Nine of Wands Reversed as Feelings in Love and Relationships


The Nine of Wands reversed is about facing the inevitable and knowing you must take care of your own needs before helping those around you. It’s a sign that you’re not allowing yourself to relax because you don’t want to take any risks or accept potential failure. You’re overcompensating and making yourself sick. You cannot let fear take control.

The Nine of Wands reversed asks you to be bold and to stand firm in your principles – even though you may be scared, embarrassed or worried. You might be unsure of what you are capable of or worried that if you fail, what will be the consequence? Even though these feelings are natural, try and remember that fear does not define who you are. Your confidence and belief in yourself are what will carry you through. You will make it, and it will be a learning experience too.

Pulling the Nine of Wands reversed can indicate that you are tired and burnt out from working longer hours and keeping up with everything that comes your way. You are ready for a rest.

What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals About How Someone In a Platonic Relationship Feels About You?

When you are in a platonic relationship and you draw the Nine of Wands reversed while asking how that person feels about you, the card reveals that the person might be feeling insecure or jealous. This person can treat you badly because of their insecurity. This person is afraid of getting hurt in the same way. With that person, you will need to tread very cautiously to make sure you do not get hurt in the same way.

You might want to change your attitude towards such people or cut them out of your life. This person might have a deep-rooted fear and insecurity. When this card appears, it is a sign that you might have to take extra care of your feelings and emotions and not take your relationship for granted. Don’t believe yourself to be too good to make the first move. Also, you need to understand that every relationship has a cycle. The cycle may be different for some people.

For Those Who Are Single: What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals About Your Future Love Life?

Nine of Wands reversed as feelings for those who are single reveals that you might be frustrated and experiencing problems. The card says that you are feeling overwhelmed with many responsibilities which you are not ready to handle. You feel like you are facing a battle every day.

You might be feeling insecure or afraid of rejection. This card suggests that you are trying to be too protective of your feelings, which makes you feel awkward around people. You might find it really difficult to make romantic connections because you are too defensive and shy. So, the card suggests you find time to make your personality more open and get rid of the fear that keeps you away from the world and make you vulnerable.

For Those Who Are Just Starting a New Relationship: What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals About How Your Lover Feels About You?

If you are just starting a new romance and are interested what your lover feels about you, the Nine of Wands reversed as feelings signals someone feeling insecure. The person you are in a relationship with may not be feeling as secure as they used to feel at one point. This could be due to a recent change in their circumstances or you changing as a person. If the person is struggling with insecurity, do not hesitate to be kind to them. They may be under a lot of pressure.

For Those Who Are In a Relationship: What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals About Your Partner’s Feelings About You And What Energy Surrounds Your Relationship?

If you are in a relationship, the Nine of Wands reversed as feelings signals both you and your partner are facing some difficulty in the relationship. The feeling of being overwhelmed is very prominent in the reversed Nine of Wands. The partners need to learn how to face their past and present issues. This also indicates that one person needs to communicate their concerns to another which help them get through the crisis. This card also indicates that you or your partner might be finding it difficult to make adjustments in your life and are fighting with every change. So, let things come a normal course and make the adjustments if you need to do so.

What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals For Those Who Want to Know If Their Relationship Is Advancing Into More Serious Commitment Or Marriage?

If you draw the Nine of Wands reversed and you want to know if your relationship is advancing into marriage or engagement, the card reveals that your love life is progressing to the next stage. However, it can also reveal that you are delaying it. You might be scared of making the right move at this moment, but this is the right time. This tarot card indicates that you should not be timid and stop your decision, but just move ahead with it. Now is not the right time to think about the consequences and instead focus on the current situation. If the nine of wands appear reversed, a partner can be an over-aggressive person who is impulsive. This person might not have a steady personality. They might make sudden decisions during their relationship that can hurt their partners.

What Nine of Wands Reversed Reveals About Your Ex’s Feelings About You?

If you who are wondering what are your ex’s feelings about you, the Nine of Wands reversed as feelings signals that your ex is still bitter/jealous about your past relationship, and they might not have accepted the fact that you have moved on and moved out of it. There is a possibility that your ex might still show that jealousy towards you, and sometimes this can turn out to be an act.