The Circle of Fate: The Zodiac Circle Spread


In this arrangement, inspired by the zodiac circle, the cards are arranged to correspond to the twelve celestial signs. In astrology, each zodiac sign corresponds to one of the twelve houses of personal horoscope. Each house is associated with a certain area of ​​life, so we interpret the cards in this context. The circle of fate will be most dear to the hearts of those who are familiar with astrology, but it is also a very suitable introduction to serious and in-depth reading.

How To Position The Cards In The Circle of Fate?

Choose a Significator card and place it in the middle of the table. The questioner should shuffle the cards and divide them into three piles with his left hand. Pick these up in reverse order so that the last pile is at the bottom. Then use the cards to form a circle as shown in the diagram.

How To Read The Cards In The Circle of Fate?

This circle illustrates the path of the sun rising above the horizon. The meaning of individual positions is described below:

THE FIRST HOUSE (corresponds to Aries) – The first house is the house of personality; it represents the questioner’s character, his thoughts and feelings, and his general attitude to life at the time of the question. To better understand this card, relate it to the meaning of the personal card.

THE SECOND HOUSE (corresponds to Taurus) This is the house of goods, both spiritual and material. It can describe the questioner’s current financial situation or the plans he has in this area.

THE THIRD HOUSE (corresponds to Gemini) – This is the house of thoughts, communication, neighbors, brothers and sisters, short journeys and visits. The map found at this site refers to news related to the mentioned matters.

THE FOURTH HOUSE (corresponds to Cancer) – The house at home represents the physical environment and domestic conditions; sometimes it describes important interpersonal relationships, but only if it concerns people with whom the questioner lives.

THE FIFTH HOUSE (corresponds to Leo) The house of creativity, love and fun shows how the questioner is doing in this area. No matter whether his life is heaven or hell, the card demands a good study. If it refers to creative inspiration, connect it to card 10, and if it describes love and romance, the situation in this area will be illuminated by cards 7 and 8. In this respect, card 4 is also sometimes eloquent.

THE SIXTH HOUSE (corresponds to Virgo) – As it is the house of health and work, this card is about everyday life. It does not describe long-term goals and efforts, but sheds light on what the questioner does for a living and connects good and bad with it. From the point of view of health, it can be about physical fitness or well-being, which depends on the state of mind and emotion.

THE SEVENTH HOUSE (corresponds to Libra) – Joint ventures, partnerships, marriages and business deals belong to this house. Other cards will show you whether it is a private or business partnership. Business matters are described by cards 6 and 10, while you will get information about love and marriage from cards 4, 5 and 8.

THE EIGHTH HOUSE (corresponds to Scorpio) This is the house of great changes and key upheavals; tradition says that it governs sexuality, death and other people’s money. The Suit of the card will tell you what area it is: Cups mean sexuality, Pentacles and Wands money, and Swords mean endings and new beginnings.

THE NINTH HOUSE (corresponds to Sagittarius) – The ninth card means expanding horizons, which includes travel in the broadest sense of the word; it encompasses intellectual and creative research, spiritual quests and higher education. It describes the dimension of the questioner’s inner and outer worlds.

THE TENTH HOUSE (corresponds to Capricorn) – This is the house of goals, plans and long-term ambitions, which shows what the Seeker is trying to achieve in life. It can be about career advancement, developing creative skills, or even a strong desire to have a child.

THE ELEVENTH HOUSE (corresponds to Aquarius) – Since this is the house of friendships, group activities and social life, the card in this position refers to matters related to these areas.

THE TWELFTH HOUSE (corresponds to Pisces) – what is hidden: secrets, deeply punished enemies and limitations. The most eloquent links with the personal card.