Can You Use Tarot Spreads For Oracle Readings?


Tarot cards and Oracle decks are powerful tools used for divination, providing guidance, insight, and clarity into various aspects of life. Both systems offer unique perspectives and approaches to divining the future or understanding the present. While they have their distinct origins and methodologies, many practitioners often wonder if these practices can be combined for a more comprehensive reading experience.

One of the fundamental elements of tarot reading is the concept of spreads—specific patterns in which cards are laid out for interpretation. These spreads vary in complexity, purpose, and the insights they offer. Meanwhile, Oracle readings often involve drawing cards intuitively without a predefined structure. The question arises: can Tarot spreads be effectively adapted for Oracle readings?

Understanding Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads serve as a framework, guiding the reader to explore different facets of a question or situation. Whether it’s a simple three-card spread or a complex Celtic Cross, each layout carries its significance, assigning positions for past, present, future, obstacles, hopes, and more. The structured nature of tarot spreads aids in organizing information and delving deeper into specific aspects of a query.

Oracle Cards and Intuitive Readings: Embracing Fluidity in Divination

Oracle cards, unlike tarot decks, often lack the rigid structure and standardized symbolism found in traditional tarot cards. They embody a diverse range of themes, imagery, and messages, allowing for a more fluid and open-ended approach to divination.

Intuition as the Guide

The core essence of Oracle readings revolves around intuition. These decks, comprising imagery, affirmations, or thematic messages, encourage readers to tap into their intuition and inner wisdom. Rather than adhering to established meanings or structured layouts, Oracle readings rely heavily on the reader’s intuitive interpretation of the cards drawn.

Personalized Messages and Themes

Oracle cards often focus on specific themes or messages, ranging from spiritual guidance to emotional healing and empowerment. The cards may showcase various symbols, animals, elements, or abstract concepts, providing a broad spectrum of meanings that cater to individual interpretations.

Fluid Interpretation

Unlike tarot spreads, Oracle readings typically lack prescribed positions or fixed meanings for each card. Practitioners draw cards based on intuition, allowing the message of each card to unfold in a way that resonates with the seeker’s query or situation. The interpretation becomes a dynamic process, influenced by the reader’s intuition and the seeker’s energy.

Versatility and Adaptability

Oracle decks come in diverse forms, including angel cards, animal spirit cards, goddess cards, and many more, each with its unique imagery and symbolism. This versatility allows practitioners to choose decks that align with their personal connections, making Oracle readings a highly adaptable and personalized experience.

Emotional and Spiritual Guidance

One of the primary purposes of Oracle cards is to provide emotional support and spiritual guidance. The messages conveyed through these cards often aim to inspire, uplift, and offer insights into personal growth, relationships, and life challenges.

Blending Tarot Spreads with Oracle Readings

The idea of using tarot spreads for Oracle readings might seem contradictory initially, given the differing approaches. However, the flexibility of divinatory practices encourages exploration and experimentation. Here’s how you can blend the structured nature of tarot spreads with the intuitive essence of Oracle readings:

1. Adaptation of Spreads

Instead of strictly following traditional tarot spreads, modify them to accommodate the intuitive nature of Oracle cards. Create positions that allow for open interpretation or use fewer cards to maintain flexibility.

2. Theme-based Spreads

Craft spreads based on the themes or messages prevalent in your Oracle deck. Design positions that resonate with the essence of the Oracle cards drawn, enabling a cohesive reading experience.

3. Hybrid Readings

Combine tarot cards and Oracle cards within a single spread. Assign specific positions for tarot cards while allowing Oracle cards to be drawn intuitively, enhancing the depth and variety of insights.

4. Freeform Interpretation

Use tarot spreads as a loose framework and draw Oracle cards intuitively to complement the structured layout. Allow the intuitive messages of the Oracle deck to flow seamlessly within the spread positions.


The use of tarot spreads for Oracle readings presents an intriguing fusion of structured guidance and intuitive wisdom. While traditional tarot spreads offer a systematic approach, Oracle decks contribute spontaneity and personalized insights. By adapting and blending these practices, practitioners can create a harmonious balance, enriching the divinatory experience for seekers seeking guidance.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of utilizing tarot spreads for Oracle readings lies in the practitioner’s intuition, adaptability, and willingness to explore the synergies between these two powerful divinatory tools.