The Cards Of The Week


Although this classification is very simple, it requires a lot of knowledge, experience and imagination. We choose it when we want to satisfy our curiosity about the near future, so it can be a fun conclusion to an in-depth reading. You can use it regularly to hone your divination skills: it will probably be interesting for you to observe which cards will repeat themselves several times in a month, and to check the accuracy of them and your predictions.

How To Position The Cards In The Cards Of The Week Spread?

To make it easier to focus your thoughts on the questioner, choose his personal card or Significator card. The questioner should shuffle the cards and divide them into two piles with his left hand. From the top of the bottom pile, take the first seven cards (1 to 7) and arrange them in a semicircle above the personal card, so that the first card is on the far left. The questioner should shuffle the remaining cards again; this time, spread them in a fan and offer them face down to the questioner, who should choose the other seven cards (8-14) from among them. Place these in the order chosen by the questioner over the first cards, like on the picture below:

How To Read The Cards In The Cards Of The Week Spread?

Interpret pairs of cards together. Start with the one on the far left, but be aware that the order of the cards does not reflect the chronological sequence of events. Often it’s even the other way around, but the cards will still reveal important events for you in the coming week. A series of low numbers and/or a majority of Wands and Swords predicts a tiring, difficult week, while higher numbers and/or a greater number of Cups and Pentacles means that you have a pleasant, successful, and fun week ahead. Sometimes the message of the cards extends to a later period and can predict events ten days into the future. Experiment and let your intuition guide you.