A new beginning, a new opportunity, a chance to dream...

Six of Cups reversed in your career reading is a sign of instability, and this instability could come from a lack of emotional support. Are you looking for work? Have you been thinking about switching jobs? If so, you need to consider the consequences of doing so, and perhaps find a career that not only suits you, but helps you flourish. Six of cups sometimes comes with a twist, meaning not a place that will suit you, but a turning of your path to something more authentic for you.

Five of Cups reversed in your career reading is a sign that negativity can surround you at work and that you are finding it difficult to let go of the past. You may have recently lost your job, a project was a failure, or you had a major disagreement with your coworkers. This has left you drained physically and emotionally, and you are finding it difficult to move past the pain. You may have found it helpful to keep a journal of your feelings in order to understand the root of the pain you are feeling. On one hand, you must let go of the past and move on, but on the other hand, you still hold on. The energy you give the holding on is what prevents you from getting that much needed peace.

Four of Cups reversed in your career reading is a sign that you are on the right path. You are finally realising that the career you have struggled with for so long is probably not for you. You have grown tired of your job and now want to move on to something else. This shift in perspective will enable you to see much more of what you are passionate about and get rid of what no longer sparks you. Four of cups reversed indicates that if you are struggling to find something that you love, it might be time to look for something that you are passionate about or something that will fuel your creative drive.

Through a perspective of career questions, Three of Cups reversed reveals that your office environment is not the best place to be at right now. A lot of your colleagues are being unfriendly. You have to work very hard to keep the energy going in the office with this vibe. Your colleagues might be gossiping about you behind your back.

Two of Cups reversed in your career reading is a sign of disharmony in your professional life. If you are in a business partnership, they may be breaking down as you can’t meet your partner’s expectations or his/her financial needs. If you are running your own business, two cups here means the partnership you were working so hard to establish is not taking off. Don’t go back; give it time before moving on.

If you pull the Ace of Cups reversed in your career reading, the card illustrates that you are dissatisfied with your present job. Perhaps you have felt drained emotionally and spiritually, and you can feel like you are nowhere close to accomplishing your goals. The reversed Ace of Cups has made you emotional; you may be moody, weepy, and easily irritated. Although it is natural for an emotional upheaval to be an inevitable part of a big life change like the one you are having right now, try your best to maintain your composure.

The Reversed Ace of Cups comes as a sign that you need to take things into consideration when choosing a profession. Although it might feel nice to have a new job, you also need to consider whether it is the right choice for you as a person. Before making any bold choices, think everything through. If you feel like you are not in a place where you can feel fulfilled by your career, you may be able to look for ways to better your career. You can look for ways to advance, seek more education, or consider switching careers entirely.

If you pull the King of Wands reversed in a career tarot reading, the card is all about over-achievement. It’s time to get a promotion. You’ll need to be willing to step out in front of other people and be the one to deliver results. This card also suggests being self-employed. You may be thinking of starting your own business, or maybe you have been thinking about it for a while, but are waiting on what it will feel like. Consider the possibilities. If you already have a business venture, be fearless in pursuing your objectives. A reversed king of wands may also indicate lack of courage or ambition when it comes to your career.

Maybe you’ve been considering a promotion that you know will be difficult? Or maybe you feel you haven’t made much progress in your career? Whatever the circumstance, it is likely you feel out of your element. Reversed, the King of Wands represents the need to lead from a position of respect. When it comes to your career, this card signals that you need to put some fire in your work.

Through a perspective of career Queen of Wands reversed is a card of instability, moodiness, lack of planning, and laziness. You may find that your enthusiasm for a project has faded. Sometimes, this card can also signal trouble with a colleague or superior.

Through a perspective of career Knight of Wands reversed is a card of mediocrity. There are chances that you are struggling at work a lot right now. It doesn’t look that way for the most of you, as you might have been in the right position for a while, but now the spark in your work has been dimmed for the last few months. Your current position doesn’t match your skills and ambition. You must get motivated and start doing anything to spark your ambition again. There might be projects at work that you might not want to work on, as you might feel like you are not up to the task. Your bad attitude and low confidence are making your job more difficult.

This card suggests trying something new at the workplace, as you can be struggling at the same position for a while. It’s not the right time to look for a new career.

Page of Wands reversed in your career reading signals a lack of enthusiasm about your work. This card also tells you about your hobbies, that you may not be very active with them. The same thing applies to your studies and projects. You are working hard, but you lack enthusiasm. This can hurt your progress a lot.

Through a perspective of career questions, Ten of Wands reversed reveals that you may be the bearer of the stress or burden at the workplace. You might be the over-stressed individual or having too many obligations weighing you down, which are beyond your capacity. You have been working hard for a long time to satisfy your superiors, but they are doing the exact opposite and forcing you to take the weight. The Ten of Wands Reversed card has also indicated that you must be feeling the pressure if you are a freelancer at this point. You may be overcommitted and underpaid. If this is the case, you must consider renegotiating your contract as a last resort.

When we get the Ten of Wands reversed in our tarot card reading, it’s a sign that we must not add any more pressure or responsibility on ourselves. Instead, we must take up the load from the universe to share it with others. It is time to start taking other’s problems and share our problems with loved ones. This card coming in your tarot card reading session indicates that you need to unwind in your career.

If you pull the Nine of Wands reversed in a career tarot reading, the card is all about survival. You may have been knocked down recently, but you have managed to hang on and not succumb to adversity. You avoided defeat. However, the reversed Nine of Wands suggests that you are not learning from your past experiences and you’re not willing to change. You may have come close to defeat before. But this time, you’re just too stubborn to let things go. This is not to be admired, and you might want to consider the possibility that you are hurting yourself by not accepting defeat.

In a work situation, you may not be accepting the help you need. If someone has volunteered to help you, you can be pushing them away, making them feel they shouldn’t have taken the time. You may want to stand on your own two feet. You might be taking too much responsibility for everything or blaming others for mistakes that you’ve made. On the other hand, perhaps you have just a lot to learn from previous experiences.

When the Eight of Wands reversed appears in your career reading, the card is all about moving slowly. This might mean that you have been dreading a particular work project because you were waiting for confirmation. This card signifies that the tension will be starting to ease, but you will need to act now if you want to avoid missing this chance. This card does not represent missed opportunities, only a matter of setting things in motion. This card is telling you that you should be careful not to be anxious about your project. This card represents that you should expect delays in your projects or that the projects themselves won’t be ready when you need them to be. This card is predicting that you can expect that you might not have the time you would like right now.

Expect things to move slowly right now if you have been anticipating a big promotion. You might even be passed over. This does not represent being ignored but rather that all your past hard work will now pay off. This card is a good omen that you are being prepared for the future.

Through a perspective of career Seven of Wands reversed is a card of flexibility. It is time to lower your boundaries and work with people who are not as well positioned as you are. If you have been struggling with being surrounded by arrogant people, it is time to walk away and find a new place where your opinion matters. If you are the one being surrounded by people, stop trying to be better than everyone around you. Always be grateful and try and understand the situation. Avoid getting into heated arguments with everyone around you.

Through a perspective of career Six of Wands reversed is a card of failure and defeat. There is a feeling here that you have hit rock bottom, and everything is out of your hands. Reversed Six of Wands signifies your defeat in terms of professional goals. Maybe you were on the verge of success, and you missed out on the chance. This card also signals that your confidence and enthusiasm are gone. You have to be honest with yourself and face the reality.

Five of Wands reversed in your career reading is a sign that you are about to avoid all the work being done by others. If you are in a partnership, there is a possibility that the two of you are about to split. There is a high likelihood that this is the end for your business. Five of wands reversed is an indication that you are about to discover what is holding you back. You will start looking at your finances and your career. This is a sign that you will be leaving a dead end position for a better one. If you are dissatisfied at work, take the initiative to talk to your boss and find solutions.

If you pull the Four of Wands reversed in your career reading, the card illustrates that your workplace is extremely stressful at the moment. You have not left the feeling of satisfaction, and you are not getting the motivation from your workplace. This feeling of dissatisfaction can be the reason for your downfall. The feeling of insecurity and instability is also there, as you are not getting support from your teammates and friends.

Through a perspective of career Three of Wands reversed is a card of stagnation. For people, who have just started something new in their career, this card indicates delays and a long gap of time in reaching their goals. This card can occasionally also mean that your current vision about your career is out of sync with reality. You might have set high expectations for yourself, yet you are falling short of those expectations, which is not giving you the motivation to keep working towards your goals. In this situation, you have to choose between changing your expectations and shifting to a realistic and achievable one.

In terms of profession, this card indicates that you are currently experiencing stagnation. This stagnation might have been initiated by you or someone in your surroundings. Either your plans didn’t work out as planned and as you were expecting, your hard work is not going to be rewarded with your desired results in the coming time, or your work might have to face a lot of delays. Because of all this, you are getting frustrated and think that the time for you to progress is running out. You might be thinking about giving up and moving to a different job.

When the Two of Wands reversed appears in your career reading, the card is all about indecision. You would have a clear picture about your potential career opportunities, but due to some reason, you are stuck and can’t make a decision.

The main reason behind this indecisive state of mind is your lack of planning. A lot of opportunities come your way when you are exploring new things, but you don’t really explore them. Instead, you are busy daydreaming and fantasizing. It’s time to map out the path ahead and plan your route map, so that you ensure you do not miss out on any potential business.

Through a perspective of career Ace of Wands reversed is a card of frustration and delayed projects. This card reversed can signify a delay in projects in your career path. It is important at this time to make sure your self-esteem and happiness are high, which can help push through this time. Sometimes this card also means that your motivation is low, and you are unmotivated for your work. It can often be a sign of burnout with stressful work. Avoid becoming too much busy, and remember that work doesn’t have to be a full-time job.