Why Is Tarot Reading Not Giving Me An Answer To My Question?

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Tarot reading, a practice steeped in mystique and symbolism, has long captivated curious minds seeking insights into their lives. For many, it serves as a tool for guidance, introspection, and understanding. Yet, there are moments when the cards seem silent, refusing to offer the clarity and answers one seeks.

The quest for answers through Tarot often encounters moments of apparent ambiguity or absence of clear guidance. Here are a few reasons why Tarot might not be offering the sought-after answers:

Timing and Fluidity

Tarot operates in a realm beyond strict linear time. The cards might not offer explicit answers because the circumstances they reflect are subject to change. Predicting future with Tarot is hard because the future is not set in stone; it’s a collection of probabilities influenced by our actions and choices. Thus, the Tarot might be indicating a need for patience or allowing events to unfold naturally before clarity emerges.

Personal Interpretation

The interpretation of Tarot cards relies heavily on intuition and personal understanding. A reader might offer insights based on their interpretation of the symbolism, but it’s ultimately up to the individual to apply these insights to their unique circumstances. Sometimes, the messages conveyed by the cards might be abstract or open to multiple interpretations, leading to confusion or a lack of clear answers.

Unasked or Unacknowledged Questions

The Tarot responds to the questions posed, but at times, the question itself might not be accurately articulated or might not address the root of the issue. If the query isn’t specific or is clouded by uncertainty, the Tarot might struggle to provide a focused answer.

Emotional Blockages

Emotional states can influence the efficacy of a Tarot reading. Strong emotions or preconceived notions about an issue can create blockages, hindering the reader’s ability to connect with the cards and receive clear insights. It’s crucial to approach a reading with an open mind and heart.

Complexity of Situations

Life is multifaceted, and some situations might be intricate or interconnected, making it challenging for the Tarot to simplify complex issues into concise answers. Some matters may require time, reflection, or multiple readings to unravel fully.

Spiritual Readiness

Tarot readings often involve spiritual or subconscious elements. At times, individuals may not be fully prepared or receptive to the messages being conveyed by the cards. Personal growth, self-reflection, or a shift in perspective might be necessary to grasp the guidance offered.

Trust and Faith

Lastly, trust in the process is crucial. Doubt or skepticism can act as barriers, impeding the flow of intuitive insights. Developing faith in the process and allowing oneself to be open to the guidance offered can significantly impact the depth and clarity of a Tarot reading.


Tarot readings aren’t a guarantee of straightforward answers. They are a mirror reflecting aspects of our lives, urging us to explore, reflect, and evolve. When the cards seem silent, it might be an invitation to delve deeper within oneself, seek further clarity, or wait for the right moment for answers to reveal themselves. Ultimately, Tarot serves as a guide, but the true journey lies in our interpretation, growth, and actions beyond the cards themselves.