6- Card Tarot Spreads: Examples for Love, Career and Self-growth Readings


Introduction to 6-Card Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are layouts of cards that tarot readers use to gain insight into various aspects of a person’s life. The 6-card spread is a versatile and popular format in tarot readings, consisting of 6 cards, which offer a balanced look into the past, present, and future, or examining different dimensions of a specific situation or question.

In a 6-card spread, each card occupies a position that corresponds to a particular aspect or influence. For example, the first card might represent the past, the second the present, and the third the future, and then the fourth, fifth, and sixth cards can offer additional insights or perspectives, such as challenges, underlying factors, or potential outcomes, depending on what you’re seeking your answers to.

6-card spreads are particularly useful for those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their circumstances without the complexity of larger spreads, and are a great choice for both beginners and experienced tarot readers, offering clear and concise insights. Whether you’re dealing with a specific query or seeking general guidance, the 6-card spread can provide valuable perspectives and reflections.

Overview of Tarot Spreads through Significance of the Number 6 in Tarot

In Tarot, the number 6 is imbued with various meanings, and its significance can vary depending on the context of the reading and the specific tarot deck used. Here are some common interpretations:

Why Use 6-Card Tarot Spreads Over 5-card or 7-card Tarot Spreads?

The choice of a tarot spread is highly subjective and varies based on the reader’s style and the querent’s needs. While some may prefer the simplicity of a 5-card spread or the depth of a 7-card spread, the 6-card spread offers a balanced and adaptable option for a wide range of readings. Here’s why you might choose a 6-card spread over a 5-card or 7-card spread in when practicing Tarot:

A Few Examples of Popular 6-Card Spreads

6-card spreads offer structured and insightful ways to explore various aspects of a question, giving a comprehensive view of the situation at hand. They can be adapted to fit the specific context of the reading or the Tarot reader’s style. Here are some popular 6-card Tarot spreads with the descriptions of the positions:

Case Studies: Examples of 6-Card Spreads in Action

Example 1: 6-card Relationship Spread

Below you’ll find an example of a 6-card relationship spread with descriptions for each position, along with card examples and interpretations, but remember that these interpretations are just examples, and the meanings of the cards can vary based on the reader’s intuition as well as specific deck being used, and surrounding cards. Learn to trust your intuition and personal connection to the cards when interpreting them.

1. The Present Situation

This card represents the current state of the relationship or the circumstances surrounding it – it provides an overview of where things stand right now.

Card Example: The Lovers
The Lovers card may indicate that the current situation is harmonious and filled with love and connection. It suggests a strong bond and mutual attraction between you and the other person. In some decks, Lover do represent a third person in the relationship.

2. Your Feelings

This card represents your emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the relationship and can reveal your desires, fears, or hopes regarding the connection.

Card Example: Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups signifies that you are experiencing deep emotional fulfillment and a strong desire for love and connection in this relationship. Your feelings are pure and overflowing with love and positivity.

3. Their Feelings

This card represents the other person’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the relationship and offers insights into their perspective and intentions.

Card Example: Page of Swords
The Page of Swords suggests that the other person might be guarded or cautious in their feelings. They could be in a phase of analyzing or thinking about the relationship before fully expressing themselves.

4. Challenges and Obstacles

This card signifies the challenges or obstacles that both you and the other person may be facing in the relationship. A card on this position helps you understand what is hindering progress.

Card Example: Five of Pentacles
The Five of Pentacles indicates financial or emotional struggles that are affecting the relationship. It suggests a need for support and communication to overcome these challenges together.

5. Advice or Guidance

This card provides guidance or advice on how to navigate the current situation or overcome any challenges – it offers insights into what actions you should consider taking.

Card Example: The Empress
The Empress advises you to nurture and care for the relationship like a mother caring for her child. Focus on creating a nurturing and loving atmosphere to foster growth and connection.

6. Potential Outcome

This card represents the potential outcome or future direction of the relationship based on the current circumstances and the actions you may choose to take. It can offer insights into where the relationship is heading.

Card Example: The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune suggests that the relationship is at a turning point, and its future is uncertain. It reminds you that life is filled with ups and downs, and the outcome may depend on how you adapt to changes and make choices moving forward.

Example 2: 6-card Career Path Spread

Bellow you will find an example of a 6-card career path spread with descriptions for each position, along with card examples and interpretations.

1. The Current Situation

This card represents your current career situation, including your job, career path, or professional circumstances – it provides an overview of where you are right now.

Card Example: The Ten of Pentacles
The Ten of Pentacles signifies a stable and financially secure career situation. You may be in a position that offers long-term stability and the potential for wealth and prosperity.

2. Challenges

This card highlights the challenges or obstacles you are currently facing in your career and as such helps you understand the difficulties you may encounter.

Card Example: The Devil
The Devil card suggests that you may be facing temptations or unhealthy patterns in your career. It could represent issues like overwork, toxic work environments, or materialism. Be mindful of these challenges and seek ways to overcome them.

3. Advantages

This card reveals the strengths and advantages you possess in your career – it highlights your skills, talents, or qualities that can help you succeed.

Card Example: The Sun
The Sun card represents optimism, success, and confidence. Your advantage in your career might be your positive attitude, creativity, and the ability to bring warmth and light to your workplace. Embrace these qualities to excel.

4. Pitfalls to Avoid

This card warns you about potential pitfalls or mistakes to avoid on your career path and offers insights into what could hinder your progress.

Card Example: The Tower
The Tower card signifies sudden upheaval or unexpected events. In your career, it warns against complacency or ignoring warning signs. Stay vigilant, and be prepared to adapt to changes as they arise.

5. Next Steps

This card provides guidance on the steps you should consider taking in your career. It suggests actions or decisions that can help you move forward.

Card Example: The Ace of Wands
The Ace of Wands represents new opportunities and creative energy. It encourages you to explore fresh ideas, take initiative, and embark on a new career venture or project to ignite your passion and drive.

6. Potential Outcomes

This card represents the potential future outcomes of your career path based on your current circumstances and the actions you may take and as such offers insights into where your career may be headed.

Card Example: The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune suggests that your career is in a state of change and transition. The outcome may be uncertain, but it reminds you that opportunities and challenges are cyclical. Embrace change and adapt to it as you progress on your career path.

Example 3: 6-card Personal Self-discovery Spread

We present a 6-card self-discovery path spread with descriptions for each position, along with card examples and interpretations:

1. Current State

This card represents your current state of self-awareness and self-discovery. It reflects where you are in your journey of understanding yourself.

Card Example: The Hermit
The Hermit card suggests that you are currently in a phase of introspection and self-reflection. You may be seeking solitude to explore your inner world and gain insights into your true self.

2. Aspirations

This card reflects your aspirations and the goals you have related to self-discovery. It reveals what you hope to achieve on your path of self-awareness.

Card Example: The Star
The Star card symbolizes hope, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Your aspiration in self-discovery may involve aligning with your inner purpose and finding a sense of peace and fulfillment.

3. Hidden Talents

This card reveals your hidden talents, strengths, or qualities that you may not be fully aware of yet, in short, it highlights your untapped potential.

Card Example: The Page of Cups
The Page of Cups represents creativity and intuition. It suggests that you have a hidden talent for artistic expression or emotional insight that you should explore as part of your self-discovery journey.

4. Obstacles

This card signifies the obstacles or challenges that may hinder your self-discovery process and helps you identify what might be holding you back.

Card Example: The Five of Swords
The Five of Swords suggests that negative self-talk or conflicts with others could be obstacles on your path to self-discovery. It encourages you to address these challenges and find healthier ways to express yourself.

5. Advice for Development

This card provides guidance on how to further develop your self-awareness and personal growth and offers insights into the actions you should take.

Card Example: The Judgment
The Judgment card represents a call to self-reflection and self-forgiveness. It advises you to let go of past judgments and embrace your true self with love and acceptance as you continue your self-discovery journey.

6. Potential Outcomes

This card represents the potential outcomes of your self-discovery path based on your current circumstances and the actions you may take. It offers insights into where your self-awareness journey may lead.

Card Example: The World
The World card signifies completion and fulfillment. It suggests that through self-discovery, you have the potential to achieve a sense of wholeness and a deep understanding of yourself, leading to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

✧ ✦ ✧

When working with 6-card spreads, it’s important to keep in mind a few key insights and encouragement for ongoing practice. One key insight is that 6-card spreads provide a structured and focused approach to gaining insights into specific aspects of a situation or question. Each position in the spread serves a unique purpose, helping you gain a more holistic understanding of the subject at hand. While there are general meanings associated with each card, your intuition plays a significant role in interpreting the cards within the context of the spread and within the context of the surrounding cards.

Encouragement for ongoing practice includes starting with simple spreads if you’re new to card reading and gradually building your confidence and skills. Maintaining a card journal to record your readings and insights can be helpful for tracking your progress. It’s important to trust your abilities and intuition, avoiding overthinking or doubting your interpretations. Seek guidance and learning resources when needed, and approach card readings with a sense of responsibility and ethics.

Ultimately, tarot card reading is a personal and intuitive practice that can lead to self-discovery and personal growth. Enjoy the journey and embrace the wisdom and insights it brings into your life as you continue to work with 6-card spreads and explore other layouts.