In this arrangement, inspired by the zodiac circle, the cards are arranged to correspond to the twelve celestial signs. In astrology, each zodiac sign corresponds to one of the twelve houses of personal horoscope. Each house is associated with a certain area of ​​life, so we interpret the cards in this context. The circle of fate will be most dear to the hearts of those who are familiar with astrology, but it is also a very suitable introduction to serious and in-depth reading.

This ancient and popular spread is a variation of the classic Roma classification described that we described in another post. It may be a bit easier for beginners, as each of the seven columns relates to a specific area of life and thus allows for a more precise interpretation.

This popular gypsy spread has been used by cartomancy for at least 200 years. There are seven cards in each row, and seven is a number, which has always been closely associated with esoteric and magic, an old legend tells of seven mysterious fortune-telling cards that are said to have founded all the important oracles of the ancient world. Choose this layout when you want to get a general overview of the past, present and future.

This isosceles spread in the form of a cross is based on ancient symbolism. The form of a cross is associated with the Greek goddess Hecate, mythological queen of witches and goddess of midwives; she was also the goddess of crossroads – hence the symbol. Choose this classification when you are literally at a crossroads and looking for an answer to a single question, such as: Will I get a new job in the next three months?

The Star of Fifteen is a traditional continental spread that was very popular in Italy and France in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. It is wonderfully simple and perfectly suitable for general reading, but requires some experience, since each point of the star consists of an independent group of three cards. You can start using the Star of Fifteen spread when you feel capable enough to move on to more demanding classifications. This spread is ideal for cases where we want to learn more about predictions contained in other classifications.

This is a simple but elegant spread that has been invented by Eastern European Gypsies. It is another spread in which we use a magical number seven. We spread the cards in the form of a open triangle that symbolizes acting of fire and spirit, and is associated with seven goddesses of ancient mythologies. This spread is most appropriate when we want to get a reply to only one clearly expressed question.

Magical square is based on another timeless symbol – a square representing four sides of the sky, and four seasons during the year, as well as four Suits of Minor Arcana. This spread perfectly describes the Seeker’s situation as it combines their character, development, opportunities, as well as a potential outcome. We recommend it as an introduction to in-depth reading.

We spend hours at work and they make a huge chunk of our time, and while we are at it, we should make it worthwhile, or even better spend it with people that we enjoy. But, what if your career life is not what you’ve envisioned, what if you want a career change? What if you want more fulfilling and meaningful career, or maybe a leading position, but you don’t know how to get there? This 9 card tarot spread will offer you detailed insight into what you can expect from your career life.