Roma Spread: a General or Specific Reading of the Past, Present and Future


This popular gypsy spread has been used by cartomancy for at least 200 years. There are seven cards in each row, and seven is a number, which has always been closely associated with esoteric and magic, an old legend tells of seven mysterious fortune-telling cards that are said to have founded all the important oracles of the ancient world. Choose this layout when you want to get a general overview of the past, present and future.

It can also be used to answer specific questions that reveal past influences, present circumstances and future possibilities in a specific context, such as love life or career opportunities.

How To Position The Cards In The Roma Spread?

Choose a personal card or Significator that identifies the questioner, but do not separate it from the other cards. The questioner should shuffle the cards and divide them into three piles with his left hand. Pick up the piles in reverse order, so that the last one is at the bottom. Take the cards from the top of the pile and spread them in three horizontal rows of seven cards.

How To Read The Cards In The Roma Spread?

The top row (cards 1-7) represents the past, the middle (8-14) the present and the bottom (15-21) the future.

See if there is a Significator in the cards that were placed in front of you. If you can find the Significator, the spread will tell you whether the questioner is clinging to the past, living in the present, or longing for a brighter future. If there is no personal card or Significator among the cards in the spread, the questioner may be a cold-blooded and incredibly self-possessed person, but its absence may also mean the questioner’s hopelessness or his tendency to sacrifice for others and deny his own needs.

Do not use this classification until you are experienced enough to connect the cards into a meaningful whole. In order to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this traditional classification, you need knowledge, experience, imagination and intuition.