relationships or wrong decisions. You often take the easy way and don’t research about your partners. This card also shows your tendency to move towards a partner too fast. But at the same time, you are afraid of taking too big a step in their relationship.

Two of wands as feelings denote someone kind of adventurous when people are single and enjoy having fun and being romantic. They also know how to plan a romantic date and enjoy trying many interesting things together. But once they are in a relationship, these people can become clingy and insecure as well. They need to give themselves time to explore, even if they are already emotionally attached to their partners.

For Those Who Are Just Starting a New Relationship: What Two of Wands Card Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

If you are at the very start of a relationship and want to know what are your lover’s feelings about you, the Two of Wands as feelings reveals that your lover is not that sure about his feelings for you and is in the process of thinking about his feelings for you. The Two of Wands as feelings reveals that your lover is not comfortable right now and might keep you as good friends. But don’t be disappointed, as you might have to work on your relationship for some time to get better vibes from your sweetheart. With this card, it can be interpreted that you might get a new romance that could lead to a long-lasting relationship. But you may have to spend some time before that happens.

With the Two of Wands Minor Arcana tarot card love meaning, if you are already in a relationship, it is a sign that you are exploring new ideas and the nature of your relationship. The Two of Wands suggests going on an adventure together. If one of you is feeling left out, you might need to communicate your feelings. You might explore new places or new hobbies together that will make you feel closer with your partner and help you fall in love with the kind of things that you do together.

For Those Who Are In a Relationship: What Two of Wands Card Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings About You And What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

When you are in a relationship, the Two of Wands as feelings illustrates a time of clarity and understanding. Communication will be important now as you move into the next steps. If you are in a long-term relationship, you may be contemplating your next steps. This clarity of purpose will bring you to a decision or realization. Two of Wands as feelings illustrates that your relationship has now come to a point of stability and happiness. You are feeling more secure and grounded in your relationship, and you can say that this is because of a milestone reached. You and your partner are happy together, and more at ease with each other. The two of wands in a relationship reading also serves as a warning though. This card indicates that it’s best now to make sure both people’s happiness and their needs are taken into account. The upright Two of Wands suggests that you take more time to ensure that a relationship brings you both happiness.

What Two of Wands Reveals For Those Who Want to Know If Their Relationship Is Advancing Into More Serious Commitment Or Marriage?

When you pull the Two of Wands and you’re asking if your relationship is heading into marriage or engagement, the card reveals that the relationship is just budding. The card reveals that you might be about to take the next big step in your relationship. It may also mean the next step of the wedding planning. A lot of couples consider finding a venue or deciding on a date when they draw the Two of Wands tarot card, and these tasks are likely to be on your agenda soon. If you’ve been considering moving in together, a place that is especially significant to you, or making a significant purchase in the future, this card indicates that you should take these steps now. Doing so will be beneficial to your relationship and help you make a decision that is sure to be successful.

What Two of Wands Reveals About Your Ex’s Feelings About You?

When you are asking about your ex’s feelings about you, the Two of Wands as feelings illustrates that in the past, your partner has had some hostility towards you. Despite being together for some time, some distance has been created between the two of you. This can either be due to the nature of your relationship or your actions, which have created hostility between two people that once could easily have been best friends.