What Is Your Favorite Tarot Spread?


Choosing a favorite tarot spread or layout is akin to selecting a favorite book from a cherished library; each layout holds its unique allure, offering profound insights into different aspects of life. The practice of tarot reading encompasses various spreads or layouts, each tailored to unveil distinct facets of a question or situation.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross remains a staple in tarot readings, beloved for its depth and versatility. Consisting of ten cards, this layout delves into the querent’s past, present, and future while exploring factors influencing their circumstances. The positions signify aspects like the present situation, challenges, hopes and fears, and potential outcomes, rendering a comprehensive narrative of the query. Here we analyzed an example of Tarot reading for developing business with the Celtic cross spread.

Three-Card Spread

Simplicity often conceals profundity, as evident in the Three-Card Spread. Despite its minimalistic nature, this layout shines in offering concise, focused insights. The cards represent past, present, and future or can symbolize problem, action, and outcome, or body mind soul connection providing clarity and direction to the querent’s inquiry.

Relationship Spread

For queries concerning relationships, the Relationship Spread stands as an invaluable tool. Its design caters specifically to partnerships, unveiling the dynamics, challenges, and potential paths within the relationship. Positions may cover aspects such as the individual’s perspective, the partner’s viewpoint, shared energies, obstacles, and future potentials, offering guidance and understanding.

Star of Fifteen

The Star of Fifteen is a traditional continental spread that was very popular in Italy and France in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. It is wonderfully simple and perfectly suitable for general reading, but requires some experience, since each point of the star consists of an independent group of three cards. You can start using the Star of Fifteen spread when you feel capable enough to move on to more demanding classifications. This spread is ideal for cases where we want to learn more about predictions contained in other classifications. You will need to choose a Significator to read this spread.

The Zodiac Spread

Drawing inspiration from astrological signs, the Zodiac Spread integrates tarot with celestial influences. Each card placement corresponds to a zodiac sign, illuminating how cosmic forces intertwine with the querent’s life. This layout delves into personality traits, life themes, and cosmic energies, offering a holistic perspective on the individual’s journey.

The Cosmic Calendar

This is a very simple prognostic classification – the Cosmic calendar reveals the cycle of the year that begins with the current month. Its circular shape is an ancient symbol of infinity, representing the wheel of time and the cyclical nature of life. Choose this classification when you want to know when a desired event will come true, such as a move or an important trip. It will also help you to get a general impression of the nature of important events in the coming year.

Bigger Past Present Future Spreads

There are seven cards in each row, and seven is a number, which has always been closely associated with esoteric and magic, an old legend tells of seven mysterious fortune-telling cards that are said to have founded all the important oracles of the ancient world. Choose this layout when you want to get a general overview of the past, present and future. This simple spread can also be used to answer specific questions that reveal past influences, present circumstances and future possibilities in a specific context, such as love life or career opportunities. Another version of the Roma spread reveals internal and external aspects, your hopes, the things you expect and the ones you don’t. This may be a bit easier for beginners, as each of the seven columns relates to a specific area of life and thus allows for a more precise interpretation.

One-Card Pull

Sometimes, the simplest approach yields profound revelations. The One-Card Pull involves drawing a single card, serving as a focal point for reflection and insight. Despite its minimalism, this method holds immense power, offering succinct yet impactful guidance or reflection on a specific query or aspect of life. These types of readings are also a fun way to reveal a yes or no answer.


Selecting a favorite tarot layout often depends on the situation or the depth of insight one seeks. Some may prefer the structured narrative of the Celtic Cross, while others find solace in the clarity of a single card’s wisdom. Each layout resonates uniquely with different individuals and circumstances, showcasing the rich tapestry of tarot’s interpretive possibilities.

In the mystical realm of tarot, the choice of layout can significantly influence the depth and specificity of insights. Whether seeking guidance, introspection, or a glimpse into the future, the diverse array of tarot spreads offers a gateway to understanding life’s complexities and mysteries. Ultimately, the allure of tarot lies not only in the cards but in the intuitive connections forged between the reader, the querent, and the cosmic energies swirling within the cards.