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December 17, 2023 | health

Ace of Cups in your health reading is a sign that something new and uplifting will bring you mental and physical health. This might be in the form of a new medication, an exercise routine, or a spiritual path that will give you a new lease on life. You will find renewed positivity as a result of all that you do.

December 17, 2023 | spreads

Choosing a favorite tarot spread or layout is akin to selecting a favorite book from a cherished library; each layout holds its unique allure, offering profound insights into different aspects of life. The practice of tarot reading encompasses various spreads or layouts, each tailored to unveil distinct facets of a question or situation.

December 16, 2023 | health

Through a perspective of health King of Wands is a card of good health. This card encourages you to follow a healthy diet and to engage in physical activity. If you have been feeling lethargic or lacking in motivation, this is the time to focus on improving your health and boosting your energy. With more vitality and focus, you’ll be able to accomplish all that you need, which will inspire you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself and ensure that you receive the rest and relaxation that you need. The upright King of Wands in a tarot reading for health denotes that you are at the most prosperous time with regards to your health since it represents feeling happy, healthy, and fit. You might be exercising frequently, eating a nutritious diet, or doing some other healthy lifestyle regimen that has been helping you advance in that direction.

With the upright King of Wands, you could be currently experiencing some level of health difficulties, but that should not be an impediment to you achieving all else that you have set out to accomplish.

December 16, 2023 | card meanings

Tarot card readings have long fascinated and intrigued seekers of guidance and insight. With their mystical allure and enigmatic imagery, these cards have been used for centuries as a tool for divination, offering glimpses into the past, present, and potential future. Yet, amidst the wonder and curiosity they evoke, a persistent question lingers: do tarot card readings truly come to pass?

December 15, 2023 | health

Queen of Wands in your health reading is a sign that you are experiencing a resurgence of energy. You should be feeling better than ever right now. You have suffered from illness, but it looks like that is finally over now. If you have struggled with heavy periods, fertility problems, or other health issues, you are about to experience a massive improvement. You are about to recover from whatever is making you sick and learn a few new coping mechanisms along the way. Do not let yourself get away from this. No matter how bad it gets, do not give up. Keep your head up as high as you can and go on.

December 15, 2023 | health

If you pull the Knight of Wands in a health tarot reading, the card is all about your physical and emotional well-being and indicates a time for rest and recuperation. This might be to your advantage if you’ve been under a lot of stress or battling an ongoing health concern. If you’re experiencing symptoms of an ailment or disease, you may notice an improvement. Be proud of yourself for any progress you are making. The Knight of Wands is also indicating that anything you are concerned about might be a sign of a disease or could worsen if left unattended.

Regardless of whether you have been exposed to it, it is a good idea to be cautious and refrain from public contact until you have been thoroughly evaluated. The Knight of Wands warns you against taking risks when it comes to your health, but you ought to take this as an opportunity to reestablish wellness. You already know the right way to do that; all you need is to have the right attitude.

December 14, 2023 | card meanings

The World reversed card describes feelings of incompletion. You may not have achieved all that you set out to achieve in your ambitions. Perhaps you have not set your goals for the highest good, and you are only focused on achieving financial stability and building a comfortable home. As you move through your daily life, you may be experiencing resentment of what you do not have. You may also feel as though others might have more than you. This can lead to feelings of jealousy and insecurity. It is essential to find meaning in your life before you can truly complete it.

December 14, 2023 | card meanings

Judgement reversed is a card of the awakening to come. You are beginning to see the truth of your karma (what you put out), and the effects of your activities and thoughts. Your conscious and unconscious impulses and energies, and their consequences, are coming out into the open. It is important to notice these consequences.

Judgement Reversed indicates a time when you are awakening, perhaps to the power of your Higher Self, the power that is within you. You are discerning the truth of your situation and your relationship to your Higher Self. Through this process you get a new view of yourself and how you fit into the world.

December 14, 2023 | learn

Tarot cards have long been enshrouded in a veil of mystery and misconception, often associated with darkness, occult practices, and even evil. However, this perspective couldn’t be farther from the truth. The tarot, at its core, is a tool for self-reflection, guidance, and introspection, steeped in symbolism and centuries-old wisdom.

December 14, 2023 | learn

In the mystical realm of tarot, where intuition dances with symbolism, the question of offering free readings stands as a moral compass for many practitioners. Tarot readers, adorned with a deck of cards that unlock insights into the past, present, and future, often grapple with the notion of providing their services without charge. The debate surrounding free readings is multifaceted, entwining ethical considerations, personal principles, and the sustainability of an ancient craft. Let’s delve deeper into the complexities and nuances that govern the practice of offering free tarot readings.

December 14, 2023 | card meanings

The practice of tarot reading has long been associated with introspection, insight, and understanding of one’s actions and emotions. One of the most poignant aspects of tarot lies in its ability to reflect upon feelings of remorse or regret. Whether seeking forgiveness or grappling with the weight of one’s actions, certain tarot cards encapsulate the essence of sorrow and the desire for redemption. These cards act as mirrors, reflecting the emotions of remorse and offering guidance on the path to healing.

December 14, 2023 | card meanings

The Sun reversed is a card of insecurity, boredom and low motivation. Are you feeling unmotivated and uninspired? You can’t just go sit on the beach and expect the sun to rise! You need to get things going with some fresh energy, enthusiasm and motivation. The Sun rising reversed, on the other hand, suggests that you have lost touch with reality, and you are having trouble seeing the good in your life. Are you letting the happiness go to waste? Or is there something more you can do with your life than you realized? Do you have talents you haven’t used? Are you waiting on things to get better before you make an effort? Now is the time to get the creative juices flowing once more, to get excited and motivated about your life again.

December 14, 2023 | card meanings

The Moon reversed card describes a person’s confusion, disconnection, and loss of control. You may have trouble knowing what your goals are, what you need to do to take action, or even who you are. This card also indicates that you are finding it hard to trust what you see and feel. Be careful of letting your emotions influence your rational thinking.

The Moon reversed card is not a good omen because it may reflect mental confusion and disarray. Your fear of the dark and your phobia of the unknown may play a significant role in your misperception of reality.

Your confusion may come from childhood experiences in which you were abandoned, ignored, or deprived of your basic needs. The Moon reversed card may also indicate that you are unable to control your emotions.

December 14, 2023 | health

Page of Wands in your health reading is a sign that something will develop in your health that will change how you live. A seed or idea that you have planted in your subconscious mind can start to take root. If you are sick, this card indicates the healing will come from within. On the other hand, the Page of Wands symbolizes healthy energy. You will be bursting with ideas and positive vibes.

December 13, 2023 | card meanings

Tarot reading, a practice steeped in mystique and symbolism, has long captivated curious minds seeking insights into their lives. For many, it serves as a tool for guidance, introspection, and understanding. Yet, there are moments when the cards seem silent, refusing to offer the clarity and answers one seeks.

The quest for answers through Tarot often encounters moments of apparent ambiguity or absence of clear guidance. Here are a few reasons why Tarot might not be offering the sought-after answers:

December 13, 2023 | health

When the Ten of Wands appears in your health reading, the card is all about work overload. Even though you have been putting in a lot of effort and are doing what you can to take care of yourself, the weight of your responsibilities has been too much for you to bear. This card indicates that you will need to be more strategic about what you are spending your time doing. You must make sure that tasks that are not helping you reach your highest potential are not working for you at all. Give yourself the freedom to not do something or change your priorities. The burden of work is not something that you should take on alone. Now is the time to set boundaries and let go of things that are no longer serving you. This will allow you to work toward your full potential and make you healthier as a result.

December 12, 2023 | learn

Making a living by reading tarot cards can be a fulfilling and spiritually rewarding profession for those drawn to mysticism and guidance. Tarot reading involves tapping into intuition, interpreting symbols, and offering insights to individuals seeking clarity or guidance in their lives. If you’re passionate about this practice and wish to turn it into a profession, here are some steps to consider:

December 12, 2023 | card meanings

In a world defined by scientific advancements and empirical evidence, the allure of tarot reading might seem at odds with the principles of rationality and logic. Yet, the phenomenon of intelligent individuals gravitating towards tarot isn’t a paradox—it’s a testament to the complex tapestry of human beliefs and the diverse ways in which people seek guidance and meaning in their lives.

December 12, 2023 | health

If you pull the Nine of Wands in your health reading, the card illustrates that you might have been under a lot of pressure for a long time. Now you need to have clarity and perspective so that you can take a step backwards and think more positively. The time has come for you to take responsibility for your health and give yourself the support necessary to get well again. The Nine of Wands signifies mental and physical healing.

It’s time for you to look at your entire health system and ask yourself whether the way you are approaching your health is working. If it is not, do something different because your body and mind can only take so much! It is important to understand that every situation has a cause, and in the upright position, the Nine of Wands represents trying everything in your power to get well.

December 11, 2023 | learn

Tarot card reading is a captivating and intricate practice that delves into the realms of intuition, symbolism, and introspection. As you navigate this ancient art, your journey is one of continuous growth and refinement. Whether you’re a novice seeking to expand your abilities or an experienced reader aiming to deepen your connection with the cards, there are several ways to take your tarot card reading skills to the next level.